1. Class of 1975 News Winter 2019


    Laila Grabowsky Bottomly and Kirk have had a great first year of retirement. They traveled to DC, Mexico , Paris and New England and spent a month as campground hosts at Yosemite, among other camping trips. Their two kids (Jenny, Emergency Medicine doctor and Matt, Intellectual Property attorney) are both happily married and have given them 7 grandkids between them. Yet another due in 2019! They keep busy with church, exercise (her 10th year doing Master Swim), local food bank, Master Gardener and home/garden activities. Sacramento area has great weather and they live in a beautiful wooded suburb with rolling hills and dozens of fruit trees. Laila and Kirk are loving each day!

    Life is still wonderful south of the border for Rhea Bel-Jon Calkins and Steven. Steven just returned from a daunting swim trek in the sea of Cortez and they are both looking forward to their whale watching adventure in the Baja in February. They are finally at the end of their years of construction and renovations and the silence is heaven. Just when she thought they would kick back for a while, Rhea offered to help a local NGO and there went the kick back. She is now treasurer of Mujeres en Cambio (Women in Change) which evolved into far more time and work than anticipated, but this kind of “work” is a true pleasure. We provide scholarships to 175 under-served girls and young women in the surrounding rural communities.

    Jackie Testa Ciminera and Bill now have three beautiful grandchildren.  Their newest, Nathaniel, was born to their daughter Bonnie and her husband at the end of May. Their other two, Ella and Liam, are almost four and almost two, respectively. Bonnie and her family live in New York City and Bill Jr. and his family near them in suburban Philadelphia.

    Happily, Jackie reconnected with one of our classmates, Libby Miller, who’s doing well and living not too far from them in Pennsylvania.

    KC Henry is downsizing her business and moving toward retirement.  Woooohooo!  She moved her office Into her house and started a pottery studio!  She has been honing her new skills at the very progressive, fantastic and new ceramic department at Hood! She loves taking workshops on our beautiful campus and the enthusiasm and professionalism Joyce Michaud, associate professor and director of the ceramics program. Our old science labs are now ceramic labs – much more fun than those chemistry classes were.

    Diana Beck Walters became active in rescuing and training herding dogs after the sudden death of her husband. She found her new passion in flyball, which is a team sport for dogs. She manages and trains a local team (24 dogs, 18 people) in Fayetteville, NC and race just about anywhere she can drive to. Flyball is a wonderful sport for “older” people; her dogs run approximately 25 mph but the handlers do not. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your dog, look up your local Flyball club!

    Al Weinberg joined Hood’s Board of Trustees in October and is looking forward to helping President Chapdelaine move the College securely into the future while navigating the difficult issues facing liberal arts colleges. Based on his first series of meetings, he is extremely optimistic about Hood’s outlook. Meanwhile, he is enjoying retirement in their new home at Wormans Mill in Frederick. His daughter gave birth to his first grandson, Turner, a year ago, while his two granddaughters, living in Pittsburgh, keep getting taller and more talkative. Al’s partner Connie Schlee and a friend have mostly completed work to save the Helen Smith studio. He is gearing up for a new project interviewing Vietnam veterans.

    Thank you to everyone who shared their news. I continue to work full-time designing the retirement plans for small businesses. My mom, living in South Carolina had massive stroke Mother’s Day weekend and we were so fortunate my brother was visiting at the time. She’s improved a lot but still needs skilled nursing care located in Tryon NC.  On the happy side, my son Matt and his long-time girlfriend Samantha got married in October. Matt, Sam and a group of us went to Cabo and had a great time celebrating, relaxing by the pool, eating great food and drinking margaritas. We survived the October wild fires in Northern California which came within two miles of our house. It’s so nice to live in the mountains, but the California droughts make every summer and fall stressful.  Wishing you, your families and friends the best for 2019. Debbie Page Rath

  2. Class of 1975 Summer 2018 News


    Arlene Russo Bujese is again chairing the annual East End Hospice Boxart Benefit, their 18th year.  In addition, she is curating the art for the Project Most benefit to be held this coming June. This is a wonderful after school program for children whose parents work later that the time school lets out. They learn many things: art, growing food and cooking for families, etc. Arlene received the award for Best Work on Paper at the annual Guild Hall Museum members’ exhibition.

