1. 1978; Winter 2019


    Kathryn Brown Sandifer

    Hello, Class!

    Tonya Thomas Finton writes After 35 years in the Washington DC area, Tim and I are moving to Richmond VA where our oldest son lives.  My husband Tim retired this year so the time is right.  We already have lots of friends there and are excited about this new chapter.  I know there are some Hood alums in the Richmond area and I look forward to finding them.  We are just off 95, anybody passing thru Richmond is welcome to stop by!

    I am now in my second year on Hood’s Board of Trustees.  I love being on the campus and meeting current students.  Tim and I attended our 40th reunion at Hood in June, it was wonderful seeing so many classmates.  Particularly special was spending the day with Brenda Hughart Payseure ‘79 and Jorja Notargiacomo Stark ‘78.

    I hope everyone who came, and those unable to make this one, will plan to come to our 50th in 9 years!

    Renee Kramer wanted all to know;   I was probably the oldest member of our graduating class, and all I have to report is that I am happy to say that I am still here!

    Good luck in your quest for more information from our classmates.  I will look forward to reading the result of your efforts!

    Janice Imhoff Hirneisen shared that she retired from teaching and but still substitutes a few days a week. Love
    quilting, basket making and attending grandkids sporting and school

    Diane Zortman Duelfer  tells us;  she retired in September 2017 and married Jim Tice. They moved to Loveland, Colorado this past April and are loving biking, hiking and swimming.

    It is absolutely beautiful. We are adapting to climbing various mountains which are steady inclines. The winds can be fierce and serve to build character! Every day is a new adventure.

    Our grandchildren are in California. My daughter, Laura with husband Aquee and grandson Adeo (4) live in Redwood City.

    Jim’s son Chris with wife Candace and granddaughter Eva (1) live in San Francisco. My younger daughter, Lisa, with husband Scott live in Folsom, PA.

    Hello to everyone and Happy New Year!

    Happy to hear from Lee Cameron Fenn!  She writes: Where to begin?  Starting my 4th year of retirement and not missing the workplace at all.  This past year Dan and I spent 77 days away from home living out of our camper with our 4 legged “kids”, Faith and lil Bear.  A lot of the trip was spent in Colorado while Dan hiked sections of the Colorado Trail.  I provided support dropping off and picking up from trailheads.  Onto some national parks, Black Canyon of the Gunnisons, Kings Canyon and Sequoia.  San Diego to check in with the in-laws.  Yosemite NP where fires were still smoldering.  Don’t know where 2019 will find our travels taking us.  Most likely out west again.

    Daughter Kassie is married and residing in Windsor, PA.  She is working for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

    Would love to see you.

    Herb and I are hoping to at least partially retire in the next year!  We hope to sail alittle more, visit family and friends and “catch up” on lots of the items on the “honey do” list!! We had a wonderful Christmas with all the kids and grandkids under one roof!  Please try to send me updated email addresses so we can stay in touch!!  Kathie “Brownie” Sandifer

