1. 1973: Winter 2014


    Class Reporter: Class of 1973

    Sara Parkhurst Van Why
    (814) 623-1557

    I am continuing with the random memory theme from the last column.  Leslie Hawkins remembers her time in Spain and celebrating her return to Hood.  Debbie Christ Zourdos remembers attending a meeting freshman year in the Coblentz smoker.  She says we went in p.j.s and rollers and were encouraged to strike against the Vietnam War.  She told everyone, including Dr. Lewis, that she would be going to class!  Smokers, now there is a flash from the past.  Other memories include: desk girls, call boards, the difference between a visitor and a caller, singing to our big sisters, the Pergola, Body Mechanics pictures, signing the honor code at the end of our exams, parietal hours, Gambrill State Park, Rowdy Cabin, Touchstone, Blue and Grey Newspaper, Figgy pudding, Strawberry Breakfast, Mixers, Strawn Cottage, the Child Development Lab, and Dawn Elliot.  In our four years at Hood, there were three presidents of the college –Elliott, Erck, and Pritchard.  There have only been three since we left.  I ended the last column debating whether to share my roommate’s memories of my lack of certain talents.  Kathy Nixdorff Wilson had to suffer through my learning how to sew, but at least now I can. I think my mother still has the brown blouse. Our other big joke was the history test I almost failed freshman year.  We had a bet that we wouldn’t remember my grade in 10 years.  Well needless to say we both know I got a D.  The funniest thing is that now history is one of my favorite things. As I think back on these memories; I have also been reflecting on all I gained from my time at Hood. Wonderful friends, memories and education. Hood certainly started us on a great path even if it wasn’t the one we thought we would take.  P.S. Hood is still trying to move me into the future by making me do this column on line.  Hope it gets to where it is supposed to go.

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