1. 1947; Summer 2017


    Catharine Smith Dunn

    Renie Quynn Collmus G’05 and I were the only two members of our class who attended our 70th reunion.  My daughter, Lindi, from New York City, and Renie’s granddaughter, Rachel, class of 2005 enabled us both to come, and we had a great time catching up.  Renie is living at Homewood Retirement Center in Frederick and her hair is still mostly black!!!  It was interesting to hear about Rachel’s experience in the Peace Corps after she graduated.  She served in Lesotho, South Africa and met the man, another Peace Corps worker, she married when they returned to the USA. My daughter, Lindi, a retired Occupational Therapist is now an usher at the Metropolitan Opera and enjoyed seeing the campus.  I did learn from someone who works at Hood and who had seen Elizabeth Jones Hesse that Jonsie is in good health, still living in her home in Annapolis and driving her car. I called Mary Lib Reeder Tiller, my roommate, to tell her about the weekend.  She lives in Fairfax, VA with her son, Richard and wife Christine.  She had a bad fall last winter and is still recovering from the after effects.  It was wonderful to be back and see the beautiful campus, meet the new president, enjoy eating in the Ronald J. Volpe Athletic Center, and having Strawberry Breakfast in Coblentz, followed by the chapel service….and then home, grateful for the years I spent at Hood College and the friends I made there.

  2. 1944; Summer 2017


    V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk

    Mary Lou Chorley Touart is still living in a retirement center. She talked with Margie Muth Alibasah- she now has two great grandchildren that are twins. Margie is mostly bed ridden. Mal Barnett lives alone. She reported she was retired and did nothing. Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl has a busy day. She golfs, plays bingo and has her daily cocktail. Nancy Ogden Carson had been in an infirmary and was leaving for her retirement home that day. Janet Coblentz Cover is upset daily by the news that is being reported on the TV. Gert Flagg Dalzell fell three months ago. So she is in the process of moving to a retirement center. Peg Traver Emery lives in her own home. Her son and daughter-in-law came to see her one day. They live on the west side of Florida. They are now busy painting her house. Millie Geiple lost her son and a granddaughter. Annabelle Sunderland Kepler crashed her car into a building. Mary Knobloch Smith plays a lot of bridge. Phyllis Fine Soza and husband are still in a retirement center. Helen Stottler Leaver stays very busy working and helping others. She lives in her own home. I am still living in independent living in a retirement center. I ride an electric scooter for the halls. I ride my walker backwards in my apartment. The only place I can walk is in the pool. I try to do that every nice day. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk (Wheats)

