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Well, ’60 Hoodlums are not just sitting and rocking, that’s for sure. Sue Fish Boone went to Rome and Tuscany for a visit and to attend the “truly magical” hilltop wedding in Tuscany of her niece Shanti, daughter of her sister Pam and the retiring ambassador. Ellen Perry Croll, meanwhile attended a Sigma Chi get-together at U. Va, connecting with 62 friends in the process. They also saw Sally Fletcher Murray, Anne Kurka Woods, Gretchen Beckhelm and Maryann Whitehead Scherzo for a 75th birthday celebration. Berta Lou Pocock Dietz reports that she is loving her 33rd year in Anchorage, Alaska, as well as the Big Island of Hawaii where they spend January and February. She keeps in close touch with Jean Crabb (a friend since 7th grade) and Carol Ann Decker Vitek. Gail Meredith Enright is a busy lady mowing 10 acres of grass—hers and those of her two kids who live on either side of her. She also sings in the church choir, is the Parish Registrar, writes the church newsletter and is secretary of the civic association. She reports several noteworthy, music-related, trips recently and in the past, including one in 1991 where she conducted a meeting for Vladmir Putin.

Mary Ann Brush Gearinger reports that she has been retired for five years and is still reorganizing her life after the death of her husband Charlie in 2008. She exercises at the Senior Recreation Center, volunteers at her old school, and is involved with two different singing groups. Her best pal is Maggie, her Golden Doodle. Barb Taylor Hyde continues to ski, golf and travel whenever she can. She had a wrist-crunching run-in on the slopes last winter with a student skier, but is expecting to be back teaching soon. She travelled to Scotland with Anne Wareham and is just back from two weeks in London and Tunisia. My partner Sally Stott (Hood ’66) and I have dinner with her periodically, since we live around the corner from each other in West Dover, VT, the home of Mt. Snow.

Pat Crowl Johnson reports that she and her husband are enjoying retirement, visiting family all over the Eastern time zone. Pat had a long lunch with Wanda Koedderich Hilner in Northern Michigan. Lucinda Young Kelly reports that she and her husband gave a party in September for their son Bruce and his delightful Kiwi bride—the newlyweds married in New Zealand and make their home in Auckland. Poppy Herndon McCarty and Bill have been on the go too—to Israel with the Travelling Aggies, to Georgia and to Vancouver. Bill is President of MOAA (Military Officers’ Association of America), while Poppy is very active in community, church and Republican activities. Martha Ruff Meredith has just completed 40 years in the flower business, with her son now joining her. She, meanwhile, is happily in a lovely 55-plus community, where her gardening is limited to one flower bed. Sally Fletcher Murray, as usual, had lots going on. She is up to her eyeballs in Virginia politics, but reports that the event of the year was a glorious reunion in Mauii with kids and grandkids from three states, along with sister Nancy Hood ‘59.

Pat Russell has a small but interesting psychotheraphy practice, and is happily partnered with a retired psychologist, who has made her a mom and grandmom to her kids. Karen Nordberg Sanders is also busy with grandkids and travel, having moved from Texas to Colorado to be near their youngest son’s family. Husband Don is in his third career as a realtor. Barbi Olsh still lives on a 10+ acre horse farm with partner Susan. Her 75th birthday gift to herself was a black lab pup, Alice, to keep Elsa the GSD company. Her busy life is filled with dog training, acres of gardens, yoga, tai chi, photography, the Mt. Dulcimer and genealogy.

Judy Hodges Weaver and Husband John, an antique dealer, have had a busy year since Superstorm Sandy, involved in the restoration of homes and caring for friends. Judy also does golf, bridge, book club, gardening and visiting the five grandchildren. Betsy Bennett Wiegand and Frank are “just great,” she says, having travelled to NYC four times this year, as well as to New Orleans, Israel, Niagara-on-the-lake, Montreal and the Hudson River Valley, and Chicago. Anne Kurka Woods reports that she’s doing well, though still adjusting to widowhood. She’s grateful for the mini-reunion with friends mentioned earlier by Ellen Croll.
Reporter: Barbara Bailey Reinhold


  1. Karen Nordberg Sanders

    December 18, 2013

    Good info! EXCEPT, Don Sanders (Karen Nordberg Sanders’ husband) is NOT (and never has been) a realtor; he is still active as a travel consultant, since his 1991 retirement from Texas Instruments.
    Karen Nordberg Sanders

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