1. Interim Update: 1967


    Angela Mogin ask all members of the Class of ’67 who remember Dr. Lewis’ classes if they would like to contribute to her memorial via the Dr. V. Lewis Fund/Institutional Advancement Dept.

    Judy Lehman Ballinger is enjoying getting to new places & activities in Berks Co. PA, even getting to a Hood basketball game and meeting local alums. My silk painting “business” keeps growing, grand kids have increased to seven. One thing: When my 1st grade teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, my reply was “artist”. I just celebrated my 69th birthday and I think that I am finally Grown-up and an artist! I enjoyed seeing Ginny Munson Hammell last summer in Cape May Point, and hope to meet up again this summer. I am looking forward to my first trip to Europe since 2001, to an art workshop in southern France in May.

    Speaking of Ginny Munson, she is still retired. She writes: Spent a wonderful few days in March-April with Pat Jones Van Mater at her and Peter’s fab digs in Naples and is trying to work her way down to Sicily.Sadly no grand kids. Hilary is an attorney, Davis still not sure about his career. I live in Alexandria and love it. Not this winter!!! I m on the Board of Community Lodgings here. We move families to independence through our transitional housing/job training/ education programs.

    Marianne Kearney has moved permanently to Woodstock, NY, my beloved childhood “summer place.” The new address is 167 Glenford Wittenberg Rd. Glenford, NY 12433 845-6570-6224. Now retired from independent school education in St. Louis, I have returned to local activism having joined in the hydraulic gas fracking controversy in NYS. Not so surprising, Dr. Lewis in on my mind all the time. Company is always welcome, so I hope classmates will consider stopping by or staying over when traveling in the Hudson River Valley area.

    Kris Campbell Joyce writes that her 96 yr. old mother Ann Campbell died on Feb. 8 peacefully in her sleep. So the French House triple roomies, Judy Lehman Ballinger, Cheryl Wray Kirk and I, have all lost our long life Mothers over the past couple years. We have been sharing what an impact these losses
    are. I am grateful to have this comfort.

    Beth Hobby says life has had its “ups and downs” lately – the tornadoes last fall missed the house (an “up”) but we did have some interesting detritus land all over the yard…a roll of wallpaper, a German hymnal and a bucket full of charcoal briquettes being the three most interesting. While not dodging flying stuff I have been doing art work again, and will be having an exhibit for the month of May – another of the aforementioned “ups!” My sculpture, assemblages and collages (some of them made from the tornado stuff) will probably cause the more conventional residents of Morris, IL to raise their eyebrows a bit at the very least. I lost my mom in February just short of her 91st birthday; getting used to not visiting her every week has been one of the “downs.” My partner Sandy’s health is not always the best, but I’ve been blessed in that respect, although I don’t always recognize the lady I’m looking at in the mirror! Finally, as the best “up,” I have a fabulous 8 month old great-nephew who plays bongos and dances at the same time, and goes by the name JAME-O. Who could ask for more in a kid?

    Ann Goodhart is enjoying retirement and spending time gardening, reading and cooking. She returned to the east coast in 2010 when she retired from over 40 years as a librarian and the last 13 years as a library director in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her husband, James Delgado, is Director of Maritime Heritage for NOAA and an underwater archaeologist. They love travel but are now spending more of their travel time in California with a new granddaughter born the day before Thanksgiving in 2013.

    Cynthia Newby writes semi-retirement as a McGraw-Hill author of post-secondary medical administration texts–more happily, working in the garden (Garden Conservancy tour planned for Sept 7 this year) — but never completely out of work I hope. Cyndi shared a great quote that many of us can relate to from Margaret Atwood:
    In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
    Gail Witham Pohl reports we are now up to 18 grandchildren, which is our biggest news. The oldest one is 13. Doug has retired from teaching but is still teaching at the university, so our life in Georgia hasn’t changed much. We love to travel and enjoyed a trip to China in December and anticipate a trip to Uganda this summer. Our daughter’s family lives there, including 8 of our grandchildren whom we haven’t seen for 2 years.

    I keep up with Dorrie MacGregor Spurlock who works full-time at the U. of Utah in Salt Lake City after having taught first grade. Quite a jump.

    Barbara Herron and husband Craig are working on another indie Western. He’s the director of photography and will be doing lots of visual effects. I’m doing costume design, and have a bit part as the saloon owner’s mother. We’ll be shooting on weekends pretty much all summer.

    I love being retired and am having fun sewing and cooking and reading, and look forward to gardening weather.

    Elly McHale Szum writes from bucolic New Hampshire:
    Hmmm, my life in a nut shell. Well, it has been a very pleasant life without too many slings and arrows thrown my way and for that I thank the good Lord.

    I left Hood and wended my way to Cambridge, MA, where I earned a Masters in Education with a focus on the Emotionally Disturbed child. Cambridge was where I met my husband, Richard.

    In 1972 we married and moved to a rural part of Amherst, NH where we raised our family. In 1979 we became parents. Actually we became “Soccer Parents”. But we also offered our children a pretty idyllic life. As we lived in the middle of farm country our few neighbors had the same values we worked to instill in our kids.

