1. 1954; Fall 2018


    Jean Baker Weikert
    It was refreshingly reminiscent to speak with Dorris Smith Radcliffe. She and her husband Rip are enjoying their home by the James River. Visualizing with her description of nearby eagles nest, blue heron deer, and being able to fish and then eat the days catch sounds amazing. Chesapeake Bay is within sight, in good health, Dorris and Rip are also slowed down. Last year they experienced the loss of a son in law who had multiple myeloma. A granddaughter was married last year and a grandson shall marry next year. She has also kept in touch with Marilyn Randall Stefayne plus the reverend Robert lowry, Lois White Lowry’s husband, who kept us laughing at our 50th reunion. Attempts to reach Liz Frost Wittel, Anne Lyon Canon, Nancy Swearingen Davis by phone were unsuccessful. Betty Remsberg DeColigny and her husband Warren are devoted to, as well as to each other, their granddaughters. News of them is as follows: Cindy Armentrout Ray and Christopher Ray are the proud parents of Caden Michael Ray. Born on May 18, 2017, which coincided with grandmother Betty Remsburg Decoligny’s birthday. Cindy is a busy mother, wedding planner and nanny for a wonderful family. Cindy’s mate Chris is a fireman and loves his work. Erin Lynn Thomas recently graduated from Salisbury University with a master’s degree in social work, May 23, 2018. Warren and Betty have three adult children: Sharon, Charlotte and John. Received a newsletter from Betsy Oehrle, still in Durban, South Africa. One of the villages here at cross keys in New Oxford traveled to South Africa this spring with a group of retired music teachers. I had hoped they could meet with Betsy to share commonalities, but they were unable to do so. Betsy had completed a book, Creative Musicing with African, Indian and Western Music’s. She shall give a workshop at a conference in South Africa using material from her book. She feels news of happenings in USA is very upsetting and shares thoughts and prayers of good leadership. Sub-tropical weather is indicative of approaching winter for our S.A. classmate. Mark and I are thankful for five grown children and seven grandchildren who help inspire and encourage us. Involved in a Greif share program led by two of the chaplains on the brethren campus. We recently attended a workshop on working with difficult people. We still do some ballroom dancing, Sunday school, church plus cultivating two garden plots: perennial and vegetable. There are some plants and flowers around our cottage. Children Kathy Leister Orewiler holding two positions: Truenorth Wellness in Hanover as well as with Visiting Angels. Christine Leister Abrams continues as clinical manager with Truenorth Wellness. Andy Leister still a patient here at Mission Point nursing unit, charming other patients, aides and nurses with his positive attitude despite his right sided paralysis and losing vision. Heidi Leister Haafke remains at Hanover general hospital on the IT department. Youngest son, Dan, involved in recycling in York. Granddaughter Kelsey Miller is teaching in Santa Barbara, CA. Grandson David Abrams recently promoted to captain in camp Gordon, Georgia. Granddaughter Erin Haafke is enthused as a music teacher in South Eastern school district, and performing in Ephrata this simmer in West Side Story. Granddaughter Sierra Miller in housekeeping at spirit trust Lutheran, UTZ Terrace, Hanover. Rachael Adams employed at Walmart. Grandson Nick Haafke studying electricity at York Technical Institute. Grandson Sean Miller is a sophomore at St Johns College, Annapolis. Sean Enjoys Croquet, having played on the winning St Johns team. Wish I could wax poetic, however despite the glorious soon to be summer weather, I feel less inclined to be creative. Just deeply appreciative. I apologize for any discrepancies or omissions. Last December I experienced a day-in-and-out surgery at Penn State Hershey Medical Center for excision of squamous cell cancer detected by biopsy from a dermatologist in camp Hill. The Motts Dermatology Clinic at Hershey was very proficient in the procedure which prayerfully resolved the detected squamous cells. There are over 30 dermatologists there, many of the women. Please keep in touch by writing to me at 13 Fulton Drive New Oxford, PA 17350 or by calling 717-624-3960.