  3. Class of ’12: 5th Anniversary


    This year is a meaningful one for the class of 2012 as it marks our 5th year graduation anniversary! Drew Althouse is currently working as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at the NAIA School Madonna University in Livonia, MI covering women’s volleyball, basketball, and softball. Jacob Ausherman was accepted into the UW MSW Advanced standing program focusing on Child, Youth, and Family development at Rainier Beach High School. Julie Barrick was promoted to Special Education Department Chair at Annapolis High School. Briana Becker has been working as a Mental Health Clinician at a prison that serves inmates at the county, state, and federal level. Briana is currently working towards the final steps of pursuing her clinical social work license. Miriam Bennett has a MSW from UMB SSW. She is married and has a job with the Howard County Government working with the Maryland Access Point. Christopher Brown Married Sarah Reihl on October 20, 2016 in Chestertown, Maryland. He Started working as the Database Specialist / PowerSchool Administrator for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools in July of 2016. Cara Clements received her Masters Degree from Augustana College in South Dakota in Special Education in 2014. She is working for Montgomery County Public Schools as a first grade special education teacher. Megan Coulbourne was promoted to Middle School Science Instructional Coach at Maureen Joy Charter School in Durham, NC. She will get married to her fiancé, Damon, in May 2018! Brittany Diehl recently started working for the Downtown Denver Partnership in Denver, Colorado. Kalina Gipe is working full time at Hagerstown Community College in the Continuing Education and Workforce Development center as an office associate. She also started her own pony riding business two years ago. Claire Gogan received her masters in History with a Public History certificate from Virginia Tech in May 2016. She is moving to Toronto where she will work as the college prep teacher while completing her M.Ed in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto. Lauren Hagan graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University with her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Kelly Harris is working as a teacher in New Jersey at Bancroft school for children with autism, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. She and her husband are a very happy family of four with her two girls. Jessica Henry is wrapping up her research at the University of New Hampshire and is a few months away from her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry! Keenan Holmes is currently the Programs Assistant Archaeologist for Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission. He is a documentary producer and director for his thesis on DMV area Native American rights called “Indigenous Eyes on DC”. He graduated in 2015 with his Masters in Public Anthropology at American University focusing on social justice, advocacy, and film. He is also currently the Department Head for Anthropology and Life Sciences for the nonprofit after school program called “So What Else”. Kaitlin Hughes had her baby boy, Mason William, on May 2nd at 8lb 12oz and says that he is doing great! Jessica (Becker) Kerr has a new job as a research associate for Leidos Biomedical/Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. Hilary Lawch completed her Masters in teaching English as a second language and has just completed her first year as an ELL teacher in Frederick County. She also wants to share that she has learned how to fold a fitted sheet by herself (not an easy task)! Casey Miller got married and moved to Indianapolis where she will be teaching freshman algebra and coaching girl’s soccer at Avon next school year. Aida Odobasic will be graduating with the PhD in Economics from the University of Delaware this May. Ricky Orndorff married Danielle Stauffer (’12) and has been working as a software engineer since graduation. They live in Frederick with their 4-year-old German shepherd named Gunner. Elizabeth (Ulmer) Page got married in July 2016. This summer they are relocating to Columbus, Ohio where she will teach eighth grade English. Molly Polling lives in Boise, Idaho and graduated with a Masters degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in gerontology and nonprofit management in 2013. Doug Raftery moved to Reno, NV to work for the Reno Aces Triple-A baseball team and Reno 1868 FC (soccer) as the Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships. Helene Rush got married on July 15th and is expecting their daughter in June! Laura Saad recently moved from Germany to Long Beach, California where she works as a STEAM teacher for preschool to 5th grade students. She and her fiancé will be getting married in October. Kasey Smith is teaching at Manocacy Elementary School. She recently moved to PA and is excited for new adventures there with her dog, Coco! Maria Smith is still teaching French at Garrison Forest School. Kristina Southwell lives in Tacoma, Washington where she practices law and spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her dog Griffey. Emily (Wilson) Thompson married another 2012 alum, Scott Thompson in October 2015. They now live in Philadelphia with their dog Iris. Scott received his masters in English in 2015 and is currently attending Temple’s graduate program in Philly. Emily graduated from the Arcadia University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in 2017 and currently works as a Neurologic/Orthopedic Physical Therapist at an outpatient clinic in Center City, Philadelphia. Haley Webb married Jared Webb ’13 in July 2016 and Meghan Coulbourne ’12, Audrey Vargason ’12, Tyler Shank ’12, Richard Laurine ’12, and Michael Lancaster ’12 were members of the wedding party. Haley completed her masters in Elementary literacy with a specialization in English Language Literacy. She and her husband purchased their first home in Gaithersburg, MD in November 2016 and she has started volunteering her time with Lucky Dog Rescue in Washington, DC. Haley and Jared have two adopted dogs, Abigail and Charlie.

