1974: Winter 2015

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Sally Johnson Leland

Greetings from the frigid, yet beautiful, state of Maine. What a winter! Anyone have a rental in Florida that would consider a six week rental in February ’16 and be open to a Maine Coon cat in tow? Let me know. Seriously! It has been five+ years that I have served as the ’74 scribe. I am a huge proponent of “change is good.”  Might there be anyone desiring to take over the task of class correspondent?  If so, please let me know 207-865-0280 (sallyleland@sbcglobal.net) or contact Ashley Nick Wilson wilsona@hood.edu who keeps all the correspondents in line, on line, and on schedule! The 40th reunion prompted Billie Weise and Margery Berringer to take a road trip to Cape Cod, where they visited Ginnie Keane Bukovac. Ginny was renting there for the summer. From there, they headed to Camden, Maine to visit Billie’s younger sister. Shades of Thelma and Louise! Dibby Burnham sent word and a picture that daughter Sarah had married on Halloween in Las Vegas. The picture was amusing with all in costume and face paint. Felt like I was at a Kiss Concert. Dibby and her mom seemed to take it in stride in their toned down threads, though my guess is Dib’s veiled pill box hat was probably spider webbed netting in design. Dibby always loved Halloween and all spiders, great and small. Truth be told, I would have loved knowing what was going through Grandmother Burnham’s thoughts! Grandmom was the hit of the evening. She was the only one of her generation so she garnered as much attention as the bride. Barb Burt Sherland has retired from full-time practice in estate planning, tax and exempt organizations in Seattle. She is now senior counsel. Vicki Raeburn Benton wrote that the two northern grandsons are as active on their hockey skates as off, and the Floridian grandsons are pretty competent baseball players and golfers. Vicki is a part-time proctor at Touro Medical College in Middletown, N.Y., and she also tutors a couple of days a week. Liz Anne Arant Allen continues to work in the investment field, is busy with church/committees and is very active as the Orange County, Calif., outreach director for Team RWB. Check out Team RWB on the net. Seeing immediate and positive response and results from veterans has been incredibly gratifying. Liz’s elder daughter is now involved with Team RWB as is Ann Cuppia Gandy in Columbia, S.C.  Liz was counting the days until Ann’s visit in mid-January. Liz is an avid reader and is thirsty to learn about the historical, religious and cultural background of the Middle East. Once she has it all figured out, I’d like her to condense it into Cliff Notes for me! Speaking of the Middle East, our (Doug and Sally Johnson Leland) daughter Heather lives in Beirut. We visited her in May ’14 to welcome, visit and snuggle our only grandchildren, both boys …then 3-weeks-old. Sullivan has achondroplasia which occurs in every 30,000 babies. What are the chances of having a grandmom living next door to us in Freeport with a grandson who has achondroplasia? Pretty amazing! Wish Heather and sons were closer! Dot Herdle Files and husband Eben are now grandparents. Their middle daughter Carolyn (U.S. Navy) gave birth to Lily. Skype, Facetime and Facebook sure keep family and friends in the loop with the latest developments and antics. The youngest File is graduating from college in 2015, so retirement from federal service in Texas is imminent for both Dot and Eben. Both are involved with various choirs and Dot continues to work with the 4-H Horse Club while tending to the needs of her own horses. Condolences to Billie Weise on the death of her brother, Steven, age 64. Such a sudden and most unexpected loss is hard to comprehend. Steven’s ’73 USNA classmates mourn his loss as do we. May your many wonderful memories of Steven sustain you, Billie. Our love and best wishes to you and your family. Lastly, but certainly not least, a note of acknowledgement to President Volpe… on behalf of ’74, we thank you for your many years of dedication, insight, strategic planning and continued championing for our alma mater. May this transition present many opportunities for travel, projects, time with family, laughter, and exceptional health and stamina to “give your gifts for greatest good.”  Corde et Mante et Mano… and our utmost appreciation and well wishes.

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