  2. 1953; Fall 2018


    Johanna Chait Essex

    Our reunion group was small, –only 5 of our class was able to make it, but our stories of times gone by were poignant and funny—seated at the table were Pat Lloyd Fordham, Shirley Dana Few, Sally Kuhns Giarratana, Buffie McKim Powell, and me. Everyone looked wonderful. Sally plans to move to Philadelphia as soon as an apt. opens up near her daughter—she plans to donate some of her pottery work to Hood. Her carved figurines are exquisite. Pat’s daughter has moved to Kansas, leaving Pat an empty nester, except for her pets. Shirley came with her granddaughter, as she didn’t want to drive alone—she looks great. Many thanks to the 50th reunion class for taking Buffie under their wings in the dorm they were most helpful and it was truly appreciated–Buffie’s big news was the weddings of her 2 granddaughters–2 weeks apart, and in separate parts of the country—congratulations. Many thanks to Buffie, for all the calls she made—it is truly appreciated. Prior to the luncheon we went to Hodson Auditorium to hear President Chapdelaine give an update on the college and its plans for the future (if you haven’t had a chance to meet her please take the opportunity when she is visiting your area – she is a great addition to the Hood family) including the rededication of the four pillars in front of the Administration building. The luncheon was held in the Volpe Athletic Center—after a toast to those no longer here, and those who could not join us, we all chatted away—and caught up on what we are doing etc., and believe it or not, even discussed our next reunion! Dinner was held in Coblentz—you might recognize the exterior, but the interior has been changed—there is now an elevator on the one side, for those who cannot climb the front steps, and the circular stair case has been enclosed—dinner was a delicious Maryland style buffet, but when asked about tables girls etc. we found it is no longer done—but we did tell Pres. Chapdelaine about the Hood Christmas Dinner of our era, Campus Day and told her that we were an all-freshman dorm—something never done again.
    I received a short note from Margie Brown Barati – her husband has Parkinson’s disease, but is improving now that he has begun PT— they stay busy with the activities at Providence Point.
    Nancy Brown Kohlheyer is back in Brussels, painting again and “healing over my loss to dementia of My beloved Johnny”. Faustena “Penny” Fradd Vahsen now is a great grandmother for the fourth time, has 13 grandchildren, and has sponsored 203 midshipman.
    Jerry Griffith Macomber and her daughter had a delightful cruise on the Columbia River-in June she will fly to California with her other daughters to see her first great grandchild, and July will see cataract surgery—after 20 years of steering operation Christmas Child she retired giving the position to a “younger, more energetic woman”—hard to believe someone is more energetic than you. Short note from Bobbie Morris Harrison—she is fine, and life goes on. Judy Rank Loposer’s family took her on a trip to Maui—she does indeed have a “wonderful family”
    Bev Rosenberg Sager visited with Sheila Seigal Asher in Florida—[they had been roommates at Hood]. She plans to visit her CA children in August, and at the end of August plans to tour Malta with her art instructor.
    Hal and I are fine—along with my two sisters [Muriel Chait Durbin ’55, and Linda Chait Solomon '63, M.A.'84, M.A.'95] we took a Tauck Tour of New Orleans in April—although we had been there previously this trip covered things we hadn’t seen before, plus a great private jazz concert, and of course delicious food. Thanks for your e-mails and notes—they are truly appreciated–Jo

