1. 1959; Winter 2019


    Anne Wilson Heuisler

    Catherine Brooke Buckingham’s husband of 58 years, Ronnie, died in September. Catherine is looking forward to her two grandchildren’s weddings and two European trips. Eleanor Brown Wheeler and Phil continue to work on plans for the one-story house they plan to build this year.  Tarun Comegys Johns relished her two-week mission in Ghana in September. She also spent a week on safari in Kenya and in October explored Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.  She visited her little sister, Susan Folsom ’61, in NC and then went to Frederick County, MD, for a family reunion. Frieda Cronhardt, 81, died peacefully on Friday, June 22, 2018.  Frieda graduated from Hood with a master’s degree in social work and spent most of her career as a social worker in Carroll County for the State of Maryland.  She was a veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, where she served as a First Lieutenant. Nancy Fletcher Artlett is adjusting to life in the U. S. after many years in Australia.  She is finding the health system complex and the climate humid.  She hopes to get to the 2019 reunion but grieves the loss of Starr Culver Weihe, Margarita Sabater del Toro, Gail Mulliken Painter, and others and of Fritz Huntsinger, “who was like a brother.” Sandra Hanson Hargrave died on August 2, 2018.  Sandy and her husband, Louis Hargrave, raised their two sons in Ruxton, MD.  She also had a successful career in the real estate business.  Sandy is survived by her husband and her son, Lindsay.  Their other son, John, was killed in a traffic accident in 2016 at the age of 50. Sandy had 6 grandchildren. Edith Howard Hogan split Christmas between Memphis with daughter Chrysti and Milwaukee with son Terry and grandchildren.  She enjoyed a river cruise down the Danube, ending in Vienna. She has two trips planned, the Hood one to Spain and another later to Budapest and Vienna.  She is looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion. Carole Jones Rogers wrote, “Our small but wonderful family, daughter Caroline, son Bob and granddaughter Olivia, had a great Christmas on the eastern shore of Virginia.”  She is looking forward to spending some time with friends in Phoenix and Tucson and then our 60th Hood reunion. Anne Montesano Ellis had fun with her family at two graduations in Texas and Indiana. Last summer at Conesus Lake she read, gardened, attended plays and concerts, enjoyed family and friends, and gave weekly tours at Sonnenberg, a mansion with gardens in Canandaigua.  In September she traveled to Ireland. Back to Florida in October, Anne won third place in her community Christmas parade with her decorated two-wheeler bike! Judith Moreland Granger and Bob are planning a move into a small apartment this spring.  Judy and Bob will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in June. Judy still loves bridge and book clubs, is happy to have two sons and their families plus two more grandsons in nearby Austin. Jeannette B. Phelps died at Roland Park Place in Baltimore, MD, on June 21, 2018. She was 81.  J. P. worked for American Airlines for 34 years in New York and Hartford. She was a great sports fan, supporting the NY Mets and the Hartford Whalers. When she retired, she moved to Baltimore, where she rooted for the Orioles.  She is survived by her siblings, Penelope Phelps of Cadillac, MI; Lancelot Phelps and his wife Lynn of Middlebury, VT; and Elisabeth and her husband Christopher Rector of Thomaston, ME; as well as seven nieces and nephews and nine grand nieces and nephews. Nancy Rogers Huntsinger’s husband Fritz passed away at home on April 17, 2018, at the age of 83. Myra Silberstein Goldgeier died on October 12 of cancer at the age of 80.  Myra earned a history degree at Hood and later a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University. In 1958 she married Sheldon Goldgeier, and they had two children, Jim and Eileen.  Myra taught history at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore for 30 years, serving as department chair for 15 years. She was a swimmer, bicyclist, gardener and lifelong learner. When they retired, the Goldgeiers moved to Easton, MD, in 2001. She moved to Durham, NC, two years ago to be near her daughter. In addition to her son, daughter and brother, survivors include two grandsons. Sheldon died in 2008. Mary-Lou Trout Haddad and Charles have moved to their duplex apartment in Boyertown, PA, and are adjusting to the new compact space. Full obituaries, if available, are included in the online column of class news.