  2. 1978; Summer 2017


    Kathie Brown Sandifer

    Anne Reed in Cincinnati, Ohio: She is the new Director of Engagement for the Transfiguration Spirituality Center learning to become a trained spiritual leader. Giff, her husband, and Anne’s son Reed is in his final year of PhD program in Southern Ca. Anne finds time for a pleasurable Hobby-Singing in a Barbershop Quartet, “Keeps a smile on my face”! Anne saw Martha VandenBosche Goodlett in October and says “she looks the same and makes a mean apple pie”! Martha VandenBosche Goodlett wrote, that she will marry Steve Root on August 5, in S.C. Kelly Walfred Miller wrote that she and husband, Ed, continue in their law and mediation practice. She is also working part time as a MD Court Navigator. Their son Christian has completed 15 years of teaching math and coaching basketball. Son, Luke works full time, goes to college part-time and plays guitar. Their daughter, Kaelly capped off an academic career with straight A’s graduating Summa Cum Laude. She also competed in the MD 2016 Miss Carroll County, is an EMT and CPR instructor and is studying to be a Physician Assistant. Kelly looks forward to being able to spend more time with her 2 grandchildren! Tanya Hall Fuhrmeister is looking forward to being able to join her husband, Roy, in retirement in a few years. He is enjoying canoeing and kayaking on the rivers close to their home. Tanya is still working as an environmental consultant. She has 6 grandchildren to spoil, and they don’t live too far away, she’s so lucky. She still enjoys singing in her church and is in a local community chorale. Sally Lynn Whisner Hoague M.A.’82 writes that after 38 years of teaching at Walkersville High she retired last spring. “I had a wonderful career teaching students with special needs transition to adult”. As a part time family consultant for Connect and Learn she is able to go into homes to help parents of Autistic or developmentally disabled children. She and Samantha celebrated 25 years of marriage. Their daughter attends University of MD and majors in Special Education. Barbara Hughes Maistros wrote a very nice letter that unfortunately I had to edit. She, husband of 39 years, Bob, and 2 of her 6 children live in Lake Worth, FL and would love Hood visitors 4545 Luxemburg Court. Their eldest daughter Tina lives in Seattle with one child and one on the way. Her husband works for a biotech firm but also helps with a family vineyard in VA. Second child John Matt, and wife Angeli have a daughter, Penny, diagnosed with portal vein thrombosis, had a vein transplant in Chicago but is a lively beautiful 3 ½ year old now. Third child, Mia and her husband, John, just had their first baby in April. Daughter (#4) Tonia lives in Florida condo with Barbara, works as clinician/site manager specializing in reading and comprehension techniques for children with challenges. Son TJ (#5) lives in Brooklyn and pursues a master’s in Percussion at NYU. Daughter Traci (#6) just graduated from Liberty University and is back home in Fla.  Barbara looks forward to spending time with grandchildren, finishing sewing projects and helping Bob with his business, hoping to retire by 70. Kathy Reichbach wrote that she lives in St. Louis Mo. and would love any visitors coming through for work or fun. She loves her job as staff attorney for the standing Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee; spending days reviewing debtors’ cases, holding hearings and attending dockets in federal court. She was able to go to Philadelphia for a 4 day conference last summer. She also went on a big trip August and September to Japan where she stayed with her niece, a civilian mechanical engineer assigned to the Navy base. She writes “I had a fabulous time and loved experiencing the very different culture.” She looks forward to more traveling this year or next…”I can’t believe we’re all in our 60’s and it’s truly been 39 years since we packed up and left Hood.” I, Kathie Sandifer, have been so blessed with another grandson to son Matt and Kate, little Max was born end of April and we’ve just returned from a trip to CA to visit. Breaks my heart not to have my grandsons closer, but yay for Facetime! Granddaughter, Gemma, to Brian and Jen is 2 years old now and talking. Daughter Katie just got engaged, yay! And will be graduating in August with her Nurse Practioner degree.

  3. 1978: Summer 2016



    Kathryn Brown Sandifer

    Hello Classmates, and as one of you pointed out this is the BIG 6-0 year and who can believe that??! Thank you to all who responded to my email request for INFO/Updates. Sandra Perry Polett wrote to let us know she is living in Tustin, CA (Orange County) where she has had her own Professional Organizing business for 10+ years.  She and her husband (Doug) of 31 years have a daughter, Gabrielle (Abby) a senior music major at Westmont College in Montecito, CA. I enjoy volunteering, occasionally paddle boarding, binge watching “Orange is the New Black” and traveling.  She is able to visit with roommate Cindy Saunders Dunard ’80 every summer when she and her family rent a vacation home in Corona del Mar, CA. Most important of all, my family and I are all blessed with good health although the years are taking a toll on my energy levels! Susan Dornbusch Sohn wrote that she keeps in touch with Lynette Cuthbertson Smith, Linda O’Connell Fansler, Darcy Becker Lynch. She bought an old beach house on the Potomac River (St. Mary’s Co). While packing & purging she reminisced with all her old HOOD stuff! Such great memories of College days!!!  Daughter Betsy will be getting married June 2017.  Son Andrew has two children, Grace 4 &Luke 2. Change is very difficult but this will begin my new chapter in life as I turn 60! My address will be 18151 River Road, Tall Timbers, MD 20690. Sue Stilwell Tyng and husband Rick just had their third grandchild. His name is Finn. Rick is coaching high school tennis and is the tennis pro at Prospect Bay country club. Sue is having an awesome time being a grandma playing on the golf team and working part-time as a designer. Hugs. Suzanne Bohn Richardson Sadly informs us of her father- Edward H Bohn Jr’s death in November 2015.  (My mother Catherine H Bohn passed away 8 months earlier.   On a happier note, she and husband Jim will celebrate 15th wedding anniversary this September. Tonya Thomas Finton expresses-Life is good! She’s volunteering at a local thrift and as a member of the Hood Board of Associates. I’m having a blast reconnecting with Hood. She and Tim hosted a reception for newly accepted students -great to meet the next generation of Hood students.  Her youngest son is back from a year in Italy, it’s wonderful to have him on this side of the Pond again. I stay in touch with a lot of my Coblentz buddies, even former President Martha Church, via Facebook, and Tim and I are attending the wedding of my roommate Brenda Hughart Payseure’s ’82 daughter this July in Pittsburgh.  Nancy Newman Thevenet has had a tough year.  Rick, her husband of 30 years, passed away in November after a courageous battle with Cancer.  Faith, family and friends sustained her.  She and Margaret Harrison Wade went on a trip last month to Israel and the Holy Land sites.  They had an amazing time!  She will see Priscilla Graham, Sally Howard Cooper, Claudia Henry Barkmeier, Liz Metz Coulter ’77 and Lisa Muran this summer. Martina Crum-Martin questions – Can you believe this is the BIG 6-0 YEAR for the Hood Class of 1978??!! We celebrated the occasion by visiting Yosemite National Park for its 100th anniversary of the National Park System. Since finishing her associate’s degree in May in Early Childhood Education, she is filing paperwork for Teacher Credentials from the state of CA and is now anxiously awaiting the results. She hopes to be assigned to a T-Kindergarten classroom in the fall. Husband Hal entered into his 5th year as VP of Supply Chain/Manufacturing for Aerojet/Rocketdyne in Sacramento, CA. Theresa, 31, an attorney, moved to St. Paul, MN in October to accept a legal position in the compliance department of Wells Fargo. Eric, 29, moved to Vancouver, WA for a 6-month wind turbine training program in sustainability. He recently completed his education and is busy interviewing for jobs in the industry. He loves the outdoors and hopes to travel overseas before settling on the west coast. Claire, 25, will move to New York City where he was accepted into a 2-year MFA graduate program at New York University. She writes poetry and hopes to be famous one day. Claire is excited to begin her new adventure! Bryan, 21, is returning to Scottsdale Community College after working for over a year in a supply chain company much like Amazon.com. He plans to study business with an emphasis in finance.  Then he plans to transfer to Arizona State University for his degree. As you know many of us from the Class of 1978 are turning the Big 6-0 this year. How exciting!! Hal & I will spend a week in Hawaii in July. Not only for vacation ~ but more importantly ~ celebrating the fact that ALL our children have moved out! Hip! Hip! Horray! Our hearts go out to many of our Classmates who have had illnesses or lost loved ones! As another issue goes to press I wish you all health and happiness as we face the Future; please send me your updates all year long. Blessings, Kathryn (Kathie) Brown Sandifer.

