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Alice Riddle Metry:  We have just returned from 4 months in Florida, followed by a 3 week journey through the Panama Canal, up the Pacific coast and 3 days in San Francisco.  This octogenarian is tired.  Nancy Tressel Brown asked me if I would make the reunion and I turned her down.  I do hope there are others able to do so.  Nancy and I enjoyed meeting the new president in April.  Let us know how many make the reunion and give them my best.  Maybe next year you and I and others can do a meeting in Florida. Mary Pat Neill Wentzel : Her husband passed away in Dec. and she is adjusting to living alone, doesn’t drive at night or distances, so unable to come to the reunion. Ann Fortenbaugh Eicholtz: She has moved to an apartment in a retirement facility in New Oxford, Pa.  Husband passed away a year ago. Susan Winter Smith:  I would really like to go to the reunion but it’s just not in the cards. The last time we traveled was a year ago to Phoenix to see our son and daughter-in-law who live there. I returned home and went immediately to the emergency room to be admitted with pneumonia. I was very sick and then had it 3 more times this past winter. So we don’t plan to travel by plane any more this year. Fortunately we live in such a beautiful area that we are content touring the NW.  Besides that, there’s too much going on this June as it is. Our oldest grandchild, Aislinn is graduating from Western WA University with a teaching degree. The college prepares teachers extremely well. She has accepted her first teaching position in Royal City which is in Eastern WA not from from Ellensburg where she grew  up. She is very excited about it. Next in line will be a junior at Evergreen College and her sister is graduating from High School. So we have 2 graduations to attend, fortunately the same weekend in Bellingham, WA. The two younger ones live near us and we see them frequently. CJ is about to be 12, is very handsome and getting very tall. He plays the violin in his MS orchestra. His sister just turned 8. She is in 2nd grade and just reading chapter books and will read just for the sake of it. YEAH! All are such nice kids. The younger ones visit us often where we live and all the residents like to see them come. Erica especially because she has her rounds of hugs she dispenses and if she misses anyone I hear about it the next day.  We also will be celebrating our  60th anniversary with the family at a horse ranch in eastern WA. This way too long so feel free to edit what you must.  Thanks for doing this. I look forward to everyone’s news. Nancy Tressel Brown:  A PS to my last message. Roger, dear Roger, and I celebrated our 60th anniversary after dragging me, kicking and screaming, to the local “Old Folks Home” (Bentley Village, which as these places are is quite nice. I must admit.) It’s not bad. They have several bars. And they’ve only run out of Jack Daniels once. By the time Roger pays for the family to come to my funeral, he’ll have blown his in hieritance.  (Don’t get excited, just kidding). BUT, if you’re thinking of this sort of move, READ “Trouble In The Rumbleseat” first. Roberta Geehan Horton:  Cannot make it to the reunion.  Out of energy right now due to fighting acute bronchitis.  Our daughter, Becky’s son, Trevor, was taken into the Eastern Surfing Hall of Fame after becoming the Eastern Champion in his age group, 18 and under.  He was the underdog, too, only 16.  Wilmington, NC is his home and he surfs at Wrightsville Beach.  Not long ago while surfing there he heard a drowning man cry for help. He was able to get to him in time.  The man was so thankful that he reported it to the local paper and to surfing magazines. His twin sister, Alanne, was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. Our granddaughter, Molly (yes!) just graduated from college (Michael’s daughter.)  Richard’s daughter, Ashley, graduates from high school soon.  My spinal stenosis is stabilized.  That cortisone shot over a year ago did the trick.  Residual pain responds to aspirin, just one a day.  Once I took prednisone for the bronchitis, the back pain went away.  Regard to classmates going to the reunion. Carolyn Stevens Amstutz: I’ll have to miss this reunion.  Kind of a biggish weekend for my family.  Grandson graduation from 8th grade on Thursday in Albany NY, my daughter from England’s 25th college reunion in upstate New York, and she’ll be staying in Albany for a few days.  So — Frederick is not in the cards.  I did, however, send a contribution. Had lunch last month in Naples FL with Alice and Fred Metry and Tressie and Roger Brown.  Good to see them. Have a great reunion and hello to everyone from the Class of ’57 from me.  Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

It was delightful!  The weather was lovely; the campus is beautiful; wonderful volunteers to drive you to and fro in golf carts, food and camaraderie was most enjoyable – it was a great 60th reunion for the classmates of 1957.

Barbara Thomas Yinger: Tommie, co-class rep for this reunion, wrapped the nine of us in red feather boas to stand out against the green of the 50th reunion class of 1967. She and Bob are going on a South American cruise to Buenos Aires and Peru. She had two designs in her Garden Club Flower Show which she couldn’t attend because of the reunion, but was proud to have won a blue ribbon for her Exhibition Type 2 Christmas Design; a red ribbon +90 for her Still Life design, Harvest Times, which told the story of canned goods using canning produce from the garden.  She also received red ribbons for her Container, a horticulture combination planter and for her Calla Lily.  Kudos, Tommie.

Barbara Kauffman Harrison:  Despite two broken ribs, Bobbie planned a 3.5 day trip to see a granddaughter graduate from 8th grade.  She is active in the Great Circle Quilt Club, church activities and enjoys lunch every spring with Norie Heston Shipley and Tommie Yinger.  Husband John says she is becoming quite the knowledgeable sports enthusiast.

Bettie Brown Wastler:  Bettie’s time is focused on family; she cares for her son with Down Syndrome and is looking forward to her daughter and family from Italy moving in – with two grands, five cats and a dog!

June Miller: June has retired from her years of teaching organ at Penn State University but continues as a co-organist at Grace Lutheran Church in State College, PA.

Margaret Reeves Leopold:  Peg is still active in community gardening, enjoying her grands and readying her son to move to CA. She is dealing with health issues – trying to be 50 and recognizing she is 80.  “Be grateful for life, love and what the body does even when the NOW differs from what WAS.”

Miriam Spaulding Keyser:  Didn’t get to continue our conversation as we had to leave for an event Bill/Don had in Baltimore.  Here are some thoughts. Use what you think best.  Bill and I are both involved in activities at Oak Crest, a senior community in Baltimore, and still active in our Church. On Saturdays we work at Victor’s Vittles, our church’s Food Pantry. We are looking forward to the family Beach Week on the Outer Banks in late July. With 22 in one big house there is plenty of activity. Of our 11 grandchildren, four are finished college and part of the working world, four will be returning to college, and Jessie has graduated with honors from high school and is headed to Towson University to play division 1 Woman’s Lacrosse. Tori is an Air Force air traffic controller who begins deployment in July and will unfortunately miss the Beach Week. It was great to be at Hood for our 60th reunion and spend some time with old friends, but missed so many. I guess that comes with our age.

Sue Bond Almy:  She and Bill will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Bermuda.  They enjoy their seven grandsons (no girls!) and have moved into Ginger Cove Retirement Center in Annapolis.

Susan Truby:  She is working in Brooklin, ME and getting the house ready for her annual family reunion in August which will house all of both east and west coast families.

Molly Smith Sperandio:  Little change in my FL activities and still happy I can drive to MD and PA for reunions.  It was fun enjoying the reawakening of past friendships.  Peg, Susan and I had the pleasure of sitting at lunch with Nancy Cohen Locher, our Ass’t Dean of Students, Jean Baker Weikert, ‘54 and Mark, Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger ’56 and Sue Peters Wirths ’56 MA ’79.  Fun to be with friends from years we were at Hood.

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