  2. 1958; Winter 2019


    Marilyn “Maggie” Garis Kellow

    Cynthia Williams Bohaker just got home from 3 weeks in Phoenix spending the holidays with family. Jane Walton Godfrey writes that they have been blessed with their first Great Grandchild! Elijah is now 3 months old, adorable and a joy to all. Jane and Dick are now known as “THE GREATS.” She reports that the rest of the family is OK too. Sally Crockett Martin says that after many great family trips over the decades and years in between living in Boulder, she took the risk and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. She found a lovely house, loves the Southwest, the arts, architecture, and variety of cultures.  She feels that it is a wonderful place to spend the “remaining years.” Jeb Bennett Moran says that the results of her fall last May are still with her but are diminishing slowly.  She continues to walk with a cane, is seeing a new neurologist and is confident of a full recovery. She had fun visiting her son’s family in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and to have them at her home for Christmas. Jeb sends news that Carol Horwath Klecka has suffered severe back problems and pain that are debilitating. Following hospitalization and rehab, she moved to a senior living facility in Venice. Jeb has visited her 4 times and observes that Carol is content and settling into her new home and routine. They also had the pleasure of a visit from Hood’s Emily VanderWoude in December.   Jeb also reports that Carol Huelsen Warrington has had to deal with several serious medical problems in the past year. The latest was a fall when she suffered a break to her femur. She and husband Bob moved to Mays Landing NJ where they are close to family there. They are planning to come to their winter home: in Venice FL the end of January. Nancy Drew Picard and Howard have moved to Blacksburg VA………home of VA Tech where Nancy’s Dad was a student when it was all military. She says it feels like coming home. They live at Warm Hearth Village in a 2 bedroom townhouse and love it! Nancy “Bunny” Potter Richardson and Brian have moved to Southport NC. Brian is doing well after a mini stroke in September. Marthanne Stephens Smith is still fighting any thoughts of going to a retirement home. She complains much to husbands Duff’s chagrin about cleaning, laundry and COOKING, but will carry on!  She still enjoys classes at a nearby community college and recently had a lovely week in Vermont visiting daughter Julia and family. Mary Allen Reynolds continues to enjoy museums, concerts, lectures, gym and shopping.  She attended the US Tennis Open in NYC last summer with her son. They had a great time attending matches including Venus vs. Serena. In September, she traveled the Columbia River to study Lewis and Clark’s mission and in March she plans to travel to Africa and the Edinburgh Festival in August. Anne “Ricky” Merrick Vosti says life goes on with the usual challenges of a large family and aging. They all miss Ken every day but are slowly learning how to move on to a new path in the hopes of remaining useful. She has a dear friend at church who is almost 104, drives herself, volunteers at the hospital twice a week, adds spirit to life and is a definite a “role model.” Sara Lea Callaway Redmon writes – “Our calendars seem to be full of medical appointments! Carl and I will be going to the Cleveland Clinic for him to get a new heart valve. He is looking forward to having more energy and riding his motorcycle!! In October we did attend his 50th dental class reunion in Memphis. We enjoyed our stay at the Peabody (with the famous ducks!) and touring new medical colleges there.” I, Maggie Garis Kellow, really appreciate receiving news in such short notice. Life in WI is much slower, but I am thankful that I am still able to live independently. I don’t travel much, but did visit my sister and brother-in-law in Florida last July………..church and the senior center, plus activities here at my condo keep me as busy as I care to be involved. Hope we all have a Happy, healthy 2019.