    Ann Ely is retiring at the end of June. For the past 17 years she has been an administrative assistant at Rock Point School, a small, private high school in Burlington, VT. It’s been a good run but she’s ready to have other adventures. Her husband Tom will be retiring next year, probably in the fall. They are both looking forward to spending more time with their daughters and their families (3 grandchildren between them:  14, 11, and 18 months), and traveling.

    Peg Hosky continues to thrive as co-founder and owner of a media firm, FedInsider, with 80,000 subscribers. Please take time to check out their website www.fedinsider.com. All six of her brothers and sisters have retired, but she enjoys working with government and industry technology leadership engagements too much to throw in the towel

    Susan Jeanne Mertz invites us to look at her Facebook page. She has been busy visiting over 40 countries and the rest of the US, since retiring six years ago from a successful business. Susan also became a grandmother. Her life is excellent!

    Dory Barrows Smith is enjoying her 2nd year of retirement and life keeps her busy! Her Dad at 93 is still independent at his retirement community but the visits have increased. Her granddaughter Aidyn just turned 12 and is a delightful young lady. Dory still hopes Aidyn has some teenage drama in store for her daughter as Moms love paybacks! Her husband Steve recently had his first grandchild, Everette, and they visit when they can but Los Angeles is far away from Laurel MD. Face time is a godsend for family that doesn’t live near them. One of the things she wanted to do when she retired was travel – and they have! Some has been accompanying Steve on his business trips and they tour old houses and check out breweries where ever they go. This spring they went for 2 weeks to Santiago and Easter Island in Chile and visited with friends near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Dory has been fascinated with Easter Island since she first heard of it while at Hood. It was awesome to see it all in person. In the last few years she have seen some Alums – Trish Emery Call ’74 in Tucson AZ and Beth Kline ’75 on Cape Cod.  They had great visits and she only wishes they could do it more often.

    Life is good for Carol Fleck Whetzel. Dennis (aka Mike) continues to work from home and loves it. Carol makes frequent trips to MA to visit with her 95 year old mother. Her visits with the grandsons in PA and NC brings out the kid in them! She tried out the trampoline recently which was a little scary at first but not bad. No broken bones. Riding adult Big Wheels is an absolute blast that Carol cannot get enough of. She wonders at what age she’s supposed to grow up. Don’t we all!

    Thank you to everyone who shared their news. I continue to work designing the retirement plans for small businesses, and because the economy has improved, I am extremely busy. My son Matt got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Samantha and we are planning a wedding for early next year. Wish I had more time to write, but unfortunate I’m running up against the filing deadline for this article. Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2018. Wishing you, your families and friends the best! Debbie Page Rath

  3. Class of 1975 Fall 2017 News


    On a gorgeous weekend in September, Ellen Bosek McMahon hosted a mini-reunion with Marcia Ritter DoiranLynda Strasser Brooks, Pricilla Munkenbeck Cherrin, Fran Vogler Groves, Laura Lee Hickman and Sharon Dahlstrom Cannon at her cottage in Haven Beach on Long Beach Island. The devastation caused by hurricane Sandy was no longer visible, with a beautiful, large beach and dunes. It was the perfect weekend for sun-bathing, good food, wine… and so much fun to catch up with second floor Memorial friend Sharon from freshman year! She lives in northern Virginia with her husband Carl. They missed Ann Shackleford Silva and Lisa Ohler Kennedy, but hope to do something similar next year with all in attendance!

    Lynda Strasser Brooks and her husband Jay are semi-retired and have been living in Wilmington, NC for the past three years. They love the climate and coastal life style here. Their son Sean and his wife are living in Raleigh, only two hours away, which is great because they had a beautiful baby boy 11 months ago. Lynda and Jay go to Raleigh frequently to see our grandson!  Life is good! Anyone visiting the Cape Fear area is welcome to stop in!

