1. 1963; Summer 2017


    Dottie Snyder Engle

    Hey sisters! Happily, I can report that I had replies from long silent Sheral Kniffin Malloy, says she left Hood after two years, went to law school at Tulane, has practiced law since 1981 and is almost retired. She is married to her second husband Dan, her childhood sweetheart.  They spend winters in South Padre Island, Texas, and summers on Lake Ontario, NY, where they grew up.  She has two sons now in their 50′s and Dan has a daughter, all of whom live in Texas.  Judy Martinka Ericson reports that her husband died three years ago, so she is keeping busy with a lot of traveling, having visited four continents and by now has had a trip sailing along the Dalmation Coast and hiking in the fall in Southern England with Road Scholar.  She says she’s blessed with great children and grands, but as they don’t live close. Jo Ann Twilley Plichta, M.A.’86 has moved to Pennsylvania to be near her son and his family and is happily living in a lovely mobile home in a quiet development.  Life sounds exciting for Carolyn Matusiewski Cannava, P’87 who lives in Alaska but has been back and forth to Kona with her children so they can enjoy snorkeling and swimming.  She was in Kona for her last birthday with 26 kids and grandkids for a Hawaiian celebration. Then she went to her son’s wedding in White Fish, Montana and declared the scenery breathtaking. Mary-Verdella Wagner Nelson’s oldest, Adam who is going to Bryant in Rhode Island and scored some scholarship help. Another grandbaby for Sally Schaeffer Morse set to make his arrival, maybe, while Sally and Al are on a cruise to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  They will be sailing on the Queen Elizabeth through the Baltic countries to St. Petersburg and back to Southampton. Life is busy for Verna Larson Lyons who is very involved in her Presbyterian Church with a large congregation as well as a board member for a church retirement community. She and her son took an amazing trip to Thailand, Myanmar and Laos seeing the interesting cultures, good food and very friendly people.  Sue Colton Gibbons is happily living with her daughter in the Boston area and after being far from the kids, is enjoying being granny/nanny/housekeeping/chauffeur/homework helper/cook and errand girl. They moved into a new house which also gave her more work to get everything in shape.  Ann Carpenter Lindau-Martin is enjoying retired life meeting new people and traveling living in Florida full time with her husband even though most of their families still live in New York.  Bobby Campbell Rickman, M.A.’75, P’96 has moved from her bungalow into an apartment at her retirement community and is busy all the time.  Pat Taylor Santelli spent the winter in her house on Amelia Island, Florida.  The raging fires in the Okefenokee Swamp sent a lot of smoke Pat’s way. She is doing renovations but going nuts conforming to the Historic District codes. She and Jim still have their house at Oyster Bay where Jim works as a dentist at Nassau County Jail.  Glad to hear that Jim is recovering from his stroke. As for me, I am doing very well after Ron’s death.  I have Robin, who lives with me and son, Ryan, lives nearby.  Robin and I are set for our birthday trip in June to Paris and Denmark.  Nancy “Zabbie” Huff Quinn lives in Paris and will meet us one afternoon. Last time I was in Europe, Zabbie was in London at the time and said we could get together; I just answered that, six years later?  Then Robin and I are going on to Denmark to visit our exchange student and family.  Lin Chait Solomon M.A.’84, M.A.’95 wrote that some of her children and grands are suffering with kidney disease like Joe did.  Lin retired seven years ago and is enjoying book groups, theater outings and tutoring. She is grateful that her family lives nearby.  She has been vacationing with her sisters, Johanna Chait Essex ’53 and Muriel Chait Durbin ’56, P’81, and brother-in-law being “wowed” by the beauty of the US Southwest.  Brenda Eklund Pearson has traveled Vietnam, as well as other countries in Southeast Asia. Mark your calendars for June 8, 9 and 10, 2018.  Our reunion dinner will be at Dottie’s on Friday, June 9.  Until then, keep me updated and I’ll see you in June.