  4. 1978 Class News- Fall 2015


    Kathryn Brown Sandifer

    Hello 1978 Classmates! I am afraid old or incorrect emails must be the reason that I didn’t hear from more of you…We have News from Martina Crum Martin: She is living in Northern California and has returned to school and writes, “Quite an experience returning to school in your 50′s. I am loving every minute of it though! My student teaching preschool assignment this semester is at a brand new elementary school in El Dorado Hills, CA.” “Since I already have a B.A. in Journalism/French, I only had to take the education classes for my associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I will be qualified not only as a Teacher, but also as a Site Supervisor when completed.” Martina has had the opportunity to travel to many nice locations. She hopes to meet up with some “Hoodies”- Sarah Meyer Daniels and Tracey Attlee Smith – with their husbands during the weekend of November 6th while we are in town for Hal’s 40th high school reunion from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. She had hoped to see Ginny Slocum but her plans to visit the United States were postponed until the Fall. An update on her family: Our children’s updates: Theresa, 30, recently relocated to St. Paul, Minneapolis for a legal position in the compliance department of Wells Fargo; Eric, 28, entered a Wind Turbine training program for sustainability in Vancouver, Washington; Claire, 24, a manager at ZARA’s in Scottsdale, is auditing a graduate class at Arizona State University while applying for a Masters of Fine Arts program nationwide; and Bryan, 20, works an entry-level supply chain position at amazon.com in Scottsdale. Her husband, Hal is entering into his fifth year as Vice President of Supply Chain for Aerojet/Rocketdyne in Sacramento. The company has undergone many executive changes this year, which is keeping everyone on their toes! We have traveled to Baltimore, San Francisco and Phoenix to catch the Ravens games. Several familiar Maryland faces have been spotted at these events. Go Ravens! Classmate Margaret Harrison writes to let us know that she is living in Hagerstown, Maryland (just down the road from me). She is able to be semi- retired from my family dental practice. She is “getting involved with mission trips. I went to Cambodia with International Medical Relief in September. We went by boat to isolated villages offering medical and dental care. The village people had no electricity or fresh water. The Cambodian people are happy, content people and were very appreciative of our help.” “I loved this experience and met amazing, giving people.” Thank goodness for people like Margaret. She also gives of her time to a local Homeless Shelter. An update on her family: “My daughter, Hillary, blessed me with a grandson, who is now two years old. I adore being- Nana. My son, Hunter, lives in California. I visit him often each year. He is a hard apple cider maker and Golden State Cider is thriving. My partner of nine years, John, lives in Williamsburg, Virginia. He is a professor at William and Mary and I travel to the burg weekly. So, life is full and so wonderful. I thank God for my many blessings.” I, Kathie Brown Sandifer am still working but thinking weekly about Semi-Retirement, ha- Herb is a few years older and so we are “Planning”. My children and grandchildren are well as are my siblings and Parents. Blessings to you all! Klsandman2002@yahoo.com Please update your email address with Hood or myself.