  3. 1952; Fall 2018


    Mary-Louise Springhorn Leidheiser

    Carita Ackerly Warner: “Husband and I are busy with gardening, bridge and book clubs, travels and keeping up with kids and grandkids.” Dorothy “Dixie” Baird Nace has been hobbled by a pinched nerve in her back but is still working with pressed flowers and on many committees. “Can’t sit around like a pansy!” Kay Brown Gauffreau; “I am in assisted living at RiverWoods Retirement Community in Exeter, NH and like this living. No meals to get. I take part in the activities. My son, George, died at the end of November. My daughter, Liz, lives 16 miles from me.” Natalie Colbert Bowers said that Dottye Handley Ewing organized the Hood alums living in their retirement community to attend a Hood lecture. Doris Dreller Sosin: “Sara ElShafie, Jodie Kellogg Weddle’s granddaughter, is visiting me. She is beautiful, articulate and persuasive. Studying for her doctorate in Biology at UC Berkeley, she has worked with film artists to create story training workshops for science communicators.” Von Hepburn Virtue : “Alive and well in Denver. My son lives just ten miles from here. Daughter and grandchildren in CT visit twice a year.”
    Emma Jones Hann and her daughter will travel to Eastern Europe on a Danube River cruise.
    Joan Kniffin Orozco: “Am fine and enjoying my three bisnietos. Getting into winter here in Uruguay.” Peg Lewis Christensen: “My building at Moorings Park in Naples was evacuated May 1st for major repairs after Hurricane Irma, expected to take eight months. I’m staying temporarily in the Assisted Living building on campus. It’s been a nightmare.
    I did talk with Jackie Wakeling, who has moved to an assisted living community in Woodbridge, Virginia.” Phyl Loudermill Armstrong: “March was highlighted by a visit from my 16 year old Denver granddaughter, Vivian. We enjoyed 4 days here in Oklahoma City then flew back to Denver where I stayed a week visiting with my 12 year old granddaughter, Naomi.”
    Mary Murrie Hardy: “I’m getting my garden ready for a garden show in June, and then I’ll go my Lake Keowee condo. So proud of my grandson who just enlisted in the Air Force. Planning a river cruise with my 7 children and spouses to Alaska in July of 2019. Have to book early.”
    Betsy Newcomer Payette: “I volunteer as a Friendly Visitor for home-bound church members and have enjoyed day bus trips to the Amish area of PA for musical theater, etc. Enjoy Mah Jongg games and am looking forward to annual trip to Grand Cayman with family.”
    Ann Nygren Greenberg says she’s “older and greyer and still planting tomato plants in her garden.” Franne Pickle Wetmore will travel with a niece to Paris and then take a Rhone river cruise. Elizabeth “Bee Jay” Quillen Brustad is “hobbling along, happy to have family nearby.”
    Cynthia Reinsmith Olson: “I am headed to Colorado for a granddaughter’s wedding. Two other married granddaughters live, one in California and one in England. The latter with her English husband take care of the Queen’s horses. We have a picture of him riding along side of the Queen’s carriage. Lee and I don’t travel much anymore; he uses a walker and forgets a bit.” Phyllis Salvati Kantra: “My husband Bob died in February, two days after having reached 90. Fortunately I have one daughter in the area, and live in a terrific CCRC. Many thanks, Mary-Lou for doing all that you have done, and still do.” Joan Scott Hellmuth will again this summer rent a house on Cape Cod that can accommodate her family. She enjoyed a trip to Charleston, SC with a friend. Kay Spear Feldman: “I am well and busy. Looking forward to the July birth of a great granddaughter.” Jane Taggart Whittaker mailed a happy, hello note with fun photos from an Easter gathering with family. June Zwigard Pfeifer has two girls and two grands nearby. Hiking for her and husband Walter is now somewhat limited. June has a detached retina in one eye and knee issues but an upbeat attitude. She reminded me that several Hoodlums came from her Columbia High School: Doris “Dee” Dreller Sosin, Ginny Green McDermott, Connie Woodall Fisher. Sadly, we’ve lost Betsy Cannen Martin, Lois Eldridge Funsch, Marion McDonnell Ball, and Barbara McLean Higgins.

  4. 1951; Fall 2018


    Eleanore Jackson Knott

    From the “frigid north” {Edmonton, Canada}Vivian Steven Varvis reported that they had finally gotten over the winter snows and now struggle at golf to make the pars. She also commented that “we now meet friends more frequently at funerals and ‘celebrations of life’ which we all probably find true. She now has one grandchild. She sends best wishes to our classmates. Cathy Strachan Upp has moved to a Life Care Facility in Tucson and enjoys all the exercise classes and activities. She is having fun with three great-grand daughters. She has talked with Marilyn “Tink” Smith Garrity and Barbara Allen Prall. Mary Louise Hoffman Huff is surely in better shape than most of us as she bench-pressed 115 pounds last week–which was her record also. Still she “continues with meetings, lunches, non-profit galas, etc.” and is now starting the process of cleaning out many years of accumulations. Donna Fogle Fisher is doing more reading than walking because of an arthritic knee. There’s always the unhappy news, this time from Mary Lou Henry Deisroth who reported on the passing of her husband Tony and Herman, husband of Peggy Friedkin Schriefer. Our sympathy to both of them. I’m afraid that we are all a little less active than we have been in the past but we still look forward to hearing from more of you. Walt and I have not been able to make definite plans for the summer yet or as I tell him “take each day as it comes” but we do hope to be able to fly to New England at some time. -Eleanore Jackson Knott