    Since Hood’s last Alumni Update, Cheryl Cuddeback went on a business trip to Cincinnati. Being a live long New Yorker, she thought it was really cool getting a different perspective of city living in a beautiful town. Cheryl learned that the predecessor of the Brooklyn Bridge was the Roebling Bridge, a bridge named after John Roebling that connects Kentucky to Ohio. It was like living in a mini-NYC. Cheryl wishes well to fellow Hoodlums and feels so blessed to build the memories we have.

    Retired now, Barbara Baird Rogers is enjoying this new chapter in her life. Jim and Barbara are still a very happy twosome, with three daughters’’-in-love and seven grandchildren, between the ages of 1 and 7. Their two standard poodles keep them hopping. Deedee Gustafson Dohan lives nearby, and of course, they both wear our Hood rings proudly when they get together!  Wish I still had mine, but unfortunately it was stolen years ago.

     Anna Kluth vonLindenberg and Von have certainly been enjoying boating this year. They spend half of their time aboard their boat in Cambridge from May through October and then continued the great loop from Chicago down to Tampa last December. They just returned from a trip down the inland coastal water way to the quaint town of New Bern, NC. They plan to go by car to Hilton Head for a month this winter. Von and Anna are in good health, and she has been enjoying bike riding, yoga, Pilates, and water aerobics. Anna is involved in the environment, garden club, landscaping committee, social committee, book club, and local public issues. Their grandkids are ages 9, 7.5 and 6, and are adorable and thriving.

     Arlene Russo Bujeses’s inspiration for working as a fundraiser is generated by studies in Gerontology and Death and Dying at Hood. This year she chairs the 18th Annual Boxart Auction for East End Hospice. As a Board member, she is privileged to see the importance of the great work being done on behalf of this great cause: end of life care, with love and dignity, open to all. Arlene has also become involved with Project Most, an after-school program for children of working parents.

    Aldan Weinberg became a grandfather for the third time in September. Turner Allen Florance was born to his daughter Casey and husband Keith. His first name is Al’s middle name. His two granddaughters live in Pittsburgh with his son and his wife. Since retiring in 2015, he has been busy moving to a new house in Frederick with Connie and raising money to try to save the studio of famed local artist Helen Smith, also a former faculty member.

    Thank you to everyone who shared with their fellow classmates. Hearing from you brings back such great memories. I continue to work for a firm marketing and designing the best retirement plans for small businesses. Since the ladies in my office are all crafty, we’ve been making wreaths and other decorative items along with having an occasional paint party. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2017. Wishing you, your families and friends the best! Debbie Page Rath

  4. 1975: Summer 2017


    Cherilyn Widell send a Hello to all. She has a wonderful consulting practice in historic preservation which has led her into projects ranging from the creation of Delaware’s first National Park to stabilization of Alexander Graham Bell’s House on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. This year she was named to the board of the US Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, so she will be involved in nominating World Heritage Sites for the US. She owes it all to Mrs. Hagerman and Dr. Latkovski who showed her how to develop a career in history in an area other than teaching! If you’re near Chestertown Maryland, contact her for a visit.

    Margery Berringer-Schuran and her husband Horst joined Steven and Rhea Bel-Jon Calkins for a short visit in San Miguel in January. They all drove to a quiet beach on the Pacific coast where we shared a spectacular house on a secluded cove, cheered Steven on to 2nd place in his open water swim, and gorged themselves on seafood and great times. Now that Rhea and Steve are getting close to the end of their construction days, they are looking forward to doing more travelling and more open water swims for Steven. Maybe the whales in Baja next! Unfortunately, Rhea has developed back problems, but feels she could not be in a better place to work to avoid surgery. The thermal pools there are just the ticket for her therapy and year round hot water, blue skies and birds are so much nicer than a smelly gym. She is still enjoying her work with the animal shelter and just participated in a free city wide spay and neuter program where we sterilized over 700 cats and dogs in four days.