  5. 1978: Summer 2015


    Hood College Class of 1978 Grreat in ’78!

    Hi all, I have taken on the role of class reporter, you can reach me anytime at klsandman2002@yahoo.com. You can also “check-in” on fellow classmates on our Facebook page or our Hood College site page.

    I have been as you all- amazed at how time “Flies” weren’t we all just standing and throwing up mortarboards yesterday?!? I am back in hometown- Waynesboro, PA. After a career as MSW-family therapist I have traded in one desk for another at the Construction office beside hubby Herb. Son, Brian (Virginia Tech) is married with one darling baby girl, self employed, in Indiana. Son Matt (Academy of Art) is married with adorable 2 y.o. son and self employed in San Fran area. Daughter Katie (JMU) is a nurse in Roanoke; very happy and beautiful! Although some may call Herb and me “empty nesters” we have 2 horses, 3 labs, and 2 cats that disagree.

    I have heard from a few of you and hope to hear from more by Winter Issue.

    Jo-Ann Bourguignon shared some sad news- I just learned that my Hood roommate, Eileen Rafferty Lebherz, passed away on May 6, 2015, from breast cancer.

    Please keep her family, husband Joe, and Luke, Emma and Jane in your prayers.

    Suzanne Bohn Richardson sadly reported that her mother, Catherine Bohn died March 12, 2015; our sympathies are with the family.

    Martina (Crum) Martin identifies that “I am back in college J As an official empty-nester I decided to get my ECE Teacher Certification in California. I am enrolled at Folsam Lake College her in northern California and will have completed my first semester on May 19th. I am enjoying all my classes; but had forgotten how much work is involved!” Martina writes that she’ll receive her certification in thin December2015

    “Hal and I are adjusting to life sans enfants!” She had a visit to Sausalito to celebrate birthdays and met up with friends for high school to hike the Muir Woods and “general tomfoolery” including a visit to Chateau Montelena (made famous in the movie “BottleShock”).

    A foodie group from Sacramento ‘Farm to Fork’ movement is following the careers of the Voltaggio brothers (Michael here in CA and Bryan in Frederick) “we have bragging rights with them because of Hood College in Frederick near Bryan’s restaurant ‘VOLT’.”

    She sends greetings to all and an invite to stop by if visiting West Coast.

    Lynette (Cuthbertson) Smith informs us: Last June I retired from public education after a  36 year career as an educator.  During that time I taught first grade, third grade, and was a reading specialist for a K-6 elementary building in the Parkland School District in the suburbs of Allentown.   Next I worked as an Elementary Curriculum Coordinator and Language Arts Coordinator for grades K-12 in the East Penn School District.  I ended my career as an elementary principal in both the East Penn and Parkland School Districts.  I was so blessed to have such a rewarding career!  In the fall, I began to volunteer in the Allentown School District two days a week providing intervention instruction for 4 groups of primary students.  I also began a second career as an instructor in the Education Department for Penn State Lehigh Valley, teaching Language and Literacy courses.  I will continue my work at Penn State Lehigh Valley full time next year as an instructor for freshman composition and rhetoric courses.

    My husband Mark and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in September.  Lauren (Wagner University), our oldest, has recently started a social media marketing business in Allentown, PA called Eleven Eleven Social and our son Alexander, who recently graduated from George Washington University is working in commercial real estate in Manhattan. Mark continues his work in real estate development in the Allentown area as well as in Manhattan. He is currently on the Board of Directors for MANAR, the Manhattan Board of Realtors, Mark and I are fortunate to have time to travel , and also spend time in Manhattan and Seabrook Island, South Carolina.

    I see my Hood roommate, Susan Dornbusch Sohn, a few times a year.  Susan is also retired from a career in education and travels extensively.  For the past few years she has traveled to Nicaragua with her church to teach Bible School to young children and in May of this year, she is traveling to China to teach English to college students.  Susan’s daughter Betsy, teaches third grade in  Baltimore County and her son Andrew  graduated from St. Mary’s College and lives and works in St. Mary’s City, Md.  with his wife, Jessica and their two beautiful young children, Grace and Luke.  Susan substitutes regularly for the Baltimore County School District and spends a lot of time at her home in Ocean City, Maryland.  Susan and I have met up with another Hood graduate, Linda O’Connell Fansler, in Ocean City and in Frederick on a few occasions.  Linda, her husband Rod, and her daughter Grace live in Columbia, Maryland.

    Tonya Finton shares: I retired from the Federal Government last April and am loving my new life!  Keeping busy with volunteer work, house projects and travel.  We spent Christmas in Florence Italy with our youngest son who is doing his Junior Year Abroad there, had a fabulous time.  I will get to see him again in London in April for his spring break.  Enjoyed a wonderful trip this past year to Palm Beach, Florida and San Francisco with husband.  I’ve been up to Hood recently and enjoyed seeing Nancy Gillece ’81, and have seen Linda Crites and Carol Lipson Fivozinsky for dinner with our husbands.  Life is good.

