1. 1957; Winter 2019


    Martha Smith Sperandio


    So sad to report the deaths of Mary Pat Neill Wentzel, Peg Reeves Leopold, Nan Young Strauch and Sylvia Davison Rost in 2018. Sylvia Blackburn Felcyn: After 45 years we sold our wonderful Greenwich home and moved to Roswell, Georgia to be near daughter Lindsay and family.  We are in a retirement community called St. George Village, living in an apartment which makes my husband very unhappy. Barbara Thomas Yinger: Bob and I will spend Christmas Day with our grandson’s family (2 great grandchildren, almost 4 and 8 yrs old) and our son and daughter-in-law. We’ve been in this retirement community 8 mo; still not sure it was the right decision but we’re getting involved in residential life here.  I am the “greenhouse chairman” helping residents look after their “wintering over” plants, participating in the craft room showing off and selling some quilted items I make, and helping make small flower bouquets for those in the health care unit.  I did plant a small garden area with some plants we brought with us, and still have time for my own sewing, having finished a large bed quilt using Martha Washington’s star pattern. Louise Reed: I have had a tough past year – been in and out of hospitals and rehabs – from falls. I have been home for a month with additional help during the day.  I am able to get out for appointments with the aide driving.  My foot, which was broken along with broken toes, still is not right. I use a walker in the house and a wheel chair for any distances.  I don’t think I will be driving again; so I have to give up my independence. Sara Davidson Haney: I am in Texas visiting my son and family for Christmas; lots of fun and anticipation with a 10 and 8yr old. Back home in NH, I still volunteer with the horses in a special school program. The kiddos love it and it’s therapeutic for me. Alice Riddle Metry: All the same here, as we get ready to spend four months in Florida.  My eyesight is not so good, and I am going to have to hire a Seeing Eye writer. Ann Spengler Larkin: I continue to stay busy with church, AAUW, DAR and quilting. I have season tickets to the DSO Coffee Concerts and really look forward to those. My daughter-in-law passed away very suddenly of a massive heart attack last April, just 5 days before my grandson graduated from Western Michigan Univ. Carolyn Stevens Amstutz:  I got your email just as I was departing for England to spend Christmas with my family.  We were all there – my two daughters (one lives there), their husbands, and my four grandchildren. The last night my one daughter and I went to see Hamilton in London – a real treat. I’m enjoying living in a CCRC – it sure is easy living with lots of interesting people and stimulating events. Nancy Paul Stimson: All is well on the home front although my13 and 14 year old bionic knees are acting up; hard to walk. We are expecting another great grandchild in June. Susan Bond Almy: A phone conversation with Sue – It’s been 3 years since she and Bill moved into an Annapolis retirement center and a new group of friends and neighbors joined their circle.  A beautiful memorial service was held for the 33 people who had died in 2018. At our age death now seems to surround us.  On a bright note, the family was invited to a “gender identification” party last Christmas with the house and tree decorated in blue and pink lights.  At a certain time the plug was pulled on the blue lights and the pink lights shown brightly. This was particularly special since they have 7 grandsons and great grandbaby, Lila Jane, is their only girl. Maybe she’ll start a feminine line of grands! Martha “Molly” Smith Sperandio: With timing as a force and anticipating a hip replacement on 1/3/19, I put out an e-mail for “Send news NOW” type message, and was happy to hear from a few of our classmates.  I look forward to a pain-free 2019 and hope you do, too.  Happy New Year to all.


  2. 1957: Winter 2017


    ELSIE LYON HINKHOUSE:  It’s been a sad time for me having lost my husband Jim on December 31.  He had been in the hospital with pancreatic cancer but was determined to come home on December 30, our 54th wedding anniversary.  He passed on at home with family caring for him that day and night.  I moved to Morning Star, a senior living facility, the end of February.  It is located close to my daughter Amy, son-in-law Rich and two wonderful grandchildren who all keep me involved.  I have many activities including DAR, PEO, bridge clubs and activities at Morning Star.  Boise, Idaho continues to surprise me with beautiful weather as it is located on a high desert and it rarely has very cold temperatures and little snow.  But there are great ski resorts an hour or so away which keep my grandkids and their parents skiing on weekends.  I’ve been to Sun Valley and Bogus Basin to watch them ski.  Wishing all of my wonderful classmates a great holiday season and all that is wonderful in 2017.

    GENIE (EUGENIA) SMITH DURLAND:  I just got the reunion materials from Hood and wish, as always, that I could go. Now, in our retirement, it’s too expensive and in the past it seems we were always too busy. In our 80s, Bill and I are still in pretty good shape and active. At the moment are spending our time participating in rallies and marches protesting the bogus election of Trump and meeting locally and nationally with peace and justice groups we’ve long been associated with to work on how to deal with what may happen next. Enough of that.  Personally, we have (between us) 8 children, 17 grandchildren and 3 great grands. Our youngest son (the ours in the yours-mine-and-ours) lives in Denver with his fiancé and two little boys; we see them often and are now considering moving to Denver from Colorado Springs to be closer to them and our daughter, Julia, who lives in Boulder with her three children – Carlton, a Chef; Amber, who works three jobs trying to save enough money to go to Thailand for training in massage therapy and acupuncture and Logan, a high school senior. Julia is a special education teacher at Boulder High. We also have a daughter, Fadwah Halaby, who is a certified nurse-midwife with her own independent practice in south Florida; she lives in Delray Beach and practices in Boca. She has six kids, all grown and is the grandmother of our 3 great grands who live here in Colorado, near us. If I went on with details about all our children and grands, this would be about three pages long, so I’ll stop there. Also personally, I keep busy editing Bill’s writings. He has published two more books in the past three years and has written ten plays, nine of which have been produced before appreciative audiences here in Colorado Springs and Denver. That’s about it. Wish I could see all who come to the reunion, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen unless I win the lottery or some such thing.

