1. 1994; Winter 2018


    Sanya Cleary Wolstenholme

    Hello Class of 1994!  I finally have some news to report, other than mine. Jessica Olin now lives in Rochester, NY, and works as the director of library services for a school in the SUNY system – Genesee Community College.  She joined GCC as the new Director of Library Services in July of 2017. Jessica previously served as the Director of the Robert H. Parker Library at Wesley College, Dover, DE. She has also served as Information Literacy Librarian at Hiram College, Hiram, OH, as well as Adjunct Librarian, Grants Specialist, and Research Services Librarian at Landmark College, Putney, VT.  After Hood, Jessica went on to receive Her M.A.Ed., Touro University International, Cypress, CA and MLIS, Simmons College, Boston, MA. Her professional and research interests include building community at academic libraries, the role of gender in academia, and bridging the gap between library science graduate programs and professional practice. In her spare time, she likes to cross-stitch, watch nerdy television shows like Doctor Who, and spend a lot of time in thrift stores. Congratulations on a job well done! I have also heard about a lot of other wonderful events happening in your lives, but unless you give me the okay I cannot report it. I love seeing your posts on Facebook and so thankful that I keep in touch with so many. Please reach out with a quick email. I would love to hear from you! As for me, Sanya Cleary Wolstenholme, and my own family, Mackenzie is loving life as a freshman at York College of Pennsylvania. Rich and I still aren’t sure how this happened-we must have blinked.  Tori is doing well as a sophomore and Student Council Class President. Rich and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage this November and love our life- the good, the bad, the happy, and the sad. I am still teaching Pre-K children and loving every minute of it! I hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy the season, stay warm, and choose happy! Shannon Gierczak Marriott writes “I am going into my 20th year as a physician assistant after passing my recertification exam for the 4th time last December.  I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry as a Principal Investigator at PAREXEL for the past 10 years. I primarily conduct Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials to work on getting drugs FDA approved.  In addition, I have recently started a bus trip charter company for all New York City trips.  My company is Drama For Your Mama NYC Bus Tours and can be found on Facebook. I do trips to Broadway shows, 9-11 Museum, Shopping Extravaganzas, Sightseeing tours and more. I also do customized tours for groups, fundraisers, girls day out, senior centers and more! I have three children, 3 cats and Matt, my husband of 17 years. Mason is 5 and recently starting Kindergarten. Kaitlyn is 14 and attends Ridge Ruxton School in Towson, MD. Kaitlyn is our angel born with Chromosome 18 Deletion Syndrome and also has autism.  She is our challenging child, but we would not have it any other way.  Brooke is our 10 year old professional actress.  She has been doing theater since age 3 but recently moved into film, TV and commercials. She has filmed on House of Cards, HBO Crashing and Dangerous Book for Boys directed by Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad among others. Her dream is to be cast in a Disney show or a major motion picture. Her dream show to work on is Law and Order.  She will be auditioning for NYC agents this Fall.  Recently, during an audition in Frederick, we had the chance to drive through the Hood Campus to show my family where I went to school and we even had the opportunity to walk through Smith dorm!!

  2. 1992; Winter 2018


    Michelle Inman

    I, Michelle Inman have friended many of our classmates on Facebook. However, I don’t have permission to share or not to share what is on there. One of our classmates, Joann Colucci speak regularly on the phone and have plans to get together next summer (2018). The only news I have to report is my own. I received my masters in Special Education from an online program from Grand Canyon University. This January 2018, I begin my work towards my elementary education/minor special education classwork. In May of 2018, my older son Justin will receive his undergrad degree in Psychology/minor Chemistry from University of Kansas. He plans to continue his masters and doctorate work there. Please don’t hesitate to call, email or mail me. I hope all is going well for each of you. Happy Holidays and have a great 2018!