    I taught troubled children until the twins were born (1982) and then I stayed home. When the oldest went to a private Catholic school, I headed back to work. I retired this past year after working as an elementary school librarian. Richard retired two years ago after many years of global travel working for Siemens.

    We are now retired and our children have left the nest. The oldest, Carolyn, is living and working in Beijing, daughter Kate is living with her husband in Ithaca, NY while twin brother John is in the military currently stationed in California.

    So that is about it. We are not grandparents. We do not travel too much. We both enjoy our home and gardens. I have become quite fond of dandelions and wild grasses.

    I (Pat Kearns, this year’s reporter) am posting these because we have a limited word count in the printed Hood magazine that comes out this summer and I don’t want to leave anything out. I will also try to give first priority in that magazine to those who haven’t heard from. Many thanks to those of you who responded. My own news is much the same, still working, now have four beautiful grandchildren, two of whom will be moving far away to Santa Rosa CA in June so now I have two in north Georgia and two in Santa Rosa, CA. Needless to say, I’m working on my exit strategy (not THAT exit) so I can have more time to travel and keep in touch. Will miss all those massive Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Luckily I still have two-my oldest and my youngest – in DC but that, too, can change.

  2. 1967: Winter 2014


    Judy Ballinger reports, “The combination of being newly married to a man also recently retired from “regular” work and both of us getting increasingly busy with our own and friends’ art ventures has snowballed into a much too busy schedule. Our challenge now is figuring out how to slow down.”

    Kris Campbell Joyce was a guest artist in Hokkaido, Japan, for one week and then traveled the country with BJ for two more weeks. Kris had taken a semester course on the history of Japanese art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and was well prepared for some of the things she saw. That trip was the highlight of her year.

    Leilani Chen Viney retired 2 years ago, and is still a little in shock. “I’m still doing competitive ballroom dancing both with my husband and a professional teacher. It’s the closest thing I know of to the fountain of youth! I still keep in touch with my roommate, Gwenn Sterling Engle.”

    Beth Costello Hobby enjoys “gardening, s’mores in the backyard with friends, not riding that darned bike like I should, eating out, giving art restoration seminars, re-doing the church landscaping, having a glass of wine now and then with my buddies, and really enjoying most of what it is to be 68! And, I’ve been a Great Aunt now for 5 months – how fun is that?”

    Barb Cummings Stacks had very busy year. “We have just moved into a smaller house and are buried in boxes. Our new address: 42 North Main Street, Essex, CT. Telephone: 860-581-8770. There was interest in my book at our reunion and I am excited to share that it has been published. Childhood Roots, Raising Children Birth to Eight. Please email me for a copy.”

    Angela Milea Mogin has a new grandson, Jason Andrew, the second son of youngest daughter Lauren Mogin Giamonna, born last January 23.

    Ginny Munson Hammell moved twice in a year. “I have considered moving to Florida, but there are too many connections here…and now that I’m alone, I relish the (fast diminishing) friends and haunts here. Unhappily, no grandchildren yet.”

    After teaching high school students with mild to moderate learning disabilities for sixteen years, Kitty Nevin Rieske was more than ready to retire. “Now I am enjoying being able to stay up to watch the Red Sox win the World Series and then sleep in the next morning! We can now travel on non-school vacation weeks and stay for more than a week.”

    Jeanne Perkins Hofferkamp and Steve are expecting their third grandchild in December. They took a great road trip to Arizona and visited Grand Canyon and are still enjoying retirement.

    Laurie Seymour Carlson spent the first half of the year recovering from a labyrinthectomy. “Since I live just a five-minute walk from my daughter & granddaughter, they are a big part of my life. I love it and feel truly blessed!” Her son and his family are also nearby.

    Debbie Smith Aldrich has been free of breast cancer for three years. “Our library and my church provide me with a lot of pleasure.” Her children are both nearby, two grandsons are in college with one more to go, and Debbie has four great-grandchildren through a step-daughter.

    Johanna Van Wert Thompson and Michael and both “retired” from part-time jobs this year and have very full days attending grandchild functions, traveling, and taking classes through William and Mary. “Fall is a wonderful time to visit Williamsburg and I would love to hear from anyone whose journeys bring them to this section of Virginia.”

    Gail Witham Pohl and Doug had a memorable 2013, with trips to Italy and China, and a surprise quadruple bypass for Doug in August. One week after Doug’s surgery, they were in Pennsylvania for Gail’s 50th high school reunion. “The doc made me promise to drive and to make very frequent stops!”

    Barb Wood Spellman had a busy year. “My husband retired in August of 2012 so there has been more time for travel. In October we added two granddaughters to our family. That brings us to seven grandchildren and four of them are girls — quite a change for someone who had four sons.”

    I, Barbara Morgan Herron, retired at the end of June and started helping Craig with his film and video work. A highlight was working with actor Eric Roberts. I’m also retiring as Class Reporter. It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.

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