  2. 1961; Summer 2017


    Marty Kaiser Canner

    Katharine Baum Wolpe

    Constance Ann Coleman Alexander is enjoying her position as director of music at her church and also enjoying her family and friends.  She expects two more grandchildren in 2017 (June and November).  She will be traveling to Greece in August with her brother, Bill, and plans to visit China in the spring of 2018.  “Life is good.” Nancy Brown Braudrick finally moved into her new, newly-built home in Gold Beach, OR, on Easter weekend, the only time her son could help with the move.  Her daughter and son-in-law live nearby and are a great help.  Her home is still a work in progress. Estelle Harrison Brendle sent greetings from North Carolina.  She hoped to attend her sixtieth high school class reunion in Calvert County, MD in June.  She keeps in touch with Judy Freedom Westenhoefer.  “It’s fun to visit her in Bedford, VA and hear about her farm and all her animals.” Judy Arenson Friedman lives in Boca Raton, FL, as her children and grandchildren are in the NYC area, she spends June and September in the City and July and August in the Berkshires.  She had a fantastic 16-day trip in April to Israel and Jordan, covering Tel-Aviv, Haifa, upper Galilee, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Eilat. Marilyn King Jessen had sad news and good news.  The sad news is that her Hood roommate, Suzanne Brown Wellcome, passed away on October 30, 2016.  We send our condolences to Suzanne’s children and her husband, Page.  The good news is that Marilyn is taking her family, eleven in all, on a Disney cruise in August.  Marilyn also reported that she is doing very well after being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in February, 2016.  She feels great now and takes one pill a day, Torceva, to keep the cancer in check.  “I have all of my old energy back and am enjoying life.  Praise the Lord!  My friends call me a miracle and I am.  Every day is a gift, especially not knowing how much longer things will be this good.” Joy Hillegas Johnson’s daughter-in-law reported that Joy passed away May 14, 2017.  We send our condolences to Joy’s husband, Norman, and their children and grandchildren. Janet Spaulding Nunn, P’06 and husband, Jack, planned to go in July on the Rhine River cruise sponsored by Hood. Janice Dobbs Pedersen and husband, Tom, are happily settled in an Erickson retirement community in Tinton Falls, NJ.  She is doing watercolors and has had some nice commissions.  “We are fighting age with vigor, humor, and determination.” Mable Philipp Pochedly enjoys living in Long Beach, CA, and would be delighted to see anyone down that way.  As her children and grandchildren live on Long Island, NY, she visits there often. Lyn Adams Sprinkle is enjoying living at Sunrise community in Richmond, VA.  She dines with other residents daily and participates in the many activities.  Her daughters drop by 3 times a week.  Her son, Stuart, a policeman who has less time available, is married to Kim who has twin boys. Barbara Hufham Wells and husband, Richard, continue to be in good health and enjoy small town living in Moscow, ID.  They have become strong supporters of The Xercis Society, which is devoted to preserving invertebrates, particularly bees, butterflies, and other pollinators; and Richard, “the gardener,” has been busy planting flowering plants they find attractive. Beth Lee Zehnder has a second granddaughter about to go to college.  Her husband, Chuck, retired as a CPA; then in tax season was called back to work to help.  She and Vivi Bruckel Harvey got together and enjoyed “catching up.”  Beth says, “We’re still able to use the stairs in the home we purchased in 1966.  Thank You, Lord!”  Marty Kaiser Canner does not have much news, but has chatted a couple of times with Shirley Garrett Haley, P’85 and her husband, Ed, in a local grocery store since Shirley and Ed moved to Catonsville, MD last year. Katharine Baum Wolpe keeps a hectic schedule with her church, Democratic club, and as a volunteer escorting frail senior neighbors to weekly appointments and shopping.  She also participates in a local seniors group and exercise classes, and spends time posting flyers and sending emails about interesting local events.  She and companion Philip continue to enjoy concerts, dance and theater performances, and his home-cooked meals.  They also participate in a reading group on the Israel-Palestine situation.  Fluffy Pancho Cat continues as her sometimes cranky roommate.