  3. 1957; Winter 2019


    Martha Smith Sperandio


    So sad to report the deaths of Mary Pat Neill Wentzel, Peg Reeves Leopold, Nan Young Strauch and Sylvia Davison Rost in 2018. Sylvia Blackburn Felcyn: After 45 years we sold our wonderful Greenwich home and moved to Roswell, Georgia to be near daughter Lindsay and family.  We are in a retirement community called St. George Village, living in an apartment which makes my husband very unhappy. Barbara Thomas Yinger: Bob and I will spend Christmas Day with our grandson’s family (2 great grandchildren, almost 4 and 8 yrs old) and our son and daughter-in-law. We’ve been in this retirement community 8 mo; still not sure it was the right decision but we’re getting involved in residential life here.  I am the “greenhouse chairman” helping residents look after their “wintering over” plants, participating in the craft room showing off and selling some quilted items I make, and helping make small flower bouquets for those in the health care unit.  I did plant a small garden area with some plants we brought with us, and still have time for my own sewing, having finished a large bed quilt using Martha Washington’s star pattern. Louise Reed: I have had a tough past year – been in and out of hospitals and rehabs – from falls. I have been home for a month with additional help during the day.  I am able to get out for appointments with the aide driving.  My foot, which was broken along with broken toes, still is not right. I use a walker in the house and a wheel chair for any distances.  I don’t think I will be driving again; so I have to give up my independence. Sara Davidson Haney: I am in Texas visiting my son and family for Christmas; lots of fun and anticipation with a 10 and 8yr old. Back home in NH, I still volunteer with the horses in a special school program. The kiddos love it and it’s therapeutic for me. Alice Riddle Metry: All the same here, as we get ready to spend four months in Florida.  My eyesight is not so good, and I am going to have to hire a Seeing Eye writer. Ann Spengler Larkin: I continue to stay busy with church, AAUW, DAR and quilting. I have season tickets to the DSO Coffee Concerts and really look forward to those. My daughter-in-law passed away very suddenly of a massive heart attack last April, just 5 days before my grandson graduated from Western Michigan Univ. Carolyn Stevens Amstutz:  I got your email just as I was departing for England to spend Christmas with my family.  We were all there – my two daughters (one lives there), their husbands, and my four grandchildren. The last night my one daughter and I went to see Hamilton in London – a real treat. I’m enjoying living in a CCRC – it sure is easy living with lots of interesting people and stimulating events. Nancy Paul Stimson: All is well on the home front although my13 and 14 year old bionic knees are acting up; hard to walk. We are expecting another great grandchild in June. Susan Bond Almy: A phone conversation with Sue – It’s been 3 years since she and Bill moved into an Annapolis retirement center and a new group of friends and neighbors joined their circle.  A beautiful memorial service was held for the 33 people who had died in 2018. At our age death now seems to surround us.  On a bright note, the family was invited to a “gender identification” party last Christmas with the house and tree decorated in blue and pink lights.  At a certain time the plug was pulled on the blue lights and the pink lights shown brightly. This was particularly special since they have 7 grandsons and great grandbaby, Lila Jane, is their only girl. Maybe she’ll start a feminine line of grands! Martha “Molly” Smith Sperandio: With timing as a force and anticipating a hip replacement on 1/3/19, I put out an e-mail for “Send news NOW” type message, and was happy to hear from a few of our classmates.  I look forward to a pain-free 2019 and hope you do, too.  Happy New Year to all.


  4. 1956; Winter 2019


    Muriel Chait Durbin


    Jane Gallup Canning wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy 2019. She was in Massachusetts in September with her family visiting family.  “We had a great time. I was able to visit with my sister, Florence, who was 92 in October. I’m not sure about flying out to Arizona but would love to see the 3 great grandchildren there. I have met the older two when they were only months old and they will be 3 in 2019. I haven’t met Penny who will be 1 in April.”  Susan Peters Roetzel Wirths keeps busy volunteering, with her daughter Carol, at the Natural History Museum. She also enjoys gardening, reading and working in her church by handling the floral donations that come there. Last summer, Liz Taylor Jackson and Bryce, along with their three cats relocated to a 50’s+ community in Gold Canyon, AZ. They are looking forward to year round sunshine. I, Muzzy Chait Durbin, loved my trip to Botswana last Fall and keep busy with work and family. Thanks to the classmates who contributed news. Looking forward to hearing from more of you in our next edition.