    SUE WINTER SMITH:  I will send whatever I can dredge up which isn’t much because not much is happening. We are still living in Issaquah in a retirement apartment home. We like it here even though it isn’t our home of so many years. It’s different but has many advantages, one being I don’t have to cook dinner anymore or vacuum or clean the bathrooms. We just returned from two weeks in Hawaii with friends. We were on the island of Kauai which is my favorite. The weather was perfect; temperature was upper 70′s, low 80′s. Ideal! We returned to upper 40′s, rain and wind and I am freezing. We will spend Thanksgiving with our son and his family here in Issaquah. His children are our youngest grandchildren, CJ and Erica. We will see our oldest, Aislinn, when she is on her way home to Ellensburg from college at Western WA. She is doing her student teaching this year and will graduate in June. The program at Western is very intense and they turn out superior teachers. Number two granddaughter, Brynn, is a sophomore at Evergreen college. She intends to be a writer and will be a very good one. Her sister, number three granddaughter, Ari, will graduate from HS in June. She is in the Running Start program and attends Skagit Valley Community College as well as HS. She graduates on a Friday and the next day Aislinn will graduate from Western. Fortunately they are in close proximity so we can go to both. A couple of weeks later we will have all the family here to celebrate our 60th anniversary. This is a lot of rambling, but there you have it. Do with it what you will. Thanks for doing this. I do like to hear about everyone, but will not be at the reunion. It’s too far and too much going on then.

    ANN LARKIN:  After replacement of both shoulders and one knee I hope for a surgery free year ahead. I have cut back on some activities, but remain active in church, AAUW, DAR and my quilt group. I also enjoy the Detroit Symphony coffee concerts and am looking forward to my granddaughter’s graduation from medical school in May.

    BARBARA THOMAS YINGER:  You already posted info about our trip to the Amazon in Brazil and areas beyond – that was last March.  So everything else is status quo.  The main thing I’d like to say is that I hope to see as many of our class as possible at the reunion.  None of us know for sure how many years we can keep doing this, so my thing is to take each chance for a visit that we can make now.  Hope to see “you”.  How could I have forgotten to mention that Bob and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary Aug. 19, 2016.  Our children, Laura and Scott gave us a dinner with extended family at an elegant restaurant in Frederick.

    NANCY PAUL STIMSON:  I am still alive and well, although have hit the age where my friends are either falling or dying. Have to be careful. We will be going to my daughters in Doylestown for Christmas. February will find me off to South Africa and May will find me in Rome and the Greek Islands. July will welcome my first great grandchild and September will be the wedding on the Vineyard of my grandson. Have to stay healthy for all those events. Am not sure I can make reunion ‘cause that may be a baby shower weekend.  Merry Christmas to all

    MOLLY SMITH SPERANDIO:  Nothing new with me.  I’m still upright when I want to be and doing all the things I like to do.  So, life is good!

  3. 1957: Summer 2016



    Just got back from tricycling a book over to Alice Riddle Metry as she’s going back to Detroit in a couple of days. Just finished the book in time to keep her out of trouble for awhile.  We had lunch with Stevie a couple of months back and had a GREAT time. Had a cat (Balimese) disappear also about two months ago. Her sister is handling this better than I. What you don’t know is that I used to cry when Lassie didn’t come home and cried harder when she did (Even if she was a he).  In this case, I feel like Peter Pan. (Never did grow up). In Roger’s and my life cycle, we’re looking at moving to a retirement home. (The Dreaded Home). He’s gung ho, but I’m dragging my feet. I’ve always felt (as learned at Hood) rules are made to be broken.

    Other than the above, Mr. Lincoln, I enjoyed the play. Take care of yourself, Molly. I enjoy reading about everybody.


    Doing this by email is so easy. Hope you have happy travels. Latest from us is that Bill celebrated his 85th birthday in March and we had a huge party for the event. He finished is 8th play which goes into production May 21 and 22. Writing plays and books keeps him young and me too, since I do all the editing, communications with publishers, and lots of the leg work on play production.

    We have two great granddaughters and a third (daughter or son?) on the way in July. One is in Hawaii with her parents (our grandson who supervises construction projects there) but the other is right here in Colorado so we see her often.

    We continue to be very active in our Quaker Monthly and Yearly Meetings, and look forward every year to Yearly Meeting – coming up in early June in Ghost Ranch New Mexico where the hiking and birding are unmatched!

    As always I will have my birthday – 81 while there.


    Unfortunately I do have news this time.  Paul died on April 19th, and I am trying hard to adjust to my new way of life after 58 years together. My family and friends have been so supportive and have been  helping me get through all the “stuff” you have to do.  Molly, where do you go in PA?  Are you ever near Gettysburg?  I would love to see you. 717 359-0289or you have my email.  Nancy Cohen Locker is in Gettysburg and I see her occasionally.  Have fun on your travels.


    Does time roll around faster or is it me? Anyway, not much to report from the Great Northwest. We are settled into our routine in our apartment after three years. I confess I still miss our house on Mercer Island but know this is way easier to live here.

    We acquired the cutest little dog last summer when we rescued Mandy from the Yakima Humane shelter. She is a little white poodle mix. I never really liked poodles but she is so very sweet.  We went to Phoenix in April to visit our son and his wife. Very much enjoyed seeing them in their new home. The day we arrived back home I entered the hospital with bilateral pneumonia.I was a sick puppy for a while but am slowly recovering. I have idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis (meaning only idiots get it) so the pneumonia really hit me hard.  Mother’s Day was delightful with two of our kids coming. We had a lovely brunch here (that I didn’t have to cook). We heard from our daughter in Bellingham and our grandkids as well. We have two grandaughters in college now, one a senior at Western WA and the other a freshman at Evergreen College.

    This is all there is and it isn’t much, and do what you wish with it. Enjoy all your travels.


    My Dad was Assistant to the President there while I was in high school so Hood was my second home.  I went to Connecticut for two years, then transferred to Hood as a day student.  Got married that Thanksgiving.  I did not graduate because #1 child (Ginger Shipley Hankins, Hood 1980) arrived exactly ten months after our wedding.  Mamas were not allowed in those days!  So now here I am these many years later with four happily-married offspring, 13 grandchildren (#14 on the way!), and one great-grand.  I have lived in the same house for 46 years – up on Gambrill Mountain overlooking Frederick.  Unfortunately my husband died very young so there have been many tough battles to fight.  I guess I have made it!  Pretty strong for an 81-year-old.