  3. 1958; Summer 2017


    Marilyn Garis Kellow

    I am saddened to report that we have lost 3 classmates since last fall. Betty Walsh Suto passed away in late 2016 and Emily Joyce Sanders in early 2017. Julee Moser, daughter of Betsy Smith Moser P’92 wrote that “the best mother and friend we have ever known” passed away May 9, 2017. In February, Polly Sherman Leigh moved from Hawaii to a retirement community in Carlsbad, CA. She is enjoying being close to family and a good friend. Fitness classes, educational speakers, the symphony, a big band production, live stage shows, wine tasting and a trolley ride around San Diego, which included Coronado, are among her new activities. Sue Brown Melech and husband Bob spend January through April in St Petersburg FL at the Hollander Hotel and would like to get to together with any classmates who may be in that area during those months. Jeb Bennett Moran reports that she along with Carol Horwath Klecka and Carol Huelsen Warrington had an unexpected treat on March 16th. President Andrea Chapdelaine and her father joined classmates and significant others for breakfast at the Plantation Golf and Country Club in Venice FL. Sara Lea Callaway Redmon got the brave idea to have the first ever family reunion. It turned out Great!!! About 65 people from 22 months on up from 5 different states. Mary Allen Reynolds just returned from visiting gardens in England, including Sissinghust. She plans to go to her granddaughter’s high school graduation in Seattle. She continues to exhibit for the Ikebana International Chapter at the local garden center and attends national meetings. Knee replacement surgery is in her plans in the future. Bunnie Potter Richardson wrote the sad news that her brother Ken and his wife have passed away recently. Ken was married to Joey Liehmann who was a member of our class for our first 2 years at Hood. She then went to the University of Maryland to be with Ken. Penny Adams Rogers says Hawaii is still home but does travel to see family on the mainland. Last May they met family in NYC to celebrate her 80th and saw Hamilton with the original cast. They then drove back across the country just for fun and stayed with family in Portland, Oregon. Remained in Hawaii for the summer and then to Calgary for cooler weather. November, December and January were spent in Boston with family. It was nice to see fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas back in New England where she grew up. Jenny Krohn Rose and Shep are still in Henderson, Nevada training their Portuguese Water Dog, Rosie, and entering her in AKC agility and obedience trials. Jenny is happy that at 80 she can still run around an agility course. Marthanne Stephens Smith writes that her 2 daughters have adopted older dogs from kill shelters, (but they don’t want to adopt us)!!!!! Both dogs are adorable, a white husky and an old black and grey Cairn. She is still going to classes at the community college, enjoying living in their townhouse and reads all the time (recommends “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles). Anne Merrick Vosti sends the sad news that husband Ken passed away April 26th. Thanks to an incredible hospice organization, Mission Hospice, she could have him home with many visits from her large family. She has wonderful memories of where their 58-year partnership which started when they met at Hood. Jo Olmstead Witherington has traveled this year to Easter Island and the Patagonia area of Chile and Argentina. She has just finished singing in 3 concerts within a week and is now working on Titanic and some of the works of Rutter. After a cruise to Alaska she plans to stay home for a few months. Life in WI has been relatively quiet. My life focuses around family, especially my 4 grandchildren. Rickey (25) is in a doctorate program at U of Illinois, Gracie (22) graduated last December from U of WI Green Bay, Julia (21) will be a senior at Kent State (spent last semester in Florence, Italy), and Elena (17), a high school senior, will probably be headed for Miami of Ohio after graduation. Thanks for all the news. Our numbers are fewer each year, but it is a blessing to hear from so many………….Love and prayers, Maggie