    Earl ‘Frank’ Miller communicates from Florida:  My major was economics with a lot of “electives” in many other areas, from several law courses to one in home econ. I wanted to get a very wide variety of exposure. My major and position when I retired don’t quite mesh.  After almost 31 years with “the company”[IBM] my position was Advisory Engineer/Scientist and my job was (ready for this title?)  Personal Systems Entry Systems Division Engineering Change Manager. Too long to put on a business card, so I dropped the title, besides, I couldn’t bank or eat the title. Having started a family rather late, my third grandchild presented himself last December, bringing the total to two grandsons and one granddaughter.  I try my best to spoil, and be involved with them.

    Nancy (Newman) Thevenet sends greetings and lets us know: Rick and I lived in Rye, N.Y. and Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. before moving up to Lenox, Mass. last July.  Being ”Empty Nesters”, we decided it was a great time for a move.  Rick has a wonderful new job with Berkshire Bank and we love this area of the country.  I am still in touch frequently with Lisa Muran, Margaret Harrison and Priscilla Graham.  I share news at Christmas with Maggie Lindsay and Bev Greenwood and am on Facebook with a few ”Hoodies”.  Our three children are doing well – no marriages yet.  Sadly, my father passed away in 2009 and my mother passed in 2012.  I miss them dearly.  Love to all!!

    Kathy Reichbach shares: We had a great 35th reunion in 2013, and missed those classmates who were unable to attend.  It was so much fun to catch up on each other’s lives and talk about how our perceptions of others at the time we were at Hood were not necessarily true.

    I finally realized my dream of attending law school, graduating from Washington University in St. Louis in 2004.  I stayed in St. Louis after graduation.  I’m licensed in Missouri and Illinois, and have had a variety of legal experience ranging from clerking in federal court to private practice.  Currently, I’m working for a small firm doing insurance defense work, which is way more interesting than it sounds.

    Susan (Dornbusch) Sohn was in St. Louis for a conference in July 2013 and we were able to arrange to meet for dinner one evening.  I would love to see anyone else if you find yourself here for any reason in the future.

    Social media has made it so much easier to stay in touch with far flung friends.  I look forward to the next reunion and finding out where we will all be in 2018.  I truly treasure the memories of my Hood years and am grateful beyond words for the education and friendship that began in Frederick.

    Lori Rehrer Garonski informed me that we do have a Hood College Class of 1978 Facebook page so let’s “keep in touch” there too, post those pics!!

    Susan (Smith) Smith shares: ‘My husband Darby and I  love living in Hagerstown, MD after a recent move. It is close to Frederick, but without the taxes. There is a lot to do here and we have been to several performances at the MD Theatre. Our son Darby and his wife Dawn are living in San Antonio, TX and love it. Our daughter Catherine is a NICU nurse at Bethesda Naval hospital, she amazes me everyday. Our niece Anna has been accepted to Hood, has visited the campus and is hopefully making her decision soon.’ It would be great to have her go to Hood, although they don’t consider it a ‘legacy’ unless it is a daughter or grand daughter (at least not in terms of tuition help).

    Sue (Stillwell) Tyng updates that she and husband Rick have moved to Kent Island, Md., to boat and golf. She is working part time with a Builder in their area as a Selections designer. Their daughters are married and Sue has 2 grandchildren.

    Patricia Zigler-Wachter sends: Here’s my latest news:

    My son, Thomas, has a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree from UMD, College Park.  He is a specialist in the US Army.  He is stationed out of Ft. Gordon, GA and is currently deployed to Kuwait.  I’m hoping he’ll be able to make it home to visit sometime in the fall.

    My daughter, Kirsten, has a Business degree from UNC, Wilmington.  Her husband, Sgt. Randall Teal, recently returned from Iraq, his fourth deployment.  She is an assistant manager for Reed’s Jewelers in Wilmington, NC.

    Since the passing of my husband in 2013, I continue to live in our house in Frederick, with my two dogs, Kota and Kam, a lab/cur mix and a plott hound, great companions.

    Friends and I get together for dinner occasionally, including Lois Roney, ’76, our big sister class, who lived in the same dorm, Shriner.  For the classmates who don’t live or visit Frederick, the campus of HOOD has changed tremendously.  They should take a look.

    Thank you all for sharing.