    From Christmas and another letter, Peg’s shared stories of her family and extended Leopold family adventures sounded exciting for those who attended (not always Peg) – to include the finals of the women’s World Soccer contest (yea, USA) in Canada, a Leopold family reunion in Duck, NC where they filled out ancestry kits (she didn’t share if she is linked to the Neanderthal line), and a number of stories from the younger generation.  What a variety of involvements – Early Childhood Education, UVA linguistics and Spanish teacher/advocate for teenage children of immigrant farm workers, massage therapy, musician and photographer, and doctorate study for physical therapy.  Peg herself continues in yoga to help those ailing bones and works with the Master Gardeners.


    If I didn’t travel to see family and friends, I probably wouldn’t travel at all – too busy doing the things I’m interested in here at home.  My sisters’ reunion in April is always a blessing to me – to be able to spend time with my four older siblings – and this year enjoy celebrating the matriarch of our generation’s Smith Family celebrating her 90th birthday – Kitty Smith Dunn, Hood 1947 – in June at the extended Smith Family Reunion, our 35th year together.  I was also able to travel to CA (flew this time) and enjoy my four grands, children of my deceased son, Doug.  Life goes on with us octogenarians – we have our aches and pains to deal with and now bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is telling me maybe I need to look for someone else to take over this editorial job.  Hint, hint!! ;-)

  4. 1957 Class News- Fall 2015


    Molly Smith Sperandio

    Barbara Thomas Yinger We’re now great grandparents for a 2nd time with a girl born in March, joining great grandson, Callen, who’ll be 5 this Dec. I’ll be representing our class with Sarah Bulin Hanson at the inauguration of Hood’s new President in October. We have a big trip planned for March 2016 – flying to Rio, Brazil and cruising on the Amazon, stopping at other ports along South Africa for three weeks – a celebration of our 60th year of marriage. Other than that we’re just trying to keep the aches and pains of age under control. Carolyn Stevens Amstutz I traveled to Florida in March, where I saw Nancy Tressel Brown and Alice Riddle Metry at a Hood function in Naples. In August, my family celebrated my upcoming birthday with a trip to Europe. I had a wonderful week at a villa in Southern France (near the Mediterranean) with both my daughters and my grandchildren, followed by five days in Italy with just one daughter and her family (the one who lives in England). On my birthday weekend, I spent one night in Cambridge Massachusetts with my Albany daughter, and two days later spent the night in NYC with my England daughter who was there on business. I am now officially 80! I’m looking forward to having lunch with Margaret Hart Kaminer and Ann Copeland Billings in October. I am still playing golf (poorly) and bridge, and am currently on the search committee for a new minister for my church. Susan Winters Smith We moved from our house on Mercer Island where we lived for 52 years and raised all our children just 20 miles east to Issaquah, a nice little city where we already had doctors and shopping I preferred. Our younger son also lives here with his two young children, the youngest of our 5 grandchildren. We live in a retirement community with lots of activities. We live on the ground floor so we have two patios with lots of flowers. We also were asked to fill the big tubs in the inner courtyard. We get many, many comments about our flowers and what we put in the tubs. Also being on the ground floor, we have a little dog we rescued from the Humane Society shelter in Yakima in eastern Washington. Our daughter, Cyndy, teaches 8th grade science and science for teachers in her educational district. Her daughter, Aislinn, our oldest granddaughter, is a senior at Western WA University majoring in Education, the 4th generation of teachers. Our son, Steven, and his wife just moved to Phoenix. Another son, Chris, lives here in Issaquah with his family. His son, Christopher is 10 and in the 5th grade. His daughter, Erica is 6 and in the 1st grade. Our younger daughter, Liz, has bought a house with her partner in Bow, a small community north of here. They have 11 acres and she is busily gardening and maintaining her business as a Massage Therapist. Her older daughter, Brynn, just entered Evergreen College as a freshman and her younger daughter is a junior in Burlington HS. We are well for a couple of old folks, with the usual aches and pains, but nothing major so far. We go to water aerobics and exercise classes. I knit once a week with a group of friends. We call ourselves the KnitWits. Every week we have a showing of the TedTalks on television, which I heartily recommend to anyone who doesn’t know them yet. I walk daily and keep busy. Alice Riddle Metry Our family, 14, ages 8 to 82, got together for 3 1/2 days on Mackinac Island in July. Only means of transportation on the island are horses or bikes, or lots of walking. Good weather and all had a good time. Molly Smith Sperandio I’m writing this column from my sister’s home in Willow Valley, Pennsylvania – up here for our annual sisters/cousins’ reunion, and for me to enjoy the cool weather and see some of the trees in glorious color. I had lovely trips to Pennsylvania in April and June as well. Not much different in my life – happy to report no new surgeries, but as with most of us, arthritis is my constant companion. This report is a quick turn-around, so I am sorry that I will not be rewriting any of those who have not responded via e-mail to my plea for news nor will I be able to call those who have no email addresses. For most of us this is our 80th year – enjoy the life with which we have been blessed. We are awesome!