  5. 1954; Winter 2019


    Jean Baker Weikert


    It is always enlightening to set aside time to reconnect with class members to share the varied experiences. It was possible to communicate with several classmates. In Newtown, Connecticut, Mary Starr “Skippy” Smith Adams is considering a nearby relocation. It is always refreshing to speak directly to her, she sounded as kind and friendly as ever. Donna McDowell Boswell, West Chester, relayed she has fallen and twice suffered a broken back. Discussion was not possible at this time since she was expecting visitors. We shall keep Donna in our prayers. June Walker Beck of Mt Airy communicated nicely. We’re hoping she, and possibly her son, shall be able to visit us and view our cross keys village campus (crossroads of routes 30 and 94) as she enjoys revisiting new oxford and its antique shops. She also recalls Y-Hut student days and day students! Sally Bogar Hedstrom has called with concern about Anne Lyon Canon’s passing away from strokes and other health issues. Sally tells of Frederick’s eateries and boutiques. Nolah Sawyer Fulk, Pitman NJ, is also considering relocating. Still living in a large home with beautiful antiques, Nolah speaks of a daughter and son-in-law moving to Clearwater, Florida. Nolah’s travels include the following: the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia plus trying to avoid hurricane Michael; visiting the grand canyon of Pennsylvania; an auto-train ride to Florida to visit a snowbird friend; and also a bus tour to see Jesus The Christ at Sight and Sound Theatre with lunch at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Mark and I have also enjoyed a bus trip to Sight and Sound to experience Jesus The Christ with lunch at Hershey restaurant. Betty Remsberg Decoligny moved from her and Warren’s farm in Middletown, MD to Homewood in Hanover, PA. Her husband Warren passed away several months ago. They have a new great grandson Caden Rae. Outreach calls were made to Penny Hapgood Noepel, Peggy Patterson Sabiston, Jane Hinkle Stockdale, Anne Smith Knoll, Adlyn Hollearn Hickey and Betsy Driggs Haight. Those calls were either directed to voicemail or disconnected or not in service. Some interesting class statistics: 70 class members living with mailing addresses; 15 asking removal from contact; 16 deceased (3 in 2018) Anne Lyon Canon, Nancy McCormack King, Kay Moorhead Castell; 12 “lost” classmates – Patricia Ashcroft Sarandria, Marylyn Bond Brown, Eleanore E. Crozier, Sheila Delaney Marks, Flor Garcia Botero, Margaret Glover, Barbara Hoffman Steiner, Dixie May, Charlotte Pearlman, Pamela Seltzer Rushton, Ann Timanus Erickson, Jane Watson. Your class correspondent is recovering from a September 12th accident which resulted in a brain concussion and a right wrist fracture. We were on our way to an exercise class when I, seated backwards on a walker, catapulted backwards and landed on my back and the back of my skull. My walker seemed to take on a life of its own. Then, I underwent a cat scan at Hanover hospital which revealed a brain bleed which necessitated my going to a trauma center in York for several days receiving other cat scans and MRI’s. Care there is excellent. I’ve since had check-ups at Apple Hill Medical Center in York plus Gettysburg Wellspan Hospital for the wrist fracture and brain bleed. Follow up with occupational therapy was extremely helpful. The occupation therapists visited 3 times weekly for about 3 weeks and gave to me stretch bands and stand up exercises for balance, power and strength. Mark, the children, sons-in-law and grandkids are great help as I heal. Thankfully, much of being dazed and dizzy has passed. Were blessed to have out cottage with all one floor. Son Andy Leister is located nearby in a nursing home where we can help him since he had a stroke three years ago which made his right side paralyzed. Other children Kathy, Chris, Heidi and Dan live in Hanover. Grandchildren Kelsey, David, Erin, Sierra, Rachael, Nick and Sean are: on alumni staff of St John College, Santa Fe, New Mexico; captain in US Army; music teacher in PA; being employed in housekeeping and volunteering at UTZ terrace; working in the sports department at Walmart; electric repairs; and a junior student at St Johns College. In closing, a quote from Edwin Marham: “there is a destiny that makes us brothers (sisters); none goes his way alone. That which we five to the lives of others, comes back to us as our own”.