  4. 1953; Summer 2017


    Johanna Chait Essex

    Connie Drown Blair has been selling real estate in Mass., and is thinking of retiring—but, being on the job keeps her mind active, and out of the house.  Connie and her husband, John, are quite active. They are able to travel and see their children and grandchildren several times a year. Joan Jazowski Fellows is a great grandmother for the second time.  The baby was born in Atlanta this past January. Penny Fradd Vahsen’s third grandson graduated from USNA this past May.  One of her other grandsons is a Submariner, and the second a Naval pilot.  She still travels, and was able to attend the weddings of four of the cadets that she had sponsored. Joan Gebhardt Tambling is still traveling. She and her dog, Lucy, are both active and well. While traveling in Maui, she sprained her ankle and discovered that “wheelchairs in airports are a great way to travel”. Sue Heubisch Milkey and her husband are still “season travelers” south to Florida for the winter, and back to N.Y. for the summer. Pat Lloyd Fordham attended her grandson’s college graduation this past May.  She is looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunion next year. Bim Mayer Werle’s husband, Jerry, had a hip replacement surgery right after they got to Florida last November, and is doing very well now. They plan to sign up for a continuing care community in Shelburne, Vt., and will move in when their unit is completed [May 2019].  They plan to list their house next spring. Marilynn Phillips had cataract surgery last March., and has had to receive knee injections for several weeks but other than that she is doing well and is active in church groups.  Her friends and family watch over her and take good care of her. She has many hobbies, grows orchids, and is a gourmet cook.  She also hopes to attend our next reunion. Beverly Rosenberg Sager’s children had her come to California to celebrate her 85th birthday and to attend her grandson’s college graduation. She still goes to a community college twice a week, and frequently goes into NYC with a bus group to attend the theater. Sheila Seigal Asher, and husband Dick, have rented their home in S.C. and are now full time Floridians. Two of their grandchildren graduated from high school, and their oldest granddaughter is going to Israel on her “birthright” trip. Elaine Green Powell reported, “All goes well with Dave and me here in Concord, NH. No special news to pass along since last bulletin except to say hello to everyone!” Myrna Hays Slick is fine, has good memories of Hood, and all the paths that it led to. Hal and I are fine. Our vacation this year will be a Tauck tour to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion national parks, with my sisters, Muriel Chait Durbin ’56, P’81 and Linda Chait Solomon ’63, M.A.’84, M.A.’95. I still volunteer at the USMMA Cookie Café on Thursday’s. We serve over 400 young men and women with cookies from home, coffee, tea, milk and lots of love. Also, back at the nursery school where I taught many years ago, I read the” golden oldies” to the children.  We did attend the graduation of our grandson in Binghamton, N.Y. He was the third generation to graduate from the college. To the two people whose news did not get into this column—sorry, but your cards arrived with your names torn off. Thanks for all your kind words—looking forward to seeing you next June.–Jo

  5. 1951; Summer 2017


    Eleanore Jackson Knott

    Donna Fogle Fisher reports that she is fine, spending time reading, working crossword puzzles, and watching reruns of old TV.  She feels fortunate and truly blessed to see her children regularly.  She also reported on the death of Betty Merryman Blanset who was a beloved kindergarten teacher.  Our sympathy to her husband, two children and several grandchildren.

    Mary Lou Henry Deisroth P’76 and Tony had just returned from Pittsburgh to visit a granddaughter and their new 6th great granddaughter and were in Bethany Beach, DE for Memorial Day where she had fun trying paddle boating. Their next trip was to be to MA for two grandsons graduations, one from high school and one from college.  Then she will be home, continuing her gardening and other activities. Mary Lou Hoffman Huff reports “the dull truth” that she enjoys her life which continues with gym, Lumosity, Mad Money account investing and occasional lunch or dinner with family and friends.  She is also fascinated with bird watching.  Shirley Keckler Trostle, reports “At 87, one can sum up the life that has been lived.  I gave birth to four children and three of them have departed, one in 1972, one in 2012 and one last January.  I have discovered that the tears of frustration burn like fire but the tears of grief are cleansing, purifying and healing.  You can live through anything but it is the creative spark that returns you to life and moves you forward.  And so I am phasing out quilting but I have picked up the pencil for sketching and I hope to write seriously this year.  And I still take a few appointments for Reflexology and Reiki and as long as I get results I will continue.”  Cathie Strachan Upp moved the end of April to a house next to her daughter Karen. She had the feeling that her whole life passed before her as she was going through all the papers, pictures and possessions, but she likes her new place where she can see the Catalina Mountains from her patio.  She is looking forward to a trip to Mexico this summer with her family and then a trip to Florida to visit her brother. Heard from Molly Wood Tully who is recovering from a hip replacement last February but is still unable to drive.  Her 2 sons spent time helping out but she is not yet involved in her usual plethora of activity.  She has given up tennis but will be in Cape May for June and July where friends and family will visit. Walt and I are hoping to leave this week to drive to New England again for the summer.  The trip seems to get longer each time but we feel very fortunate to still be able to do this.  Remember we only have news from those of you who contribute, so what are the rest of you doing?

