1. 1959; Winter 2018


    Anne Wilson Heuisler

    To classmates:

    Here is the unexpurgated version of the December 2017 class of 1959 news.

    If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.


    Facebook post 10/12/17

    This is the story of late August, Sept, and early Oct:  After all the work on Trillium this summer, there was little time left to sail, but Lassie and I had a glorious sail to Ram Island, back to Sears Island, and tacked back to the harbor. Belfast harbor is a beautiful place to be with sights of all kinds in every direction. Savannah decided at her birthday party that she should come home with me for a visit. We climbed the fire tower at the welcome center, took a walk, and she found her lobster buoy swing right away. The Mountain Ash filled with berries was a beautiful canopy for her. The next weekend brought Eric and Linda to indulge with me in a special evening dinner at Blair Hill Inn. A special treat to ourselves which everyone needs occasionally. The next day the three of us weeded, pruned, and planted a huge chrysanthemum in Ken’s garden at the cemetery. A huge job made simpler by many hands! Linda had to go home, but Eric stayed another day and we played tourist in Rockwood after church at the Log Chapel. Lassie and Wayde came up to celebrate their Sept birthdays at the Moosehead Family Campground. They washed the very high windows in my house and I joined them for a steak dinner over their campfire topped off with birthday cake. I so appreciate the help the kids give me. Belle’s belles, the granddaughters of my grandmother Belle, had their annual reunion in Maine this year. It was so good to share our beautiful region with them and the foliage did develop during their stay after a pale beginning. They left on Oct 5th and by the 7th when I left, the foliage had become full blown. I am on my way to sea again, this time with Capt. Michael Pittinger and Betsy Pittinger to deliver a 49′ sailboat from Deltaville, VA, to Clearwater, FL. This will be a 24/7 schedule around Cape Hatteras down the coast past Cape Fear, through the Keys and back up the Gulf of Mexico to Clearwater. I shall post a site on my page where you can watch our progress if you wish.




    The sorting process in a hoarder’s closet is more paperwork than I’ve ever had!  Hopefully I am beginning to see the end of a long procedure in Probate.  I am emptying the house – enough responsibility for one person.  They [the Artletts] have a 2-car garage, a boat shed and a rumpus room with pool table to sort out!  (packed beyond words!)  I just want to get back to Virginia for my 80th birthday in August. My Little Sister, E. Paige Wisotzki ’61, died recently.  I had 6 deaths reported in one week.  Each one feels like a chunk of skin has been cut out of me.  So sorry to hear about our May Queen and my roommate, Starr Culver Weihe.  Good thing we do not know what’s coming!  Impossible to predict! My first trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving and Christmas was overwhelming – after 25 years on the beaches here!  The holiday activities plus the wedding – seeing family and old friends with decorations everywhere, good music, special programs, a variety of food, wonderful company – everything was super.  It was hard to return to Sydney.  Stopped to see Nancy Rogers Huntsinger  and Fritz on my return trip.  They are terrific hosts! Summer was hottest on record here.  Now March has been the wettest month in history and it’s not over yet.  Flooding is continuous in some areas.



    10/10/17 Here I am again with some good news!  Alex PACHINO (Bart’s oldest son) is touring with Noah Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’ younger sister) as her lead guitar.  They are the opening act for a two-month tour with Katy Perry!  While they are in the New York area–they played Madison Square Garden last week– they are going to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show tomorrow night (October 10th)  He will accompany Noah (maybe singing with her) when she performs her new single out called “Again”.  It is very exciting for them and all of us! (11/5/2017)  Due to many requests for this information, I am sending this update on The Brave.  Tomorrow night, Monday, November 6th, 10:00 p.m. On NBC, the episode being aired is one that was written by Jamie.  I do hope that you are enjoying the exciting and thrill-packed episodes that have preceded hers.  You know I am always happy to see her name appear, and, so very pleased to know that most of you are watching this show.  Hopefully, it will continue to be a success!

    Thanks so much for letting me brag and be her fan club president!



    The big events in my family have been the high school graduations of three grandchildren. My grandson is now in the Army at Ft. Sill, OK, and the twin granddaughters are at Western Washington University in Bellingham in the northwestern corner of the state. They are not rooming together, but their dorms are close to each other. The other grandchildren will soon be 12 and 14, now in 8th and 6th grades. I will fly east Nov. 1st to visit a nephew/niece and to attend my matron-of-honor’s 80th birthday celebration in Columbus, OH. I hope to see former neighbors as well. I continue to teach two adult students and to direct the hand-bell choir at my church. Also, I volunteer once a week for the soup kitchen at my church.