    Arlene Russo Bujese has completed the installation of over 90 works of art donated by East End Long Island artists throughout the newly opened Kanas Center for Hospice Care in Quiogue, NY. She is in the 17th year of the Boxart Benefit Auction for EEH, serving as Chairperson.

    Cheryl Cuddeback is a NY Licensed Real Estate Sales Representative focusing on Queens and Long Island in NY. The beauty of this career is she interacts with fellow “Hoodlums” like Carolyn Schoemer, who graduated from Hood in ’72 and is also in real estate. Last summer she chilled with Billie Weiss and Ann Cupia from the graduating class of ’74 on the Jersey shore. Sign up to get her real estate flyers as they are full of great information.

    Laila Grabowsky Bottomly and her husband Kirk just finished hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. What a trip! They hiked the Camino in Spain two years ago and both are so worth it! Their kids are doing well – daughter Jenny splits her time between mothering six kids and being an emergency doctor. Their son Matt is an intellectual property attorney in Orange County and got married in March. Laila lives near Sacramento, California and is glad to be far away from the doings in DC!

    Joan Garner Kaiser emailed me while sitting on the Disney Magic in Stockholm, Sweden!! Joan and her husband John did a re-positioning cruise from Port Canaveral and then a Northern European cruise. So much fun sailing with Mickey, Minnie and friends. Retirement can be a grand thing.

    Thank you to everyone who was able to respond to my request for class news. Sorry I was unable to give everyone more time. My son Matt got a great job at E & J Gallo Winery in Roseville, California. It has been fun for me to learn about the company and all the wines and distilled liquors in their portfolio. Should take me a while to sample everything. I continue to explore more alternatives to solve my chronic pain, but it is a long, difficult process. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Wishing you, your families and friends the best! Debbie Page Rath


  5. 1975: Winter 2017


    Rhea Bel-Jon Calkins and Steven still love life in the mountains of Mexico.  She is now one of the cat advocates at the local shelter and is enjoying finishing their home and urban garden.  For Rhea, it was quite a Hood year.  In March, Margery Berringer-Schuran ‘74 and Billie Ellen Weise ’74 came down to visit Steven and Rhea in San Miguel for a week of soaking in the town, talking, laughing, and walking.  In August she was so thrilled when Cheryl Cuddeback and Pat Kidd ’74 joined them in New York for a great event celebrating her father’s life.  Cheryl being the Queen of Queens knew just the place for them to meet, even if only for a short time.

    Biggest news from Ann Wiggins Ely is they have a new granddaughter: Mom is their youngest daughter– Jennifer.  Madelyn Parker Ely was born November 2, 2016, 5 lbs. 15 oz., and 18.5 inches.  Mom and child are doing very well.  They are smitten and very in love with their third granddaughter.

    Dory Barrows Smith retired from teaching high school – FACS Child Development.  She will miss the amazing students that she got to work with, but not grading papers on nights and weekends.  She plans to sub at the high school part-time and travel with her husband, Steve, on his monthly business trips.  She hopes to have more time for reading books strictly for pleasure.  They are planning vacations to Cape Cod, Norwood NY and New Orleans.

    Anna Kluth Vonlinderberg is alive and enjoying life in Fenwick, Delaware.  They enjoyed doing some major sections of the Great Loop with their son and his family on their boat this year, where they experienced the rust belt first hand as they traveled from the C and D Canal to Cleveland, then rejoined to head south from Chicago to St. Petersburg.   She’s leaning back and enjoying holiday festivities this month just like the rest of us.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  I remain busy working for the same consulting firm marketing and designing retirement programs to be administered by our staff.  Still struggling with nerve pain caused by my spinal cord injury; trying different treatments throughout the year in search of relief.  I would be interested in any treatment options you may recommend. Wishing you, your families and friends the best!  Debbie Page Rath

  6. 1975: Summer 2016


    Anna Kluth VonLindenberg and her husband Von are both well and retired. She has become involved in the environment and her clubs: book club, bike club and kayak club. They are still boating around the Chesapeake on their boat during the summer.  They go traveling during the winter. Last year, San Diego. This winter, Australia. She has fond memories of Hood!

