1. 1955: Summer 2015



    Barbara Heaps Rudolph, G’09

    What a wonderful weekend for a reunion!! The campus was in its Spring Glory ….trees, grass and flower beds all radiating the seasonal splendor. Our class of 1955 was small, but we were happy to reconnect and celebrate our love for Hood. Special thanks to the Alumni Office for their preparation of the festivities. Those in attendance were Jinny Parker Domhoff, Jeanne Schmidt Whitehair, Penny Probert Boorman, Barbara “Bobbie” Briggs-Letson, Jacke McCurdy, Art and Joan Lewis Lopatin, Lee and B.L. Heaps Rudolph and Marian Winquist Kinzinger’s husband Walter. Maggie Mitchell Kline, G’08 and Dick joined the group for dinner. Jeanne sends greetings from the West Virginia hills. She said, “While our group was small there was plenty of enthusiasm and time to catch up.” She and Jacke suggest that we might make plans to go sooner and to a restaurant in town. Be prepared to regroup in a few years. Jeanne was also impressed with how beautiful the campus looked. “Flowers were everywhere and the grounds were spotless.” She arrived Friday evening in time for the picnic. “The crab cakes were worth the effort and I did find time to visit the wood burning kiln and was pleased.” She said to ask Jinny about the high rise beds. Evidently, she solved the problem by pushing a bureau to the bed, climbed onto a chair and finally jumped into the bed. “Parachutes to descend would have been thoughtful. Did someone forget we were the class of 1955?” Never forget, Jeanne. They had a short memorial meeting for deceased classmates. Marian Winquist Kinzinger’s husband Walter spoke for Marian and was part of our group. He brought Marian’s ’55 blazer and gave it to Penny Boorman who wore it for pictures. Jinny Parker wrote, “It was great to see Bobbie, Jeanne , Jacke, Joan, Maggie and Penny and the brave men Art , Dick, Lee and Walter who all attended our 60th reunion.  Hats off to Walter Kinzinger who came without his dear wife Marian Winquist Kinzinger. As many of you know, Marian died two years ago . Walter brought all of Marian’s Hood mementos and generously gave them to all those in attendance. “My lasting memory will be climbing into the upper bunk bed in Room #100 of Shriner Hall. Many of the present day Hood students raise their bunks up several feet so they have storage underneath. After I turned out the ceiling light at night I groped my way across the room, climbed up on the desk chair, then stepped up on the bureau and flung myself into the bunk. Bobbie Briggs was smarter. She just hauled her mattress down and slept on the floor. Of course, smartest of all was Jacke McCurdy. She stayed at a motel!” Jacke said, “I was so glad I attended the reunion– 60 years is hard to believe. Though there were only eight, we were still small, but mighty. The Friday night BBQ was held at Brodbeck with the best of Maryland cooking …crab cakes, crab soup, southern fried chicken, and so on. We sat with President Volpe and the provost which gave us a look at what had been happening at Hood. President Volpe has done a beautiful job at Hood. He will be missed. Saturday we were introduced to the incoming President. She’ll have big shoes to fill. I wish her well. The lunch and dinner were both in the sports center. It was so good seeing those who came. Jinny is still in the best shape and is the high jump judge at College in her town while I have a three wheel bike with a motor–oh well.  Bobbie Briggs came from California, my roommate Joan Lewis Lopatin and her husband Art came from east coast of Florida, but the best was Jeanne driving her new Jeep from West Virginia. Penny came from New Jersey and is a friend of friends of mine in Florida, it’s a small world. Other members of our class should try to come next time. It’s worth the effort. Ididn’t mentioned strawberry breakfast as I’m sure I gained 5 pounds.” Joan Lewis Lopatin wrote, “It was wonderful seeing you and the other girls (including dear Walter). I would have loved to see more of the class attending. However, the luncheon and dinner were fine and the program and the Belmont was most enjoyable. If all goes well, I look forward to the 65th. Stay well.” Barbara Briggs-Letson wrote a poem about reunion. She said,It was a good time and I am glad we connected a tiny bit.” Here is her poem:

    Is it an accumulation of memories
    or now’s aloneness of life
    which we celebrate?

    Having so many years pile up
    tumble out
    in words wrapped in force and joy.

    Voluminous tales said round and round
    in strident volume
    so aging ears
    can catch and savor the richness of our hours
    and honor them.

    Or the excitement of being with friends
    women who have stretched and grown
    for more than the eighty years
    of a past.

    We weave stories and remember.

    We admire shards of how were formed
    yet apart
    voices sent into memory.

    A time of bittersweet.

    I swallow tears and smile
    quite sure that we eight will not be together again
    in this way.


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