  4. Class 1957 Summer 2017


    Alice Riddle Metry:  We have just returned from 4 months in Florida, followed by a 3 week journey through the Panama Canal, up the Pacific coast and 3 days in San Francisco.  This octogenarian is tired.  Nancy Tressel Brown asked me if I would make the reunion and I turned her down.  I do hope there are others able to do so.  Nancy and I enjoyed meeting the new president in April.  Let us know how many make the reunion and give them my best.  Maybe next year you and I and others can do a meeting in Florida. Mary Pat Neill Wentzel : Her husband passed away in Dec. and she is adjusting to living alone, doesn’t drive at night or distances, so unable to come to the reunion. Ann Fortenbaugh Eicholtz: She has moved to an apartment in a retirement facility in New Oxford, Pa.  Husband passed away a year ago. Susan Winter Smith:  I would really like to go to the reunion but it’s just not in the cards. The last time we traveled was a year ago to Phoenix to see our son and daughter-in-law who live there. I returned home and went immediately to the emergency room to be admitted with pneumonia. I was very sick and then had it 3 more times this past winter. So we don’t plan to travel by plane any more this year. Fortunately we live in such a beautiful area that we are content touring the NW.  Besides that, there’s too much going on this June as it is. Our oldest grandchild, Aislinn is graduating from Western WA University with a teaching degree. The college prepares teachers extremely well. She has accepted her first teaching position in Royal City which is in Eastern WA not from from Ellensburg where she grew  up. She is very excited about it. Next in line will be a junior at Evergreen College and her sister is graduating from High School. So we have 2 graduations to attend, fortunately the same weekend in Bellingham, WA. The two younger ones live near us and we see them frequently. CJ is about to be 12, is very handsome and getting very tall. He plays the violin in his MS orchestra. His sister just turned 8. She is in 2nd grade and just reading chapter books and will read just for the sake of it. YEAH! All are such nice kids. The younger ones visit us often where we live and all the residents like to see them come. Erica especially because she has her rounds of hugs she dispenses and if she misses anyone I hear about it the next day.  We also will be celebrating our  60th anniversary with the family at a horse ranch in eastern WA. This way too long so feel free to edit what you must.  Thanks for doing this. I look forward to everyone’s news. Nancy Tressel Brown:  A PS to my last message. Roger, dear Roger, and I celebrated our 60th anniversary after dragging me, kicking and screaming, to the local “Old Folks Home” (Bentley Village, which as these places are is quite nice. I must admit.) It’s not bad. They have several bars. And they’ve only run out of Jack Daniels once. By the time Roger pays for the family to come to my funeral, he’ll have blown his in hieritance.  (Don’t get excited, just kidding). BUT, if you’re thinking of this sort of move, READ “Trouble In The Rumbleseat” first. Roberta Geehan Horton:  Cannot make it to the reunion.  Out of energy right now due to fighting acute bronchitis.  Our daughter, Becky’s son, Trevor, was taken into the Eastern Surfing Hall of Fame after becoming the Eastern Champion in his age group, 18 and under.  He was the underdog, too, only 16.  Wilmington, NC is his home and he surfs at Wrightsville Beach.  Not long ago while surfing there he heard a drowning man cry for help. He was able to get to him in time.  The man was so thankful that he reported it to the local paper and to surfing magazines. His twin sister, Alanne, was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. Our granddaughter, Molly (yes!) just graduated from college (Michael’s daughter.)  Richard’s daughter, Ashley, graduates from high school soon.  My spinal stenosis is stabilized.  That cortisone shot over a year ago did the trick.  Residual pain responds to aspirin, just one a day.  Once I took prednisone for the bronchitis, the back pain went away.  Regard to classmates going to the reunion. Carolyn Stevens Amstutz: I’ll have to miss this reunion.  Kind of a biggish weekend for my family.  Grandson graduation from 8th grade on Thursday in Albany NY, my daughter from England’s 25th college reunion in upstate New York, and she’ll be staying in Albany for a few days.  So — Frederick is not in the cards.  I did, however, send a contribution. Had lunch last month in Naples FL with Alice and Fred Metry and Tressie and Roger Brown.  Good to see them. Have a great reunion and hello to everyone from the Class of ’57 from me.  Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    It was delightful!  The weather was lovely; the campus is beautiful; wonderful volunteers to drive you to and fro in golf carts, food and camaraderie was most enjoyable – it was a great 60th reunion for the classmates of 1957.

    Barbara Thomas Yinger: Tommie, co-class rep for this reunion, wrapped the nine of us in red feather boas to stand out against the green of the 50th reunion class of 1967. She and Bob are going on a South American cruise to Buenos Aires and Peru. She had two designs in her Garden Club Flower Show which she couldn’t attend because of the reunion, but was proud to have won a blue ribbon for her Exhibition Type 2 Christmas Design; a red ribbon +90 for her Still Life design, Harvest Times, which told the story of canned goods using canning produce from the garden.  She also received red ribbons for her Container, a horticulture combination planter and for her Calla Lily.  Kudos, Tommie.