  5. 1944; Fall 2018


    Jean Wheatley Hilchuk


    I was unable to reach the following people Gladys Reinert Aungst, Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl, Nancy Ogden Carson, Gertrude Flagg Dalzell, Ann Wikel Hausman, Barbara Gill Jesser, Annabelle Sunderland Kepler, Betty Jane Foehl Tomaselli, and Peg Traver Emery. I was able or each a few of our classmates. But I guess since we are all over the age of 95, we may not be on earth anymore. Milly Geiple Hufnagel still lives in her own home. But she does have the company of her son living with her. Marilyn Barnett lives by herself. She reports she doesn’t have much to report. Janet Coblentz Cover lives in a retirement center. She likes living there. I talked with the daughter of Edna Iason Louis. She did not have too much to report either. Phyllis Fine Soza told me her husband passed away last December. I, Jean Wheatley Hilchuk, live in a retirement center. I have been here for 12 years. I enjoy living here. It is similar to living in a dorm, we all have our own apartments. There are many interesting programs provided for us. I play bridge six times a week. We have water gym class twice a week. Helen Stottler Leaver was not on my list but she lives in her own home. She is busy doing things to help other people.

  6. Class of 2012


    Here’s a look at the class of 2012! Drew Althouse is finishing up first full year at Madonna University working as an athletic trainer in the NAIA.  He is getting married on July 6th, 2018 to his fiancé Kristen Baker! Briana Becker works as an LCSW in a collaborative health setting, providing mental health services to underserved populations. Jes Garshell was married to Ryan Van Newkirk and started a new job at the Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Specialty Hospital. Adrienne Gladden started a new position at Laureate Education Inc. as a Student Support Coordinator for Walden University students, and started her own business called “Crowned By A.Reneé” specializing in wig making and other hair services. Lauren Hagan started a new job as a digital marketing strategist at Immersion Active in Frederick, MD. James Hammond attended the University of Baltimore School of Law after graduation and is working as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Baltimore City. Jess Henry graduated with her PhD in Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire and lives in Boston, MA. She works for PPD doing analytical development at a pharmaceutical company. Jillian Jones works as a Secondary Education English Peace Corps Volunteer in north-west Sierra Leone, West Africa. She lives and works in a tiny village of less than 500, with no running water or electricity. Michelle Kuehl and her fiancé, Dane Randolph were recently engaged. They are planning their move from Georgia to Maryland with their two cats and Italian mastiff.  Bern Lee accepted a pre-doctoral internship position at Henry Ford Heath Services Center in Detroit and published a first-authored peer-reviewed paper on PET imaging in professional athletes at risk for CTE. He gave his first formal research talk at the American Academy of Neurology Conference in L.A. Eric Leviton has been serving in the US Air Force and lives in North Dakota. He is scheduled to serve overseas in Europe for the next 4 years. Nathalie Lewis graduated with an MBA in Accounting from Hood College and enjoyed seeing some fellow 2012 alumni at the 5-year reunion! She currently works for Nymeo Frederick Credit Union in Frederick, MD. Lauren McGrane and her husband welcomed their son, Victor, into the world! Marisa Mitchell-Flack will attend the PhD in Immunology program at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine this fall. Kelli Nord recently graduated (May 2018) with her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with a concentration in designing digital literacy from George Mason University. Cori O’Donnell is a mom to a beautiful boy and is active in the fight against the opiate epidemic, helping to organize awareness events in the Carroll County, MD area.  Molly Poling graduated with a Masters in Heath Science with a concentration in Gerontological Studies from Boise State University. She has been working in Boise as a recreation assistant at an assisted living facility. Zach Roberson moved to the greater Boston area and started a new job at Walnut Hill School for the Arts as the Director of Community Programs. Drew Roderuck is a herpetologist for the National Aquarium in Baltimore. He works in the Australian Department with reptiles. Kenneth Rupert recently published three books; Simple Wealth Building Strategies, The Plan, and God-I Was Wondering. He also attained the rank of Senior Brown Belt in Hap Ki Do from the Global Martial Arts in Hampstead, MD. Kasey Smith is teaching in Frederick County at Woodsboro/New Midway Elementary as a Special Education Teacher, has bought a house, and is working on her Masters of Educational Leadership at Hood College. Maria Smith recently completed her MA in Intercultural Communication with a concentration in French Language and Francophone Studies from UMBC. She also moved into a new role as the lead dormitory parent for her building at the boarding school where she teaches middle and upper school French. Kristina Southwell is an attorney living in Tacoma, Washington and has fully embraced the Pacific Northwest lifestyle by hiking regularly and drinking lots of coffee. Last year she started a new job as a civil litigation associate with Gordon Thomas Honeywell. Stephanie Toone was married to her now husband, Lucca Santineli. Laura Voelker and her husband, Bruce, are moving to the D.C. area this summer. Katelyn Vu graduated summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2015, and was sworn into the Maryland Bar. She is now a litigation attorney working for Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP, in Baltimore, Maryland.Taurean Washington earned a solo exhibition at the art gallery of Frederick Community College on June 8th 2019. Also he now works for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was just promoted to a Project Specialist within a year of being employed. Haley Webb celebrated the marriage of her college roommate, Megan Coulbourne on May 19th.