  5. 1957: Winter 2015


    Molly Smith Sperandio

    Nancy Paul Stimson reported, “The new year was moving along in grand style. Bob was recovering well from his massive heart attack. Our oldest granddaughter had an Xmas wedding, December 27 in historic Philadelphia. It was beautiful, like a fairy tale; the only sad part was her father died last March but my daughter Valerie did a great job and held up well. We were looking forward to a trip to St. John in the Caribbean in March. In the meantime, they enjoyed New England’s cold.” Sara Davidson Haney wrote, “The holiday season was great. I spent early Christmas day in Connecticut with my younger son and his family and then flew to Utah for the remainder of Christmas with my older son and his family. It made for a long day but was lots of fun. I am now waiting for some repairs after a large tree fell on the power lines. I’ll be on my way to Florida for some warmer weather and to enjoy my horses. I have been enjoying volunteering at a local therapeutic riding program, but right now it’s too cold for both horses and riders. I am happy to be healthy and here!” Barbara Thomas Yinger said, “My holidays seem to always begin with gathering greens, making wreaths and decorating one of the houses for the local museum Christmas Tour–all as a member of the local garden club. We did have a few days in Maryland with son Scott and family, and then a week’s cruise to the Bahamas in January. In February, she planned to spend another few days at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show to take two classes and get re-inspired. Unfortunately, Sally Masten Peterson passed away on February 28, 2015. A few months ago, I had called her on the phone because I did not hear from her this Christmas. Her husband George died last summer after a long battle with throat cancer. Sally had been receiving chemo for about a year. I don’t know how the mis-information got in the last news item that Barbara Beckhelm Moore was in the class of ’62. She never went to Hood but did live there when her father taught music. We were best friends from first grade through junior high school before the family moved to Iowa.” Peg Reeves Leopold wrote of her daughter Barbara’s marriage in Washington and her trip with her son Rick and his girl to Costa Rico. They hit the beautiful beaches Rick loves and surfs, but Peg found visiting part of the Monte Verde cloud forest and walking the seven steel suspension bridges at the top of the tree canopy, amazing. David and Julie moved to Richmond and the grandchildren are excelling in their interests. Peg still “plays in the dirt” with the master gardeners and “twists her bones” through her yoga classes. Peg shared a Christmas letter from Ginger Smith Reichert’s husband Hal, who is handling this second year after her death busily dealing with health and house problems and extolling the virtues of children, grandchildren and his newly received title of “Great” grandpa. A brief note from Syl Davison Rost said that she and Dwight are enjoying life with relatively few problems. Molly Smith Sperandio reported, “I don’t know if it is an age thing or what, but there always seems to be something physical plaguing me as time goes on.  In September I had a total hip replacement, having put it off from the year before when the surgeon told me I’d go to a cane, then walker, then wheelchair if I didn’t have the surgery. After having to use a cane, I decided to listen to the doctor.  Now I’ve been diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and I’m going to put off again the prescribed surgery. I’ll wear the wrist stabilizers (actually, I won’t, because they cause me more pain and are more a hindrance than a help!) and take the cortisone shots for a while and see how that works. Other than those fun things, life goes on as usual. My favorite season of tax preparation is here and having to deal with the ACA is a challenge. Easter came early, so I am singing and ringing with gusto. Ushering for three different theaters gives me lots of great shows and concerts to enjoy. I was not about to head north in March for my annual sisters’ reunion and had to put that off until April–I’m a Floridian and don’t want to chance dealing with what you all have had once again this year. Stay warm and healthy my friends!”

  6. 1957: Summer 2014


    Barbara Thomas Yinger: Bob and I went on the Hood Alumni River Cruise to Holland and Belgium in April. My friend, Barbara Beckhelm Moore, was also on the trip. Her father was professor in the music dept. at Hood in the 40’s and started the Naval Academy involvement with the Hood Choir to perform the Messiah on campus. Her sister Gretchen graduated from Hood in 1960 and was also on the cruise. Bob and I will be traveling from California to Miami through the Panama Canal. I’ve finished two bed quilts and took a class at the Norfolk Quilt show in February completing the double wedding ring pattern for my granddaughter who is getting married in October. We are still living near the Chesapeake Bay in the Northern Neck of VA. crabbing, fishing, playing mahjongg, judging flower shows, and tending our vegetable garden..

    Nancy Tressel Brown: Old age and what we do for amusement. I now have two cats and decided last week to teach them to walk on a leash. First you have to get the collars on the cats. Two Band-Aids later I decided to just put on the leashes; three more Band-Aids. I decided to just trail the leash and have them follow me. The final resolution was my trailing a very pretty pink leash with no one on it. And, two cats following me – sort of – along with checking out all the neighbor’s bushes, et al. All was not lost. A very handsome young man got off his bike to say “M’am, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I think you lost your dog”. I’m not sure about the M’am part. Hope it’s this much fun at “The Home”.

    Roberta Geehan Horton: I fell while hiking in Idaho last August and had rotator cuff surgery in February. I’m progressing nicely with physical therapy, and looking forward to visiting Ireland, land of some of my ancestors, this summer.

    Dolores O’Connor VanVleck: (A note from husband, Dale)The past year began well but did not end well. We had gone more than a year without anyone in the hospital. I had a kidney along with a large enclosed malignant tumor removed in August of 2012. So far that seems to have gone okay. In late January of 2012 Dee had a bursa in her right elbow removed because of bursitis caused by scoliosis which had caused her to lean so much that the pressure on the elbow caused the bursitis which then became infected. She had not been able to walk for several years. The ‘wound’ on her elbow resulted in rehab of 10 weeks followed by a trip to the wound doctor every two weeks for a total of 20 months. She was able to resume work with a physical therapist early last summer but water therapy could not be resumed until the wound was declared healed in October. She enjoyed the physical and water therapy which was needed to retain upper body strength for transfers from wheel chair to chair and shower and bed. Together we managed quite well despite the food I prepared. Then in mid-November had a colon bleed (ischemic colitis) with three weeks in hospital and re-hab. It is apparently not uncommon and seemed to heal itself. She returned to the physical and water therapy as if nothing had happened. After one week I found her semi-conscious on December 13. From the emergency room she went directly to intensive care. (The week-end we planned to do Christmas cards.) We still don’t know what the original cause was. The only outward vital sign was very low blood pressure. We kept expecting her to be out in 3-4 days as had happened other times. This time she got progressively less responsive. After two weeks we were told she had no chance of surviving due to perforation of the colon resulting in sepsis. An operation was really not an option. We were shocked. All blood cultures had been negative. Vital signs did not seem bad but the medications and oxygen and fluids probably disguised the severity of the sickness. She died three days later. The intensive care nurses did all they could and kept her from having any pain. After the first day she could not talk because of the ventilator.

    Obit: Dee  (O’Connor) Van Vleck, 78, died December 29, 2013, peacefully, after a short illness. Born in Philadelphia, Pa. September 8, 1935. Philadelphia High School for Girls. Bachelor of Arts, Suma Cum Laude, Honorary Marshall, Mortar Board, Hood College, Frederick, Maryland. Master of Science, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., Beta Phi Mu, International Library Science Honor Society. Life was not always fair but she never gave up. Leaves husband of 55 years, Dale; daughter, Elizabeth of Dallas; son, John of Atlanta; and granddaughter, Audrey of Atlanta.  In younger years, a many faceted volunteer. Loved animals, especially wolves and cats. Loved history, books, and learning. Appreciated and supported the Arts, especially music – Brahms, Bach, Beethoven, and more. Devoted member of NPR, PBS, and NET/Radio. Contributor to many causes including the homeless, hungry, oppressed, children in need, and endangered and neglected animals.  Memorial services for family and friends, Spring 2014, at Lincoln Memorial Park. Memorials to Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries, 136 S 14 St, Lincoln, NE 68508. Arrangements by Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home. Condolences can be left at: lincolnfh.com.