    Kathie (Brownie) Sandifer





  6. 1978: Winter 2014


    Hood College

    Class of 1978

    News – November 2013

    Tanya Hall Fuhrmeister

    The only new thing going on for me right now is I have a new granddaughter born the beginning of October after four grandsons, and another granddaughter due in mid-February.  Getting ready for the holidays and looking for baby gifts for little girls, as well as the big brothers.  I also helped to coordinate my company’s move to a newer (and smaller) location in September, and we are just finishing up the post-move issues with furniture and HVAC.  I am really looking forward to going back to something resembling normal!  On a personal front, my husband Roy and I will be celebrating our 36th anniversary in December, and starting to make retirement plans.  Hope all is going well with everyone else!

    Gwen D. Cargill

    Had a great time attending our 35th reunion with my Hood roomie, Linda Kirkpatrick Meaghan ’78. Hope to see more Shriner classmates at the 40th! Also attended the Hood get together at Longwood Gardens in PA this fall. It was beautiful and brought back wonderful family memories of visits there with my parents.  When I am not busy teaching for Baltimore County, I enjoy building scale miniatures. Recently I displayed some of my work at the Historical Society of Baltimore County for an event held by area miniature clubs and the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.

    Jo-Ann Bourguignon

    I had the chance to volunteer in October as a Delegate of Hood at the Inauguration Procession for the new Smith College President, Kathy McCartney.  It was a great celebration of area ‘sisterhood’ – the platform party dignitaries included past 3 Presidents of Smith, the President of Mt. Holyoke, and the President of Harvard – all women; and coincidentally each was the first girl in their family to attend college.

    Martina Crum Martin

    Greetings from Northern California! I joined my husband, Hal, here on a permanent basis this June. I stayed behind in Scottsdale, AZ until our youngest, Bryan, graduated from high school.

    2013 has been a whirlwind year for us. To celebrate (3) graduations in May: law school, college and high school and a 30th wedding anniversary, the six of us spent two weeks touring Ireland in August.

    Ireland is a beautiful country! We were fortunate to have sunny days with little rain during our stay. We visited the cities of Dublin, Waterford, Killarney and Upper Newcastle along the shores of the Ring of Kerry, the south coast of Cobh to view the final boarding of the Titanic. Then we ferried across the River Shannon along the Clare Coast to the Cliffs of Moher. Had lots of fun watching a border collie round up the sheep during a tour of the Irish countryside which included stops at Connemara, Cong – where John Wayne starred in the film “The Quiet Man,” Clonbur, & Galway to name a few. Our 18-year-old loved stops at the Guinness Brewery & Kilbeggan Distillery. Throw in a crazy bank holiday parade, summer festivals, a polo match and rugby game, along with an “official” Irish coffee made by the 2013 title holder (A woman I’ll have you know!) and we had the makings of a memorable family trip.

    Tracey Attlee

    She is busy with her wedding photography business both in VA and NJ. Her husband, Todd Smith, is also busy photographing numerous architectural assignments of redeveloped buildings in DC and VA. Tracey is becoming quite the rose gardener. I think she said she now has 25 rose bushes in her garden. I am taking her tips on how to cultivate the ones I inherited here.

    Ginny Slocum

    Ginny is also doing well. Her youngest sister recently sold her home here in Northern CA. Don’t know if I will be able to meet with Ginny over the holidays or not. She remains active with her translating business and Toast Masters International. She lives in Paris, France.

    Settling into life here. We can see downtown Sacramento from our home in El Dorado Hills. Kept our Scottsdale, AZ home for retirement.

    Recently agreed to Chair our 40th High School Reunion Committee in Cumberland, MD next year. All you Graduates of 1974 – can you believe 40 years ago we were just 18 and starting our college adventure at Hood College? Time flies…

    Sally Hoague

    I am currently in my 36 year of teaching special education at Walkersville High School.  I have taught at the same school since fall of 1978.   My spouse/other half is a Tec Ed teacher at Monocacy Middle School. Our daughter Abby graduated from WHS last spring and is attending Frederick Community College full time and volunteers at Monocacy Middle in the music dept.

    Patricia Zigler-Wachter

    My son, Thomas Allen, is a graduate of the University of MD, College Park, and is now a Specialist in the US Army (EOD’s).  He is currently stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

    My daughter, Kirsten Lea, a graduate of UNC Wilmington, came home this summer to have her wedding in downtown Frederick.  She married Cpl Randy Teal, US Marine.  They live in Wilmington, NC where he is stationed at Camp Lejeune and she is employed by Reed Jewelers. My husband, Allen, passed away in February from pancreatic cancer, one year after his diagnosis.  Fortunately, Thomas was able to get leave to come home for the wedding and walk his sister down the aisle. It was a beautiful moment. I continue to teach secondary Special Education in Frederick County Public Schools.  My dog, Kota, is my constant companion when I’m not working!