  6. 1953; Winter 2019


    Johanna Chait Essex


    Many thanks to those who answered my brief note for news—time was of the essence—I promise to do better  for the next issue of the magazine. Sincere condolences to the family of Nadya Klotz Giusi, who passed away this past August. On a lighter note, the winner of the Truxal scholarship for this year is Konjit S. Lachir ’19—she is a junior and lives in Frederick. I received a holiday letter from Nancy Brown Kohlheyer—she is doing well in Brussels and has reconnected with some of her students, and was invited to join the Brussels Academy of Art. This past July she had a good visit with her sons in Maryland and Georgia. Short note from Penny Fradd Vahsen—she spent Christmas with her daughter and family in Roanoke, Va. and had 4 generations of family to help make the celebration a lively one. She sponsored her last class of midshipman—203 in all—and plans to write a book about her adventures with them. Joan Gebhardt Tambling “is enjoying each day in good health, mind and spirit with family, friends and devoted rescue dog Lucy”. Pat Lloyd Fordham spent the holidays in Kansas, with her family—she now the great grandmother to a new great grandson—Elliot. Bim Mayer Werle and Jerry decided to downsize this past year and sold their homes in Vermont and Florida and settled in Wake Robin, a CCRC in Shelbourne, Vt.  They have become involved in community activities, are a 5 minute drive from the beach, and have done some exploring using their kayaks.  Their children have taken over the hosting of the holidays, “refining old traditions and creating new ones” They had a white Christmas and enjoyed every moment of it. Kathie Redelfs Rott has moved top Boca Raton, Florida so she could be closer to her family—she now lives in a CCRC.  She no longer drives due to her poor vision.  She enjoys the weather “certainly nicer than Indiana”. Bev Rosenberg Sager and he daughter went to California visited her son and grandson for Thanksgiving. She also went to Malta with her art appreciation class, and found it a great experience. Sheila Siegal Asher and Dick sold their home on Kiawah this past Feb., and are now living year round in Florida.  Dick is not doing well, and they have help 24/7. Katherine Sponsler Patten is still in her home, with help from her grandson and daughters.  She enjoys playing duplicate bridge and going out to Sunday breakfasts with a friend. Like the energizer bunny, Hal and I just keep on going.   I go to the nursery school where I taught on Wednesdays and read the golden oldies to the children—it is a nice respite for them, as the pre-k children adhere to part of the common core plans New York State requires.  Some of the younger teachers have not heard these stories.  Every other Thursday is Cookie Café time at the USMMA—cookies from home, coffee, tea, mild and tlc are freely dispensed to the Midshipmen. We still sponsor 2 cadets a year, and have made some lasting friendships with them and their folks. —-We wish you all a happy, healthy 2019.–Jo

