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Penny Rogers Adams and husband had just returned to Hawaii after a month long visit to Florida, NY and Oregon.  They saw the musical Hamilton while in NYC and said it was fabulous.  They are very involved in UH Cancer Center Medical School as volunteers.  Penny still goes overseas with the State Department, but not as often, says “jobs are not really desirable….it is not like the old days.”  One of their daughters lives in Hawaii so they have three grandchildren to enjoy often.

Kay Stubblebine Cox and Dave are “peachy keen.”  They celebrated Dave’s 80th with their 2 sons and wives by taking a river cruise down the Danube from Budapest to Nuremberg, Germany on the Viking Ship Jarl.  Kay recently found the “Sing a Song to Your College” record which was sponsored by the class of 1958 and sure did enjoy it!

Some friends took Joan Enterline back to Frederick this spring.  The campus was blooming and brought back memories!  They also enjoyed visiting the boutiques in the downtown area.

Susanne Smith Evans was planning some stateside trips to Maine and the Vineyard.  Her granddaughter Emily graduated from Wheelock and has a teaching job in Boston.  She says, “Don’t know about you but I am ignoring the calendar (mainly because I don’t want to believe it)!”

Anne Walton Merriken celebrated her 80th at Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama, with sons and family.  They try to spend as much time as possible with their 3 year old granddaughter.  They had a mild winter in OK, but had too many tornadoes in May.

Peg Jacobs Jones does not feel her age.  She writes, “This past January I flew to Arizona – cleared out my condo in Sun City in preparation for putting it up for sale the first week in April.  I drove a fully loaded 16’ truck from S.C. to Brooktondale NY.  What an adventure – I was alone!  It was an easy drive & such fun to see the looks on men (under 70) watch this old lady climb down & gas up the truck.  I wish I had my camera handy – it was a great adventure.  Took 4 days.”   Recently, she had an early birthday celebration in Winthrop WA with her son, daughter, and 3 grandchildren. Also, celebrated oldest grandchild’s  graduation from high school.  Now back to reality……weeding and general housework.

Jane Walton Godfrey writes that the Godfrey Family is doing well.  All 3 daughters and families, including 8 grandchildren (ages range from 15 to 32) still live in NYS.  Dick and Jane are involved with a church that specializes with adults with special

Jeb Bennett Moran sees Carol Horwath Klecka every month and Carol Huelson Warrington when she and husband Bob are at their place in Venice FL.  Jeb has had a wonderfully active and blessed year. She and Don went to Saint Lucia in January, travelled to GA in February to watch granddaughter Melissa star in her senior musical, attended granddaughter Molly’s graduation from Ole Miss in May, headed for IL to attend a huge Moran reunion on July 4th and is very excited to be going to London in August, a gift from Don to celebrate her 80th.

Jane Hollister Nicodemus returned to Hood in May to see her granddaughter, Katie Bailey graduate.  She is the 4th generation to graduate and they received a nice compliment during the ceremony.  Jane’s mother-in-law also a Hood graduate.  Jane says that she and Bob have health problems and he was in rehab for a while, but has returned home.

Mary Allen Reynolds planned to take a trip to Yellowstone Park in August to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the national parks.  This has been on her grandson’s wish list for several years.  She hopes “Old Faithful” will not disappoint them.  Recently, Mary took a “Girls Trip” to Atlanta to meet with the leomoto of her Ikebana School.  It was quite an adventure!  They drove all the way and ages ranged from 72 to 88.

Elly Baumgart Ritchie had a wonderful 80th birthday with family and friends in Rockville hosted by Joanie Enterline.  She is still renovating and downsizing ye ole family residence and preparing for the annual family gathering at the Jersey Shore.

Symmie Martell Schmidt has sold her house in New Jersey and has move NYC.  She works part time at Connor Boutique in Barney’s.

Marthanne Stephens Smith has just come off of a stint as Nurse Ratchet with husband Duff’s second hip replacement and a pace maker. She says, “I don’t have the best bed side manners, but he pulled through.”  Stills bikes and goes to the gym 4 or 5 times a week unless she can think of a good excuse not to!  She still takes classes at the Community College of Baltimore County and greatly enjoys art appreciation classes taught by a fabulous professor from Malta.  They plan to spend some time this summer with their 2 girls, grandkids and brother and wife.

Penny Hunt Solum was headed to the UK and France for the month of June.  She has been in touch with Liz Conklin Collins and reports all goes well with her.

Anne Merrick Vosti has now moved into a 24/7 care taking role of husband Ken as his health continues to deteriorate.  Fortunately she is surrounded by family and help.  Ken is so good natured and never complains.  She has been taking painting lessons which has been a wonderful adventure.  Ricky says, “The key in these big changes in life seems to be to see it as an ‘opportunity’ for growth so that is what I am trying to be about!!!”  She has 12 grandchildren and a great granddaughter.  They find that one on one visits are easier now than the large family get-togethers of the past.

Mary Keener Warfield reports the sad news that her husband, Edward, died on March 18th of cardiac disease.  She says that they have had an amazing life together for 43 years.  Edward was a retired Episcopal priest who dedicated his retirement years to pastoral care and touched many lives with his grace and love.  Mary, may all those years of beautiful memories comfort you.   God bless you during the difficult time of grieving………………………remember you are never alone.

Carole Moore White and Fritz are in relatively good health and love living in Ponte Vedra Beach FL with much of their family nearby.

Jo Olmstead Witherington is still going strong and traveling.  She had a wonderful time in the Alps, going to the Baltic capitals in July and then off to Bali and Java in September.  She writes, “As long as my health is great I will keep traveling and singing.  I have a concert in June and will be singing the Messiah in August.”  She had a wonderful 80th birthday planned by her granddaughter at a place called “Howl at the Moon.”

On June 10th, I had unexpected surgery to repair a tendon that was about to rupture in my right wrist.  I was in a cast from fingertips to my underarm.  Consequently, our class news did not get submitted by the deadline.  I was suddenly in a cast from tips of fingers to underarm.  Had no use of my wrist and arm for 10 days and then splints for the next 12 weeks.  Sure did make for a different summer!  I will forward this column to the class news website, send it to all who have email addresses and send snail mail to others anyone else who requests a copy…………………………………….Maggie







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