1. 2002: Summer 2015


    Megan Mills

    Hello Class of 2002! I hope that wherever you are, the warm summer weather is brightening your days! Some big changes are ahead for my family as we are in the process of making a big move from London to Hawaii. But it looks like I’m not alone and a few more of us have change to celebrate! Congrats to Melissa Carter who has rejoined the Hood community as an adjunct professor of chemistry, teaching Chem 100. What an honor to be back on campus in a whole new capacity! Wedding bells will be ringing once again this summer as Kim Hart will marry Brandon Davis June 27, 2015 in Baltimore. I’m sure it will be a gorgeous day with a few 2002 Hoodlums in attendance!  Lindsay Eyzaguirre and her husband Antonio Paterniti welcomed their baby boy Ethan-Sebastian on December 1, 2014. In addition to her new role as mother, Lindsay is working as a molecular epidemiologist at the Institute of Human Virology of the Univ. of Maryland Baltimore. Maggie Laabs Piccone and her husband welcomed their son Vincent Gary Piccone on September 28, 2014 (12 weeks early). He came home from the NICU on December 20 (1 day before his due date) and is doing great! As always, it’s a pleasure getting to share your news, if any of you find yourselves in Oahu, please be sure to get in touch!


  2. 2002: Summer 2014


    Hello Class of 2002!

    I made it through my first London winter and my family and I are now basking in a glorious English summer. (i.e. dropping everything and running outside anytime we see the sun shine!)

    This past spring Louise Stephens (Shoemaker) and her husband enjoyed a quick trip to my new city and they had a blast sightseeing and catching a premier league football match! We didn’t get a chance to meet up this trip, but if anyone else makes it over here look me up, I’d love to see you and share a cuppa!

    Mandy McHugh (Stevenson) recently made a move too, she is now stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and she and her husband are living in Dayton, OH.

    In addition to all this moving about, I’m excited to share that many congratulations, both personal and professional, are in order for our classmates as of late.

    While still running her own company, Tina Wells is now the Academic Director for Wharton’s Leadership in the Business World Program. Additionally, Tina’s fifth book in the Mackenzie Blue series was also released on June 23.

    Kim Hart was recently engaged, and she and her fiancé, Brandon, are planning to be married on June 27, 2015. Asheley Walters (Frere) married her husband Jeff on July 10, 2014.  Maggie Piccone (Laabs) married David Piccone on March 15, 2014 in Chestertown, MD.  They honeymooned in Costa Rica and are thrilled to share that they are expecting the arrival of their first child in late December 2014! Tina Bolly (DiTizio) and her husband, Joseph, and 2 year old daughter, Natalie, just welcomed their newest family member, a baby boy, Logan, born on June 16, 2014.

    I hope everyone had an excellent summer and got to enjoy some sunshine surrounded by friends and family. I look forward to hearing from you in the next few months and getting to share more updates in our next issue!



  3. 2002: Winter 2014


    Greeting Class of 2002 and Happy New Year!

    Watching the Class of 2002 Facebook page it seemed this fall was full of great things for many classmates. It was a pleasure seeing people use to page as a resource for speeches, travel and even fundraising for our alma mater! This fall was an eventful one for my family and I as we relocated from San Diego to London.  We’re still getting acclimated to our new neighborhood and slightly cooler weather, but loving every moment of life here so far.  If anyone is thinking of taking a European vacation be sure to look me up I’d be happy to play London tour guide! Despite our crazy move and having spotty internet access and no computer for two months I managed to get an email sent out to all of you and happily received some first time updates from a few classmates. Kim Hart lives in Baltimore City and received her MBA from Loyola University in 2008. She works in Corporate Branding & Communications for McCormick & Company.  Last year she opened McCormick World of Flavors in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the Company’s first flagship retail store and continues to oversee the store from all aspects. She takes a break from all that “business” by staying active in artistic endeavors by performing in local productions, singing for special events, and dancing whenever and wherever she can find the time!  Congratulations are in order for Holly Barker Haynes who married her husband Brian on August 16 in Beaufort, SC.  The two are living in Cartersville, GA and Holly where Holly works for Redbox. Nuptials are also ahead for Maggie Laabs who got engaged in September and will be wed in March of 2014. I have no doubt many of her Hoodlettes will be in attendance! Finally, Debbi Berry Householder and her husband recently became homeowners when they bought their first house in Pasadena, MD. I hope everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season with friends and family and that 2014 brings you more of the same!

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