    Barbara Kauffman Harrison:  Despite two broken ribs, Bobbie planned a 3.5 day trip to see a granddaughter graduate from 8th grade.  She is active in the Great Circle Quilt Club, church activities and enjoys lunch every spring with Norie Heston Shipley and Tommie Yinger.  Husband John says she is becoming quite the knowledgeable sports enthusiast.

    Bettie Brown Wastler:  Bettie’s time is focused on family; she cares for her son with Down Syndrome and is looking forward to her daughter and family from Italy moving in – with two grands, five cats and a dog!

    June Miller: June has retired from her years of teaching organ at Penn State University but continues as a co-organist at Grace Lutheran Church in State College, PA.

    Margaret Reeves Leopold:  Peg is still active in community gardening, enjoying her grands and readying her son to move to CA. She is dealing with health issues – trying to be 50 and recognizing she is 80.  “Be grateful for life, love and what the body does even when the NOW differs from what WAS.”

    Miriam Spaulding Keyser:  Didn’t get to continue our conversation as we had to leave for an event Bill/Don had in Baltimore.  Here are some thoughts. Use what you think best.  Bill and I are both involved in activities at Oak Crest, a senior community in Baltimore, and still active in our Church. On Saturdays we work at Victor’s Vittles, our church’s Food Pantry. We are looking forward to the family Beach Week on the Outer Banks in late July. With 22 in one big house there is plenty of activity. Of our 11 grandchildren, four are finished college and part of the working world, four will be returning to college, and Jessie has graduated with honors from high school and is headed to Towson University to play division 1 Woman’s Lacrosse. Tori is an Air Force air traffic controller who begins deployment in July and will unfortunately miss the Beach Week. It was great to be at Hood for our 60th reunion and spend some time with old friends, but missed so many. I guess that comes with our age.

    Sue Bond Almy:  She and Bill will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Bermuda.  They enjoy their seven grandsons (no girls!) and have moved into Ginger Cove Retirement Center in Annapolis.

    Susan Truby:  She is working in Brooklin, ME and getting the house ready for her annual family reunion in August which will house all of both east and west coast families.

    Molly Smith Sperandio:  Little change in my FL activities and still happy I can drive to MD and PA for reunions.  It was fun enjoying the reawakening of past friendships.  Peg, Susan and I had the pleasure of sitting at lunch with Nancy Cohen Locher, our Ass’t Dean of Students, Jean Baker Weikert, ‘54 and Mark, Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger ’56 and Sue Peters Wirths ’56 MA ’79.  Fun to be with friends from years we were at Hood.

  5. 1959; Summer 2017


    If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.

    The year of 2016 has been an amazing adventure. Last winter after spending a week on a friend’s schooner in Key West, I drove north visiting friends along the way to my ‘winter home’ in Reisterstown. Early Feb I flew to the Bahamas for six weeks of cruising on Finesse, the boat I had crewed on for two weeks earlier in Oct. My captain considered me to be a co-captain which allowed me to do much of the navigating building my own confidence. We sailed from Abaco Sea down through Eleuthera and crossed over to the Exumas and sailed down to Staniel Cay. Snorkeling, fishing, iguanas, dolphins, hiking over the islands, meeting so many wonderful folks — it was truly a stress-free paradise and a trip I shall never forget. The big item this summer was spending time on my boat in City Island, NY, then sailing it to Belfast, ME. I did bring a crew person along to handle the anchor and be an extra hand in many other ways. In the past two years I have sailed the East Coast except for the last 100 miles to Canada — next summer — and from the north of the Abacos to the south part of the Exumas. I can’t believe I had such opportunities! I plan to head south after the first of the year and back to sea, but just found out I have a triple root canal first.