    For Ann Wiggins Ely and her husband, things are going along well in their 15th year in Burlington, Vermont.  Tom is still working hard as the Episcopal Bishop of Vermont and Ann continues in her position as an administrative assistant at Rock Point School.  The biggest news is that their youngest daughter, Jennifer, is expecting her first child at the end of October – a girl (her side of the Ely family does not seem to be able to produce boys!) – and they are very excited to welcome their third grandchild.  This past May, Tom and Ann celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary which she found hard to believe – She feels so young!  They will all be traveling to southern France this August to spend time with their family and their son-in-law’s family in a villa for a week.  Tom and Ann are very much looking forward to their first visit to France.  All together there will be over 20 of them!  Cannot wait to hear about her trip.

    Cheryl Cuddeback is now in the field of Real Estate.  If you’re thinking of selling your home or just wonder how much it’s worth, please contact Cheryl.  She is a NYS licensed sales associate.  You can call or text her at (917) 562-6747 or send her an email CherylCuddeback@kw.com.  In looking back, she is truly blessed to have the memories she has shared with all.

    Jan Vasa Di Beneditto’s year has had some high and lows. Jan battled with cancer in the beginning of the year. The good news is that it was caught early and she didn’t need chemo or radiation.  The year continued with even better news as her husband, Tom and Jan became grandparents for the first time!  Her name is Claire Noelle and of course she’s an absolute delight.  The year will end a trip to Ireland that they have been planning for a long time.

    Arlene Russo Bujese has just completed curating the permanent collection of approximately 80 works of art for the newly opened East End Hospice Kanas Center for in-patient care in Quiogue, NY.  After 20 some years of planning and fund-raising, the 8 patient suite center serves the East End of Long Island.

    Carol Fleck Whetzel emails that life is good with them. Dennis (Mike to some) and Carol spent 10 days in Hawaii for their 40th wedding anniversary.  They cannot wait to go back!  The catamaran cruise up the Na Pali Coast of Kauai was the highlight.  Now they’re looking forward to the grand-kids spending some time with them this summer as they always a blast when they’re visiting!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.  California remains in a drought although we did get more rain during the past 6 months.  Keep your fingers crossed that wild fires stay away from us, and our Hood friends and families.  Feel free to share information with me throughout the year.  Wishing you and your families the best for the remainder of 2016!  Debbie Page Rath

  7. Class of 1975 Fall 2015 News


    Aldan T. Weinberg is now a Professor Emeritus of Journalism. He is still teaching (one course, the senior seminar) and advising the radio station, but essentially retired from Hood after 30 years. He moved from his home in Braddock Heights of 43 years to Worman’s Mill. His fiancé, Connie Schlee, sold her historic house in Frederick and they are now under the same roof. Moving after all those years was a full-time job in itself. Now he wonders how he ever got anything done when he was working. Grandchildren Claire and Nora moved from Silver Spring to Pittsburgh, where mom got a position with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as a pediatric cardiologist and assistant professor. Son Rob will continue his law practice in Pennsylvania, while daughter Casey practices law in Rockville.

    On May 11, 2015 Sue Shorb-Sterling received her Doctor in Ministry degree from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D. C. Then on May 19, she received the gift of double total knee replacements. She is now walking well and is pain free! Currently, she is in her seventh year serving as pastor at Salem United Methodist Church in Brookeville, MD.  Also, her fourth grandchild was born in January. Her name is Ashley Ellen Sterling. Three weeks later, Ashley was involved in a car crash and rushed to Johns Hopkins PICU with a brain bleed. She came home on her one month birthday. Ashley is now doing everything that she is supposed to being doing for her age and has been released from her doctors. We are very grateful.