    Fall is teasing us here in central Texas, at least the nights are finally cooler.  We put about 7500 miles on our old but comfortable car between early May and mid-October.  Our granddaughter, Lacey Carter, graduated from the University of Colorado, and after a lovely visit during that exciting time with Don and Karen Nordberg Sanders ’60, we headed to California to spend a week with Bob’s brother and sister-in-law. On the way we visited 3 of Utah’s fabulous national parks, Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion–amazing! While in California we went up to Sequoia N P, adding a fourth wonderful park to our list.  Coming home we came within 60 miles of the Grand Canyon, so made the trip in time for breakfast at the El Tovar, overlooking the canyon itself.  In August we drove to North Carolina to my brother and sister-in-law’s home in the western mountains, right under the direct path of the solar eclipse.  Couldn’t believe it, but rain drove us indoors where we watched it on TV! On our way home, via Columbus, Ohio, and a visit with my 94-year-old aunt, we met Carole Jones Rogers for breakfast before heading across I70 to Columbia, MO, and a weekend with our eldest and his wife.  I said that was the last road trip for both the car and me, but October found us going 1200 miles without ever leaving Texas.  We headed for the border and spent a long weekend at Big Bend NP. We don’t need a border wall there, huge cliffs bordering the Rio Grande, a beautiful place. We’re hanging in there health-wise, see nearby family often, feeling pretty fortunate!



    A message from Gail’s children, Greg Painter and Cheryl Cassella, 8/28/2017:


    Yesterday [8/27/2017], we lost our mother, grandmother, sibling and friend, Gail Painter. Gail bravely faced her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and blessed all of us with her beautiful smile right up until the end. Gail was filled with wonder of the world around her, and she traveled and explored the world for most of her adult life. She and Roger lived and raised our family in California, Australia, Kwajalein, Minnesota and Washington. Gail worked as a travel agent, opened her own travel business, Global Travel, and attempted to see and explore as much of the world as she could. Her sense of civic pride and duty was an essential part of who Gail was. She was devoted to her church and Rotary and worked tirelessly to give back to the community that she loved. A memorial service in her honor will be held sometime in January 2018 to allow all family members to attend. Information will be shared as we confirm details. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Alzheimer’s Association. We will miss our mom more than we can express. We are so lucky to have been a part of her world. We know she would want all of us to find a way to smile at someone today in her honor.

    Love, Greg and Cheryl



    10/9/17 I’ve been in PT for several weeks and seeing some progress restoring my back muscles after open back surgery. I have been pronounced in “remission” for my auto-immune disorder, dermatomyositis. Now for the fun news: I am still active with the local symphony. Just sponsored and staged a flash mob of the Carmina Burana (type in for You Tube: Long Bay Symphony, Carmina Burana flash mob Dillards) for our season opening concert & celebrating their 30th year. River cruise on the Rhine and Mozelle rivers, Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland this past August/ Sept. and had a good R&R trip. Active in my church fundraising program and supporting numerous arts orgs. in the area. Still having fun and learning how to get around on a cane.



    Getting blood drawn once a week since 2009 to check platelet count.  Feel fine otherwise.  Vision impaired. But getting around to meet my needs.  Doing crossword puzzles and reading on an e-reader so that I can change the font size.  Cataract surgery was a big help.  I’m ageing as gracefully as I can.


    I have a new home and a new knee.  In August I moved to Blakehurst, a retirement community in Towson, MD.  I love the ease and serenity of this carefree life.  I had to resign my job at Stevenson University because of a flare-up of my right knee, so I bit the bullet and scheduled replacement surgery.  I found it to be not nearly as bad as I had feared and am perking along in recovery. I met a resident here who is a Hood alumna—Mary Dickinson Cohen ’61.  We’ve had fun reminiscing, especially about the music faculty and classes. I heard from my little sister, Jeanne Duncan Jehl ’61, and we plan to have lunch after Thanksgiving. Gayle Hamilton Blakeslee and I are meeting Mary Louise Trout Haddad and Carol Wick Ericksen at Buckley’s Tavern (Wilmington, DE) on November 18th.

    Thanks to all who contribute news. It’s fun to hear what you’re doing.





  2. 1959; Summer 2017


    If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.

    The year of 2016 has been an amazing adventure. Last winter after spending a week on a friend’s schooner in Key West, I drove north visiting friends along the way to my ‘winter home’ in Reisterstown. Early Feb I flew to the Bahamas for six weeks of cruising on Finesse, the boat I had crewed on for two weeks earlier in Oct. My captain considered me to be a co-captain which allowed me to do much of the navigating building my own confidence. We sailed from Abaco Sea down through Eleuthera and crossed over to the Exumas and sailed down to Staniel Cay. Snorkeling, fishing, iguanas, dolphins, hiking over the islands, meeting so many wonderful folks — it was truly a stress-free paradise and a trip I shall never forget. The big item this summer was spending time on my boat in City Island, NY, then sailing it to Belfast, ME. I did bring a crew person along to handle the anchor and be an extra hand in many other ways. In the past two years I have sailed the East Coast except for the last 100 miles to Canada — next summer — and from the north of the Abacos to the south part of the Exumas. I can’t believe I had such opportunities! I plan to head south after the first of the year and back to sea, but just found out I have a triple root canal first.

