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Dorothy Snyder Engle

Class News For 1963

Well, Ladies of ’63, there is some good news and some bad, so I’ll start with the bad.  We learned of the death of Marcia Kerr Quill, a staunch Hood supporter, married to Jerry, (from Frederick) for 50 years.  She was also the mother of Kevin and Shannon and grandmother of two.  Early on, Marcia used her lit degree from Hood as a copywriter.  Most of her life, however, was devoted to philanthropic endeavors such as raising funds for the William Penn Charter School, organizing art exhibitions, singing in choirs and playing some excellent tennis with the Philadelpia Cricket Club. Jerry wrote a tribute to Marcia in which he said she treated everyone as her equal and was greatly loved.   I know she and I would have had a lot to talk about, so I’m doubly sorry that I did not call her about the reunion.  Our sympathies, Jerry.  Lots of news from Katherine “Kathy” VanTine Harford. Kathy says,  “Geoff and I have been married for 46 years.  Our son Jarred is a professor of finance at the University of Washington inSeattle, is married to Katrina, and they have two sons.  Justin owns a contracting company here in State College and was married to Ashley last August.  Geoff and I retired 10 years ago from Penn State where Geoff was the senior director of admissions and I was an event and conference planner for hospitality services.  Unlike most contemporaries who are down sizing, we upsized. We had been in a townhouse for 42 years, and in 2011, son Justin, the contractor, convinced us to build a house.  We love the change and the extra room.”  (I thought I had done well to buy a $1000 vacuum cleaner from my son.)   According to Carolyn Matusiewski Cannava, Alaska had a warm and sunny summer bringing lots of visitors including daughter Tara ’87, and her twins who live in Seattle,  son James, a pediatric dentist in Whitefish, Montana,  and friends of her late sister Teddy ’61.   Carolyn was kept busy with nine grandchildren, seven of which attend the elementary school where Carolyn was principal for 18 years.  Sounds like a legacy! Wow! Sally Schaeffer Morse and Al took the Queen Mary II to Southhampton, England, and then spent a week in London in September, a lovely trip.   Sue Olpp Remsberg wants to say one more time what a great reunion weekend we had and to thank everyone once again for your monetary contributions.  Sue Coulton Gibbons enjoyed an amazing trip to Israel and plans to visit what used to be East Germany.  She’s keeping her girlish figure by exercising and loving the vegetarian life.  She is still  a volunteer coordinator  (800 volunteers) at her very large church.  Brenda Eklund Pearson has traveled to India for three weeks with her Friendship Force group.  I hope they missed the floods. Pat Taylor Santelli always has interesting news. Unfortunately, Pat has lost her job as an independent contractor after 32 years.  She’s hoping for a part time job soon “to keep her out of trouble”.  Her youngest son, a USNA grad, James, returned from his third deployment on the USS Florida, a guided missle sub, then got reassigned to shore duty in Hawaii  with Naval Intelligence Ops.  In September he and his bride, Carla, were married at the USNA and had the pomp and pagentry of exiting under the sword arch.  Their wedding was attended by many guests including Pat’s other three children and their families. James and Carla have a two year honeymoon in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  Gee, we know where Pat’s next vacation will be!  As for me, Dottie Snyder Engle,  we had our annual trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and I visited son Ryan in California for ten days, where he and I took a two day trip to Big Sur. Love that gorgeous Pacific Coast?  Robin won a dispute with the state over having her schedule changed.  She claimed extreme OCD and that, according to the Americans With Disibilities Act, she should be given a resonable accommodation, one half hour difference in her schedule, same one she had for 15 years.  She and I had a fruitful shopping trip to NYC where my credit cards got canceled since I hadn’t notified  them that I’d be traveling.  After being torn up for three months, the kitchen floor is ready for the next reunion and so am I.  Keep your news coming.

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