  7. 2001: Spring 2018


    Hello, hello! Thank you to those who heeded my last-minute shout-out to share their news this round. I’m in personal awe of two of our classmates with FULL houses: both Robin Deniker Morgenstern and husband Chad who welcomed baby girl #4 into their lives February 11, 2017; and Amy Markowski Best and husband Tim who, after three years as their foster parents, finalized the adoption of Micah Daniel Gioni (age 4) and Bridget Lynn Wynter (age 3) on April 16, 2018. They join siblings Mason (12), Levi (10), and Ava (7). A special congratulations also goes out to Christine Acquarulo Wheeler who married Tre’Veon Wheeler April 14, 2018; she is now officially Christine Wheeler! Lastly, a very belated but BIG thank you to Jen Stange Knieriem for keeping our class connected via Facebook; she was kind enough to post on all-call last fall en route to her honeymoon! Keep your great news coming via email, Facebook, or otherwise. Holly and I enjoy hearing from you even if just to say hi.

  8. 1986: Summer 2018


    Margaret Bushwaller Powers just completed her Digital Marketing certificate at Assumption College in Worcester, MA.  She’s looking forward to putting her schooling into practice at work soon. A get together with Eleanor Chisholm Landauer, Ann Barry Mitchell, and Jacquie Hollands Ignacio is in the works for later this summer.

    Chrysti Hogan and her wife, Jeanne, took a 5-day tour of New England in June and enjoyed seeing Boston, Cape Cod, Newport RI, and Bar Harbor Maine. They also spent time with Chrysti’s mom Edee Howard Hogan (Hood ‘59) at her beach house in Delaware.

    Becky May and Kim Sparling Clausen ‘87 are traveling to South Africa in July with their NH singing group.

    Christie Nicodemus Bailey shared that her middle daughter Samantha just graduated from Hood!  Samantha’s major is Integrated Marketing and Communications with a minor in French. This spring she also set and then reset her record twice in the Hammer Throw for the women’s track and field team. It was a great final semester for her!

    Mari Padilla Spina wrote that her daughter, Alexa, is home from her semester abroad and is adapting back to life in America. Hard to believe she will be a senior at Providence College this year. Mari’s time lately is spent visiting colleges for rising senior, Nicholas.  Mari is very sad to report that a very dear friend of her HoodLum group, Dana Collins, passed away unexpectedly. They met Dana and remained friends even after we all left Hood.

    Gemmi Teleki-Revay is still living in Vienna Austria with her son, Árpád, who will not only be turning 13 this summer but also is on the Austrian Jr Champion baseball team! Anyone coming over should reach out because she’d love to see everyone and is more than happy to offer sightseeing advice.

    I am excited to announce the wedding of my son, Drew Althouse ’12 to Kristen Baker on July 6, 2018.  His brother, Evan, was his Best Man, his Hood classmates, Mike Lancaster ’12 and Jared Webb ’13, were groomsmen and my husband, Michael (USNA86) was the officiant.  Michael is now working with Barclays (BarclayCard Compliance Advisory Director) and we live in Avondale, PA.  Let me know if you’re traveling near Wilmington, DE or Philadelphia, PA… my cell phone and email haven’t changed in years!