    Obituary for Starr Culver Weihe Sherman
    Dr. Starr Sherman passed away peacefully on December 13, 2016 at Canterbury Tower in Tampa. She was 79. Starr was born on April 10, 1937 in Salisbury, Maryland. Her father was the editor of the Democratic Messenger and her mother wrote the publication’s society column. From age 6 to 14 Starr wrote the weekly column titled Starr Reporter which chronicled the young children’s news from the backyards of her hometown of Berlin, Maryland. She then covered the teenage activities throughout Worcester County. She never ceased to love Berlin where she grew up and she made many visits there throughout her lifetime. Following high school graduation from St. Mary’s Seminary (now known as St. Mary’s College of Maryland), Starr attended Hood College where she majored in journalism and the sciences. She graduated from Hood College in 1959. She was accepted into the Beta Beta Beta national honor society of the Biology Academy. Based on her performance at Hood College, Starr was awarded a scholarship to study at Duke University’s marine laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina. Starr earned a Master’s Degree in Zoology from Duke University. She then earned a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University. Her doctoral dissertation included the development of a model for a biology course that would prevent duplication with elements in multi-collegiate programs.Starr moved to St. Petersburg in 1961, where she taught at the newly established Florida Presbyterian College (now Eckerd College) as a biological science instructor in the Natural Sciences Department. During her years as a biology instructor she was instrumental in developing curricula for the biological and physical sciences. Starr coordinated student research across campus lines to laboratories at the University of South Florida Marine Science Department and the Veterans Administration Center at Bay Pines. Other professional activities included serving on the Advisory Board of the Magnet School Assistance Grant and the Center for Advanced Technologies at Lakewood High School and the SAC Visitation Committee for Clearwater High School. Starr received nation-wide honors as a recipient of the National Teaching Excellence Award. In their book titled Shared Vision – A Study in Excellence, renowned educators Dr. John Roueche and Dr. George Baxter cited her teaching techniques and their application to large lecture classes. She was also recognized in the Who’s Who of American Women. While Leningrad, Russia still lay largely out of contact behind the Iron Curtain, Starr managed to arrange a personal visit in the mid-90s to the President of Leningrad University, Rector Stanislav Merkuriev and conveyed an invitation from St. Petersburg Junior College President Dr. Carl Kuttler for a visit. The Rector came to St. Petersburg later that year accompanied by Anatole Sobcheck, the Mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Starr retired from St. Petersburg Junior College in 1993. At President Kuttler’s request, she returned as Acting Director of the Science Department from 1996 to 1997.  Starr held memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute of Biological Science, the American Association of University Professors, the American Association of University Women, the Florida Academy of Science and the Florida Association of Community Colleges.  Starr was a member of the Board of Trustees of the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts for 12 years where she served as Secretary and member of the Executive Committee, and Chair of the Committee on Office of Trusteeship. She also served on the search committees for selection of the Director in 2000, and selection of the architect for the Hazel Hough Wing.  Starr was a member of the Board of Trustees of Community Action to Stop Abuse, and she served on the Eckerd College Library Committee. She held memberships in the former St. Petersburg Symphony Guild (now the Florida Orchestra Guild), the Pinellas County Dental Auxiliary, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the St. Petersburg Country Club, the Vinoy Club, and the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.  Starr found time to indulge in her personal interests in classical piano, English history, art and art history, and world travel while volunteering for community service. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church where she served on the Scholarship Committee, and Meals on Wheels. Starr married Dr. Rudolph Weihe in 1967. Dr. Weihe was a leader in the Florida dental profession. He passed away in 2009. In 2010 Starr married Peter Austin Sherman, who passed away in 2016. She is survived by three step-children and their spouses: Sally Weihe Wheeler and her husband Duke in Largo, Florida, R. Geoffrey Weihe, DDS, and his wife Anne in Tampa Florida, and Bruce Arthur Weihe, J.D. and his wife Lisa in Ft. Lauderdale. Her surviving step-grandchildren and step-great-grandchildren are Gregory Wheeler and his wife Donna in Ocala, Florida, Geoffrey Wheeler and his wife Hollen with their children Reagan and Hutchin in Midland, Texas, Taylor Weihe in Brooksville, Florida, Christian Weihe and his wife Lora with their children Jake and Luke in Tampa, Florida, Brooke Edge and her husband Dustin with children Violet and August in Kentucky, Katherine and her brother William Weihe in Idaho, Laura Weihe in Atlanta, Georgia, Alexandra Weihe in North Carolina, and Dana Thompson in Gainsville, Florida. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.  The family gives its heartfelt thanks to Joyce Mitchell of Canterbury Tower and caregivers Peggy Prince, Coller Williams, Indiana Williams, and Bay to Bay Assisted Care for their exceptional dedication. A memorial service will be held at the Anderson – McQueen Funeral Home at 2201 Dr. MLK Street, North in St. Petersburg on Saturday, January 28 at 11:00 a.m. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Starr’s name to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts or LifePath Hospice.

    My news is sad, my dear Joe passed away in February. As a result there have been many changes in my life. My family, who do not live close, are concerned about me living alone. As a result, I will be moving in July to a smaller home near close friends.

    My situation has moved forward! The house was sold two weeks ago. I am waiting for the closing settlement. Then I can purchase my airplane ticket and fly home after a long duration of stress. Cleaning out a house Frank built in 1947 has not been easy…..especially with no communication with his family. The next chapter in my life has to be happier! I will stop to see Nancy and Fritz in California before heading to Virginia. Sally will take me to her home to recuperate. I am tired. So my email address will change and I should be in limbo for a while. Shipment is scheduled for June 8th. I am taking inventory now. A quilter has a bit of baggage!@?! But I am glad I can see the tunnel….looking forward to the light at the end! People have been most helpful and encouraging. I will stay with a neighbor for my final days in Sydney. There are always last minute duties in any move. I have been saddened with the loss of Starr…..my dear roommate, and Paige Wizotski…my Little Sister.  We have to be thankful for each day as we approach more aging! My heart went pitter patter when I found that beautiful picture of our May Queen with Dr. Truxal. I could not throw it away!