  6. 1948; Summer 2017


    Corky Edwards Shulman

    Aloha, Hoodlums. I think it is extraordinary that over 50 % of the class of 1948 are ‘still kicking’ (see below) while reaching their 90th year.…that’s sixty-plus women! Could it have been that (campus day) ‘Vitamin H’ we championed way back then??….Anne Chaney Mesmer is still in Washington, DC; granddaughter Andriana graduates from high school this June. Anne shares an Irish Blessing: “May all that is unloved in you Blossom into a future Graced with love….” (Lovely…mahalo, Anne) Nancy Naser Crawford writes that although she misses her car and her independence, she is really enjoying all the group physical therapy classes, trips and programs at the Salemtown Community Center where she now resides. (And I bet they enjoy her) Just learned of the death of Betty Patterson Reims in late May.  Betty was one of ‘the folksies”, our gang of eleven so called by Patty Beall Snader in “Future Perfect”.  Aloha, ol’ buddy. The Round Robin letter started by Shirley Benson Rice and eight other Hoodlums at graduation ended when Elsa Eggers Hauswald died, leaving Shirley and Barbara Heiss Jackson to keep it going. Shirley and Barb decided to keep in touch by phone and retire the Round Robin after an amazing sixty-eight years. (That should go in the record books!) Patty Callender Hewit lost her husband in 2011, and then her home at Normandy Beach, N.J. to hurricane Sandy, and now lives in a retirement community. “But I am also very lucky, as eight of my thirteen grandchildren are married with thirteen great grandchildren and two more on the way.” (THAT should go in the record books…..) Jean Herman Walker writes “Still kicking slowly but still kicking! Lost Wade three years ago, and now have fifteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Life is good and very few pains…..thank goodness!” Charlestown (Baltimore) Retirement Community is home to Bette Blome Winyall, who attended grandson Davey’s recent wedding in Blacksburg, VA while “missing grandson. Joe’s graduation from the University of Virginia on the same day. Philly soldiers on, coping with health problems. Dan’s been promoted to Captain…….daughter Ruth and sons David and Walter bring joy and delight as well…”. Bette also writes: “Pleasant days here as I enjoy good health, good friends, family and rewarding volunteering…every good wish to fellow Hoodlums!” Me, I’m the slackard here………I have (only) seven grandchildren and my very first great-grandchild will arrive in July, courtesy of granddaughter Maile Lewis Little and husband Micheal. Maile and Mike were the subjects of an article I wrote for local publication, called “Tutu Goes to New York” in 2015, about all the brouhaha around Maile’s marriage to an aristocratic New Yorker. I will include that story in my soon-to be-self-published biography which I’m writing just for fun, and family. All for now. Keep writing!

  7. 1947; Summer 2017


    Catharine Smith Dunn

    Renie Quynn Collmus G’05 and I were the only two members of our class who attended our 70th reunion.  My daughter, Lindi, from New York City, and Renie’s granddaughter, Rachel, class of 2005 enabled us both to come, and we had a great time catching up.  Renie is living at Homewood Retirement Center in Frederick and her hair is still mostly black!!!  It was interesting to hear about Rachel’s experience in the Peace Corps after she graduated.  She served in Lesotho, South Africa and met the man, another Peace Corps worker, she married when they returned to the USA. My daughter, Lindi, a retired Occupational Therapist is now an usher at the Metropolitan Opera and enjoyed seeing the campus.  I did learn from someone who works at Hood and who had seen Elizabeth Jones Hesse that Jonsie is in good health, still living in her home in Annapolis and driving her car. I called Mary Lib Reeder Tiller, my roommate, to tell her about the weekend.  She lives in Fairfax, VA with her son, Richard and wife Christine.  She had a bad fall last winter and is still recovering from the after effects.  It was wonderful to be back and see the beautiful campus, meet the new president, enjoy eating in the Ronald J. Volpe Athletic Center, and having Strawberry Breakfast in Coblentz, followed by the chapel service….and then home, grateful for the years I spent at Hood College and the friends I made there.

  8. 1944; Summer 2017


    V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk

    Mary Lou Chorley Touart is still living in a retirement center. She talked with Margie Muth Alibasah- she now has two great grandchildren that are twins. Margie is mostly bed ridden. Mal Barnett lives alone. She reported she was retired and did nothing. Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl has a busy day. She golfs, plays bingo and has her daily cocktail. Nancy Ogden Carson had been in an infirmary and was leaving for her retirement home that day. Janet Coblentz Cover is upset daily by the news that is being reported on the TV. Gert Flagg Dalzell fell three months ago. So she is in the process of moving to a retirement center. Peg Traver Emery lives in her own home. Her son and daughter-in-law came to see her one day. They live on the west side of Florida. They are now busy painting her house. Millie Geiple lost her son and a granddaughter. Annabelle Sunderland Kepler crashed her car into a building. Mary Knobloch Smith plays a lot of bridge. Phyllis Fine Soza and husband are still in a retirement center. Helen Stottler Leaver stays very busy working and helping others. She lives in her own home. I am still living in independent living in a retirement center. I ride an electric scooter for the halls. I ride my walker backwards in my apartment. The only place I can walk is in the pool. I try to do that every nice day. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk (Wheats)

