1. 1962: Winter 2014


    Jane Hoskins Bollman and Roger enjoyed a fall cruise down the Rhine that included Heidelberg, “a delightful town––so many quaint, clean and tidy towns.” Candee Mack Westdorp and Wolfgang visited his sisters and aunt in Germany. Rusty Papst Hougland reported, “Bill and I have now enjoyed 18 fun filled months as residents of a 55-plus active adult community. We are still close enough to our offspring to enjoy seeing them frequently. This summer we had a wonderful visit at the home of Ann Holmes Flatt and her husband JP.”  JP Flatt celebrated his 80th birthday with 60 relatives and friends partying in the village of St. Luc in Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland.  At home, Ann and JP care for son Greg’s 3-year-old twins twice a week; they visited daughter Carine and family at the start of a trip west in their RV.  Regina Schlank Pyle spent six weeks at her home in France. She is a Trustee for her Boston condo association and on the leadership board of MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research. Regina, Jody Merritt Watson and Ethel Kintigh Spence had a mini-reunion in Boston. Regina keeps in touch with Liz Decker Rogers, half-sister of Liz Kovacs Washburn, and little sister Sandy Borrelli. Penny Misirian Mardoian had a wonderful trip to Russia, “Moscow was a complete surprise. It has become a modern city and very capitalistic. The citizens seem quite happy. Art spent 11 days in our local Maine hospital with walking pneumonia. At 86, it will take him a long time to recover,” said Penny. Phoebe Adams Marshall and Al celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Hendersonville, N.C., along with a surprise visit (arranged by Al) from their son and his two boys. Phoebe keeps busy playing tennis and Al still officiates tennis. Bobbi Arthur Pretzsch’s husband Bob worked in Kentucky this summer and Bobbi helped daughter Lyn with the grandchildren in Mississippi. Everyone visited son Rob and family in Kentucky; Bobbi later drove to Indianapolis for her annual crochet conference, attended a niece’s Florida wedding and visited an Army buddy who was “in our wedding party in 1964.” Arden Moore Reynolds and Gerry spent the Fourth of July weekend visiting family in Maryland and visited the Hood campus, which Arden had not seen in 50 years. They were amazed by the changes and the many new buildings, but glad to see that the pergola with its beautiful wisteria vines had not changed.  Pam Roberts Welham found new relationships and pleasures reconnecting with classmates. She and Walt met Janet MacDougall and Betsy George Ohnegian in New York City for drinks and dinner and the four went to a Tiffany glass exhibit and lunch. Janet and Betsy visited the Welhams in Virginia in October and went to the Smithsonian museums.  When the government shut down, they visited the Newseum. A JFK exhibit reminded them of his visit to Hood.  Susan Rugemer Kurtz loves being grandmother to daughter Betsy’s 10-year-old Kayla and 4-year-old Nicholas. She moved from her home of 46-years into a Baltimore retirement community where she has been visited by Jane Hoskins Bollman and Susan Shinnick HossfeldJudi Simonsen Ziobro reported a mini-reunion with Betty Wright, Judy Bailey Allison, Judy Jensen Burgess and their “other-halves” in June.  Judi’s “notable” activity this summer is on YouTube. She and 541 of “my closest bell ringing friends” played the National Anthem at the Nationals ball game on August 28. See it at http://youtu.be/JSIOHVIGkto.  Teal West Hugo and Mike sang two concerts with a chorus comprised of clients, caregivers and volunteers at the memory loss respite center. Fun to sing together again! Teal said if musicians are looking for a volunteer opportunity, please consider contacting a retirement home or a memory loss program. Pem Merrill tripped in September and broke her left hip. Surgery put the hip and femur back together with a pin. Two weeks in a hospital and physical therapy at home have her trying to be able to walk.  Pem, we wish you a full recovery. Debbie Patterson Clark’s   daughter Amy was named head coach for Aquatics for the U.S. National Special Olympic Team representing North Carolina. Amy will work with four swimmers, coaches, families and local coordinators to prepare them to GO for GOLD in June. Our 50th reunion scholarship funds provided a Class of 1962 Endowed Scholarship to a Class of 2017 (wow) student. My heartfelt thanks to Joy Demas Engle for again editing the class news while I was traveling overseas and to Sally Zimmerman, newly retired, for agreeing to apply her writing skills to becoming the class news reporter for the next issue.