    Debbie Wagner Shawen’s biggest news is birth of her first grandchild Samantha Rose who is a pure joy and lives outside London with her parents, so they are hopping across The Pond whenever they can. Michael and Debbie downsized to condos in Rehoboth Beach, DE and Sarasota, FL. They bike, hike, and kayak as often as possible and go out West to their favorite national parks. When in Baltimore they live on their sailboat. Debbie’s work as an Educational Consultant (helping families who need a therapeutic program or LD school) can be done from anywhere – and she loves it.

    Arlene Russo Bujese is still serving as Curator in Residence at the Southampton Cultural Center, NY, and has just completed the 15th Annual Boxart Benefit Auction for East End Hospice (EEH); it is her 13th year as Chairperson of the event.  She serves on the Board of Directors of EEH, and is working on securing works of art for the soon to be completed East End Hospice patient residence in Quioge, Long Island, NY.

    Jackie Testa Ciminera is happy to share that her first grandchild, a beautiful girl named Ella, was born in April to her son Bill and his wife Amanda.  We’ll be watching facebook for some pictures.

    Von and Anna Kluth vonLindenberg have been retired and living at the Beach in West Fenwick, DE for 3 years. They are both in good health, and still very much enjoying boating and all outdoor activities, although they increasingly escape the winter cold. Anna has become involved in promoting mindfulness in their daily routines to ease the burden of increased human impact on their beautiful inland bays. They have 3 beautiful grandchildren. Her sister, Kas Kluth Rohm,’77 and her husband Greg whom she dated while at Hood, have a part-time residence here as well. Anna sends Hello to all.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and remained safe throughout the extreme weather conditions.  It looks like we’ve made it through another summer of wild fires in California.  And if they’re right about El Nino, we may even get some rain and snow this winter.  We could really use it. Wishing you and your families the best for the remainder of 2015!  Debbie Page Rath

  8. 1975: Summer 2015


    Deborah Page Rath

    Can you believe it has been 40 years since we graduated?  Our 40th reunion weekend was enjoyed by all and here are some of their experiences. Ann Thomas Phillips shared how great it was to see familiar faces from 40 years ago, especially Rachael Nisley Mock, P’01 and Pam Balch Ewell who she had not seen in decades. She said it was great to talk with classmates even those she did not know well while at Hood. She’s looking forward to our 45th and hopes that more classmates will come back and share their old memories and make some new ones. Priscilla Munkenbeck Cherrin had a fabulous, fun filled time. She said the campus and surroundings look magnificent and the hospitality was endless. She is convinced that Hood’s campus is the fountain of youth. “The food was terrific and tasty. They did a wonderful job. President Volpe was as cheerful and pleasant as always and will be missed by all. The best of all was seeing our classmates. Everyone looks great and as friendly as ever. So happy we all attended and will continue to be friends. Thank you all.” Marcia Ritter Doiron said, “the reunion was great; cannot believe it was 40 years! Lisa Oller Kennedy traveled from Texas, Ann Shackelford Silva from Maine, me from Massachusetts, Lynda Strasser Brooks from North Carolina, Fran Vogler Groves and Ellen Bosek McMahon from North Jersey and Cill Munkenbeck Cherrin and Laura Lee Hickman from Delaware…that’s the Memorial Gang! Pam Balch Ewell traveled from Germany! It was fun for all, food was great and the campus looks beautiful!!” Ellen Bosek McMahon added that “Saturday’s luncheon was very special and the speakers and tribute to Dr. Volpe was memorable. I’m so glad to have been there. Reconnecting with everyone was such fun.” It was definitely a great reunion from Laura Lee Hickman. “The campus was beautiful and food delicious…especially the Maryland picnic on Friday night. It was so nice to re-connect with the gang of Meyranites as well as Cherilyn Widell. We all had a blast at Shriner dorm both nights with gatherings that went late into the evening! We are looking forward to the next!” I personally want to thank everyone who donated during our 40th reunion year. The class of 1975 reached and exceeded our 40% participation goal with 41.54% making a gift to the college. The total amount donated from our class was the highest ever at $15,456. Although I was unable to attend this reunion, I hope to see everyone at our next reunion. Have a wonderful and safe summer! Debbie Page Rath

  9. 1975: Summer 2014


    Since retiring in June of 2011 after 36 years of teaching, Marcia Ritter Doiron has been volunteering in her community and loves it. She drives the elderly and volunteers at the Historical Association and the Community Center. She’s also the proud “Mimi” to four grandchildren under the age of 6. They all live nearby so her husband of twenty years, Bill, and her see them often!