  3. 1984; Winter 2018


    Susan Flanders Kleinschmidt, M.S. ’92

    Carol Whynot Neill and husband George celebrated 32 years of marriage in August.  Carol is working part-time for the government and George is Director of Sales for a local new home builder.  Their daughter Caitlin and her husband Matt live nearby in Annapolis, and had their first grandchild Carter last year.  Carter is 20 months old and so much fun! Daughter Emily is doing well, they are happy she lives close by.  Son, Spencer is a junior in high school and playing football and baseball.  Carol would love to connect with any friends on Facebook! Maryann Giannotti Massillio’s Danny is in his second year working for ESPN in Bristol, CT as a Production Assistant, where he creates highlights and dialog of sporting events prior to it being shown on ESPN.  Maryann recently visited Chicago, ILL to attend the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo where she was recognized as a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Jennifer Bardliving Reed, Leslie Wilkins-Pruitt ’85 and Mari Padilla Spina ’86 reunited with their Lil’ Sisters in Frederick.  They enjoyed visiting with, Maritza Bido ’86, Luz DeBrosse Ment ’86, Nanette Rosario Sanchez ’86, Gina Oliveros ’86, Kim E. Burns ’87 and Khateeta Emerson.  Through tears of joy and hugs they laughed about the times they shared on Hood’s campus and caught up on their life journeys beyond Hood.  They decided too much time had passed and they hope to get together more often! Jennifer and Leslie were also able to attend the 125th Hood homecoming in September.  Jennifer enjoyed catching up with Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Dr Olivia White and enjoyed meeting President Andrea Chapdelaine.  Jennifer and Leslie both agree that they are one thousand percent happy they selected Hood College for their undergraduate work.  Hood has prepared them for so many life opportunities and challenges. Mindy Brown and Amy Connor Asman reunited to celebrate their “double nickels” birthdays in Pittsburgh.  They attended the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Soul to Soul concert.  Amy Connor Asman’s daughter Emily just started her MBA program at UT-Austin.  Son Connor, works in Bethesda in Marketing for a vitamin company.  Maria Prezioso Beyer still finds herself in Frederick County and reports life is Wonderful in Woodsboro.  She and Donnie are “retired”……which actually means busy!  Together they have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and are expecting their second great grandchild.  Maria and Donnie spend a fair amount of time traveling to visit family and still sees Olga Hopkins Murray.  Maria says her friendship with Olga is an unusual gift and she is grateful they remained close, it is also neat to see their children continuing their friendship! Stephanie Robertson Belella is the Vice Chancellor of the Acquisition Internship School at the Department of Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy in Frederick.  Her daughter Taylor was married in July, 2017 to Cullan Ganley.  Stephanie became a third time grandmother to Quinn Robert Belella the third son of her son and daughter-in-law Mitchell and Carissa Belella.  Daughter, Payton is a Junior at Hood College and loves every minute.  She is a biology major and recently was awarded a scholarship as part of the Hood Legacy ring and Scholarship program. Rebecca Burdette is a board-certified obesity medicine physician and she just created a new science based plan for wellness called Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right.  She plans to launch the program by the end of the year and would love to speak to anyone regarding healthy eating especially as it relates to women’s health. Terry Rappoldt Stickles started a new job at Spirittrust Lutheran at Utz Terrace as the Volunteer Services coordinator.  She left the world of retail banking after 33 years.  She is looking forward to the job and using a different skill set unfortunately not to full time work as her previous job was part time for the last 25 years. Paris DuChesne Niesterowicz is expecting a new baby!  She is looking forward to her 6 month old Lipizzaner filly Charlotte arriving home.  Paris is also pursuing her Master’s degree in Nursing Management at Stevenson University.  She currently works in the Emergency department at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Carole King Heine reports daughter Kelsey, 27 lives in Baltimore and is a sales rep for Avaya.  Daughter Gretchen, 25 lives in Oklahoma City and is a 5th grade teacher with Teach for America.  Son Kevin, 23 was commissioned as a Marine Officer in June.  Daughter Carly, 21 is a Junior at University of MI and plays on the Women’s Lacrosse team.  Carol and Husband Stephen traveled to Italy to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  Carol has been Director of Tour de Frederick for the past three years and recently joined a new start up Potluck.chat, a video chat platform with many possibilities.  She would love to hear from anyone who is interested in checking it out! Ellen-Marie Samsen Knehans is excited to sing The Messiah with the Hood college choir.  Her son Jonathon is a senior at Hood majoring in Business Administration with a Minor in Economics and Accounting.  Her other son is a Biology teacher at Burroughs HS in Ridgecrest, CA.