  9. Class of 1975 Summer 2018 News


    Arlene Russo Bujese is again chairing the annual East End Hospice Boxart Benefit, their 18th year.  In addition, she is curating the art for the Project Most benefit to be held this coming June. This is a wonderful after school program for children whose parents work later that the time school lets out. They learn many things: art, growing food and cooking for families, etc. Arlene received the award for Best Work on Paper at the annual Guild Hall Museum members’ exhibition.

    Ann Ely is retiring at the end of June. For the past 17 years she has been an administrative assistant at Rock Point School, a small, private high school in Burlington, VT. It’s been a good run but she’s ready to have other adventures. Her husband Tom will be retiring next year, probably in the fall. They are both looking forward to spending more time with their daughters and their families (3 grandchildren between them:  14, 11, and 18 months), and traveling.

    Peg Hosky continues to thrive as co-founder and owner of a media firm, FedInsider, with 80,000 subscribers. Please take time to check out their website www.fedinsider.com. All six of her brothers and sisters have retired, but she enjoys working with government and industry technology leadership engagements too much to throw in the towel

    Susan Jeanne Mertz invites us to look at her Facebook page. She has been busy visiting over 40 countries and the rest of the US, since retiring six years ago from a successful business. Susan also became a grandmother. Her life is excellent!

    Dory Barrows Smith is enjoying her 2nd year of retirement and life keeps her busy! Her Dad at 93 is still independent at his retirement community but the visits have increased. Her granddaughter Aidyn just turned 12 and is a delightful young lady. Dory still hopes Aidyn has some teenage drama in store for her daughter as Moms love paybacks! Her husband Steve recently had his first grandchild, Everette, and they visit when they can but Los Angeles is far away from Laurel MD. Face time is a godsend for family that doesn’t live near them. One of the things she wanted to do when she retired was travel – and they have! Some has been accompanying Steve on his business trips and they tour old houses and check out breweries where ever they go. This spring they went for 2 weeks to Santiago and Easter Island in Chile and visited with friends near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Dory has been fascinated with Easter Island since she first heard of it while at Hood. It was awesome to see it all in person. In the last few years she have seen some Alums – Trish Emery Call ’74 in Tucson AZ and Beth Kline ’75 on Cape Cod.  They had great visits and she only wishes they could do it more often.

    Life is good for Carol Fleck Whetzel. Dennis (aka Mike) continues to work from home and loves it. Carol makes frequent trips to MA to visit with her 95 year old mother. Her visits with the grandsons in PA and NC brings out the kid in them! She tried out the trampoline recently which was a little scary at first but not bad. No broken bones. Riding adult Big Wheels is an absolute blast that Carol cannot get enough of. She wonders at what age she’s supposed to grow up. Don’t we all!

    Thank you to everyone who shared their news. I continue to work designing the retirement plans for small businesses, and because the economy has improved, I am extremely busy. My son Matt got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Samantha and we are planning a wedding for early next year. Wish I had more time to write, but unfortunate I’m running up against the filing deadline for this article. Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2018. Wishing you, your families and friends the best! Debbie Page Rath

  10. 1957; Fall 2018


    MOLLY SMITH SPERANDIO: I didn’t get a column written for the previous Hood Magazine, so this column will have info from some of you from 2017 – you can tell by the reference to H. Irma.  My drive to PA to reunite with my four older sisters after tax season is always a blessing that we can all still do this – even though three sisters no longer drive themselves and one of those sisters is in dementia and another sister is recuperating from breast cancer surgery and all that went with it.  Aged from 82 to 92 always means health is the major issue, but love conquers all that!  I enjoyed a trip to CA for my granddaughter’s graduation from San Diego State University and spending time with my eldest son in Buena Park and my youngest son’s family in Davis and San Diego.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since I lost this son and 30 years since my husband died.  Life goes on if you embrace it!