    This year their Memorial group traveled to Maine to Ann Shackelford Silva‘s lovely home, full of antiques and her dad’s wonderful artwork. They had such a wonderful time out at Owl’s Head State Park and eating lobster! Joining on the trip were Lisa Kennedy Oller, Fran Vogler Groves, Ellen Bosek McMahon, Priscilla Munkenbeck Cherrin and Lynda Strasser Brooks. They missed Laura Lee Hickman who was busy with her artwork in Bethany Beach.

    Jackie Testa Ciminera re-connected with Libby Miller, who lives not far from her. Libby found Jackie on Facebook, and they’ve enjoyed getting together for some catching up. Bill and Jackie are preparing for two weddings: their son is to be married in mid-July, and their daughter is getting married in March 2015. A busy time for them!

    Beverly Nester Jefferson met Debbi Ramsey Wilson ’70 in her own backyard of Seattle through an organization of which they were both members: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists. They Co-Chaired the Seattle luncheon last year to raise money to provide financial awards to academically outstanding graduate students studying to complete degrees in science, engineering and medical research. They had a blast working together and sharing great memories of Hood. It turns out both love to fly fish!

    After 34 years, Barbara Baird Rogers is retiring from Benchmark School. Her entire career was spent there raising money and serving bright children who are not reaching their academic potential. She will miss it but it’s time for the next chapter. Jim and Barbra are very happily married and feeling very blessed with their three grown sons and their growing families. Currently, all three of their daughter-in-laws are pregnant. Their oldest son and his wife are expecting their first in September, their second son and his wife are expecting their third child in October and their youngest son is expecting their second baby in December. By Christmas, they will have doubled their grand babies from three to six.

    Anna Kluth vonLindenberg sent greetings from their new home on the eastern shore. They’ve escaped Maryland. They are loving retirement, and having plenty of house guests. Her sister, Kas Kluth Rohm and her husband Greg have also purchased a home at the Delaware beach.

    Susan McKendree is well into her book about Meher Baba’s Blue Bus Tours throughout India in the late 1930s and early 40s and very excited to be flying to Meherabad in September for a three-month visit to conduct research in the archives there. The journey is also a pilgrimage to her teacher’s Samadhi, or tomb-shrine, and an opportunity to spend time with other pilgrims from around the world.

    In June Val Kremer Reeve met up with Kristi Mathias while visiting Washington, DC with her teenage daughter. Kristi is now back in downtown DC living with a huge loveable bulldog. She’s happy, healthy, still an artist and works at the Hirshhorn Museum. Val continues to be an artist, and also a writer of short stories. Just returned from a group hike/bike trip to Italy followed by a week of looking at museums and churches with her husband. They are blessed with 2 wonderful daughters: Bridgit, a junior at Lafayette, and Laura, a junior at The Stony Brook School. She’d love to hear from you – email her vreeve1@msn.com.

    Cheryl Cuddeback started her own computer training business. Currently she’s teaching two courses at a local CUNY Facility among other consulting gigs. She’s keeping her love of her neighborhood, Forest Hills Gardens, alive by taking photos for Terrace Sotheby’s Realty as well as creating calendars sold via lulu.com. She’s still married to Norman and their daughter is 20 and a junior at Hunter College.

    Marita Stup Loose has retired from Frederick County Public Schools after fifteen years as executive director of communication services. Through LinkedIn, she was offered a job teaching Business Communication at Frederick Community College. She’s back at Hood as well, on a freelance basis consulting with the Grad School office. She recently visited one-time apartment mate Darlene DeMay ’72 in the Tampa area and look forward to her visit in August.

    Thanks to everyone who took to time to share. Take care!

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