  2. 1962: Summer 2013

    The following is a compilation of almost everything you sent to me:
    Beth Davis Pauley: Follow-up on the sink hole. Tedd came from Arnold, MD to fill the hole with rocks and to redirect the water run-off from the house.  There must be something about the water run-off from the house because another hole is developing between the rocks and the house.  Tedd is supposed to come back and check it out.  One month later he has not yet returned.  I’m hopeful. I just returned from a week in Paducah, KY where I attended the AQS Quilt Show. Doris Dalziel Kimball:
    I don’t have much news except to say that George and I also celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year by taking our little family of 10 to Puerto Rico for sun, rainforest and a wee bit of culture.  Over the Christmas holidays we discovered a condo for sale on one of our lovely lakes and decided it was time for another move.  This time we mean to stay!  I do not have another move in me.  It is all on one level, has lake views from every window and an outdoor pool.  We can walk the 2 mile trail around the lake and also walk to downtown restaurants, band shell, library and galleries.  As always, the welcome mat is out for any classmates visiting our beautiful state of Wisconsin. Marjorie Simmons Carlson: Bill and I just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary at a luncheon with over 100 guests.  On a scale of 1-10 it was an “11”!  Will send you a copy of our program this weekend. (regrets-none of my Hood friends were able to attend). Lillian Detrick Blood: It hardly seems like a year has passed since our 50th reunion and yet I just celebrated my 50th reunion from Cornell School of Nursing.  An exciting gathering in NYC with nearly half the class attending the celebration.  At the end of May Dave & I will celebrate our 50 anniversary. My those years pass quickly. The children are planning a party to mark the occasion. We continue to enjoy good health. Dave and I are still working, although not as many hours as before. Our children & grandchildren continue to give us much pleasure as they mature and grow. Please note new email address lil@lillianblood.com. Phoebe Adams Marshall: I guess the biggest news is that Al and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary on July 13th.  I keep busy playing tennis as much as possible and singing in a Master Works Chorale (just had our spring concert yesterday afternoon).  I’m also on the vestry at church, sing in the choir there, and am VP of the Anglican Church Women. Joy and Bill Demas and their cat Charlie stopped by here for a brief visit on their way to Florida in February.  We had a great time catching up. Joy Engle Demas: Visited with Phobe Adams Marshall and Al in early March on way to our house in Tarpon Springs, FL. Wonderful hosts who welcomed Charlie the Cat as well. He showed his appreciation of their hospitality by refusing to come out from under the guest room bed when it was time to leave. After a visit to their son Scott and wife at PAX base in Southern Maryland, Caroline Fischer Giles and Brian arrived at our Rockville home in May on Greek Easter – in time to eat dessert! Two day visit was too short. I am loving being retired, but need to face getting rid of so many things languishing in the basement, garage and attic. (I’ll keep Bill.) We are taking a trip to Quebec with friends in September and a riverboat cruise in France next March with same friends. I’m looking forward to another visit to Giverny, Monet’s home, but think we probably will continue to make most trips on our own as long as possible as we prefer to stop and explore when and where we want.
    Joy Engle Demas and Bill, one fully, one semi-retired, visited Phoebe Adams Marshall and Al in Aiken, SC on the way to their house in Tarpon Springs, FL in March and had a too short visit in May from Caroline Fisher Giles and Brian at their Rockville home. The Demi are headed for Quebec with friends for a week in September and to France for a riverboat cruise with same friends next March. Jane Hoskins Bollman: Jane Hoskins Bollman, Susan Shinnick Hossfeld, and Susan Rugemer Kurtz enjoyed a week-end in Philadelphia with Judy Hammond Blatchford and Nancy Turner Heckscher and various husbands in April.  We visited the Barnes Museum and then Nancy, garden expert extraordinaire, guided us through the gardens of Chanticleer.  A great time was had by all! Nancy Turner Heckscher: Two weeks ago Susan Shinnick Hossfeld and Carl, Susan Rugemer Kurtz, Jane Hoskins Bollman and Roger came to visit Judy Hammond Blatchford and Parker, and Nancy Turner Heckscher and Ben and we went to the new Barnes Museum in Phila., out for dinner and in the morning Chantecleer Arborteum in Wayne, Pa. All are healthy and the weather was bright sun! Susan Shinnick Hossfeld:
    In April, Carl, Susan Kurtz and I visited Nancy and Ben  Heckscher and Judy and Parker Blatchford in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.  Jane and Roger Bollman drove from Easton to join everyone for a wonderful weekend, which included fabulous meals, a visit to the spectacular new Barnes Museum and the delightful Chanticleer Gardens. Judy Hammond Blatchford: I really don’t have any news. Happily all is well with our family and we continue to add to our travel destinations, coming up this fall an expedition around Newfoundland and one down the eastern coast of South America and up into the Chilean fjords. Barbara Reeves McGee: Hello all – My e-mail address is now lrmagoo27@gmail.com. If you wish to stay in touch, please remove lrmagoo@pcu.net from your address book and replace it with lrmagoo27@gmail.com. Barb Kirby Stewart: My news is somewhat sad.  My mother passed away Feb. 2.  She was 7 months shy of her 100th birthday.  Her health really began to deteriorate after Christmas.  Fortunately, she died very quickly in the hospital.  We are having her committal service in June after Jan and Steve (Morrison) return. Otherwise, we are all doing fine.  We are in the midst of a small house expansion that is just large enough to be very disruptive. I hope it will only be a few more weeks. We are going to San Diego at the end of May for my oldest grandson’s graduation. It is just so hard to believe he is so old.  I still remember vividly the day he was born. I have been very busy due to over volunteering. I am trying to cut back some after this summer.  It is time to travel again. Obligations really cut into your free time. Bobbi Arthur Pretzsch: We’ve had several changes in our busy lives this year.  Our summer and fall was spent in Florida hosting at Alexander Springs Rec Area in the Ocala National Forest.  It was a beautiful campground and day use area.  We then spent 3 months living in the 5th wheel in Pass Christian, MS near daughter and her family.  While I helped with the grandchildren after school, Bob worked on their newest renovation activity in Gulfport.  They now have 5 properties either for rent or sale. It is a condo a block from the Gulf of Mexico.  As our 3 months in our campground came to an end we decided to move into the condo with furniture that our daughter had for sale.  It is lovely to sit out on the porch, listen to the gulls and watch the kite surfers in the water.  Bob suggested that I stay the summer and help Lyn with her kids while he took our hosting position in Kentucky for the summer, alone.  I do like the condo, so much more space.  So with little hesitation I agreed and Lyn was delighted.  So he will leave mid-May to work in Kentucky.  Also to add to the activity for Bob, our old office in Cynthiana is being renovated to house the Kentucky Attorney’s offices.  We have also leased our Cynthiana apartment for the time being.   So he will be only an hour or so away from Cynthiana to see how that is going. In March, I drove to Tybee Island, GA to spend a delightful, although chilly, week with Linda Martin McManus, Gail Wood Fortin and Marvia Slade Perreault.  We have rarely missed an opportunity to get together once a year since our 40th reunion. I am planning a road trip to Indianapolis in July to another crochet conference with stops at Holly Bay, where Bob will be working.  On the way home will stop in Cynthiana to see if there is anything else to bring back to Mississippi.   We think we will lease this furnished condo next year while we travel again in the 5th wheel, hopefully out west. BTW, all those tests I mentioned last newsletter were negative.  All tests were relatively normal and I haven’t had any more memory lapses, thank goodness.
    Bob and I are living in Gulfport, MS in a condo which Bob has helped renovate this past winter.   I will be here for the summer while Bob hosts at a campground in KY.  In March I drove to Tybee Island, GA to spend a delightful, although chilly, week with Linda Martin McManus, Gail Wood Fortin and Marvia Slade Perreault. “Sally” Zimmerman: During my recent sabbatical from ministerial duties at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, I traveled around the world for eight weeks, heading always west.  I flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong, and then to Cambodia and Thailand.  In Thailand, I stayed a week with Sunny Griffin and her husband Steven Eiche in their lovely spacious home in Mai Rim (near Chiang Mai).  It was a real treat to reconnect with Sunny after 50 years and to learn about raw foods from her at her weekly presentation at The Spa Resort of Chiang Mai. Sunny and Steven welcome Hoodlums to visit and to consider renting their home in Mai Rim during the months of July – October.  Contact Sunny at sunnygriffen@gmail.com for details. Debbie Patterson Clark: Welcomed: Grandchild #2 the end of July, 2012, a boy, Corbin Tyler Figarola. Lost: My housemate of 16 years, David, on October 13th. In the process of reconstructing life. Looking Forward:  Going on Tour with my chorus,The Chorus of Westerly, next summer (2014) to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Been in Touch by phone with Carol Eaton Mendelsohn and Gale Demerest Bumpus. Penny Misirian Mardoian: All is the same here.  Art just celebrated his 86th and we are spending the summer (until Oct. 10) in Maine. I will be taking a Viking River cruise from St.Petersburg to Moscow in August. Linda (Lynn) MacDonough Morrow: New Zealand was wonderful for 3 weeks of hiking, wildlife viewing, experiencing spectacular scenery, etc. with my daughter Melanie between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  George and I had 2 weeks in Nicaragua on a mission/tourist trip in Jan/Feb.  It took me 6 weeks to recover from all that travel. If you have news to share with our class before my next “call for news” you can send it to me by email and I can post it here for all to see online. LMorrow@psu.edu
  3. 1962: Winter 2013


