1. 1949: Winter 2014


    Beth Enterline Adams is living at her son’s home at 285 Hoboken Road, Butler PA. She had to give up driving but otherwise “life’s a pleasure.” Anne Howell Allen reported about her children. Peggy and husband traveled to Bhuton and Thailand. Son Rick is a consultant with Impact and shares custody of daughters Katie and Sarah. Nanc is an administrator in undergraduate drama at New York Univ. Nancy Bomberger Altdoerffer plays bridge with Jane Martin. She lost her husband three years ago, but is thankful for the 61 years they shared together. She is not able to attend reunion. Evelyn Yeidi Aurand trained to serve as an Abider, a form of ministry to the dying. She said there are interesting parallels between the labor of birth and the experience of death. “65 years since graduation! Incredible!” said Evelyn. Fran Graham Baker reported no news, but your reporter, Ann Eberhart King, hopes to meet with Joe and Fran very soon. Toni Hodgson Baker and Fran meet for lunch weekly. She loves to sit on her porch with a glass of wine and admire the Hood campus in its fall colors. “Plan on getting together here to party at reunion time,” said Fran. Amelie Kaufman Bank reported that Burt passed away on August 18. He suffered a stroke 4-and-a-half-years-ago. She will stay in her house as long as possible and refuses to give up her rescue dog. Elayne Nossiter Boros’ second husband died, but thankfully she is surrounded by love from family and friends. Peg Smith Bourland’s September trip to Colorado for a grandson’s wedding was a happy gathering and she was looking forward to the holidays. Libby Lower Brightbill wrote, “life goes on as usual in Hummelstown.” She said when she looks in the mirror she can believe that we graduated 65- years-ago! Jane Shuttleworth Bunting has two wonderful great grandchildren, one boy and one girl and was expecting two more in 2014. Her family is “growing by leaps and bounds!” Jean Heer Clark is traveling the world and goes to a senior center for exercise and history classes. She serves as a pre-school board member at church. Shirley Waters Cristenscn had a hard trek back after colon cancer in February. She is back in her house and can walk and drive. Mary Holtzworth Cusick. Millicent Delaney, Mary’s daughter, wrote that Mary passed away peacefully on October 3, 2013 and that she was with her until the end. We are sorry to hear the news. Doris Magee Dann checked in with no news, but I know she loves seeing several of her great grandchildren. Joan Hays Dessloch Lathrop wrote, “65 years! Four kids: one boy, Roy; three girls, Heidi, Erika and Ellen. Life has been good to me.” Sarah Thomas Drenning and Bill will celebrate their 65th anniversary and will move to Homewood in Frederick. She also has a new knee! Nancy Slingland Field had no news but hopes to be at our reunion! Pauline Toms Flanagan reported nothing new, but she spends a lot of time with Evelyn Strup Orndorf ’46 who also lives at Homewood. Doris Kohr Ford and Walter have been at Stonegate Retirement Community for 10 years and enjoy it very much. Walter has had Alzheiners for a year, but they both remain active and looked forward to the holiday season surrounded by family. Dorothy Holliday Gerlach left Hood in 1946 to accompany her father who was in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany. She has fond memories of Hood and her roommate Ruth Nayer, since deceased. Jean Waples Kidd was trying to get her pansies and violas planted for their winter bloom. She still plays bridge and paints every week with a friend. I, Ann Eberhart King, am sorry to report that I received Mary Reed Landes card back with the news that she had died. Anne Hutton Long said fall is lovely in Oklahoma and they had a lot of company in Montana and loved every minute of it. Martha Kirkpatrick Marsh wished us all “a Happy Christmas!” Barbara Davies Mulholland moved from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts in April to be closer to her daughter and sister. She keeps busy with knitting, crossword puzzles and much more. She said, “65 years, yikes!” Jacqueline Beckh Price is looking for a retirement home. She enjoys activities with her sons and has a great-grandson Will; was expecting a great-granddaughter in November and another great-grandson in January. This has not been a good year for Georgia Earman Russell. She fell and broke a hip, spent six weeks in rehabilitation and is improving every day. They will be moving to assisted living. Doris Eckenberg Schulze is moving to a senior community and said it is a lot like going off to college only with older girls and only a few boys. After 35 years in Georgia she does not sound much like a Yankee anymore. She enjoys her church friends and activities. Anne Englehart Storey’s big news is their trip to Santa Monica, Calif., for the wedding of their granddaughter! Lousie Hendrickson Talley keeps busy with housework and church work. In October, she spent a week with her daughter in North Carolina. Her son, daughter and son-in-law were along for the fun. There will be a third great-grand in January. Shirley Fortuin Weber had a very busy summer and fall with a lot of visitors and two grandson’s weddings. She said, “It would be fun for some of us to get to the reunion.” “Sydney and I, Ann Eberhart King, had two beautiful weddings in Baltimore. Peter’s was in a beautiful Polish church; he met his wonderful wife while working in Warsaw. My granddaughter’s wedding was at the National Aquarium, a spectacular venue! I asked you all to respond to my request for news. Out of 78 classmates, 53 responded––thank you! I hope many of you will make it back for Reunion.”