  7. 1952; Winter 2019


    Mary-Louise Springhorn Rude Leidheiser

    Natalie Colbert Bowers: “Just back from a week with the family in Philadelphia suburbs. Christmas with the five grandkids as well.  I heard from Joy Lines Cain.  She lost her husband Stuart in September (I was in her wedding, Stuart was a fraternity brother of Martin at Bucknell where Joy went to work after Hood). She is in Worchester, Mass. with her son and family for the holiday.  Joy has glaucoma and will move to Mass. soon to be near family. A card from Corny TenBroeck Cartwright says she and Doug are living in her family homestead in Hudson, N.Y. and are enjoying their first great grandchild, Nathan.”  Peggy Crook Arnold is still playing a little bridge.  She’s an avid sports fan (she played basketball and field hockey at Hood) so we compared notes on the NC Panthers and Chicago Bears. She keeps in touch with Joyce Miller Sammis.  Marion Decker McCormick: “Daughters and spouses and I invaded son Brett and Connie’s home, near Houston, to celebrate “Thankmas” in mid-December.  I will fly to DC in January where Lynn and Paul will take me home to PA and then to CA near Manhattan Beach for February.” Betsy Dowling Barclay had fun watching the 5 great grandchildren opening presents this Christmas. Elizabeth Flower Anton still enjoys being in her own home with her dog and garden.  A son lives nearby; his wife is a “fabulous daughter-in-law.”  Von (Yvonne) Hepburn Virtue: “Nothing of merit to report. Am still alive, active, but not kicking quite as high.”  Emmy (Emma) Jones Hann: My daughter Christine and I had an invigorating trip on the Danube last July — Romania, including a bus trip into Transylvania; Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary.  In August I drove from Ohio back to New England for visits with several cousins and, of course, a Boston Symphony concert at Tanglewood in my home county, Berkshire, MA.  Regretfully, I couldn’t connect with Little Sister, Penny Hapgood Noepel ’54. Jodie Kellogg Weddle visited her daughter in Chicago in October.  Dee Dreller Sosin flew in from CA for five days and, together with Jodie’s Michigan niece, the four savored each other’s company as they toured city highlights (younger gals guided wheelchairs where necessary).  Peg Lewis Christensen will finally be back in her newly hurricane-proofed apartment the end of January.  Phyl Loudermill Armstrong is doing well in her Oklahoma City home and garden. Granddaughter Vivian and a friend visited for the holidays. Phyl plans to fly to Denver in May for Vivian’s high school graduation.  Mary Murrie Hardy: “Had a wonderful Christmas with my large family – 17 grandchildren (saw them all in a 2 week period) and 6 greats who were wild and crazy when Santa came!  I’m taking one grandson to see Hamilton next week; we are both excited!”  Franne Pickle Wetmore and Evelyn Bischoff Mitchell and are both enjoying their winter Florida residences.  Evelyn’s daughter and granddaughter were with her for Christmas.  Lynn serves on her association’s Welcoming Committee, but laughingly explained that she was ‘fired’ from the Fining Committee (too lenient).’   Suzanne Purdom Glezen says living in her Maryland retirement community is a little like being on a cruise ship. All her family are fortunately on the east coast. She has four great grands – all boys.  Jane Taggart Whittaker: “I was visited by all of my family at one time or another during the holidays.  Loved catching up with the grandchildren especially.”  Jane talks regularly with Hood roommate Joanne Kates Roos, who is moving to Williamsburg Landing retirement community in February.  Carol Underhill Postell calls herself “a pretty lucky old babe” happily living in her Vero Beach condo. Her three sons are scattered: Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Idaho. She was eager to learn about Jackie Wakeling, her longtime friend.  Staff at Jackie’s Retirement Community say Jackie is content in her assisted living apartment.  Nancy von der Heyde Needham was home playing scrabble with her granddaughters when I called.  Marguerite Weber Trachtman: “I will be spending Christmas with my family in Carmel and I really am looking forward to it.  After we all will spend our usual few days in Chicago.”  Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey quipped, “I may forget some things, but I have no trouble walking or talking and enjoying my condo.”  Her daughter Susan Gearey ’79, who is now a Trustee of Hood, visits often from Sarasota.  We have lost three very special classmates: Janet (Teya) Hall Mauk, Ruth Matthews Alger, and Dody (Doris) Nygren Wisnom.   Please keep in touch.