  4. 1983; Winter 2018


    Mary Townley

    Hello Class of 1983!  It’s my pleasure to update you on news from a few of our classmates.  Kathy Alexander Long writes, “We are finally experiencing the “empty nest” now that our youngest son is attending Lafayette College where he is pursuing Neuroscience and is on the track and field team. My oldest son got married last December and is in his 6th year teaching 5th grade in Hagerstown MD. Last year he was a finalist for Washington County Teacher of the Year which was quite an honor. The middle son will be graduating from USUHS in May as an Air Force Doctor. He plans to pursue the field of Radiology. As for me, I am a supervisor with The Office of Child Care in Frederick County. I have had many occasions to visit The Onica Prall Child Development Lab at Hood and it always takes me back to my own time spent there as part of the Child Development course. It’s been nice getting to reconnect with some of my Hood classmates on Facebook.”  I also heard from Sharon Carnevale Schopfer who is looking forward to our reunion in June and tells us, “Since 2010 I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and have worked in two major Houston Hospitals in the Medical Center Houston. Since leaving Houston in 2012, I had a Lactation private practice in DE and most recently (last 2 years) have joined WIC as their Breastfeeding Manager, part of the City of Newark, NJ Health Dept. My three children, Collin 27, Madi 23, and Evan 17 are all doing well. Madi and her husband Ryan are at Camp Pendleton living in Oceanside, CA. Collin is working for Burger King Corporate in Atlanta and Evan will be off to College in the fall. My husband Chris is a business owner and manages Atlantic Heat Treat in Wilmington, DE. Life is as busy as ever, Hope the Class of 1983 is doing well, and looking forward to June!” Pamela Stamey Inskeep had a lot to share.  She writes, “I have been working at my local library in the Circulation Dept. as a Community Service Worker II – Library Circulation Aide, P/T, since June 25, 2013. I also lead the library’s fiction and nonfiction book discussion groups. Plus, I lead a ladies social book club. I am also a private tutor, P/T, in math, reading comprehension, phonics, grammar, essay writing, cursive writing, and test prep. I am working with two students currently and am about to take on a third student. Typically, I tutor about 2 to 5 students each semester. My daughter, Jessica, is 27 years old now. She is a licensed and certified teacher and, after teaching high school special education for three years, she is now an Educational Diagnostician at an elementary school in Wilmington, Delaware. My husband Johnny has been helping my mom a lot this year. Since she doesn’t drive, he takes her to the grocery store, the thrift shop, and a local resale store and helps her do her shopping. He takes her to the bank and post office. Then, they go have lunch. They do this twice a week. I help her out once or twice a week. Besides reading a lot, I have started crocheting again. I find the rhythm of the crochet hook stitching yarn very soothing. I love the colorful yarns and beautiful patterns.” Deborah Single Hays shares that she will not be able to join us at our reunion this spring as she, her husband Stephen and their two boys, Matthew and Timothy will be cruising the British Isles. The cruise celebrates Deb and Stephen’s 25th anniversary, Matthew’s graduation from Rice University, and Timothy’s completion of 10th grade. Congratulations to the whole Hays family!  Finally, Lee Ann Near Aikens shared “Things are busy here in WV. Ron & I are essentially empty-nesters with Tori living on a military base as she works for DOD and Jordan graduates from WVU next May but will be starting medical school in the fall. I returned to work in the lab part-time at the VA after taking 10 yrs. off to stay home. It’s a privilege providing good care for our veterans. When not working, I spend time with my 85 yr. old mother tending chickens, cooking and running all over the place, and I’m blessed to have my 86 yr. old Dad nearby as well.” Hoping to see many of you at Reunion Weekend in June! ~Mary