    Virginia Smith Durland: Bill and I just sold our long time home in Colorado Springs and are looking for a place that will take us and our beloved dog. I will give the alum office an update when we get a new address. Our biggest news is that we now have two great granddaughters – one born last August and the second this past January. Spent a restful 3 months at Pendle Hill Quaker Center as Friends in Residence in Wallingford, PA from March to June and saw many old friends from Bill’s Bucknell days, but found it very hard to re-acclimate to low altitude, humid weather and are very glad to be home. We have too many grandchildren to report on all of them, but one grandson is studying to be a chef and one granddaughter is off to Thailand to study acupuncture and massage therapy. All the rest are equally imaginative. Our daughter, Fadwah, who is a certified nurse-midwife has just opened her own clinic/women’s health center in Boca Raton and is reveling in being her own boss. We see many of Bill’s Bucknell classmates and fraternity Brothers, but I haven’t been so lucky over the years. Any Hoodlums that come to Colorado Springs, please look us up! (719) 635-8686 Peace is Possible

    Audrey Goetz Swart: We are living in the Upstate of South Carolins ,near Clemson Univ. We moved here from Florida 12 years ago to be close to two of our four daughters! We have seven grandchildre ranging in age from 28 to 14—all doing well in very stages of education!!!
    Sam and I are well:enjoying this beautiful area and many activities. I am very involved with my Church and serving God. We have traveled to many foreign lands and in the States!! In fact I’m leaving next week with a daughter for Turkey and Greece!! My email address has changed to audsam@charter.net.

    Mara Eckstein Garcia-Bunuel: Every year I enjoy my Renaissance classes, usually I have coordinated a semester class. We are off for the summer. In May I took a riverboat trip to Russia; it was quite wonderful; lots of international guests; went all the way to Northern Russia (Karelia) and then south to St Petersburg. When one sees all the gold, the jewels, the crystals, etc. one understands why there was a revolution, just like in France and other places. My oldest grandson just graduated from Friends School and the family is off to Italy and Spain.

    Sarah Bulin Hanson: Our lives are exceedingly quiet and travel is now more often to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Of course, grandchildren  are the delight in our lives. In April, I spent a long weekend with my son’s daughter, Olivia, at Elon University. (He drove!!!) She’s coming to visit July 22. My granddaughter, Hannah, in Charleston , has a job with a fast growing organic skin care co. (rms) and she gives me lots of samples! My grandson, Brandon, just finished a month of National Guard Training and has started a new job in financial services. Last, but by no means least, I hope everyone has given to the Hood Fund this year. Let’s send Dr. Volpe out on the high note he deserves!  Douglas and I will make our annual visit to Capon Springs in September. This wonderful spot is still owned by our late classmate Claire Austin’s family. Claire’s son and daughter are very involved and we will enjoy our time with them as well as relaxing in a mountain retreat.

    Carolyn Stevens Amstutz: Hope I’m not too late!!  I’ll fill you in on a little of my news.  First and foremost, I was in Naples FL for a month in March, and spend a terrific weekend in Bonita Springs with Alice (Riddle) and Fred Metry.  The first night  we had dinner at their golf club with Tressie and Roger Brown, and the second night Jacke McCurdy and her sister Arden came to Alice’s for dinner.  What a really good weekend that was!  After Naples I spent a week with my daughter and her family (who live in England) at Disney World.  My granddaughters are 6 and 9, which added to the excitement.  I must say, however, that visiting Disney for four days is not for the feint of heart!!   I guess I really am 78!  I’m off for a few days in northern Vermont and Canada with  my Albany NY daughter, and then in August will be in Scotland and England for two weeks. Beside my travels, I’m still playing bridge, a bit of golf, and am on the search committee for a new minister for our church – a daunting task.

    Mary Jane Harkness Nace: Dick and I just returned from a wonderful few days visit with Cathy Goss Newhouser in Dunwoody, Georgia.  It’s been several years since we were together and this was truly a special visit.  As you can imagine there was lots of reminiscing; laughter; and tales of our Hood days.  Since Dick had been a part of our Hood years, he enjoyed hearing us talk about all our Hood-stuff. Dick and I moved to Hendersonville, NC in 2011 and we discovered, with this trip, that the drive to Dunwoody is only 3+ hours. The three of us plan to get together more often.

    Molly Smith Sperandio: This was my summer of travel with the main destination my granddaughter’s high school graduation in Davis, CA.  I decided to drive around the USA visiting friends and family and fell in love with our northwestern states which I had never visited before – such beauty is awesome! I was gone 39 days and drive 9,742 miles during which I had to service my Prius twice – for the 115K and 120K miles – and buy 2 new tires.  FL to PA road trips in March and September for family reunions round out the travels.  What a joyous life!  I deal with the aches and pains of spinal stenosis and CHF, but who doesn’t have their health problems?  We do what we have and want to do and life goes on!

  7. 1957: Winter 2014


    MARGARET HART KAMINER:  I live in Cashiers, NC; my daughter and her family are also here; my son lives in Boca Raton where he is a senior VP and lawyer with a commercial firm. I try to keep in touch with Meredith Sorenson Harris and Alice Riddle Metry and hope to get together with them soon. I am planning to see Sylvia Blackburn Felcyn in November in Greenwich Conn. I have been a widow for 11 years. I keep busy with lots of volunteering, baby sitting and a great deal of bridge playing.

    MIRIAM SPAULDING KEYSER: We are in the midst of frantic downsizing, give away, and preparation to move – all in 6 weeks.  We made the decision to move to Oak Crest, an Erickson Senior Community north of Baltimore, MD on August 22nd, put the house on the market on the 31st and sold it in16 days. We move in 2 weeks. I feel like my head is spinning. I wake very early in the morning and can’t get back to sleep so I pack or go online and send pictures to the family of items I can’t take; hopefully someone will want them.