  8. 1945; Winter 2019


    Ann Marshall Johnson

    Do you remember Step Songs? Do you remember President Roosevelt announcing the bombing in Hawaii? Do you remember the sleigh ride with Hood horses? Muriel Duklauer Gantz has given up driving but she has a man who will drive her wherever she wants to go five days a week, so she is still active. Loves to play bridge and considering her age, life is good! Marilyn Hayes Dunshee has a senior apartment in a living arrangement. It has lots of activities. She still loves to sing, she sang in the Hood choir. She was quite vivid about voting. She thinks we should all get out to vote, which sounds like a real ’45er. She attributes her longevity to her good legs and she has one family that lives close and that is a joy to her. She had to cut our conversation off because she suddenly realized it was dinner time and salmon was on the menu! Bette Fischer Mayer was known at Hood as Boopie and sounded absolutely joyful while telling me that her home, where she lives by herself, in Delaware was at the moment in the middle of a blizzard. Her son was coming over to check on her and she had dinner cooking in the oven. In her long life she had prepared to teach but only did so for one year then became an accountant through returning to school. She continued to work as an accountant for many years. About me, Ann Marshall Johnson, I am still driving, living alone and occasionally entertaining, reading a lot and has activities like book club with old friends, going to the symphony, and an occasional movie. But mostly, loving the skills I was giving at Hood for teaching which my husband and I both did for 20-30 years. Three sons live nearby but my real joy is having nine great grandchildren three little girls and the rest boys. They come to visit and I just love to them to pieces! Let’s see if we can all continue down the path. There is always something to keep our hearts beating and we remember Hood days fondly.

  9. 1971; Fall 2018


    Mary McMunigal Burland
    Mindy Laighton Wilcox
    Janice Letts Utsch is completing her 44th year as a Library Media Specialist at Lower Cape May Regional School District and states that retirement is not in her near future. Janice and her husband Ernie live in Cape May where Ernie runs the family marina on Cape May Harbor. Since Janice works during the school year and Ernie works all summer, her vacations consist of sitting in her back yard on the Cape May Canal with a good book! She visits her daughter Rachel, Hood ’11, in Baltimore and reports that Rachel still travels to Frederick every week to sing with the Frederick Community Choir and to sing the Messiah every year. Cindy Chabot Tencza retired in December of 2014 after almost 28 years as a children’s librarian. After 20 months of retirement, she and her husband Bob started a new “full time job” – day care for their 6 month old grandson, Sawyer. He is now 2 years old, and they have him 3 days a week this year. Their son Nate, 41, died tragically on April 25, and their daughter, Gretchen, 37, gave birth to their second grandson, Callan, on April 26, joining his big brother Sawyer. Cindy says that Gretchen and her family will help keep them going, giving them joy, as they grieve and remember their son. Diane Wooding Burgess and her husband Ed were Nate’s godparent. Our sincere condolences to Cindy and her family. Jane Darling Spratt, formerly known as Jed, went to Canada to finish her degree after she left Hood. Since she is Canadian, she said it made sense. She settled in Toronto after university where she met her husband. She dabbled in a couple of different fields and eventually went back to school earning a diploma as a library technician. She finished off her working career in the library of a very large Canadian law firm. She has four children, and three grandchildren (with another one coming soon!). She and her husband, Rob, spend winters in Florida, summers at their family cottage, and the in-between times in Toronto. They try to squeeze in a trip during the spring or fall. This fall they will be doing a river cruise from Budapest to Prague. Mary McMunigal Burland and Bill recently welcomed the arrival of two grandchildren. Brendan and Kristina’s daughter Shelby was born in November, 2017 while Patrick and Kate’s son was born in May 2018. That brings their total, so far, to 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson. They both are still busy substitute teaching and are looking forward to summer when they can spend more time on Kiawah Island. This is the 47th year of teaching for Mary, which she finds hard to believe. Mary and I are always very glad to hear from you. Please send us your news any time and we will include it in the next issue of the magazine. We would love to publish news from all our classmates.