  5. 1982; Winter 2018


    Liz Bastian Chapin

    Hello Class of 1982! Thanks for sharing your news and keeping in touch! Jill Hammon Wetzel and husband moved to the Chesapeake Bay five years ago. They love the view and are enjoying life as empty nesters! Their two sons are homeowners; their daughter will graduate with her masters at Johns Hopkins in May and marry in April. Lisa Spuria caught up with Leslie Morgan Seidel and Amy Blades Steward this past year. Together with Susie Hiles Giallonardo they hope for an upcoming holiday reunion. Lisa retired two years ago, moved to Louisville and is enjoying the small town feel on the Ohio. Liane McCarthy retired after 27 years in the FBI! She gave her last official speech to female state troopers-woman power!  Loving the life of leisure, she hopes to travel and work on home projects. She recently spoke with Sharon Carnevale Schopfer who works at a Newark hospital. Ellen Yodzis Patton was blessed with grand baby #5 born on October 17th. Last child, Claire, is graduating from Elon University in December and is looking for a job in the environmental/ecological field. Christy Belisle Fitzgerald just had her first grandchild, a boy, born on October 17th! Everyone is doing great! Bambi Maitland Grundwerg visited with Ellen Yodzis Patton at her quilting shop in FL in June. She returned to the sunshine state in August as a corporate sponsor of a world-record setting power boat race from Key West to Havana! She and Linda Esterhoy Segur are planning a trip to groundhogs day ground zero in Punxsutawney, PA February 2018.  Lynn Lockett just completed a Master’s Degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. After raising her daughters and working as a free-lance photographer, she turned her sights to doing some workshops, coaching and blogging in the area of life navigation, focusing in part on the idea of transforming how we regard elders in our society. She and husband, Joe Murphy, just bought a condo in Ocean City, Maryland, and are excited to spend time there with family and friends. Lynne Towns Tucker loves her job as a Realtor for Washington Fine Properties and is honored to be named to Washingtonian Magazines Best List for 3 years in a row! She and husband Ken are adjusting to being empty nesters in their new home of four years. Their two “doodles” keep them busy, active and entertained. Son, David, manages a biometrics lab at Stanford for the National Institute of Standards and Technologies in Palo Alto. Daughter, Jillian, works for a PR firm in Chicago and is recently engaged. Lynne spends time with sister, Jen Griffin Vosburg ’02 and her four daughters. Stephanie Sears Frick writes for the first time in 35 years! After Hood, she worked as a retail buyer then opened the Coach Leatherware store in Philadelphia.  Married Benjamin Frick in 1991 and retired after their first of three children. Sarah graduated from the Dyson School of Business at Cornell University in 2016 and works in NYC. Anna is a junior with dual film & Spanish majors in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and Charlie is a high school senior.  Stephanie and husband bought an old farm house “as is” in Villanova, PA built in the late 1700′s with an addition put on in 1926.  The age and upkeep of the house keep them very busy!  Stephanie loved her involvement with her kids’ scouting; son Charlie earned his eagle rank this past summer. Steph chairs the souvenir booth at the Devon Horse show which grossed about a half million dollars in 10 days of sales, all benefitting their local hospital. Lastly, Joy Miller Beveridge shares the birth of her first ‘grand-joy,’ Lydia James Beveridge, born to parents Dan and Tricia, and soon to move to Arizona. With Kendall still in San Francisco, Joy and Don look forward to many trips out west.  Joy enjoys participating in many ‘Hood 125 Years’ activities and continues to serve on the Alumnae Executive Board and the Board of Associates.  Her role on both boards is supportive of community outreach within Frederick and adjoining communities. Joy and Ellen Drogin Rodgers continue to meet with Hood leadership and discuss potential post-reunion activities for the future.  And as usual, Joy and Liz Bastian Chapin got together to celebrate Labor Day at the farm of Elizabeth LePatourel Powell ’50 in West Grove, PA.