  2. 1949: Winter 2013


    We are sorry to learn about the passing of Marsha Brockman Marcellus and her husband James M. Marcellus on Aug. 20, 2012. Anne Howell Allen has been at Seabury Retirement Community near Hartford, Conn., for two years. She participates in exercises at the pool and in a short story class through the adult learning program of the Univ. of Connecticut. Evelyn Yeide Aurand still walks, although somewhat compromised in that area. Evelyn writes for a monthly literary journal, sings in the choir and serves in a hospice program. Tina Hodgson Baker had good news to report—the birth of her first great-grandchild. Fran Graham Baker said, “No news. Let’s have lunch!” Jane Brennen Bartro is now living in Naples, Fla., permanently. She has seven children, lots of grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She golfs and does water aerobics.

    Peg Smith Bourland attended the Messiah at Hood. She was preparing for the family’s semi-annual reunion, taking place between Christmas and New Year’s. Libby Lower Brightbill and her husband celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary, and added a fourth great-grandchild. Shirley Waters Christensen is still living in her original house, doing a little work inside and out. She enjoys walking in their beautiful park and feels lucky to be surrounded by three children and four grandchildren. Jean Heer Clark recovered from bronchitis just in time for a trip to the Inca Empire. In case of problems from the extreme altitude, two daughters and her daughter-in-law promised to take care of her. She has become assistant Girl Scout leader for a Cadet Troop, which includes three of her granddaughters, harking back to her former scouting career. Doris Magee Dann moved to Lawrenceville, Ga., to live with her daughter, and is enjoying all the great-grandchildren living in the area. Doris has reconnected with a childhood friend and Hood alum, Mary-Lou Leidheiser ’52. On July 15, 2012, Joan Hays Dessloch married John Lathrop! John is a fellow resident at Laurelmead. Joan was widowed in 1983 and said, “Life with a partner is a gift that amazes me daily.” Nancy Slingland Field spent several days in Chicago recently, attending her grandson’s wedding. She reported that her problems as a result of Hurricane Sandy were minor compared to others in New Jersey.