    ALICE RIDDLE METRY: We just got to FL for 4 months.  Hah! We thought we were going to find heat.  Soon I guess.  Eyesight is not good, nor is my balance.  Hope all are surviving the cold.  I have talked with Stevie recently, and I hope she writes you about her recent move. Fred and I recently had lunch with Nancy and Roger Brown.  Just before Irma hit here, they were evacuated from Naples to Orlando.   From there they moved to Pittsburgh and are settled in near family.  They flew here to stay with a brother of Roger’s for 5 or 6 days.  I do have an address for them.  Call me if you are interested.  239-992-3760.  It took me a half an hour to type this so I am better on the phone. Nancy  and Roger Brown are now living back in Pittsburgh, and Fred and I hope to visit them for a couple of days this summer.  We are just recovering from a week’s cruise, 4 extra days, and a granddaughter’s graduation in Hartford, CT.

    BARBARA THOMAS YINGER:  We spent 3 weeks in Nov. traveling around South America on a cruise ship and had a wonderful time viewing our southern neighbors, visiting quaint villages, seeing penguins and a wonderful assortment of wildlife, especially on Ballestra, Peru islands.  We’re in the midst of fixing up our home to possibly make it attractive to someone looking for a place on the water to catch fish and crabs.  We are looking at moving to a retirement continuing care community.  After taking care of 3 elderly family members I realize the importance of making our own plans rather than leaving everything for the children to do.  We’ve been looking for several years, have money in 2, and just had to make a decision at what we think is the “right” time.  Such difficult decisions coming for us.  To complicate that process I’ve been diagnosed with colon Cancer and will be having surgery in a couple weeks.  Same surgery Bob had a year ago!!!  In spite of reasonably good health we never know what “bumps in the road” there’ll be.  Please note change in email address to: bbyinger@gmail.com   Also mailing address as of April 18th to: 6803 Shenandoah Ct., Adamstown, Md. 21710.  Yes, it’s for the REAL retirement although their schedule tells me otherwise.  Phone there will be 301-644-1463 until we get smart enough to get smart phones.  The facility is called Buckingham’s Choice and is just a few miles south of Frederick.  Martha Church lived here for awhile before her move to Florida.

    Surgery went fine.  It was by robot and I really had no pain following, all tumor was successfully removed, Stage I, so I had no follow up chemo or radiation.  After a month of no lifting or house work I felt great.  Daughter was here a week which was a big help.  I do have to have 3 mo. blood tests checking the “markers”, and that happens to be this week.  Movers come Monday the 16th, we make sure house is cleaned on the 17th and then move into the “cottage” the 18th.  The biggest problem is making decisions on what to keep, what to move with.  Right now I’m in the mood to throw away!!!!!!!  Yesterday, I took family photos out of frames.  They’ll need to go into an album (sometime).  Every year we get a new photo of grandkids and a new frame, so I’m returning all but one  frame and requesting the same size picture each year so all I have to do is change the photo in the same frame.  Hope granddaughter in-law agrees.

    We moved on April 18th, 2018 to 6803 Shenandoah Court, Adamstown, Md., 21710.  We live in Buckingham’s Choice, a CCC (continuing care community) which is a little south of Frederick, Md.  We live in a 2 BR cottage of 1150 sq.’ plus a garage with stacked boxes.  Just couldn’t discard all those yearbooks and other memories. The 2nd BR houses a closet full of fabric, my sewing machine, the computer and a sofa bed.  Bob misses the fishing and crabbing that was at our “finger tips” having lived in the Northern Neck of VA for 24 yrs.  I retired from garden club work and became an Emeritus flower show judge, meaning I no longer am permitted to judge.  It’s kind of an honor designation since one has to be an Accredited Master Judge in good standing to be so “promoted”.  I am close to Hood College, in fact am going to the alumnae luncheon this coming Sat., and looking forward to attending more happenings at Hood.  Another advantage being close to Frederick is not having to travel 4 hours for an annual lunch with 6 other HS friends, including Hood classmates Barbara Kaufman Harrison and Norie Heston Shipley.

    CAROLYN STEVENS AMSTUTZ:  Unless I do this right away, I’ll never get it written.    I’ve had a busy year.  About a year ago I decided it was time to sell my house and move, which I have done.  I’m now very happily living at Edgewood Retirement Community, a CCRC, in North Andover – about a mile from my old house.   I spent my summer last year getting rid of what one accumulates over the years.  Fortunately the house sale was easy, and I moved the end of October.  The best thing I’ve ever done.  I love my apartment, and have made new friends, met interesting people, enjoying new activities, etc.  And I still have my “old life”, so bridge and church activities continue.  My family is well – one daughter, her husband and my two grandsons in Albany NY, and the other daughter, husband and two granddaughters still live just outside of London.   I’m planning a trip there in July.