    As Elaine Stritch so famously sang…..”I’m still here!” In my house we built in ‘89, coping with my garden, which I love, but can’t work anymore. I do have a good bit of help, which is a mixed blessing. Some things get done wrong, like cutting my hellebores to the ground when what I said was peonies! Gardener did string 3500 white lights in my oak tree for Christmas, so that is my gift to the neighborhood. This was another traveling year, but just short jaunts. Bermuda, Cuba, Boston, NYC [saw The Humans], Providence. I play a lot of duplicate and attend tournaments. Cuba was a Road Scholar trip………to a 3rd world island. I can’t recommend it after spending $4000 for one week. My big flight was to Sophia Bulgaria for a trip up the Danube. It’s not at all blue but it is beautiful. The tiny towns, all in perfect condition and thriving, reminded me of Ravensberger puzzles. They are picture perfect and the food is fabulous…..every day. We finished in Vienna, Budapest and Prague, the last my favorite of all the cities.
    I had another major major foot surgery. I’ve got to quit trying to improve my feet. The recuperation is arduous. Our sad news is that Lisa’s husband told her he was divorcing her in Jan and it was final in Nov. That’s what lots of $ can do. She has moved to a rental and done 2 semesters at GW towards a Master’s in Landscape Design. You remember that wonderful party barn and those gardens she devoted 10 yrs of her life developing. He found a recently divorced employee of interest and moved her in, age 48. He’s 65. C’est la vie. Son is in his 20th year of running a small landscaping company. He is one hard worker. Grandson will be at the Inaugural with the National Guard. Speaking of which……won’t we all be in for a riotous year emanating from DC/ NYC. At my age I consider myself just a spectator. I can only make a difference in Frederick. BTW…the new Hood pres is charming and a real people person. She’s out in the community and remembers names easily. Frederick itself is so different from what it was in the fifties that it is scarcely recognizable, except for the famous spires. Carroll Creek has 1000 linear feet of water lilies and lotus and is a larger water garden than the one at Longwood!!!! Our restaurants are a destination for many. If you care to drive up one fine day I’ll walk you around and we’ll have lunch. The good people here just raised 15 million in 3 years for a new cancer center, paid for before groundbreaking. 5/29/17 GAd! Looking at 80 is serious and calls for a year of celebrations. I’m starting early with a windjammer cruise in ME..sailing “downeast.” I’ve wanted to do that since I was a child. Most trips are to cities to play in duplicate bridge tournaments. I meet lots of nice people, do some sightseeing and get away for a bit. I tried online dating. No luck there. I’ll just have to make my own fun. So, all is well here.

    Natalie and I had a lovely 10 days in Rome, a city we have lived in and love, in April. We are traveling all we can while we can, age is creeping up on us.

    As with many of the Class I celebrate my 80th on May 19th. At Easter, son Terry included me in the visit to youngest granddaughter (Junior at Miami of Ohio) who is spending Junior semester at their campus in Luxembourg. We had a delightful family trip starting in Luxembourg, going by train to Amsterdam for the tulips and tours. and then to Zurich. Great fun. WiIl be celebrating at a Grand Gathering friends have arranged and daughter Chrysti is coming from Memphis and many friends and other family will come also. Then it’s time for my annual move to Bethany Beach May 20 through the end of September. All are welcome. My cell is 202 744 5262; just give a call and there is lots of room for guests.
    In March had a great trip to Chile and then to Ushuaia in Patagonia Argentina, the end of the world, which was breathtaking and we lucked out with wonderful weather.

    Much to my chagrin (!), I was forced to celebrate my BIG birthday with Hood friends in Baltimore and with my family in DC. Caroline arranged for two nights in a hotel and tickets to the African-American Museum, which is very interesting and well done. I learned a lot. Back in Baltimore, Gayle Blakeslee drove Anne and me to Buckley’s Tavern to meet Mary-Lou Haddad for lunch. Then back to Columbus, picking up son Bobby in Frederick on the way.

    12/23/16 Anne wrote at Christmas that she is happy to have moved to Emerald Lakes, Florida, a year ago. Her whole family gathered there for their second annual Florida Thanksgiving. Anne had recently returned from a Viking cruise of the Holy Land, Greece, and Italy. She was amazed by the many structures of antiquity.

    We had a fabulous time on our road trip–stayed 5 days in Golden, CO, with Don and Karen Nordberg Sanders ’60, while we were at our granddaughter Lacey Carter’s graduation from U. of Colorado in Boulder. Wonderful visit, so proud of Lacey, Sanders are great hosts. Then we headed west to spend 5 days with Bob’s older brother and his wife in Bakersfield, CA. On our way we saw Arches, Bryce Canyon (in the snow on May 16!), and Zion National Parks. Breathtaking, amazing, awe inspiring, I can’t say enough about them. Then in CA we went up to Sequoia NP, another amazing spot. On our way back home we stayed in Williams, AZ, got up early and had breakfast at El Tovar, the lodge in the Grand Canyon. Topped our list of wondrous parks, hope everyone has had the chance to see these amazing places! Use what you can; you can see that I am still in awe at the wonder of the five parks we’ve just seen.