    BARBARA THOMAS YINGER: My new e-mail address is: bbyinger@va.metrocast.net.  I attended my 55th reunion with 9 classmates from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and 2 husbands.  My eye surgery for glaucoma went well and Bob’s heart procedure has had good results.

    ANN COPELAND BILLINGS: Greetings from Northfield, MN where I’m visiting 3 of my 10 Grandchildren (ages 2 1/2-16).  Can’t believe how old I am but they surely keep me young, along with duplicate bridge, tennis, church and great friends back in Walpole and Weston MA.  I occasionally see Louise Reed and hope to reconnect with Carolyn Stevens Amstutz soon.

    CAROL HARKNESS KILREA: Celebrated our 55th reunion from Mass General in Boston – Sue Truby Peterson and Syl Davison Rost represented the “hoodlums” and the hospital treated us all royally! Reunion was followed by a week in Maine with Carl and Sue; my pal, Bill May, and Carl have common interests and we always have such fun together! Visited good friends in Snowmass and managed to catch a sizable brown trout with a fly rod! The house was at 11,800 feet which challenged my Meniere’s disease but what a beautiful area! Now have 6 college grads (4 of them living in Chicago) and 1 more next year before the exciting cycle for the next 7 begins! Hope to get to Marco Island for a month and a week or so in Hobe Sound – winters here in NW Indiana by Lake Michigan can be a test!

    ROBERTA GEEHAN HORTONLast May, Bob and I took a “Trip of a Lifetime” to the Naples, Italy area.  We stayed in Sorrento with lovely view across the Bay of Naples to Mt. Vesuvius.  We were taken by AHI Travel to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples Museum, Capri, the ancient Greek temples of Paestum, and the Amalfi Coast. In August we went to Idaho and Montana.. While hiking in ID, I fell dislocating my right shoulder and fracturing my humerus. After two days of R & R, we got back on the trails and enjoyed the beauty of the area, although I was bound up in an immobilizing device.  Months of physical therapy are ahead.  Four grandkids are in college now and another college grad just got married.

    ELSIE LYONS HINKHOUSE: Idaho is covered with one spectacular scenic route after another – so very, very different from the East Coast which is also so spectacularly beautiful.  Having lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland (Hood), Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina before moving to Idaho, I am a devoted Easterner loving the opportunity to learn about the other side of our country.  The best part is being close to two of our daughters and the grandkids.  We still have one daughter and her family half a continent away in Texas who we see several times a year.

    SALOME “GINGER” SMITH REICHART passed peacefully September 16, 2013. Her husband Lieutenant Commander Harold L. Reichart Jr., USN R wrote, “Most of her life was centered around our five daughters and 15 grandchildren. Her obituary appeared in The Virginian Pilot on September 18 and should be available online. You can always call me at 757-421-0404 or 757-633- 1347.”

    MOLLY SMITH SPERANDIO: A summer filled with family travel kept me quite busy. My FL granddaughter graduated HS 6/3 and I flew out to CA on 6/4 to see my grandson graduate HS– 4 more to go, 3 in CA and 1 in FL.  I enjoyed being with my 4 grands and also saw my son in CA; enjoyed touring the Bowers Museum. I had 3 road trips to PA – our 33rd annual family reunion; our cousins’ reunion and my 60th HS class reunion.   Studying for AARP Tax Assistance is next. I continue with my volunteerism in church and community.


  8. 1957: Late for Summer Issue; Early for Winter Issue


    As I receive messages from my classmates, if they are too late for one of the Hood Magazine issues, I will post them here in toto, and edit them for the next issue. Therefore, this message from Bert Geehan Horton will go into the Winter issue which will be due sometime in December and delivered sometime in 2014.  Hope that makes sense to everyone. Ciao~  Molly

    ROBERTA GEEHAN HORTON: We recently returned from a grand trip to the Naples, Italy area.  We stayed in beautiful Sorrento and were taken by bus and boat to the hot spots of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Amalfi coast, Capri, and Naples.  The tour company is AHI, or Alumnae Holiday International.  We went with a group from the U. of Missouri where I got my  masters degree, but later we received the same offer from Hood.  We would highly recommend travel with this group. in opposite directions. This weekend we are attending two high school graduations on the same day, June 8, in two different North Carolina towns in opposite directions, Winston-Salem and Greenville.  After a short recovery we will go to our time-share condo in Key Largo where we will join our daughter, Becky, and her family for a week. Have a wonderful summer. Roberta aka “Bert”

  9. 1957: Summer 2013

    I decided to post your messages for the Hood Magazine as you wrote them to me, in their entirety, so you can see them in real time before I have to edit them down to 750 words for my column. This way the news won’t be six months old when you read it in the Summer issue of the Hood Magazine which you will receive in the Fall.  This is something new Hood set up for alumni and I think it is great.  I’ll keep posting; you keep reading.
    As noted in the last Hood Magazine, Sue Truby Peterson reiterated the fun time she had with Carol Harkness Kilrea while their husbands enjoyed a successful mule deer and antelope hunting trip. Carl had his “two heads” (animals’) mounted; our place will soon look like a zoo.” She wrote that the Mass. General/Hood Nursing graduates will be celebrating their 55th reunion in September 2013; the class includes diploma grads, too..  Sue occasionally sees Stevie Amstutz in the supermarket.

    Sylvia Davison Rost sent a note from Waterbury, Vermont in her Christmas card. Their oldest son, Winston and wife, Tammy, live down the road with Hazel, 3, and Samuel, 1, lots of chickens, five goats and two cats.  Son, Andy and wife, Rae, with Elliot, 11, and twin girls, Anna and Samantha, 7, are near; and their daughter, Jenny, teaches 6th grade in New Hampshire, but lives in VT.  It’s wonderful to have family so close.