    Obituary for Starr Culver Weihe Sherman
    Dr. Starr Sherman passed away peacefully on December 13, 2016 at Canterbury Tower in Tampa. She was 79. Starr was born on April 10, 1937 in Salisbury, Maryland. Her father was the editor of the Democratic Messenger and her mother wrote the publication’s society column. From age 6 to 14 Starr wrote the weekly column titled Starr Reporter which chronicled the young children’s news from the backyards of her hometown of Berlin, Maryland. She then covered the teenage activities throughout Worcester County. She never ceased to love Berlin where she grew up and she made many visits there throughout her lifetime. Following high school graduation from St. Mary’s Seminary (now known as St. Mary’s College of Maryland), Starr attended Hood College where she majored in journalism and the sciences. She graduated from Hood College in 1959. She was accepted into the Beta Beta Beta national honor society of the Biology Academy. Based on her performance at Hood College, Starr was awarded a scholarship to study at Duke University’s marine laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina. Starr earned a Master’s Degree in Zoology from Duke University. She then earned a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University. Her doctoral dissertation included the development of a model for a biology course that would prevent duplication with elements in multi-collegiate programs.Starr moved to St. Petersburg in 1961, where she taught at the newly established Florida Presbyterian College (now Eckerd College) as a biological science instructor in the Natural Sciences Department. During her years as a biology instructor she was instrumental in developing curricula for the biological and physical sciences. Starr coordinated student research across campus lines to laboratories at the University of South Florida Marine Science Department and the Veterans Administration Center at Bay Pines. Other professional activities included serving on the Advisory Board of the Magnet School Assistance Grant and the Center for Advanced Technologies at Lakewood High School and the SAC Visitation Committee for Clearwater High School. Starr received nation-wide honors as a recipient of the National Teaching Excellence Award. In their book titled Shared Vision – A Study in Excellence, renowned educators Dr. John Roueche and Dr. George Baxter cited her teaching techniques and their application to large lecture classes. She was also recognized in the Who’s Who of American Women. While Leningrad, Russia still lay largely out of contact behind the Iron Curtain, Starr managed to arrange a personal visit in the mid-90s to the President of Leningrad University, Rector Stanislav Merkuriev and conveyed an invitation from St. Petersburg Junior College President Dr. Carl Kuttler for a visit. The Rector came to St. Petersburg later that year accompanied by Anatole Sobcheck, the Mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Starr retired from St. Petersburg Junior College in 1993. At President Kuttler’s request, she returned as Acting Director of the Science Department from 1996 to 1997.  Starr held memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute of Biological Science, the American Association of University Professors, the American Association of University Women, the Florida Academy of Science and the Florida Association of Community Colleges.  Starr was a member of the Board of Trustees of the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts for 12 years where she served as Secretary and member of the Executive Committee, and Chair of the Committee on Office of Trusteeship. She also served on the search committees for selection of the Director in 2000, and selection of the architect for the Hazel Hough Wing.  Starr was a member of the Board of Trustees of Community Action to Stop Abuse, and she served on the Eckerd College Library Committee. She held memberships in the former St. Petersburg Symphony Guild (now the Florida Orchestra Guild), the Pinellas County Dental Auxiliary, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the St. Petersburg Country Club, the Vinoy Club, and the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.  Starr found time to indulge in her personal interests in classical piano, English history, art and art history, and world travel while volunteering for community service. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church where she served on the Scholarship Committee, and Meals on Wheels. Starr married Dr. Rudolph Weihe in 1967. Dr. Weihe was a leader in the Florida dental profession. He passed away in 2009. In 2010 Starr married Peter Austin Sherman, who passed away in 2016. She is survived by three step-children and their spouses: Sally Weihe Wheeler and her husband Duke in Largo, Florida, R. Geoffrey Weihe, DDS, and his wife Anne in Tampa Florida, and Bruce Arthur Weihe, J.D. and his wife Lisa in Ft. Lauderdale. Her surviving step-grandchildren and step-great-grandchildren are Gregory Wheeler and his wife Donna in Ocala, Florida, Geoffrey Wheeler and his wife Hollen with their children Reagan and Hutchin in Midland, Texas, Taylor Weihe in Brooksville, Florida, Christian Weihe and his wife Lora with their children Jake and Luke in Tampa, Florida, Brooke Edge and her husband Dustin with children Violet and August in Kentucky, Katherine and her brother William Weihe in Idaho, Laura Weihe in Atlanta, Georgia, Alexandra Weihe in North Carolina, and Dana Thompson in Gainsville, Florida. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.  The family gives its heartfelt thanks to Joyce Mitchell of Canterbury Tower and caregivers Peggy Prince, Coller Williams, Indiana Williams, and Bay to Bay Assisted Care for their exceptional dedication. A memorial service will be held at the Anderson – McQueen Funeral Home at 2201 Dr. MLK Street, North in St. Petersburg on Saturday, January 28 at 11:00 a.m. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Starr’s name to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts or LifePath Hospice.

