1. 1975: Winter 2014


    Hello all! After 22 years as a fundraising professional, Fran Vaughan left her last post (vice president for advancement at Hilbert College) to start her own business. She is now president of FMV Tax Professionals doing taxes for individuals, small business and nonprofits. She lives in Holland, N.Y., outside of Buffalo. So if you are in her neighborhood, please let her know. Her two daughters are in their 30’s, one living in Hawaii taking care of her parents, the other is close by and married with one child, her grandson, age 13. Debbie Deasy lost her dad Bob Deasy, a World War II aviator and former communications manager for Westinghouse in February 2013 at age 89. Thanks to her Dad, her family was transferred to Washington, D.C. during the 1960s where she saw a lot of history and fell in love with Maryland, which ultimately led her to Hood. She is preparing to buy her first house, her late parents’ townhouse, where she already lives. Ellen Bosek McMahon and other ’75 classmates that lived on 4th floor Memorial enjoyed a special and bittersweet weekend in June in Harpers Ferry. Marcia Ritter Dioron coordinated a tribute to Cindy Robel June ’75 and BJ Schuler ’73, both passed from ovarian cancer, with a tree and plaque in front of the Chapel. In attendance were Ellen, Marcia, Fran Vogler Groves, Lynda Strasser Brooks, Lisa Oller Kennedy, Priscilla Munkenbeck Cherrin and Laura Lee Hickman. Ann Shackelford Silva was missed in absentia back in Maine but remembered all weekend. Susan Mumma McKendree has been living near Asheville, N.C., for the past 24 years. In January 2012, after seven years in community service, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her work as a collage artist, building shrines and traveling altars dedicated to her spiritual master, Meher Baba. She is also writing a book about a phase of Meher Baba’s work in India called the Blue Bus Tours, which took place in the late 30s and early 40s. Her biggest challenge is keeping her kitties from lying on her open books and parading back and forth in front of the computer screen–a small price to pay for the pleasure of being a writer. She also traveled to India twice since 2004 and has published two chapbooks of her poetry in the past seven years. Diana Beck Walters lost the love of her life Lee Walters on January 5. Peggy Hosky is living in the Washington, D.C. area with sequestration, government shutdowns and the political atmosphere has many for a tense year. Their oldest daughter Monica has moved to Charleston, S.C., with friends and their middle kid Claudia finished her master of business administration degree at Marymount Univ. John the youngest is still in college. Their company and work continue to give them great pleasure, especially the collaborative efforts with colleagues at George Washington Univ. center for excellence in public leadership. Tom and Peggy celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in August. Ann Ely is still living in and loving Vermont! Kids and grandkids are doing well. Carol Fleck Whetzel and Mike just celebrated their 37th anniversary. Life is good. Mike is still working as a systems analyst. She enjoys being home working on crafts, sewing and needlework. She also plays Mah Jongg with the neighborhood ladies. Mike and Carol both totally enjoy being grandparents with their little guys ages 3, 6, and 7. Anna Kluth VonLindenberg’s husband Von has retired and they have recently moved to Delaware beach. They have a beautiful wetlands vista, great for kayaking. They are moving their boat to Cambridge on the Eastern shore and look forward to bike riding around the sleepy surrounding towns. They also visit with their son and his family weekly and are entertained by their three fun-loving grandchildren. Life is good! In the last year, Cherilyn Widell was honored to consult on some very fun and interesting projects. She researched the national significance of the 1100 acre Woodlawn Property in the Brandywine Valley of Delaware which became Delaware’s first national park, First State National Monument, when it was declared a national monument by President Obama last March. She just completed a project for the U.S. Department of Defense which owns over 100,000 buildings 50-years-old or older. The study compared reuse of pre-World War II masonry building with new green construction. Now she is working on preserving Alexander Graham Bell’s House in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. She is still living in Chestertown, so please stop by sometime. I wish everyone the best and please keep in touch.