  9. Class of ’12: 5th Anniversary


    This year is a meaningful one for the class of 2012 as it marks our 5th year graduation anniversary! Drew Althouse is currently working as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at the NAIA School Madonna University in Livonia, MI covering women’s volleyball, basketball, and softball. Jacob Ausherman was accepted into the UW MSW Advanced standing program focusing on Child, Youth, and Family development at Rainier Beach High School. Julie Barrick was promoted to Special Education Department Chair at Annapolis High School. Briana Becker has been working as a Mental Health Clinician at a prison that serves inmates at the county, state, and federal level. Briana is currently working towards the final steps of pursuing her clinical social work license. Miriam Bennett has a MSW from UMB SSW. She is married and has a job with the Howard County Government working with the Maryland Access Point. Christopher Brown Married Sarah Reihl on October 20, 2016 in Chestertown, Maryland. He Started working as the Database Specialist / PowerSchool Administrator for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools in July of 2016. Cara Clements received her Masters Degree from Augustana College in South Dakota in Special Education in 2014. She is working for Montgomery County Public Schools as a first grade special education teacher. Megan Coulbourne was promoted to Middle School Science Instructional Coach at Maureen Joy Charter School in Durham, NC. She will get married to her fiancé, Damon, in May 2018! Brittany Diehl recently started working for the Downtown Denver Partnership in Denver, Colorado. Kalina Gipe is working full time at Hagerstown Community College in the Continuing Education and Workforce Development center as an office associate. She also started her own pony riding business two years ago. Claire Gogan received her masters in History with a Public History certificate from Virginia Tech in May 2016. She is moving to Toronto where she will work as the college prep teacher while completing her M.Ed in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto. Lauren Hagan graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University with her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Kelly Harris is working as a teacher in New Jersey at Bancroft school for children with autism, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. She and her husband are a very happy family of four with her two girls. Jessica Henry is wrapping up her research at the University of New Hampshire and is a few months away from her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry! Keenan Holmes is currently the Programs Assistant Archaeologist for Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission. He is a documentary producer and director for his thesis on DMV area Native American rights called “Indigenous Eyes on DC”. He graduated in 2015 with his Masters in Public Anthropology at American University focusing on social justice, advocacy, and film. He is also currently the Department Head for Anthropology and Life Sciences for the nonprofit after school program called “So What Else”. Kaitlin Hughes had her baby boy, Mason William, on May 2nd at 8lb 12oz and says that he is doing great! Jessica (Becker) Kerr has a new job as a research associate for Leidos Biomedical/Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. Hilary Lawch completed her Masters in teaching English as a second language and has just completed her first year as an ELL teacher in Frederick County. She also wants to share that she has learned how to fold a fitted sheet by herself (not an easy task)! Casey Miller got married and moved to Indianapolis where she will be teaching freshman algebra and coaching girl’s soccer at Avon next school year. Aida Odobasic will be graduating with the PhD in Economics from the University of Delaware this May. Ricky Orndorff married Danielle Stauffer (’12) and has been working as a software engineer since graduation. They live in Frederick with their 4-year-old German shepherd named Gunner. Elizabeth (Ulmer) Page got married in July 2016. This summer they are relocating to Columbus, Ohio where she will teach eighth grade English. Molly Polling lives in Boise, Idaho and graduated with a Masters degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in gerontology and nonprofit management in 2013. Doug Raftery moved to Reno, NV to work for the Reno Aces Triple-A baseball team and Reno 1868 FC (soccer) as the Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships. Helene Rush got married on July 15th and is expecting their daughter in June! Laura Saad recently moved from Germany to Long Beach, California where she works as a STEAM teacher for preschool to 5th grade students. She and her fiancé will be getting married in October. Kasey Smith is teaching at Manocacy Elementary School. She recently moved to PA and is excited for new adventures there with her dog, Coco! Maria Smith is still teaching French at Garrison Forest School. Kristina Southwell lives in Tacoma, Washington where she practices law and spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her dog Griffey. Emily (Wilson) Thompson married another 2012 alum, Scott Thompson in October 2015. They now live in Philadelphia with their dog Iris. Scott received his masters in English in 2015 and is currently attending Temple’s graduate program in Philly. Emily graduated from the Arcadia University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in 2017 and currently works as a Neurologic/Orthopedic Physical Therapist at an outpatient clinic in Center City, Philadelphia. Haley Webb married Jared Webb ’13 in July 2016 and Meghan Coulbourne ’12, Audrey Vargason ’12, Tyler Shank ’12, Richard Laurine ’12, and Michael Lancaster ’12 were members of the wedding party. Haley completed her masters in Elementary literacy with a specialization in English Language Literacy. She and her husband purchased their first home in Gaithersburg, MD in November 2016 and she has started volunteering her time with Lucky Dog Rescue in Washington, DC. Haley and Jared have two adopted dogs, Abigail and Charlie.