    Special guest editor Joy Engle Demas agreed to do her magic as an English major and craft this version of our class news so I could get ready for my adventure trip to New Zealand between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many thanks, Joy, from Lynn MacDonough Morrow! News focused on appreciation of our 50th reunion (“fabulous” was frequently employed) and reports of the 50th class reunions of spouses, 50th wedding anniversaries and the Sandy super storm. Arden Moore Reynolds and husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Europe rather than at the Hood reunion. Once home, Arden discovered from “Barbi’s Beautiful Book” that Ethel Kintigh Spence lives only 40 minutes away and made plans to meet her (after 50 years) for lunch in November.

    Two couples, Mike and Matile West Hugo and Penny Misirian Mardoian and Art celebrated their 50th anniversaries in Maine in August, while Judy Hammond Blatchford and Parker, complete with children and grandchildren, celebrated their anniversary on an Alaskan expedition in June. Jean Lenhart Golden, who introduced Mike and Teal, made a fine speech at their celebration, and Penny and Art’s son Richard and wife Christine hosted the party for them on a beautiful evening. Reports of the Sandy super storm were written by classmates awaiting her, in the midst of her, and after she had moved on. Beth Davis Pauley wrote after preparing for Sandy, “The boat is in the garage, kayaks and sailboat are in the basement, porch furniture in the garage and basement. Firewood on the porch and the fireplace set for use. I have a 16-feet deep, 10-foot wide sink hole on the bank in the front yard; we will see what happens with that.” Beth, we need an update! Jane Hoskins Bollman, Judi Simonsen Ziobro and Joy Engle Demas survived in Maryland with heavy winds and rain; Penny Mardoian reported trees down, no water and seven days without power. Rusty Papst Houghland and Bill may be winners of Hood’s Sandy survivors circle (although we have not received Beth’s final report). They debarked in New York on Sandy weekend after an anniversary and Rusty’s birthday trip on the Queen Mary 2, then fled Penn Station “with what appeared to be millions of others.” Awaiting them in their driveway at home in Saybrook, Conn., was a fireman with a mandatory evacuation order. They battened down the hatches within the allotted two hours and took refuge in Worcester, Mass. Thankfully, their home is not damaged; we hope other classmates were as fortunate.

    Regina Schlank Pyle wrote that she, Liz Decker Rogers and Jody Merritt Watson stayed at Beth Pauley’s prior to the reunion and had the opportunity to see Beth’s more than 600 quilts. For Regina, special treats were Sara Zimmerman’s sermon at the chapel service and spending time after the reunion with her little sister, Sandy Borrelli Ricci ’64 and her husband. Regina spent five weeks in her home in southern France this past summer with Monty, her rescue cairn terrier accompanying her. Phoebe Adams Marshall, Debbie Warner McPhail and Pam Roberts Welham all attended their husbands’ 50th reunion at the U.S. Naval Academy in September 2012. Walt Welham was co-chair of the event. Pam reported “a very busy five days.” Phoebe visited with Gail Higgins Bosser’s widower and other family members who attended with him. Two weeks after the Hood reunion, Lillian Detrick Blood and Dave attended his 50th Amherst reunion but their travels did not wreak havoc with Dave’s garden. Lillian said the veggies were abundant and she took baskets of them to the office to share with patients. A short-term job with Erie County Senior Services in Sandusky, Ohio, finds Carol Belstra Lloyd still there eight years later and enjoying sailing and sailboat races, although she travels home frequently to her house in Lemont, Pa. Carol has five sons and was heading to San Diego to visit the newest granddaughter. She wonders how many of us are, like her, still working.

    Barbara Arthur Pretzsch, she of “Barbie’s Beautiful Book,” writes that they spent last summer working in a campground and recreation center, one near Sally Hensen and Susan Henson Trotto with whom she was able to visit. Barbara Kirby Stewart celebrated her mother’s 99th birthday in Florida. Betty Wright had her second knee replacement on Aug. 14 and feels “so much better.” Like Nancy Turner Hecksher, Betty wrote to thank everyone who worked to contribute to the success of the reunion. Nancy and Betty, we thank you for the hard work, but especially for the memories.

    Class Reporter:

    Linda “Lynn” MacDonough Morrow
    (814) 237-5858

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