    Pauliene Toms Flanagan was recuperating following surgeries that required radiation treatments. She said she really enjoyed the summer musical programs at Hood and said they were very good. We hope you are “very good” also! Dorothy Holiday Gerlach attended Hood for only a year but treasures the memory of her wonderful roommate, Ruth Mayer. Lee Miller Gunther-Mohr said that she has not kept in touch with other ’49ers, but she does enjoy reading the class notes! She is living in a retirement community near Princeton. Louella Sauble Harner is still gardening, doing her lawn and shoveling snow, as necessary. Her family is growing by leaps and bounds, with six great-grandchildren and three more next year, including another set of twins. Jean Waples Kidd received a pacemaker in April, but is still going strong. Jean still paints in oil, does water aerobics and plays bridge. She planned to be in Tennessee for Christmas with her middle son. Iris Soble Levy sent me her “Card for 2012.” It was a beautiful and meaningful poem, written by her. The poem referred to the devastating weather, climate change and hopes for a better year ahead. Sorry I do not have space to share it all. Anne Hutton Long and Fred are “alright,” but because Fred is blind, their lifestyle has changed. She said the Library for the Blind has been a godsend. Anne keeps herself busy with church and Mobile Meals.

    Martha Kirkpatrick Marsh was looking forward to being with her daughter and family near Philadelphia for Christmas, and will get together with Eleanor Knapp Wilson while there. Jane Kremer Martin got together, by phone, with Dottie Holliday Gerlach. The two were classmates in junior high, high school and then Hood! They will always be good friends as well as schoolmates. Barbara Davies Mulholland, now living at a senior residence in her hometown of Easton, Pa., is happy and has lots to do. If there are other Hoodlums living near the Easton Home, please get in touch with Barb. Carl Wellborn reported that his mother, Milly Lou Hittinger Pierce, is in a nursing home suffering from Parkinson’s disease. We are saddened by the news. Jacqueline Beckh Price and her two sisters held a huge family reunion in Richmond, Va. They came from all over the country and Canada, children and grandchildren, plus a new Chinese bride! Thanksgiving was spent in Duck, N.C. Doris Eckenberg Schulze wrote of her fond memories during her two years at Hood. One memory in particular was a night spent at the observatory as the guest of Professor Allen looking at the northern lights, Saturn and its rings and the moon! Rita Cleland Stephens was planning a two-week trip to Beef Island, off Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, in January. 

    Ann Englehart Storey and Dick are well and keeping busy visiting family in Baltimore, Annapolis, Md., and Albany, N.Y., as well as with grandchildren on various campuses around the country. They remain active in their church and community. Rose Marie Courogen Vasiliou was busy planning the Christmas dinner at church as well as a homecoming celebration for her grandson, a captain in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Kathryn Conley Webb’s news is that her oldest granddaughter is engaged. The wedding is scheduled for next fall. Shirley Fortuin Weber is still busy and loving life in Wellfleet, Mass. She is active with Audubon, library and UU Fellowship. Paul has first stage Alzheimer’s disease and goes to Gathering Place three days a week, giving her time for her other activities. They have three children in the area as well as their first great-granddaughter. Jane Kulla Boorstein was saddened by the death last spring of her former roommate, Sue Sprague Davis. Jane’s project in Ethiopia, partnered with The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, is now expanding to five additional countries. The goal of the partnership is to educate the people to appreciate the value of family planning and the use of contraceptives. Now confident that the program will continue to expand, Jane has retired from the board after 25 years of service. Jane Shuttleworth Bunting reported that she is still playing a lot of bridge, but unfortunately had to put away her golf clubs. She is enjoying her first great-grandchild, mostly by YouTube as she lives in Florida.

    Syd and I, Ann Eberhart King (your reporter), continue to enjoy our life here in Baltimore in our pleasant apartment at Elkridge Estates. We have “gardening rights” here and have developed rather large shade gardens. We deliver Meals on Wheels once a week and find it very rewarding, even when we are delivering on Christmas Day or another holiday. I have been doing it for more than 25 years and Syd joined me when he retired in 1989. We are sorry to learn about the passing of Marsha Brockman Marcellus and her husband James M. Marcellus on Aug. 20, 2012. I have many greetings and well-wishes to pass along from your ’49er classmates. Thanks to all of you who have sent your news along. Have a good year, all!

    Class Reporter:

    Ann Eberhart King
    (410) 377-5104

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