    Alice Riddle Metry: We are getting ready to leave FL for Michigan.  Want to remind any and all that we will be back here in 2014, and are in the Naples/Bonita Springs phone book.  We will be back unless something unforeseen occurs. And, our Michigan phone number is 3`13-882-8709, for any in the Detroit area.   We are usually here for 6 to 8 weeks in Oct. & Nov.
    Ann Fortenbaugh Eicholtz: I really didn’t think I had any news to report,but then I remembered that I live near Gettysburg!  We are all anticipating a very active summer with many Civil War enactors and tourists for the 150th anniversary.  I wanted to offer our home for “cooling off” breaks when you have had enough of the heat and the crowds. You can reach us at 717 359 0280.  There are no available rooms in Gettysburg.  We would love to hear from any of you, so don’t hesitate to call.  I played bridge recently with our Dean Nancy Cohen (Locher).  She looks great and had just returned from a trip to Thailand.  I am planning to have lunch the end of April with Gayle Hamilton Blakeslee.  I,too, wanted to encourage all classmates to contribute to the Hood Fund.  A high percentage of givers (whatever the amount) makes our class look good!
    Dorothy Hofstadter Lewis called in her news in December, too late for that winter column, but reported that she lost electric during H. Sandy.  She plays bridge and Mah Jongg and is active with her congregation, helping to name the synagogue and working on the celebration.  Her son, Steven, plays clarinet in the Big Apple concert band and marched in the inaugural parade for President Obama.  Her daughter, Susan, was recently engaged and will be married in October; both children are involved in computer work.  Dot participates in the Temple Library reading program – a 10-week program for children to read books on Jewish culture and they then tell “listeners” what they learned.

    Roberta Geehan Horton: Thanks for your call.  Sorry for the delay in responding.  We’ve been out of town doing some birding on the Outer Banks of N C.  This year we decided to go in early December hoping it would be warmer than January.  It was splendid, and we saw lots of migratory waterfowl in the refuges on Body Island and Pea Island and some inland lakes.  Highway 12 made National News being hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and we were afraid it would prevent us from getting to Pea Island because of the sand piled up on the road.  Luckily that part had just been cleared.  This fall I lost two family members: my Mother, age 104, died in Sept. and  my  brother, Mike, died in Nov. of  Alzheimer’s.  Memorial services were held in the Phoenix AZ area for Mother and in Houston,TX for Mike.  A tough time for us.  A favorite part of my life is reading.  Members of my book club submit books and we “check them out” of our library.  It’s a great way to be introduced to new authors. I also enjoy knitting  and crafts, especially making jewelry with glass beads or paper beads.  One of my favorite beads is made by covering wood beads with colorful origami paper.  Three of our kids live in NC so we see them regularly.  One lives in Atlanta.  Two grandkids are in college and two more go next year [six to go...].

    Sue Winter Smith: Our big news from the Pacific NW is that we sold our house where we lived for 52 years and raised our four kids and moved into a senior retirement apartment. It’s a lot smaller than our house so we had to be judicious in picking what we brought. Our children were great and took the stuff that meant the most that we couldn’t take. We have 2 patios and are container gardening. It’s a lot easier than our big yard. We have a trip planned to the upper Amazon in May as our last hurrah in the travel world. We figured we needed to go while we could still walk around. We are still relatively well (except for the aches and inconveniences of old age). The kids are well. Our oldest granddaughter started college this year at Western WA University and loves it. We may be limited in space, but we still would love to have company.

    New address:3710 Providence Point Was SE #120; Issaquah, WA 98028
    New telephone: 425-677-8284
    Tommie Thomas Yinger:  Nothing exciting going on in my life right now.  As with the other nursing students back in that antiquated 5 yr. program, I’m gearing up for my 55th nursing class reunion at Hopkins in Sept.  And I guess like a lot of others, our 60th reunion with high school classmates this June.
    Sarah Bulin Hanson:  My youngest grandchild graduates from high school this year; she’ll be going to Elon in North Carolina. It seems just a few weeks ago that I was visiting her middle school classroom! We can’t hold on to them forever!!
    As to Hood News, the new Hood College book from Arcadia Publishing is a wonderful collection of pictures and information from the beginning of the college to 2012. It’s available in the bookstore and, of course, from Amazon.
    The Annual Fund received 13 recent gifts from our class totaling $2480. For the year, so far, we are 36 donors with a total of $10,000. The fiscal year ends June 30. Thanks to the 36 and a reminder to the rest.
    Molly Smith Sperandio: “I drove to Great Lakes, IL in March to see my grandson, Kyle, graduate from Navy Boot Camp.  What an experience that was, and how proud I was to see him march in with his class and carrying the Texas flag.  I was lucky in my timing driving north, arriving between two storms – one having left huge mounds of snow in IL but was then hitting the northeast and before the storm from Colorado hit.  I had to scrape ice from the car windows and that’s as close as I want to be to snow anymore.  From there I drove to PA to visit with my sisters, which is always a fun time. I left PA a little early with snow flurries in the wind and came back to sunny Florida with a smile on my face. I have two grandchildren graduating from high school this June, and I’m lucky that they are five days apart, so that I can see my granddaughter, Zoe, graduate in FL on the 3rd and fly out to CA to see my grandson, Ryan, graduate on the 7th.”
    Nancy Paul Stimson: Guess I better answer, so you don’t think I died!  Been a wonderful busy winter..escaped the February blizzard by going to Florida, Key West, Vero Beach and Jacksonville…then came and went to the French Alps for a week…beautiful, cold, Bob skied and I hiked on my new knees.  38,000 meters..hardest part was breathing…came home, went back to Florida so my granddaughter could get a tan for her junior prom, successful. Did take a few days to go to Maine and see the Winslow Homer studio..super…now recovering from hammer toe surgery…guess it is good to slow down for awhile. One more week and,the stitches will be out. Happy summer to all.
    Elsie Lyon Hinkhouse shared “Our travels and adventures, including 7 continents, continues in Idaho.  Oh what a difference from living our entire lives on the east coast, up to 2 years ago.  The Northwest is an adventure while life in Boise is full of culture advents. We are exploring spectacular Idaho: Hells Canyon, 2000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon, gorgeous lake communities such as Coeur d’ A-lene, Pend Oriella, McCall and Lake Payette, Saw Tooth Mountains, and old gold and silver mining towns.  Best of all is being close to our daughter Amy, Rich and grand kids Elsie and Jack.  So far I haven’t found any Hoodlums in the area.”
    Sylvia Blackburn Felcyn wrote “Keith and I now have our 4th grandson, born May 17th.  We have been told this is our final grandchild.  Our son George and wife Maggie have a 2 1/2 year old and 2 week old boy, and our daughter Lindsay and husband Glenn have a 6 and an 8 year old boy.  Needless-to-say, we feel blessed.  We are still in our same house of 38 years and both still play tennis and are generally active in various organizations.  Our next big travel event is to Argentina for the baptism of our new grandson.  (Maggie is from Argentina). “
  10. 1957: Winter 2013