    I’m just back from a river cruise on the Elbe River, Berlin to Prague. A most enjoyable and educational tour. Very cold over Easter with snow/sleet. Back home with more doctor appointments for the next step in treatment for back problems. Busy with the Long Bay Symphony serving on the planning committee for their 30th Anniversary Season, 2017-18. I will river cruise again in the fall from Basel Switzerland to Amsterdam. Will celebrate 80 this summer and still “keepin on” as they say.

    Had her big birthday, treated to lunch at Petite Louis and Peppermill. Roland Park Place is expanding, causing some disruption now but with big plans for the future. J.P. and I were victims of a truck “rolling coal” on our last outing. She told me she recently saw a news report about the absurd practice. J. P. said she is very good at self-amusement as long as she has her word puzzles and solitaire. J.P. and Joan Kirkpatrick keep in touch during the baseball season. J.P. received a note from Starr’s aide acknowledging the birthday card J.P. had sent after Starr died.

    We are gratefully still enjoying a wonderful life. We are so very lucky. We have been married 57 years. We have 3 children – our daughter, Elizabeth, in NYC with three granddaughters; two sons in northern CA, each with two sons. They have a very respected vineyard — Peay Vineyards — our older son, Nick, grows the grapes, his wife, Vanessa, is the winemaker, and his brother, Andy, sells the wine and runs the business. Nick Sr. still works full time as an investor. I retired from event planning some years ago but have stayed on several boards and taken up yoga since I can no longer play tennis. Can’t think of anything terribly fascinating going on at the moment.

    Our daughter and her family are coming from Syracuse for 3 days! Sarah, her oldest, graduated from UVM and teaches in Warren NH ( pop. 900) now, so she has 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades in Social Studies, about 6 to 8 students in each class. What a different world!

    Well, I finally made a decision and rented a one-story town house near my old house. It is one-third the size of my present home so I am getting rid of many things–donating and recycling whenever possible. I thought of what you wrote about women being vulnerable on their own, and I looked at several senior communities, including ones here in Dubuque and also in Davenport, but I just did not think I could handle institutional food on a full-time basis, even though most plans left some meals up to the resident. I have celiac disease, and it takes some effort to make gluten free food palatable. I finally ran out of time and had to make a decision.

    We are still busy with John going to speech, cognitive and occupational therapy. He is down to one visit a week and hopefully will be finished at the end of the month. We are still hoping to downsize by next spring. I am still the designated driver and drove us down to Siesta Key, FL, this past Jan. where we spent 6 weeks. We have decided that we will not go back for that length of time any more but spend the time getting our house ready to put on the market. Winters have been relatively mild lately so maybe it won’t be too unpleasant. I am still volunteering in the Upper Arlington Public Library, sorting books for Friends of the Library, and at the Discovery Shop for the America Cancer Society and trying to fit in some gardening between the raindrops. John and I are both looking forward to our 60th reunion in 2 year and hope to see you there. Joan

    My husband, Leif, continues to recover from Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus, which he became ill with last August. He has had extensive rehab , and is currently at an assisted living facility where he is relearning how to walk, talk and gain strength. All from a mosquito bite. Life changes quickly. I lIve close to Buckley’s also and would love to join you all sometime. My golf game continues to be fun and a challenge…Happy 80 to us all!!

    Marion Zugale Rapp
    I am grateful to have had a mild, uneventful winter this year! I enjoyed my tutoring at Stevenson University and my editing of a friend’s memoir. I made a big decision recently to sell my house and move to Blakehurst Independent Living Community in Towson, MD. At this point, the house is still for sale, and I am biting my fingernails! Carole Rogers came in and out for her final overnights in this house where we have had good times.

  3. 1959: Winter 2017


    To classmates:

    Here is the unexpurgated version of the December 2016 class of 1959 news.  There were fewer replies this time, so I won’t have to cut so much for the newsletter.

    If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.


    No new news for me.  I am loving my retirement community here in Vero.  It was an excellent choice for me.  Lots to do to stay active and a great feeling of security.


    My daughter and I are taking a cruise to Cuba on a Greek line out of Montego Bay after Christmas!  Our diocese has a Companion relationship with the Episcopal church in Cuba.  25 years ago I helped begin our Companionship, so it will be wonderful to visit once again in the luxury of a ship. So many loving, giving people to see once again.