    My news is sad, my dear Joe passed away in February. As a result there have been many changes in my life. My family, who do not live close, are concerned about me living alone. As a result, I will be moving in July to a smaller home near close friends.

    My situation has moved forward! The house was sold two weeks ago. I am waiting for the closing settlement. Then I can purchase my airplane ticket and fly home after a long duration of stress. Cleaning out a house Frank built in 1947 has not been easy…..especially with no communication with his family. The next chapter in my life has to be happier! I will stop to see Nancy and Fritz in California before heading to Virginia. Sally will take me to her home to recuperate. I am tired. So my email address will change and I should be in limbo for a while. Shipment is scheduled for June 8th. I am taking inventory now. A quilter has a bit of baggage!@?! But I am glad I can see the tunnel….looking forward to the light at the end! People have been most helpful and encouraging. I will stay with a neighbor for my final days in Sydney. There are always last minute duties in any move. I have been saddened with the loss of Starr…..my dear roommate, and Paige Wizotski…my Little Sister.  We have to be thankful for each day as we approach more aging! My heart went pitter patter when I found that beautiful picture of our May Queen with Dr. Truxal. I could not throw it away!

    As Elaine Stritch so famously sang…..”I’m still here!” In my house we built in ‘89, coping with my garden, which I love, but can’t work anymore. I do have a good bit of help, which is a mixed blessing. Some things get done wrong, like cutting my hellebores to the ground when what I said was peonies! Gardener did string 3500 white lights in my oak tree for Christmas, so that is my gift to the neighborhood. This was another traveling year, but just short jaunts. Bermuda, Cuba, Boston, NYC [saw The Humans], Providence. I play a lot of duplicate and attend tournaments. Cuba was a Road Scholar trip………to a 3rd world island. I can’t recommend it after spending $4000 for one week. My big flight was to Sophia Bulgaria for a trip up the Danube. It’s not at all blue but it is beautiful. The tiny towns, all in perfect condition and thriving, reminded me of Ravensberger puzzles. They are picture perfect and the food is fabulous…..every day. We finished in Vienna, Budapest and Prague, the last my favorite of all the cities.
    I had another major major foot surgery. I’ve got to quit trying to improve my feet. The recuperation is arduous. Our sad news is that Lisa’s husband told her he was divorcing her in Jan and it was final in Nov. That’s what lots of $ can do. She has moved to a rental and done 2 semesters at GW towards a Master’s in Landscape Design. You remember that wonderful party barn and those gardens she devoted 10 yrs of her life developing. He found a recently divorced employee of interest and moved her in, age 48. He’s 65. C’est la vie. Son is in his 20th year of running a small landscaping company. He is one hard worker. Grandson will be at the Inaugural with the National Guard. Speaking of which……won’t we all be in for a riotous year emanating from DC/ NYC. At my age I consider myself just a spectator. I can only make a difference in Frederick. BTW…the new Hood pres is charming and a real people person. She’s out in the community and remembers names easily. Frederick itself is so different from what it was in the fifties that it is scarcely recognizable, except for the famous spires. Carroll Creek has 1000 linear feet of water lilies and lotus and is a larger water garden than the one at Longwood!!!! Our restaurants are a destination for many. If you care to drive up one fine day I’ll walk you around and we’ll have lunch. The good people here just raised 15 million in 3 years for a new cancer center, paid for before groundbreaking. 5/29/17 GAd! Looking at 80 is serious and calls for a year of celebrations. I’m starting early with a windjammer cruise in ME..sailing “downeast.” I’ve wanted to do that since I was a child. Most trips are to cities to play in duplicate bridge tournaments. I meet lots of nice people, do some sightseeing and get away for a bit. I tried online dating. No luck there. I’ll just have to make my own fun. So, all is well here.

    Natalie and I had a lovely 10 days in Rome, a city we have lived in and love, in April. We are traveling all we can while we can, age is creeping up on us.