    Carol Harkness Kilrea reported a wonderful visit from Sue Truby Peterson. “Bill and Carl are good pals and they went to Wyoming mule deer and antelope hunting. Susan and I visited the city, walked along the Lake Shore and bird watched in the dune/wetlands National Park (Beverly Shores is in the middle of the Park). We all went to the Notre Dame/Stanford game; won in the third overtime! I had bilateral kidney surgery in April at Northwestern; surgery was on Monday and Wednesday and removed all very complex stones! The 14 grandkids are all doing well––three college graduates and three will graduate in May,” said Carol. Cathy G. Newhouser had surgery in Atlanta for spinal stenosis; she is doing well in rehabilitation and is going to Costa Rica in February!

    Carolyn Stevens Amstutz wrote, “I went to England to visit my daughter and her family and spent five glorious days in the Scottish Highlands. Both daughters and families were with me in August for two weeks––in North Andover and on Cape Cod; we enjoyed the beach, particularly the grandchildren––ages 11, 9, 8 and 5. In July, I fell and broke my neck. I’m in a cervical collar, and hope to avoid surgery. I am so thankful my accident did not happen while I was still Stan’s caregiver. I plan to go to England for Christmas. In August, my sister passed away unexpectedly. I was glad that the girls were both here, and we made a quick trip to Lancaster, Pa., for her funeral.” Genie Smith Durland was unable to attend the reunion; it was held at the same time as their Quaker annual meeting, the religion in which she and Bill are active. Genie went back to school and, in studying the Vietnam War, became radicalized. It was during this time she met her current husband of 30 years and they are both peace activists. Starting in the mid-70s, Genie and Bill became active in documenting the Israeli/Palestinian human rights abuses. They lived and worked in Palestine for a number of months and now write and hold workshops. Bill authored Immoral Wars, Illegal Laws referencing the religious, historical and political issues of the area; the book is carried on Amazon. Genie and Bill have a blended family of eight children and 17 grandchildren.

    Louise Reed reported, “I survived Hurricane Sandy with a few branches down and no power for three days. I swim daily and knit for Project Linus making afghans for children in local hospitals. I sing in a senior choral group; we perform for local nursing homes and senior centers.” Mary Jane Saylor Campbell is the major caregiver for her husband who has Parkinson’s disease and is helped by her daughter, an interior designer, who lives with them. Their son, an architect, lives just 12 miles away. Mimi Spaulding Keyser wrote, “In October, we attended two Road Scholar events in San Diego and Los Angeles on art collectors and their collections. I am working on genealogy of my family and met two cousins from different families. I enjoyed a short visit with my sister and her family. We volunteer on Tuesdays at the library and Wednesdays at the hospital. We are going to Fort Myer, Va., in February. We are currently downsizing and have found some happy homes at local historical sites and the Museum of Industry for some old artifacts.”

    I, Molly Smith Sperandio, had surgery in July to remove an ovarian adenocarcinoma tumor. It was stage 1, encased in a mass and they found no other cancer cells in 17 nodes/sites tested. It also cured my incontinency because the mass was sitting on my bladder! In June, my immediate family joined in interring my son’s cremains in the Arlington Cemetery Columbarium and then all joined in the annual family reunion in Bethlehem, Pa.––our 31st at my sister’s home, Kitty Smith Dunn ’47. In August, I drove again to Lancaster, Pa., for a reunion with my cousins. My 22-year-old grandson joined the U.S. Navy and he planned to enter training in January. Nancy Paul Stimson reported, “I had a wonderful Viking river cruise to Prague, up the Elbe River to Berlin. Bob took me to Paris for nine days. My son-in-law has been battling bladder cancer. He had a new bladder built from his intestine; that part is working, but the chemotherapy has caused blood clots in his leg that keep moving to his lungs. He is a Coumadin failure, so gets stomach shots twice a day to thin his blood.”

    Sara Davidson Haney responded, “We were almost untouched by Hurricane Sandy. My canoe made a dash for freedom but was retrieved by friends. I plan for Christmas in Utah with grandchildren then winter in Florida. I travel, teach and volunteer for a program of riding for the handicapped.” Sarah Bulin Hanson said, “I attended the Hood Museum semi-annual meeting (remember all of your Hood memorabilia would be gratefully accepted and archived) and the 65th annual performance of the Messiah featuring the Hood Choir and the U.S. Naval Academy glee club.” Susan Winter Smith reported, “I exercise three times a week and walk other days, especially now that I have recovered from my third spinal surgery in four years, the second this year. I am fortunate to have an excellent neurosurgeon and physical therapist. Our oldest granddaughter attends Western Washington Univ.”

    Tommie (Barbara) Thomas Yinger wrote, “We spent a recent evening with Bill and Sue Almy. We lunched with Bobby Kaufman Harrison, along with several of our high school classmates. In November, I had lunch in Frederick with Gretchen Beckhelm ’60 and her sister Barbara, a grade school chum of mine. Their father was choir director at Hood in the 40s and responsible for starting the Hood/U.S. Naval Academy joint presentation of Messiah. Thanksgiving was spent in New York City. I will decorate one of the six houses in Reedville for the annual Museum House tour, and help make 200 fresh green wreaths for my garden club’s annual fund-raiser. In December, Bob and I ‘escaped’ for three weeks, cruising in the Caribbean to learn more about the Mayan culture in Belize, Honduras and Guatemala; and to visit Antigua, Barbados and Granada. We will spend Christmas in Kingstown, St. Vincent, and my birthday in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, and several other ports.”

    Class Reporter:

    Molly Smith Sperandio
    (727) 393-7446

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