    The year of 2016 has been an amazing adventure. Last winter after spending a week on a friend’s schooner in Key West, I drove north visiting friends along the way to my ‘winter home’  in Reisterstown. Early Feb I flew to the Bahamas for six weeks of cruising on Finesse, the boat I had crewed on for two weeks earlier in Oct. My captain considered me to be a co-captain which allowed me to do much of the navigating building my own confidence. We sailed from Abaco Sea down through Eleuthera and crossed over to the Exumas and sailed down to Staniel Cay. Snorkeling, fishing, iguanas, dolphins, hiking over the islands, meeting so many wonderful folks — it was truly a stress free paradise and a trip I shall never forget. The big item this summer was spending time on my boat in City Island, NY, then sailing it to Belfast, ME. I did bring a crew person along to handle the anchor and be an extra hand in many other ways. In the past two years I have sailed the East Coast except for the last 100 miles to Canada — next summer — and from the north of the Abacos to the south part of the Exumas. I can’t believe I had such opportunities! I plan to head south after the first of the year and back to sea, but just found out I have a triple root canal first.


    11/10/16 I am excited about spending my first Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family in 25 years! My eldest granddaughter is getting married the day after Thanksgiving, so the rehearsal dinner will be our Thanksgiving meal under a tent with heaters in my former home…..should be interesting. I hope to view retirement villages between the Charlottesville- Richmond area. So I fly from Sydney to Washington, DC. next Thursday and return in January hopefully stopping to visit Nancy and Fritz Huntsinger on the way! The Artlett family will probably still be in the process of mediation….no solution yet…and I have lived in limbo for over a year already. I have signed my affidavit and am prepared to get to court. It will cost all of us, but I have already spent more than I had planned! Life changes yearly and often we have no resolution or solution to circumstances. Friends have been terrific on both sides of the Pacific and my sister will be happy when she can hand over the paperwork she has managed for the past 25 years…..a huge help. Shall keep you informed!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year after a restful Thanksgiving! J Love, Fletch


    11/10/16 Natalie and I are just back from a fabulous trip to northern Italy. Luckily missed the earthquakes although some in our group felt a couple of them. Traveling as much as possible as we turn the big 80.


    Just retuned from a two week People to People tour of Cuba so interesting meeting many wonderful people on that beautiful Island nation.

    Was there two weeks so it was an extensive exposure and learned you can live without credit cards and limited wifi. It was good to return home (the day after Castro died) and appreciate our freedom and high standard of living.

    The ’55 cars beautifully restored were fun and a nod to many fun times in them in the past.


    I’m doing well. I’m scheduled to play Christmas carol duets with a friend who plays piano and flute at an Alzheimers’ facility and the retirement community where I live. One is this coming week and the other the weekend before Christmas. It’s been good to have a goal to work toward.

    Family was here for the annual Hot Air Balloon Stampede. Unfortunately, it rained so balloons did not go up but we had a good time, anyway.

    Handbell choir is playing this coming Sunday and again on Christmas Eve so I’ve been busy with that as well as practicing the piano.

    Change of apartment last April so, if anyone wants my address, it is 1500 Catherine St., D303, Walla Walla, WA 99362.


    11/12/16 This is Kuulei Green.  I no longer have good vision but I’m able to get around for myself.  I’m still living in Idaho so I don’t see many of the classmates but I’m fine.  Merry Christmas to you all,



    I don’t have much news. Things are perking along pretty uneventfully which at this stage of life is good. I’m busy with a big genealogy conference Cumberland County Historical Society is having next fall. The coup is that CeCe Moore is the keynote speaker. My travels are now in the USA: New Jersey shore with my family and sometimes Maine and Chautauqua. My granddaughter Chloe is the light of my life. At seven she has moved on from Disney Princesses to American Girl dolls – thankfully.


    A year of wonderful family celebrations: in Columbus, Ohio in July, to celebrate my uncle’s 94th birthday, a trip that included a day with Carole Jones Rogers, then on to Grand Haven, Michigan, for a Granger family reunion, Bob’s brother, nieces and nephews, two of our sons and 3 of our grand children.  Celebration of Bob’s 80th in September here at home, with both of our brothers, all four of our boys and 7 of our 8 grandchildren.  Joyous times, feeling blessed with pretty good health, keeping busy, missing my Hood friends, as I am too far away!  Crazy Texas weather, 20s tonight, 70s on Monday!  Judy Moreland Granger

    GAIL MULLIKEN PAINTER moved in May to Brookdale Silver Lake, an Alzheimer’s care facility in Silver Lake, Washington.  Her children, Greg and Cheryl, welcome communication from her friends.  In August, Greg wrote, “Speaking and language are particularly hard for her, and she is not able to form complete sentences most of the time. She does still recognize her family, but people and memories are beginning to slip away from her.  She still loves eating and shopping and is involved in every social activity at her facility. Mom is able to express that she is happy where she is, but does realize that things are not quite right with her brain.”



    I’m having a “bout” with sciatic nerve pain and had to postpone my river cruise on the Rhine & Mozelle.  I’m enjoying getting ready for Christmas, but with fewer decorations this year, but still cooking the favorites. Still involved with numerous arts organizations in the community. Jo



    Eagerly awaiting a campaign-free year ending in 7!  I’m eager to toast my birth.


    6/23/2016  I am enjoying a renewal of friendships with eight of my high school friends and even took an oil painting class (on my bucket list) offered by one, Carolyn Councell, at our community college.  Carolyn is a well established local artist.