    As with many of the Class I celebrate my 80th on May 19th. At Easter, son Terry included me in the visit to youngest granddaughter (Junior at Miami of Ohio) who is spending Junior semester at their campus in Luxembourg. We had a delightful family trip starting in Luxembourg, going by train to Amsterdam for the tulips and tours. and then to Zurich. Great fun. WiIl be celebrating at a Grand Gathering friends have arranged and daughter Chrysti is coming from Memphis and many friends and other family will come also. Then it’s time for my annual move to Bethany Beach May 20 through the end of September. All are welcome. My cell is 202 744 5262; just give a call and there is lots of room for guests.
    In March had a great trip to Chile and then to Ushuaia in Patagonia Argentina, the end of the world, which was breathtaking and we lucked out with wonderful weather.

    Much to my chagrin (!), I was forced to celebrate my BIG birthday with Hood friends in Baltimore and with my family in DC. Caroline arranged for two nights in a hotel and tickets to the African-American Museum, which is very interesting and well done. I learned a lot. Back in Baltimore, Gayle Blakeslee drove Anne and me to Buckley’s Tavern to meet Mary-Lou Haddad for lunch. Then back to Columbus, picking up son Bobby in Frederick on the way.

    12/23/16 Anne wrote at Christmas that she is happy to have moved to Emerald Lakes, Florida, a year ago. Her whole family gathered there for their second annual Florida Thanksgiving. Anne had recently returned from a Viking cruise of the Holy Land, Greece, and Italy. She was amazed by the many structures of antiquity.

    We had a fabulous time on our road trip–stayed 5 days in Golden, CO, with Don and Karen Nordberg Sanders ’60, while we were at our granddaughter Lacey Carter’s graduation from U. of Colorado in Boulder. Wonderful visit, so proud of Lacey, Sanders are great hosts. Then we headed west to spend 5 days with Bob’s older brother and his wife in Bakersfield, CA. On our way we saw Arches, Bryce Canyon (in the snow on May 16!), and Zion National Parks. Breathtaking, amazing, awe inspiring, I can’t say enough about them. Then in CA we went up to Sequoia NP, another amazing spot. On our way back home we stayed in Williams, AZ, got up early and had breakfast at El Tovar, the lodge in the Grand Canyon. Topped our list of wondrous parks, hope everyone has had the chance to see these amazing places! Use what you can; you can see that I am still in awe at the wonder of the five parks we’ve just seen.

    I’m just back from a river cruise on the Elbe River, Berlin to Prague. A most enjoyable and educational tour. Very cold over Easter with snow/sleet. Back home with more doctor appointments for the next step in treatment for back problems. Busy with the Long Bay Symphony serving on the planning committee for their 30th Anniversary Season, 2017-18. I will river cruise again in the fall from Basel Switzerland to Amsterdam. Will celebrate 80 this summer and still “keepin on” as they say.

    Had her big birthday, treated to lunch at Petite Louis and Peppermill. Roland Park Place is expanding, causing some disruption now but with big plans for the future. J.P. and I were victims of a truck “rolling coal” on our last outing. She told me she recently saw a news report about the absurd practice. J. P. said she is very good at self-amusement as long as she has her word puzzles and solitaire. J.P. and Joan Kirkpatrick keep in touch during the baseball season. J.P. received a note from Starr’s aide acknowledging the birthday card J.P. had sent after Starr died.

    We are gratefully still enjoying a wonderful life. We are so very lucky. We have been married 57 years. We have 3 children – our daughter, Elizabeth, in NYC with three granddaughters; two sons in northern CA, each with two sons. They have a very respected vineyard — Peay Vineyards — our older son, Nick, grows the grapes, his wife, Vanessa, is the winemaker, and his brother, Andy, sells the wine and runs the business. Nick Sr. still works full time as an investor. I retired from event planning some years ago but have stayed on several boards and taken up yoga since I can no longer play tennis. Can’t think of anything terribly fascinating going on at the moment.

    Our daughter and her family are coming from Syracuse for 3 days! Sarah, her oldest, graduated from UVM and teaches in Warren NH ( pop. 900) now, so she has 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades in Social Studies, about 6 to 8 students in each class. What a different world!

    Well, I finally made a decision and rented a one-story town house near my old house. It is one-third the size of my present home so I am getting rid of many things–donating and recycling whenever possible. I thought of what you wrote about women being vulnerable on their own, and I looked at several senior communities, including ones here in Dubuque and also in Davenport, but I just did not think I could handle institutional food on a full-time basis, even though most plans left some meals up to the resident. I have celiac disease, and it takes some effort to make gluten free food palatable. I finally ran out of time and had to make a decision.

