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So sad to report the deaths of Mary Pat Neill Wentzel, Margaret (Peg) Reeves Leopold and Sylvia Davison Roth in 2018. Syl was my roommate Sophomore year before she went to Mass General for her nursing degree.

SYLVIA BLACKBURN FELCYN: After 45 years we sold our wonderful Greenwich home and moved to Roswell, Georgia to be near daughter Lindsay and family. We are in a retirement community called St. George Village, living in an apartment which makes my husband very unhappy. We’re fairly healthy. Wish our President would retire. Pray for peace in 2019.

BARBARA THOMAS YINGER: Bob and I will spend Christmas Day with our grandson’s family (2 great grandchildren, almost 4 and 8 yrs old) and our son and daughter-in-law. Not sure how many more on DIL’s side will be there. We’ve been in this retirement community 8 mo. Still not sure it was the right decision but we’re getting involved in residential life here. I am the “greenhouse chairman” helping residents look after their “wintering over” plants til next May, participating in the craft room showing off and selling some quilted items I make, and helping make small flower bouquets for those in the health care unit. That’s how I use my expertise with sewing and flower design. I did plant a small garden area with some plants we brought with us, and still have time for my own sewing, having finished a large bed quilt using Martha Washington’s star pattern.

LOUISE REED: I have had a tough past year – been in and out of hospitals and rehabs – from falls. The doctors keep telling me ” Don’t fall” So now I have been home for a month with additional help during the day. I am able to get out for appointments with the aide driving. My foot, which was broken along with broken toes still is not right. So I use a walker in the house and a wheel chair for any distances. I don’t think I will be driving again; so I have to give up my independence.

SARA DAVIDSON HANEY: I am in Texas visiting my son and family for Christmas; lots of fun and anticipation with a 10 and 8yr old. Back home in NH, I still volunteer with the horses in a special school program. The kiddos love it and it’s therapeutic for me.

ALICE RIDDLE METRY: All the same here, as we get ready to spend four months in Florida. My eyesight is not so good, and I am going to have to hire a Seeing Eye writer.

ANN SPENGLER LARKIN: I continue to stay busy with church, AAUW, DAR and quilting, but have slowed down a lot. I do still have season tickets to the DSO Coffee Concerts and really look forward to those. My daughter-in-law passed away very suddenly of a massive heart attack last April, just 5 days before my grandson graduated from Western Michigan Univ. Hopefully next year will be less traumatic.

CAROLYN STEVENS AMSTUTZ: I got your email just as I was departing for England to spend Christmas with my family. We were all there – my two daughters (one lives there), their husbands, and my four grandchildren. A good and busy time was had by all. The last night my one daughter and I went to see Hamilton in London – a real treat. I’m enjoying living in a CCRC – it sure is easy living with lots of interesting people and stimulating events. Certainly isn’t what I always pictured “the home” to be!! On a sad note, I just received a Christmas card from the Strauch family. Nan Young Strauch died in November, and from what I can tell it was unexpected/ I would imagine the college has the information.

NANCY PAUL STIMSON: All is well on the home front although my13 and 14 year old bionic knees are acting up; hard to walk. We are expecting another great grandchild in June. I sent my usual Christmas card to Mary Pat Neill Wentzel. Got a note from her son yesterday telling me she had died in July. Our class is really shrinking.

SUE BOND ALMY: It’s been 3 years since she and Bill moved into an Annapolis retirement center and a new group of friends and neighbors joined their circle. A beautiful memorial service was held for the 33 people who had died in 2018. At our age death now seems to surround us. On a bright note, the family was invited to a “gender identification” party last Christmas with the house and tree decorated in blue and pink lights. At a certain time the plug was pulled on the blue lights and the pink lights shown brightly. This was particularly special since they have 7 grandsons and great grandbaby, Lila Jane, is their only girl.

MOLLY SPERANDIO: With timing as a force and anticipating a hip replacement on 1/3/19, I put out an e-mail for “Send news NOW” type message, and was happy to hear from a few of our classmates. When I first took over this job, I sent snail mail to all my classmates, called some on the phone, but now, busy and lazy me, I only send out e-mails. I apologize for not keeping up with you, but I feel if you want to keep up with the class through this column, you know how to get hold of me. So please do. I look forward to a pain-free 2019 and hope you do, too. Happy New Year to all.

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