  2. 1975: Winter 2013


    Hello all! I am excited to make my first report for the class of 1975. It was great to make contact with a few of you and I look forward to hearing from many more. As for me, Debbie Page Rath, I am living in California about an hour north of Sacramento. I am married and have a son age 24. Since graduation, I have been working in the retirement plan industry on 401(k) and pension plans. Life has been great except for one hurdle. Eight years ago I fell, which left me paralyzed from my hips down. It took some adjusting to be wheelchair bound, but I returned to work and my normal activities within a year. We all deal with what life throws us and I believe I have become a better person because of it.

    Debbie Wagner Shawen is an educational consultant and works with families whose son or daughter is struggling with a mental health issue, addiction or a learning disability. She helps them find the appropriate therapeutic program or treatment center. She helps young adults as well, and enjoys traveling around the country visiting all of the programs she recommends. In her spare time, she enjoys Rehoboth Beach, Del., sailing, tai chi and keeping up with her husband Michael and their three grown daughters. Peg Yanarella Hosky and her husband, a veritable bevy of cats, three 20-something children and all their associated friends lead a somewhat riotous life in Washington, D.C. They own a small business and enjoy the freedom to struggle through economic ups and downs with a sense of being the masters of their own fate. She is still a techno-geek with active twitter followers @peghosky and @fedInsider as well as a management blog with 30,000 subscribers.

    Aldan T. Weinberg is still a professor of journalism and director of the communications program at Hood. He teaches in the fall and administers the program year-around. His news is mainly about his kids. Both are lawyers practicing in the metro Washington, D.C., both married their college sweethearts, and his son made him “Pop-Pop” when first grandchild Claire was born in January 2011. He and his fiancé Connie Schlee spend January and part of February in Sarasota, Fla., and would be delighted to visit with any Hood alums down there. Their “baby” is a 9-year-old Shih-poo named Punky who loves to travel to Bethany Beach, Del., in the summer. Anna Kluth VonLindenberg is retired and enjoys all of the freedom that gives her. Von and Anna have one son and daughter-in-law, and three young grandchildren who light up their world! They all share a mutual love of the water, and spend a lot of family time boating up and down the East Coast. Anna and her husband are actively planning their retirement years. They have purchased a home on the Delmarva Peninsula and will be transitioning there over the next three-years. Her younger sister Kas Kluth Rohm ’77 and her husband are transitioning there as well.

    Susan McKendree (Sue Ellen Mumma) has been living in and around Asheville, N.C., for the past 23 years. About 10 years ago she began a search for spiritual connections that led her twice to India and to a spiritual master Meher Baba. In 2005, she discovered a new passion. She is now a writer and collage artist, making shrines, traveling altars, altered books, cards and other 3-D paper creations. Her poetry has been published in a regional magazine as well as five regional anthologies. She lives on her own (with three companionable cats) in a lovely sanctuary of a home outside of Weaverville, Calif. When not in her studio, she is reading, hiking or walking, tending a year-round organic garden, and volunteering with her spiritual community. Deborah Deasy is still working in journalism covering municipal news in north suburban Pittsburgh for the weekly Pine Creek Journal and The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She said, “That helps pay the boarding bill for my new horse, a 24-year-old Arabian mare that I shipped last winter from Green Bay, Wis., to Western Pennsylvania.” She has never married or had kids, but has a longtime beau Andy who used to collect her tolls when she commuted to work on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

    Val Kremer Reeve is still married to Foster Reeve, and they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary soon and share two lovely daughters, ages 18 and 14. She enjoys their local small-town life, is active in the Presbyterian Church, and continues to be a painter and writer of short stories. She has been doing well, except she learned she had breast cancer about six months ago. “It was and continues to be pretty serious, but I feel hopeful and glad for everything nonetheless. I have strong faith and I am truly blessed with a wonderful, loving family and friends,” said Val. When you have time, send me an email with your current contact information and let me know what you think about a Class of 1975 Facebook page. I would love to hear from more of you.

    Class Reporter:

    Deborah Page Rath

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