  10. Class 1957 Summer 2017


    Alice Riddle Metry:  We have just returned from 4 months in Florida, followed by a 3 week journey through the Panama Canal, up the Pacific coast and 3 days in San Francisco.  This octogenarian is tired.  Nancy Tressel Brown asked me if I would make the reunion and I turned her down.  I do hope there are others able to do so.  Nancy and I enjoyed meeting the new president in April.  Let us know how many make the reunion and give them my best.  Maybe next year you and I and others can do a meeting in Florida. Mary Pat Neill Wentzel : Her husband passed away in Dec. and she is adjusting to living alone, doesn’t drive at night or distances, so unable to come to the reunion. Ann Fortenbaugh Eicholtz: She has moved to an apartment in a retirement facility in New Oxford, Pa.  Husband passed away a year ago. Susan Winter Smith:  I would really like to go to the reunion but it’s just not in the cards. The last time we traveled was a year ago to Phoenix to see our son and daughter-in-law who live there. I returned home and went immediately to the emergency room to be admitted with pneumonia. I was very sick and then had it 3 more times this past winter. So we don’t plan to travel by plane any more this year. Fortunately we live in such a beautiful area that we are content touring the NW.  Besides that, there’s too much going on this June as it is. Our oldest grandchild, Aislinn is graduating from Western WA University with a teaching degree. The college prepares teachers extremely well. She has accepted her first teaching position in Royal City which is in Eastern WA not from from Ellensburg where she grew  up. She is very excited about it. Next in line will be a junior at Evergreen College and her sister is graduating from High School. So we have 2 graduations to attend, fortunately the same weekend in Bellingham, WA. The two younger ones live near us and we see them frequently. CJ is about to be 12, is very handsome and getting very tall. He plays the violin in his MS orchestra. His sister just turned 8. She is in 2nd grade and just reading chapter books and will read just for the sake of it. YEAH! All are such nice kids. The younger ones visit us often where we live and all the residents like to see them come. Erica especially because she has her rounds of hugs she dispenses and if she misses anyone I hear about it the next day.  We also will be celebrating our  60th anniversary with the family at a horse ranch in eastern WA. This way too long so feel free to edit what you must.  Thanks for doing this. I look forward to everyone’s news. Nancy Tressel Brown:  A PS to my last message. Roger, dear Roger, and I celebrated our 60th anniversary after dragging me, kicking and screaming, to the local “Old Folks Home” (Bentley Village, which as these places are is quite nice. I must admit.) It’s not bad. They have several bars. And they’ve only run out of Jack Daniels once. By the time Roger pays for the family to come to my funeral, he’ll have blown his in hieritance.  (Don’t get excited, just kidding). BUT, if you’re thinking of this sort of move, READ “Trouble In The Rumbleseat” first. Roberta Geehan Horton:  Cannot make it to the reunion.  Out of energy right now due to fighting acute bronchitis.  Our daughter, Becky’s son, Trevor, was taken into the Eastern Surfing Hall of Fame after becoming the Eastern Champion in his age group, 18 and under.  He was the underdog, too, only 16.  Wilmington, NC is his home and he surfs at Wrightsville Beach.  Not long ago while surfing there he heard a drowning man cry for help. He was able to get to him in time.  The man was so thankful that he reported it to the local paper and to surfing magazines. His twin sister, Alanne, was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. Our granddaughter, Molly (yes!) just graduated from college (Michael’s daughter.)  Richard’s daughter, Ashley, graduates from high school soon.  My spinal stenosis is stabilized.  That cortisone shot over a year ago did the trick.  Residual pain responds to aspirin, just one a day.  Once I took prednisone for the bronchitis, the back pain went away.  Regard to classmates going to the reunion. Carolyn Stevens Amstutz: I’ll have to miss this reunion.  Kind of a biggish weekend for my family.  Grandson graduation from 8th grade on Thursday in Albany NY, my daughter from England’s 25th college reunion in upstate New York, and she’ll be staying in Albany for a few days.  So — Frederick is not in the cards.  I did, however, send a contribution. Had lunch last month in Naples FL with Alice and Fred Metry and Tressie and Roger Brown.  Good to see them. Have a great reunion and hello to everyone from the Class of ’57 from me.  Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    It was delightful!  The weather was lovely; the campus is beautiful; wonderful volunteers to drive you to and fro in golf carts, food and camaraderie was most enjoyable – it was a great 60th reunion for the classmates of 1957.