    John is finally home from rehab as of yesterday and starts outpatient rehab on Monday. We were very fortunate to get home safely after a trying trip with a stop in the emergency room of Reston Hospital in Reston, VA. John had a seizure in Dulles Airport on our trip home.  Fortunately, we had a wonderful nurse escort who finally got us both to Columbus, OH sadly after a 30 hr trip and 2 missed flights.

    I still hope we will see you at our 60 reunion.  


    So far this year has been good, knock wood.  I am tutoring writing again at the Stevenson University Academic Center and am doing some free-lance editing, which I enjoy very much.  I finish my two terms as clerk of the Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church session in January and will miss being “in the know” but will not miss the clerical work.  I met Mary-Lou Trout Haddad at Buckley’s Tavern in Wilmington, Delaware, twice this year, once with Gayle Hamilton Blakeslee and once with Carole Jones Rogers.  Gayle and I planned a third get-together in January.

    Thanks to all who contribute news.  It’s fun to hear what you’re doing.




    BALTIMORE, MD 21210

    410 377 5026; aheuisler@comcast.net

  4. 1959: Summer 2016


    To classmates:

    Here is the unexpurgated version of the summer 2016 class of 1959 news.  I had to cut it severely to comply with Hood’s 750-word limit for the summer magazine.  That leaves us with about a sentence apiece, so please forgive me if I stripped your news item of its details.

    If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.


    Merry Christmas from the Wanderer     2015

    The adventure continues. I did not leave Ariosa and Capt Mike Pittinger Jan. 1, but remained in Boot Key Harbor, FL, enjoying the community of the mooring field, St. Columba Episcopal Church, and the many sailing friends I met. All the time I was learning more about boat maintenance and different ways to do things. Mike is a great captain and mentor never missing an opportunity to teach me something new. It was truly an incredible experience. Someone accused me of just having too much fun! Friends in Key West provided a wonderful holiday season starting the New Year with a progressive dinner in their homes and watching the winch be dropped from the top of a schooner mast—Key West tradition. I met crew who introduced me to Schooner Spirit of Independence and Capt. Rick Sands who became a huge part of my sailing support system. I joined them for some of the sunset cruises as guest crew and highly recommend this attraction when in Key West!

    Watching the sun rise and the dolphins feed, toasts and conch horns for the sunset, bright full moons shining on the water, Sat. night potlucks and open mike for the mooring field, happy hours meeting folks from all over, manatees in the harbor, swimming at Sombrero Beach, and snorkeling on Sombrero Reef. Always something going on at St. Columba’s and I sang in the choir in the spring through Easter.

    In March Mike and I drove to Annapolis for a sailing workshop. Luckily, he was home when he developed a ruptured appendix with serious complications. His fiancée, Betsy, was an incredible nurse seeing him through the next 8 weeks. I returned to take care of the boat and was made skipper of Ariosa! All went well and my sailing friends provided any help I might need. Longtime friend Elaine Gilbertson came and spent several days with me. We joined in the fun of “The Battle of the Conch Republic” on Spirit of Independence and Key West life. Elaine has caught the sailing bug again! Such is the life of a sailor in winter!

    Mike returned in May with weight lifting limits and Dick Couture to help crew on our return to MD. Sailing back in heavy weather as we trailed a fickle tropical depression ANA up the coast provided an exciting trip with winds to 35mph and extremely high waves. Dick was great crew to Beaufort, NC, when he had to leave. Mike and I continued on running into more messy seas in the Chesapeake before completing our journey at Solomons Island. Such an adventure I had never dreamed would be mine! I was truly blessed when I sailed into Annapolis last fall.

    May 22 I left Ariosa and flew to Maine with four graduations on my schedule — Tarun Porter, a BS in biology and a BA in French from University of New Brunswick; Lauren Johns graduated with high honors from John Bapst High School, and Cameron Porter from Bluefield High School, PEI. Working in France as an au pair for twin babies, Clarkson University to study engineering, and working at snow making at Lake Louise, Alberta, before entering university — a wonderful mix of talents and great personalities.

    Off to Rochester, NY, for a family celebration of Becky Comegys’ life, then down to the Eastern Shore to check out Trillium. It was determined that keel damage had been done when I was hit by another boat while at anchor sailing down from Maine. With good advice from Rick Sands I was directed to City Island, NY, where the boat was transported and has been put in A-1 condition in a great boatyard —Consolidated Yachts. I stayed with Joey and Jim Peace on their lovely farm while arranging all this. Again, friends had come to the rescue and I enjoyed some time quite close to where I grew up! A high school class reunion took me back to DE and a good visit with John and Ellen Hamilton in Dover. The touchstones of our lives become even more meaningful as the years go by.

    July11 found me finally back on Shoals Rd. to stay for the summer. The basement guest room was renovated from last fall’s flooding just in time to receive Oscar and Anh Damiani and daughter Kim from Italy! Our AFS son from Gov. TJ High School years had returned and a glorious weekend with many of the family found us cruising on the Katahdin, paddling on Prong Pond, and enjoying hours of chatting and eating around the campfire.  Too few days in Maine this year, but I’m always thankful to return to Shoals Rd.

    Little time to sail in the summer, but I did have  a great day aboard Misti and Dan Guerin’s Bristol 35 on Penobscot Bay. After sailing the whole East coast, I still find Maine to be as good as it gets!