    Lori Rehrer Himes-Garonski

    I was so glad to attend our class Reunion in June. I ordered a replacement class ring and I love wearing it again.  I had a great time catching up with everyone. It was refreshing to see everyone who came and reading about others who could not attend.  The Frederick area is so beautiful and has grown so much since 1978.  I remarried in 2009, and I now reside in the Philadelphia suburbs. My husband Matt came with 2 beautiful step daughters, Jacqueline and her daughter Yonna, (13) and Lisa and her husband Joshua and our 18 month old grandson, Roman.  My daughter Hannah is also married and my son Jeremiah is in a serious relationship. I am very fortunate that none of them live more than 30 minutes from our home.

    I have had several careers since I graduated and have gone back to school for several more designations. I was a Home Ec teacher, I was a Realtor and worked for my father’s Coldwell Banker franchise until he retired and moved to Florida in the late 1990′s.  Seventeen years ago, I started a temp job as a data entry clerk at Vanguard.  Soon after, I was hired and I will be working there until I retire. It’s the type of company where you feel like family.  I am now a Software tester and I love it. It’s a challenge every day. What a change from Home Ec to IT.  Yes, I still love to sew and finally have a bedroom I can call my sewing room.  My husband Matt works at Colonial School District by day and works on cars evenings and Saturdays. We recently purchased one house and are still downsizing our ‘stuff’. We met at a Singles dance and try to go out dancing every weekend. We also love to cruise and always find wonderful places to visit. My parents are retired and live in Florida. We travel to see them every Christmas. My best friend of 31 years lives in Alabama and we often travel to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Who would have ever thought when we graduated we could email, text or chat on Facebook.

    Anne Reed

    Sorry I missed the reunion. Work with the Diocese of Southern Ohio (Episcopal) is keeping me busy here in Cincinnati! I do get to travel a good bit over most of the southern part of Ohio, and would welcome the chance to have coffee/tea or lunch with former classmates. This summer our family crossed a few things off of our ‘bucket list’ by travelling through South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona on our way to LA to deposit our son at graduate school (USC).  I’ve been keeping in touch with Janell Stockdale Pentz, Marcy Mayer Miller, Martha VandenBosche Goodlett, and Michele Payer Wood.

    Chris Condeelis

    Chris lives in Alexandria, VA, with husband Peter Turner and Rottweiler’s Dexter and Romi.  Over the last 17 years she has led the quality improvement programs for the American Health Care Association which represents nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Chris also works as a volunteer for Ten Thousand Villages and other nonprofit groups.

    Betsy (Cochrane) Mayo

    Betsy is a married, working mother. She enjoys being a partner in a communications company. Outside of work, Betsy gives back through philanthropic, work focusing on women’s education as past state president of PEO, NYS Chapter, Board member of Seatuck Environmental  Association, Conservation committee co-chair of South Side Garden Club/GCA; Presides over St Peter’s Church Altar Guild.

    Susan Schantz Paddock

    Susan has been married for 35 years, 2 children. Through the 80’s we lived in San Diego, Germany and Fort Worth. Twenty years ago we moved to Virginia Beach and I started working in the public library system, obtaining Master’s in Library and Information Science, and am the manager of a busy public library that is a sub-regional library for the blind and physically disabled.

    Ryan Dorsey Revel

    Teaching high school science, living near Bethany Beach, loving life as a grandmother, wishing I could spend more time with Hood friends, youngest daughter just started college at UD, look me up if you are in southern DE!

    Kelly Walfred Miller

    Spent a warm September day with Ann Kowitski Barber ’77 at the National Harbor, Washington, D.C.  Ann was in town visiting her daughter, Elizabeth, who is finishing her doctorate in P.T.   Ann is busy with her law practice and has boundless energy, including planning a trip to Africa!

    Ed and I are official empty-nesters.  Christian just started his 12th year of teaching in Baltimore County; Luke started his sophomore year at Stevenson University majoring in Education/Pre-Law; and Kaelly attends school in Massachusetts and is studying to be a Physician Assistant.

    Sorry I missed Reunion.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the pics everyone posted on Facebook!

    Beverly Andresen

    Bev is teaching second grade this year and is very busy a lot of new requirements for reports and testing with the new teacher evaluation system added to the day to day job requirements.

    Husband Bob is working in Eldorado, Arkansas and comes home once a month.

    Matthew, their son, is working as a financial analyst for UPS in Mahwah, NJ. Daughter Elizabeth is a

    senior at Gettysburg College. Last semester she studied in Copenhagen. She also had an awesome internship at St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ, this past summer where she did autism research and worked with autistic preschoolers. The research project is to determine if autism can be diagnosed before birth with the hope for a cure or earlier intervention. She absolutely loved the internship and she is thinking about graduate school in developmental psychology. Her majors are psychology and music.