  6. 1979; Winter 2018


    Trina Clickner

    Bess Muir – I love living on Kent Island! I work in Easton three days/week and then spend 2-3 days in New Jersey with my Dad. We journeyed to eastern Europe in May – just love the traveling bug! Would love to catch up with you if you are passing through! Carole Woods Bennett – I live in Parker, CO, SE of Denver, on a 40-acre small goat dairy. This is a family-managed affair for me, my husband of 30 years, Jim, and my two adult children (21 and 23). We have 50 goats, 3 horses, 2 Newfoundlands and several cats. We sell milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. I keep in touch with Julie Starr ’80 who is a professional artist living in CA. Debbie Eaton Thackston – Retirement is wonderful! I retired in July 2014 with 35 years in Frederick County Public Schools, the final ten as a school administrator. Now, I’m busy babysitting my two adorable grandsons three days/week, playing Pickleball and staying fit. I raise money for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and the Alzheimer’s Association.I met Lynn Hicks Townsend, Jane Krebs Drozinski, and Sue Murawski Ganley on campus for Homecoming Weekend and strolled about campus. I’m now serving on the Hood Board of Associates and wonder… has it really been 40 years since we called this campus our home? Jane Krebs Drozinski – I am in my 17th year teaching at Carroll Lutheran School and now in my 5th year teaching Kindergarten! Rick and I have 3 grandkids by our oldest son Andy – they are 6, 4-1/2 and 1. They are adorable and smart and even though they live in SC, we do spend quality time together! In October, I enjoyed spending the day at Hood Homecoming with classmates Lynn Hicks Townsend, Deb Eaton Thackston, and Sue Murawski Ganley! Malia Harrison Anderson – My daughter, Hilary, is in her 1st semester at University of TN in Knoxville and I’m waiting to hear that one day I’ll be a grandmother! Martha Pierce – After 20 years of a practicing medicine in a traditional Internal Medicine model, I opened a “concierge” Internal medical practice here in Frederick: Mid Maryland Internal Medicine. We’re now into our 3rd year and loving it. I am able to spend all the time I need with my patients and know them by name, not a number. The patients love it too, so life is good. www.MidMarylandInternalMedicine.com has more info – Frederick continues to be a great place to live and work! Patti Barth Hintze – I work for an accounting firm and it’s a good time of year for me to go on vacation so I’m writing from Edinburgh, Scotland! I am on a guided tour of the UK followed by 10 days in Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Budapest. My husband of 35 years, Curtis, is tearing the bathroom apart while I’m gone – another good reason to leave town. Our 29-year-old daughter, Beth, is usually my traveling companion, but she is just starting work as a database manager for the Innocence Project. So, how old are we now? I received my first senior discount when I visited Shakespeare’s grave in Stratford-upon-Avon a few days ago, and my second senior discount at Edinburgh Castle today. That’s one nice benefits to aging. Aside from this travel, my life is pretty quiet. I keep busy with my work, my husband, two book clubs, church, baking, and I help care for my elderly, infirm parents, who live about an hour from my home. I visited Frederick recently and walked around town, accumulating Fitbit steps. I was amazed at how much the town has changed in the last 15 years, but at how little the feel of the campus remains so much the same. Steve Grigas – It’s been a busy year! My law firm has grown to almost 700 attorneys with 23 offices in 12 states. My focus remains healthcare regulatory law, and I was again named to Best Lawyers in America for my work in healthcare law. I’ve stepped down from my role as Chairman of the Florida Bar Health Law Section, but remain active on their Executive Council Board. My family and I did some traveling this year and headed to San Francisco for the 50th Anniversary of the “Summer of Love”. It was fun explaining that one to my son. Then off to Napa and a cruise through the inland passage of Alaska. Next? Cuba in December.

  7. 1976; Winter 2018


    Nancy Ludwick Warrenfeltz

    Dave and Diana Hilgartner Boyd’s youngest son, Will, married Sarah Smith, June 2017 in Jackson, MS. Unfortunately, Sarah’s father was in a terrible boating accident six weeks before the wedding. He spent four weeks in ICU, and two weeks in rehab therapy. He miraculously was able to attend his daughter’s wedding for a few hours and dance the Father/Daughter dance with her. We are glad for the healing news! The wedding was beautiful. Congratulations to the Boyd family! Sandy Stingl Lee’s mother, Josephine Stingl passed away on October 5, 2017. She was 92 years old. We send our deepest sympathy and love to Sandy and her family. Michele Smith Guyette retired in June 2017 from teaching sign language. She taught at Madison La Follette High School for the past 23 years. Congratulations Michele! Larry and I, Nancy Ludwick Warrenfeltz, spent ten days in Hawaii this past October. It was great to be back and see how Oahu has grown. We loved touring the Island seeing the Dole Plantation, the famous Blowhole, National Memorial of the Pacific Cemetery, Manoa Heritage Center, Honolulu Art Museum, and Ford Island USS Battleship Memorials. It was a fun reunion with Navy friends! Aloha!