  10. 1961, Fall 2018


    Katharine Baum Wolpe

    Marty Kaiser Canner

    Constance Ann Coleman Alexander traveled to China this spring. In July she will be going on a Disney cruise with her whole family. Joyce Freedman Diamondstone is retired, but active. She works out at Curves, gardens, reads, and loves the Pittsburgh Symphony. Her four grandsons have interesting jobs, so she loves connecting with them. She keeps in touch with Margo Friedman ‘62. Sally Bennett Edwards works and plays tennis and bridge. She took three of her five children on a river cruise from Belgium to Holland in April. She plans to spend July and August on Cape Cod. Sue Folsom is still working three 12 hour days per week. She is also church treasurer, which is a volunteer job, but feels like full time. Sue keeps in touch with her little sister, Dianne Hadermann and her big sister, Tarun Comegys Jones ’59. Judith Stohr Gavaler passed away on January 5, 2018. We send our condolences to Judith’s family. Shirley Garrett Haley’s husband, Ed, passed away on April 6, 2018. We send our condolences to Shirley and her family. Vivian Bruckel Harvey continues to spend three months each winter in Guatemala. She and a friend are offering a group trip to Guatemala January 25-February 3, 2019. The trip will focus on the arts and crafts of Guatemala and the women who produce them. For more information contact Vivian or check her web page at http://www.vivianharvey.com/ guatemalatour2019.html. Hilda Koontz has returned to the counseling profession. She hopes to provide an array of counseling services ranging from career issues to education about PTSD. She continues to lecture on 19th century American history. She sees Joan Jacobsen Halbert and Janice McDavid Kuntz ‘62 regularly. Brenda Shaeffer Hillard and husband, Ray, visited Janice Dobbs Pedersen and husband, Thomas, in May for a quick trip to the Jersey shore. Janice’s watercolors are a constant joy to her with three shows scheduled for the summer of 2018. Muff Wright Peterson and husband, Mal, live in Grasonville, MD. She enjoys gardening, books, movies, lunch with friends, and walking Lady, their golden retriever. Dorothy Hillis Rainwater and husband, Roger, are well and planning a trip to Iceland in the summer of 2018. Sandra Murphy Schmidt and husband, Bob, are happy at Charlestown Retirement Community. Bob runs a genealogy library and Sandy volunteers at the Walters Art Museum store. They are planning a Mediterranean cruise from Monte Carlo to Venice in late September. Lyn Adams Sprinkle still enjoys Sunrise of Bel Air, a senior community in Richmond, VA. The staff and residents are nice and her children are not far away. Two of Marty Miller Strickland’s grandsons are graduating from high school this spring. One plans to attend Penn State and the other Virginia Tech. Marty continues to teach quilting classes as part of the Continuing Education Program of Allegany College of Maryland. Bev Yarroll Sweetman is now living in Cape May Point, NJ, near the beach. She and husband, Den, have made several trips to visit family members this year. She enjoys tai chi exercise and is now setting up a train village at home. Jean Shuey Wadsworth shared the sad news that her husband, Don, who attended our class reunions in 2011 and 2016, passed away on January 1, 2018. He suffered from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Their 55th wedding anniversary would have been on June 29, 2018. We send our condolences to Jean and her family. Katharine Baum Wolpe enjoys attending plays, dance performances, and concerts with her friend, Phil. She is active with the local Democratic club, her church, a senior group, and a monthly reading group. In early May, she had a visit with Anita Catron Miner, in NYC for a conference. Nephew Ryan Baum and wife, Cathy, and their two children came to NYC the next week for the graduation of Cathy’s sister from NYU. Beth Lee Zehnder says her family has stopped growing. The youngest grandchild is seven years old and the oldest is a senior in college. Beth says, “We are doing well, thanks to the Lord.” Carol Handwerk Ziegler and Barbara Sands ‘65 are on the council of Friends Lutheran Church in Bernville, PA. Carol is also the financial secretary of the church and plays the organ when needed. She keeps in touch with the Kindred Spirits of ’61. Paul and Marty Canner completed a two week road trip to the Midwest in May to visit friends and family in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

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