  7. 1978: Winter 2013


    Jo-Ann Bourguignon said, “Like many of my classmates, when I begin to think of composing a note, I become overwhelmed by, “Where do I begin, it has been so long.” Well, first, I will have to say that I have been sweet-talked into co-chairing the class of ’78’s 35th reunion in June with Julie Orvis. Classmate Julie (Massachusetts neighbor) convinced me that by combining our event planning acumen, we could possibly manage this event from afar (Massachusetts!), with our combined contacts and friends for advice and support. Julie is all about technology, so she is enthusiastically also organizing a tangential reunion of our dorm, “IDC … The Barn.” Last month, I learned that another Hood contact and former work connection in D.C., Tonya Thomas Finton, stepped up to manage our reunion donations! This is great news for our class. I have not been to the campus since 1999, and I am very excited to get together with my friends, and meet new ones. Speaking of reconnecting, imagine my surprise when I ran into Linda Pearce Prestley in November. I met up with a U.S. Air cronie/Conn., friend to attend a community production of My Fair Lady in West Hartford, Conn., before Thanksgiving. After the show, we were in the lobby connecting our thoughts, and I ran into “Judge” Linda! Linda was a cast member of the production’s London Ensemble. I had not had time to read the program before the curtain went up, so I had no idea she was in the production. This past spring I saw my good friend Georgiana Van Syckle ’77, who flew in from Columbus to visit after Easter for a quick visit. I also heard from Joanne Frazier ’81, who has left the West Coast and moved inland to Arizona to be closer to family. Otherwise, I would have to say that life has turned into a routine phase for me at the moment. It has been more than 12 years since I moved back to Massachusetts. I have been working at Univ. of Mass. Amherst for 11 years, starting my current position in the Polymer Research Center/Nanotechnology group back in October 2010. It is a huge leap for a political science major (who knew that by changing a single letter I would be settling into learning about the world of poly science and hierarchical manufacturing). I have always thrived on stress, and love finding jobs doing things I have never done before, so this was a perfect fit. I was thrilled to get to learn something new and out of my comfort zone (I always try to play tennis with someone better than me); I did not think that after I hit 50 years old, it would be possible to find someone to extend another challenge.”

    Susan Smith reported, “My husband Darby retired last December 31, 2011. We have really been enjoying his retirement. We have done a little bit of travel, but the best trip is yet to come. We plan to sail on March 2, 2013, on the Disney Fantasy for a seven-day tour of the Western Caribbean. Our daughter Catherine is going on four years as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse at Bethesda Naval, now Walter Reed National Medical Center. She loves the job and is very good at it. Our son Darby Brady and his wife Dawn just moved into a cute little house near us. Darby B. is now a manager with Lowe’s in Gaithersburg, Md., and he loves the job. Janice Rodnick Ambrose graduated from Antioch School of Law in 1981. She is an associate judge of the District Court of Maryland for Frederick County (since January 2000). She is married to Tim Ambrose and has three children and three grandchildren; life is good.

    Julie Orvis is working with Jo-Ann Bourguignon as the class reunion chair for 2013, as well as planning a side reunion with many friends from the Class of ’76 to ’82 that were part of the Intentional Democratic Community (IDC) the “Barn” folks. “We are organizing a reunion of the “coffeehouse” with the musicians we will all remember (many of them are still in and around Frederick and still performing!) on the night of our class dinner––both will be at Brewer’s Alley, which will be converted to the coffeehouse at the end of our dinner. All classes during that era and at reunion that weekend will be invited. More about that in communications to come! I am currently the event planner for Historic Deerfield, a wonderful museum of Colonial New England Life in Massachusetts. I was privileged to get an apartment in the village this year after my divorce and now live where I work,” said Julie.

    Kelly Walfred Miller and her husband Ed are still busy with their law practice. Kelly wrote, “We are super proud of our daughter Kelly Ann who is the 2013 Distinguished Young Woman of Greater Westminster, Md. (formerly known as junior Miss America pageant). She will be off to college next fall pursuing an accelerated bachelor of science and master of science in the physician assistant program with a specialized minor in Spanish for health care providers. I am looking forward to our class reunion!” Deb Bohn Brown was wondering who will be at reunion? She reported, “I am still in Little Compton, R.I. My kids are almost flown––Whew! Nathaniel, my youngest, is a senior in high school and applying to college. My oldest, Patrick, is in his third year at the Univ. of Rhode Island.

    Gail MacDougal Friedenfeld wrote, “I have two beautiful children, Hannah and Jordan, and two wonderful stepsons, Brenden and Matt. I am now remarried to Mark Friedenfeld. My career as a teacher started when we graduated from Hood in 1978 and continues today. I taught nursery school for a while, and then took a second grade teaching position in West York Area School district (York, Pa.) 21 years ago and I am still working in that school district. I kept the second grade teaching position for nine years, then received my reading specialist certificate and took a reading specialist position for the next nine years. I am now a literacy coach for grades 3-5 in the two elementary school buildings within the district. This is my fourth year in that position and I love it!

    Class Reporter:

    Suzanne Bohn Richardson
    (703) 298-7066

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