  8. 1974; Winter 2018


    Joyce Manbeck MacKellar, M.S.’00

    Patricia Kidd

    Hope all of you have experienced a gorgeous fall and are enjoying whatever kind of winter weather you prefer! Dot Herdle Files wrote that she retired this past summer and promptly started doing more music at church. Eben and Dot took a month-long driving trip out of Texas and saw lots of family and the solar eclipse outside Nashville. They look forward to more trips in the next few years and to hosting an eclipse party in 2021. Beth Guertler Godfrey writes a blog of nature observations. Lots of gorgeous pictures included. Beth says that blogging keeps her head centered in the wacky human world. You can read along at https://onamorningwalk.wordpress.com. Her book, The Pigeon and The Seagull, is still available on Amazon. It’s a memoir about her passionate, imperfect parents and the effects their secrets had on her. Patricia Loser Godwin left California in April on a cross-country drive. Before starting her return trip and arriving home in July, Patti made a two day stop in Frederick. Jennifer Fifield, Beth Guertler Godfrey, Elizabeth Rittenhouse and I met up on campus…even touring Meyran…before heading downtown for lunch at LaPaz. We all remarked how vibrant downtown Frederick is compared to our college years. Lots of unique shops and wonderful restaurants. Fall is my busiest time with eBay sales as buyers do their holiday shopping. No complaints from me as I know January will be a much slower pace. Please keep sending your news to either Patricia Kidd or to me. We’d love to hear from you!

  9. 1973; Winter 2018


    Sara (Sally) Parkhurst Van Why

    Wow, almost our 45th class reunion.  Since many of us have the opportunity to travel, I asked to hear about your journeys and any other news.  Ann Jones says the big event of her year was traveling Route 66 for her 66th! You can read about it on her sister’s blog: http://www.blog.thezenofslowcooking.com/route-66/. It was lots of fun – not least of which being able to spend nearly two weeks of uninterrupted time with her sister. She went back to the Navajo reservation and revisited some of the places that she frequented when she lived and taught there after Hood. She said, “Who was that young girl?  – amazing that I had the courage to do that way back when!”  Back in Lake Forest, Ill Ann continues to work in real estate and do volunteer activities with the Caucus, Historical Society, etc. Bonny Barncord Berger and husband Richard celebrated his retirement with a hiking trip to Ireland with friends.  They loved the beautiful country and friendly people. They celebrated her 65th with a wonderful trip exploring Italy. She says, “That’s one good thing about being our age. We feel the need to travel as often as we can to see as much as we can!” They also spent a fun week in Bar Harbor, Maine with their three kids and two grandchildren. She keeps in touch with Alison Alder Kennedy and Ann Jones thru Facebook. She takes Zumba with Joan Theobald Wentling ’66. Leslie Hawkins says she finally made it to retirement after a 40 year career in health care administration and moved from her last job in Washington state to Tucson and a new home.  The last few months have been a whirlwind of getting to know a new area, and a new lifestyle not designed around work, but around her interests and exploration of new places.  She also just returned from London and tour of Scotland.  Patricia Henry Montgomery just returned from a three week trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Catherine Seely Rulon-Miller (who went back to her original married name in order to have the same last name as her sons) received her Master’s degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling. She did her internship at Mirmont Treatment Center, which is an inpatient facility treating alcoholics and addicts. She feels called to work with this population since she can joyfully report that she has 20 years of sobriety from alcoholism. She has gone through two marriages and is happily single again and ready to stay single for a long time. Her two sons, 30 and 34, are healthy and employed. Lorraine Sharp Kish does her traveling between her three sons who live in three different states a plane ride away.  They are all happily married including the last one who was married at a New York state winery in September. What fun! She and Pete are planning to downsize once again and move south to the beach, hoping to attract more visits from kids and grandkids. Sherry Bronski Waltz took a cruise around the British Isles. Charlie Miller Ponticelli will be serving on the External Advisory Council for Hood’s new Global Studies program.  Under the direction of Prof. Paige Eager, the program offers an amazing interdisciplinary major preparing students for career paths in global business & economics, global politics and world cultures. Donna Simmons Maneely continues to enjoy retirement with travel. She enjoyed a beautiful Hawaiian island cruise tour with her Aussie friend. She did her annual N. CA trip to see family including two college age grandkids and middle school new teenager. She also relaxed on her annual summer vacation on FL’s Gulf Coast near Sarasota at the beach while visiting her sister. In Sept./Oct. she splurged on a quick trip to Australia to see her dear mate again and attend a football championship of her favorite Aussie team. Singing for 6 yrs. in Encore Chorale is a true treat. Just before our June 2018 reunion she will travel with them to Montreal and Quebec for a concert tour. Sailing and snow skiing also occupy a little of her recreational time. As one of our three reunion co-chairs, along with Karen Bast Griffith, and Kathy Nixdorff Wilson, she and I are certainly looking forward to seeing you at our reunion. Please do mark your calendars to attend June 8-10.