    Sept. found me in Williamsburg for a Rittenhouse girl cousins first reunion. A grand venue for lots of catching up over too many years, so we have already scheduled a second reunion in Memphis next fall!

    Mike came to Maine for a fly fishing week in Sept and to see where it was I live. Eric and Linda came for a weekend of fun and Mike taught her to fly fish. She was a natural and all hoping for more fishing time.

    I closed the house in Oct. and drove to NY to visit Dave and Lynn. Foliage across the NE mountains was magnificent. Dave and I drove to Clarkson University to visit Lauren in her new surroundings. From there I came to Reisterstown, MD, the home of Mike and Betsy and my “winter headquarters” between adventures.

    I flew to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, and spent the last two weeks of Oct. on S/V Finesse, Capt. and owner Lloyd Lippe. We had met through Rick Sands. It was as fine a sailing trip as I have ever experienced — lots of sailing. We anchored at Manjack Cay for a week where we met Bill and Leslie who built their home (the only one) 24 yr ago. They shared their bountiful fruit, their knowledge, and their skills teaching us how to open and clean our conchs. In turn we were able to help haul some lumber up the hill for a neighbor who is now building and to go with them to Green Turtle Cay for supplies. Finding the conchs and fixing cracked conch, watching dolphins eating breakfast by the boat, seeing the turtles swim out with the tide, snorkeling, hiking, and taking in the beauty of this paradise was magical. We also sailed south to Lynyard Cay and caught a beautiful 26” mutton red snapper while trolling on our return to Man O War! My last night there and the chef at the Dock ‘n Dine prepared the fish three ways for us to enjoy! And there was still a filet left for Lloyd to eat!

    Back to MD on Nov 1 and the next day an invitation to join Ken and Sara Aiken on Tintean to sail from Annapolis to Green Turtle Cay!! We left on the 5th and motored down the Chesapeake to Norfolk in thick fog. The weather cleared for a nice trip through the locks down the ICW in the Dismal Swamp — a new experience for me. Elizabeth City, the Harbor of Hospitality lived up to its name as we spent the weekend there being entertained by friends of the Aikens. Then to River Dunes, a luxurious marina for 2 nights before going to Oriental, NC, for an annual maintenance check. Unfortunately, the check revealed a number of problems requiring lots of work which closed the window of opportunity for me to continue to the Bahamas and return in time to fly to Alberta, Canada, to spend Christmas with Merryman and family.

    I had driven to Aiken, SC, to spend a few days with Larry and Jocelyn and stayed through Thanksgiving. Bloodies and Bagels on the lawn, Blessing of the Hounds, and dinner with friends at the Green Boundary rounded out a festive day. I returned to Oriental to meet Mike and Betsy who would bring me back to MD.

    I have enjoyed seeing lots of friends and relatives for lunches and visiting Ginny Stanhagen at her new cottage in Winchester as I prepared for Christmas in Banff. The shopping is done and I fly out tomorrow on Dec. 15 to see the Porters in their home of the next 3-5 years in Edmonton, Alberta, while Stephen works on a project in the tarsand fields.

    I thank God every day for giving me the friends and family I have and the strength and energy to enjoy all my adventures.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    The capt/owner [of the sailboat] has been recovering from surgery since March 15, so I have been aboard alone. It has been an exciting time during which I have also spent a number of days on Spirit of Independence in Key West visiting and sometimes, guest crewing. We begin the sail north around May 1 arriving in Maine in time for granddaughter Tarun’s graduation with two degrees at UNB (Canada). From there I shall be joining a friend to sail the coast of Maine from east to west returning to Bangor for Lauren’s high school graduation. Cameron is the last high school graduate end of June on PEI, Canada.


    A Hood reception in Sarasota to meet the new president. Fun sharing a table with Martha Allen ’59 and Carol Horwath and Joan Bennett Moran ’58.




    Hope you are doing well. Age has a way of creeping up on us. We have a few aches and pains but we are still able to move around.  Thank God

    Our family has three graduations this year, two college and one high school.  We are only making it to the high school graduation. The others are in Chicago and Boston.

    Here we moved from the cold in New Jersey to warm California.  Now our family is moving east to the cold zones.  There is something wrong with this picture.

    Last year we were able to take a couple of cruises.  We like it if we don’t have3 to fly.  Fortunately we are able to cruise out of San Pedro.  This time we took a coastal cruise and a Mexican Riviera cruise.  It is so nice to be able to relax and be pampered for a week.


    Frank Artlett passed away on October 12th.  We had a Thanksgiving Service on October 15th so I have buried the two men in my life within a month!  I will probably return to the states and begin the next chapter of my life in Richmond….near two sons.  My third son, who lives in Hungary, will visit next week for three weeks to help me sort out a collection of junk that Frank compiled for decades since he built the house in 1947…..a big job. He was a hoarder. I came here with two suitcases…..will probably need a container to get out of here. My quilting stash is the most important personal property.  I am starting to send boxes of very meaningful items across the Pacific.

    Nancy Rogers Huntsinger recently had shoulder surgery. She is a trooper, but this surgery was more than she had anticipated, I think!  Both of us have been cut too many times. The wounds are now talking!!

    Frank Artlett