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When you read this column in December (written in early June), we will be about 6 months away from our 50th class reunion. Sandy Gerwin Herndon and Charlotte Sizoo Whitenight have been working diligently on our behalf to raise funds to endow a scholarship. Please consider making a generous contribution to this class gift to the college. Susan Marano and I are reunion co-chairs and will periodically be sending you information about the schedule of events and other details for the weekend. We hope you’re planning to come and reconnect with the people you knew then and discover shared interests with classmates you may not have known well but will find fascinating now. Just seeing all the changes to the campus is almost worth the trip to Frederick!
Now for some class news. Mary Kay Noren wrote that she and Don still keep their sailboat on Kent Island in Maryland and were in transit in late May to get it ready for a busy summer and early fall sailing season. They sold their house in Maryland in December 2015 and moved to Dataw Island, SC, just outside Beaufort. They discovered it a few years ago while looking for a marina to spend the winter season. It was love at first sight, and eight months later they moved to a community that surpassed their expectations and changed their lives. They have both become addicted to tennis, and she’s playing about five or six times a week which she says is a constant reminder of her age. Through tennis, boating, and volunteering, they’ve made a lot of great friends. She adds, “We feel so lucky to have made an impulsive decision to move that has brought such a new wonderful life. This leap of faith behavior is a gift of age. You sort of get to the point of saying ‘why not?’ to new adventures. Since most of aging is negative, it is such a plus to learn to follow your heart.” In her email, Susan McGehee Nelson said that she and Bob are still enjoying their work though they are taking a little more time off and as a result, enjoying more balance in their lives. They celebrated her 70th birthday in October 2016 with a week in Asheville where they were joined for a few days by their son and daughter-in-law. In December 2016 she had hip replacement surgery which went extremely well. She stays in regular touch with her roommate Sue Keppler Sweetser and Pam Nicholson Neumann. She plans to be at the 50th reunion and hopes Sue Sweetser will also be there. I had a delightful phone chat with Carolyn Fraley (aka “Fingers”) who definitely plans to attend our 50th reunion in June. She retired in 2013 after a 36-year teaching career which included 14 years in Rome. During that time, she lived for 8 years with a British couple that are now like family members to her. She has traveled extensively with them through Italy, England and Scotland and continues to stay in close touch. Her next trip will be to visit a friend in Ireland. She stays busy volunteering at her church and de-cluttering her house. Carolyn is especially proud to report that she has become a political activist and participated in the People’s Climate Change March last April. We laughed at how late in our lives we both came to political protest. I went to Washington last January with several friends to take part in the Women’s March and found the experience exhilarating and inspiring. Since Ron retired in March 2016, we have been enjoying more travel—a month in England and Scotland in spring 2016, a trip to Germany in fall 2016 and a family trip to Lake Garda and Venice in fall 2017. We try to spend as much time as possible sailing our 32-foot sailboat on the Choptank River and Chesapeake Bay, but the time we love the most is spent with our three grandsons, ages 3, 1, and 6 months. Crossing my fingers to see a gigantic turnout of the Class of ’68 in June!


  1. Class Reporter 1968

    June 6, 2017

    I didn’t have room to include this in the column but wanted to share an experience that made four of us shake our heads at what a small world we live in. A few weeks ago, Rita Rous Hollada who left at the end of our sophomore year and transferred to Virginia Tech (formerly VPI) and her husband Larry, my husband Ron and I met for dinner. First time we’ve done this despite the fact we live fewer than 50 miles apart. Ron, not knowing either of them, was asking me questions about them all the way to the restaurant. After about 20 minutes of conversation, we realized that the three of them all attended the same high school at the same time. Ron was on the debate team with Rita and in the band with Larry. Who could imagine that after 50 plus years they didn’t recognize one another! Note: Rita was an English major and lived in Shriner.

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