  10. 1971; Winter 2018


    Mary McMunigal Burland

    Mindy Laighton Wilcox

    Sue Montag Wood and Peter were headed for Japan when she reported from Australia that this has been a year of family trips.   She and Peter took their 12-year-old twin grandsons to Dubbo to the Open Plains Zoo.  Their cottage for the night had a view of giraffes and other African animals.  In July they took their son and another grandson who had just turned 18 to Uluru to experience the majesty of this amazing rock in the middle of Australia.  (Uluru is the indigenous name for Ayers Rock)  In January their fourth grandson and his mother will travel with them to the Australian Open in Melbourne, Sue’s favorite city.  Sue can offer many sightseeing ideas for any classmate traveling to Australia! Ruth LaBrie-Wilcox and Ken split their time between Portola Valley and San Francisco, California.  They were spared from the fires in northern California except for the smoke but know many people who lost their homes and all their belongings.  Both of her married sons and grandchildren Oliver, Chloe and Roman live in California.   She volunteers at the San Francisco Botanical Garden as a Children’s Walk Guide and a trustee.  She and Ken are active with the Asian Society and the Asian Art Museum and they travel to China at least once a year. Pam Borden Heckert and Clark moved to Redstone, CO in August leaving their Delaware home of 32 years for sale.  Their two youngest children, Anneliese and Peter, live near them while the other two are fending for themselves on the East Coast.  Last spring Pam had a long phone chat with Anneliese Smola Peace ’70 in Westminster, CO; they have not yet met, but Pam wanted Annelids to know that her younger daughter was names after her, the first runner Pam ever saw at Hood!  Pam and Kate Healy Drummond hope to continue their tradition of meeting for a mutual birthday lunch in the fall when Pam returns east to visit. Betsy Cooper Pizzolato joined the grandma club on June 27 when daughter Karen and husband Richard brought Eleanor Jane Heine into the world.  She and husband Tom are crazy with joy over her.  Karen just returned to work so Betsy and Tom are the Tuesday caregivers.  They drive about an hour on Monday, spend the night with the new family and take care of the baby all day Tuesday which, she reports, is pure fun. Mindy Laighton Wilcox and Bill traveled to Normandy last summer on a Hood Alumni sponsored trip.   Marj Menchey Berkheimer 70 and husband Phil were also part of the group consisting of Hood College and Northwestern University graduates.  Both Bill and I, Mary McMunigal Burland, have been busy substitute teaching this fall.  He’s at our local middle school, and I’m teaching art for 3 months at the school where I taught for 35 years. This has been an interesting experience as my art skills are mediocre at best!  We did manage to squeeze in a week at Kiawah Island after Hurricane Matthew went through, fortunately, we had no property damage, but the dunes were severely eroded.  Now that November is here, I am looking forward to the holidays and the arrival of a new grandchild in a few weeks. Mindy and I hope all is well with all of you!  We’d love to hear from you!

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