    Barbara Thomas Yinger: Tommie, co-class rep for this reunion, wrapped the nine of us in red feather boas to stand out against the green of the 50th reunion class of 1967. She and Bob are going on a South American cruise to Buenos Aires and Peru. She had two designs in her Garden Club Flower Show which she couldn’t attend because of the reunion, but was proud to have won a blue ribbon for her Exhibition Type 2 Christmas Design; a red ribbon +90 for her Still Life design, Harvest Times, which told the story of canned goods using canning produce from the garden.  She also received red ribbons for her Container, a horticulture combination planter and for her Calla Lily.  Kudos, Tommie.

    Barbara Kauffman Harrison:  Despite two broken ribs, Bobbie planned a 3.5 day trip to see a granddaughter graduate from 8th grade.  She is active in the Great Circle Quilt Club, church activities and enjoys lunch every spring with Norie Heston Shipley and Tommie Yinger.  Husband John says she is becoming quite the knowledgeable sports enthusiast.

    Bettie Brown Wastler:  Bettie’s time is focused on family; she cares for her son with Down Syndrome and is looking forward to her daughter and family from Italy moving in – with two grands, five cats and a dog!

    June Miller: June has retired from her years of teaching organ at Penn State University but continues as a co-organist at Grace Lutheran Church in State College, PA.

    Margaret Reeves Leopold:  Peg is still active in community gardening, enjoying her grands and readying her son to move to CA. She is dealing with health issues – trying to be 50 and recognizing she is 80.  “Be grateful for life, love and what the body does even when the NOW differs from what WAS.”

    Miriam Spaulding Keyser:  Didn’t get to continue our conversation as we had to leave for an event Bill/Don had in Baltimore.  Here are some thoughts. Use what you think best.  Bill and I are both involved in activities at Oak Crest, a senior community in Baltimore, and still active in our Church. On Saturdays we work at Victor’s Vittles, our church’s Food Pantry. We are looking forward to the family Beach Week on the Outer Banks in late July. With 22 in one big house there is plenty of activity. Of our 11 grandchildren, four are finished college and part of the working world, four will be returning to college, and Jessie has graduated with honors from high school and is headed to Towson University to play division 1 Woman’s Lacrosse. Tori is an Air Force air traffic controller who begins deployment in July and will unfortunately miss the Beach Week. It was great to be at Hood for our 60th reunion and spend some time with old friends, but missed so many. I guess that comes with our age.

    Sue Bond Almy:  She and Bill will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Bermuda.  They enjoy their seven grandsons (no girls!) and have moved into Ginger Cove Retirement Center in Annapolis.

    Susan Truby:  She is working in Brooklin, ME and getting the house ready for her annual family reunion in August which will house all of both east and west coast families.

    Molly Smith Sperandio:  Little change in my FL activities and still happy I can drive to MD and PA for reunions.  It was fun enjoying the reawakening of past friendships.  Peg, Susan and I had the pleasure of sitting at lunch with Nancy Cohen Locher, our Ass’t Dean of Students, Jean Baker Weikert, ‘54 and Mark, Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger ’56 and Sue Peters Wirths ’56 MA ’79.  Fun to be with friends from years we were at Hood.

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