    EUGENIA (GENIE) SMITH DURLAND:  We moved from Colorado Springs to Littleton, Colo. about a year and a half ago. Our son, Christian and family live in Denver and our daughter Julia and family in Boulder. They have been nagging us for year to move closer to them so this moved accomplished that. We are very busy still (Bill is 87 and I’m 83 like most of you) with the Sanctuary Coalition of Denver and our Quaker Meeting’s sanctuary work as well as local Democratic politics hoping to help get the vote out in June and November. Our kids and grandkids are all doing well. But there are too many of them to start in on their news so this will have to do.

    LOUISE REED:   I had a stroke in November and am still recuperating.  I have help with basics three days a week and can stay in my home. The whole family got together for Christmas at Scott’s home.  Marshall and his family moved to Maryland, but managed to come up for the holiday.


    MARGARET REEVES LEOPOLD: From Peg’s Christmas letter and note, she seems to be a whirling dervish with her family activities, visitations and and keeping up with the grandkids’ trips.  Travels included a mission trip to Oman, vacation in Costa Rico, Virgin Islands and swimming with Beluga whales at Sea World in CA – grandkids, not Peg.  She enjoys living vicariously through the grands, but enjoyed our 60th Hood reunion and meeting twice a year with the nursing staff from the years she was in dialysis.   Her grand, Morgan, graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is planning her wedding.  Peg has also put pen to paper with this poem she wrote:

    My breasts hang low like hanging chad, Disguising the shape that I once had;

    My waist is hidden beneath skin That comes from somewhere near my chin;

    The weight of pancaked flattened flab Bends back posture into bad;

    Head comes up, shoulders go back When boobs get the lift that they now lack.

    Despite the changes to my frame, The closing thoughts remain the same –

    Be grateful for life, love, and what the body does, Even when the NOW differs from what was!

    MARY JANE HARKNESS NACE: I had a knee replacement in January ‘17.  Have done very well with recovery and recuperation. At this age it’s often patch, patch, patch!  Dick and I celebrated our 60th anniversary with a cruise to Alaska  with our two daughters and sons-in-law last summer.  It was a fabulous trip and what happy memories we have of that special occasion. We celebrated an early Christmas at our daughter, Cathy (’80) and son-in-law David’s home in Silver Spring, MD.  Our daughter, Beth and her husband, John, drove us up from our home in Hendersonville, NC.  The six of us had a wonderful early holiday despite some snowy weather.  The highlight was an Andrea Bocelli concert in D.C. What a voice and performance.  An evening to remember!

    NANCY TRESSEL BROWN:  We are in Pittsburgh, Pa. as a result of 3 hurricanes hitting FL last fall and my getting sick as a product of being evacuated to Orlando. Now, better, as a result of getting correct diagnosis here and taking dialysis treatments for several months (renal failure in “The Burgh”). Went from the hospital to Friendship Village (another old folks home). So, we’re here (with cat) and snoring away.

    SUSAN WINTER SMITH: This past year was not my best at all. On October 10 I woke up with a pain and within an hour we had called 911 and I was on my way to the hospital. The next day I had emergency surgery for ischemic bowel which means part of my small intestine had died and needed to be removed which they did. I spent 2 weeks in ICU, was intubated two times and spent another week in a regular part of the hospital. After I was discharged I spent 4 weeks in a skilled nursing facility. I have been home since the day after Thanksgiving. I am still weak and have very little energy. I am working hard with a physical therapist and getting better but at glacial pace. Aside from all this, the year was fine until October. We spent time with our grandchildren, our oldest granddaughter graduated from Western WA University and is now teaching first grade in Eastern WA. Granddaughter #3 graduated from HS and is working while she figures out what she wants to do with herself.

    SYLVIA FELCYN:  Hi there!  Keith and I have moved to a retirement residence in Roswell, Georgia as of three days ago to be near our daughter Lindsay and family.  Our new address is:  11350 Woodstock Road, Roswell, GA 30075, Apt. 1332.




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