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Happy Summer to the HoodLums of 1986!  Hope everyone enjoys all that goes with sunshine and family… and thanks to all who responded to my “all call” via email and FB for news.  And now, here’s our class news:

Beth Beans Gilbert visited with Celeste Strunk Haghani in London over Thanksgiving. Celeste has three children (Joshua, Mark, and Jessica) and they were celebrating Mark’s Bar Mitzvah.  Beth has a freshman and sophomore at The George School: daughter Alexandra is running Varsity track while son Christopher is playing Varsity baseball.  Beth completes her family with Tyler (7th grade) and Paige (4th grade) while still working at family’s growing automobile business.  She sees Kara Dunn Keiser regularly (Kara has son Will and daughter Ava) and also keeps in touch with Susan Walts Smith via FB.  Susan’s son will be headed to FCSU in the fall.

Josie Espino Calix popped in to say “My daughter Anna Lisa got married to a wonderful man!”.  Love those happy little messages, Josie!  Kellye Greenwald is now living in Florida, working at Walt Disney World in the Research Department, specifically Field Operations, where she is completely blonde, has a lovely tan, still baking cookies and singing karaoke in her spare time!  Sheila Guth Snyder also posted a quick update: “My oldest daughter Alyssa graduated with her Associate’s degree in x-ray making her the third generation in the profession.  My twins, Stephanie and Andrea graduated from high school and are heading to college.”  Great news, Sheila!

Chrysti Hogan wants everyone to know that Marriage Equality is gaining ground with 3 more states within 2 weeks!  Exciting!  Jacquie Hollands wrote in to say that she has re-invented herself once again! She has joined the Corporate Responsibility Team at EMD Millipore and is now the Program Manager for Engaging Customers in Recycling Programs. She’s back on the east coast in the Boston area and gets together with Margaret Bushwaller Powers (86), Ann Barry Mitchell (86) and Eleanor Chisholm Landauer (86). She also was recently visited by Melanie Carroll Psaltakis (85)while she was in Boston for Yoga Teacher training.

Dana Humphreys Acock graduated from the Ohio State University with her MSW and recently completed an internship at Columbus Crime and Trauma Assistance Program.  She’s now trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which is used with great success to help trauma patients.  She credits Hood for preparing her to think analytically and write well.  She’s taking the summer off to be with her boys (Chris, 13 and Matthew, 10) but is headed to Italy for an anniversary trip with hubby, Mitch, in August!  Drink a toast for us while you’re there, Dana! Dagmar Kolarik wrote in to share that she is married with two children (Petra, 33 and Thomas, 21) and two grandchildren (Natalia, 3 and Dominic, 10 months).  Dagmar has been the owner of Dagmar’s Décor in Frederick (fabricating custom home furnishings such as draperies, cushions, and bedding) for 11 years, so please think of her shop when you’re looking.

By far, the most thorough update came from Mari Padilla-Spina.  Mari continues to do medical malpractice consulting work which provides her the flexibility to spend time with both Alexa (16) and Nicholas (12). Both kids are very active in their respective activities. Husband, Steve, completes our puzzle!  Gina Oliveros recently hosted a Hood girl’s weekend in her beautiful Ft. Lauderdale home.  In addition to Gina and I, Maribel Martinez ’87, Kim Burns ’87, Khateeta Emerson, Nanette Rosario ’86 and Maritza Bido ’86 joined us. It was an incredible weekend that started off with Maritza surprising everyone, followed by treats by the pool to catch up.  A spa day allowed everyone to be pampered while laughing and even eating those cucumbers that were intended to be put on their eyes… so fun!  Mimosas back at Gina’s house, coupled with lots of good food, wine, and girlfriend time, offered everyone a chance to reminisce over crazy, fun, Hood days.  Mari is thankful to Hood College for bringing them all together and for giving her the best friends one can only dream of.   I can totally relate, Mari!

In related news, the most fun “are-you-kidding-me” post came from Elizabeth Shimer Murphy, when she wrote that her daughter, Ryan, will be attending camp this summer at the Naval Academy – she’s starting her D-1college quest and is considering Navy!  Congrats to Beth’s older daughter, Evan, who has committed to Oregon for lacrosse after she graduates in 2014 (Go Momma Duck!).   Beth’s mother, Judith Washko Shimer ’63 has defied all odds in her fight (YEA!!) with ovarian cancer and is doing great, so everyone’s looking forward to spending summer at the Jersey Shore.  Beth’s youngest daughter, Bryn, hits middle school next year – she also plays lacrosse and takes voice lessons (her angelic soprano was NOT inherited from her mother).  While Cali life is great, Beth thinks she sees a few puppies in her future and sends her love to all.

Dixanne Sturr posted that she just visited Hood with her daughter, who might be a Blazer in the Fall of 2014.   Gemmi Teleki and son, Arpad, are doing well in Austria.  We send our deepest condolences to Gemmi and her sister Ibi Teleki Sofillas ‘87 on the death of their father this year.  Arpad turns 8 in June and Gemmi enjoys teaching her 2nd graders English, using popular shows like Glee to get them excited!  Another FB post came from Elvy Vieira, saying “My oldest daughter Mariana graduated with BS in Biology from Montclair State University! Yay!”

As for me, I am now the event coordinator for a local winery and write both a personal blog (www.beatitudesofmylife.wordpress.com) and a work/wine-related blog (www.fromthebottomofawinebottle.wordpress.com).  I’m still shooting sporting events for my photography business (www.alisportshots.com) and love following the escapades of my husband and boys.   My older son, Drew Althouse ’12, started his Masters of Athletic Training at Shenandoah University and is expecting to complete his program in the spring of 2015 while my younger son, Evan, will be a fourth year at UVA, majoring in math.  It’s a crazy life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope to continue to hear from you all whenever you have a moment!  Feel free to email me (alison86@verizon.net) or send me a Facebook message anytime.  With this new platform, I can add and change things at will, so we can have some fun keeping up with one another throughout the year.  So excited to hear from more of you, more often!

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