    We are still busy with John going to speech, cognitive and occupational therapy. He is down to one visit a week and hopefully will be finished at the end of the month. We are still hoping to downsize by next spring. I am still the designated driver and drove us down to Siesta Key, FL, this past Jan. where we spent 6 weeks. We have decided that we will not go back for that length of time any more but spend the time getting our house ready to put on the market. Winters have been relatively mild lately so maybe it won’t be too unpleasant. I am still volunteering in the Upper Arlington Public Library, sorting books for Friends of the Library, and at the Discovery Shop for the America Cancer Society and trying to fit in some gardening between the raindrops. John and I are both looking forward to our 60th reunion in 2 year and hope to see you there. Joan

    My husband, Leif, continues to recover from Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus, which he became ill with last August. He has had extensive rehab , and is currently at an assisted living facility where he is relearning how to walk, talk and gain strength. All from a mosquito bite. Life changes quickly. I lIve close to Buckley’s also and would love to join you all sometime. My golf game continues to be fun and a challenge…Happy 80 to us all!!

    Marion Zugale Rapp
    I am grateful to have had a mild, uneventful winter this year! I enjoyed my tutoring at Stevenson University and my editing of a friend’s memoir. I made a big decision recently to sell my house and move to Blakehurst Independent Living Community in Towson, MD. At this point, the house is still for sale, and I am biting my fingernails! Carole Rogers came in and out for her final overnights in this house where we have had good times.

  6. 2003 – Summer 2017


    Hello, classmates!  Lots of exciting things this time, so let’s get started!

    Erin Smith Babitts has a new job!  In December 2016, she began working as a Licensed Master Social Worker for the New York State Office of Mental Health in New York City!

    Erica Buckley Wrightson writes that she, her husband Jim, and their kids Aidan (9 and a half), Ainsley (7 and a half), and Lexi (4) recently moved back to Maryland.  She’s also happy to report that she is expecting baby #4 this fall!

    And speaking of babies – there have been quite a few who joined us recently!  Lauren Guerieri McCrea and her husband Jessop welcomed their third child, Owen Eric, on May 10, 2017.  Owen joins big brother Henry and big sister Anna.

    Elizabeth Stacks Millhouse and her husband Scott welcomed their son Chase Asher Millhouse on September 9, 2016.

    And, my husband Matt and I welcomed our daughter Abigail Therese on February 9, 2017!  She already has a dink and has made her first visit to Hood (including meeting President Chapdelaine!), so she’s all ready to join the class of 2039.

    I think that’s about it – keep the news coming!  You can email me at macdonaldleahg@gmail.com or visit our Hood College Class of 2003 group on Facebook.

  7. 1975: Summer 2017


    Cherilyn Widell send a Hello to all. She has a wonderful consulting practice in historic preservation which has led her into projects ranging from the creation of Delaware’s first National Park to stabilization of Alexander Graham Bell’s House on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. This year she was named to the board of the US Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, so she will be involved in nominating World Heritage Sites for the US. She owes it all to Mrs. Hagerman and Dr. Latkovski who showed her how to develop a career in history in an area other than teaching! If you’re near Chestertown Maryland, contact her for a visit.

    Margery Berringer-Schuran and her husband Horst joined Steven and Rhea Bel-Jon Calkins for a short visit in San Miguel in January. They all drove to a quiet beach on the Pacific coast where we shared a spectacular house on a secluded cove, cheered Steven on to 2nd place in his open water swim, and gorged themselves on seafood and great times. Now that Rhea and Steve are getting close to the end of their construction days, they are looking forward to doing more travelling and more open water swims for Steven. Maybe the whales in Baja next! Unfortunately, Rhea has developed back problems, but feels she could not be in a better place to work to avoid surgery. The thermal pools there are just the ticket for her therapy and year round hot water, blue skies and birds are so much nicer than a smelly gym. She is still enjoying her work with the animal shelter and just participated in a free city wide spay and neuter program where we sterilized over 700 cats and dogs in four days.

    Arlene Russo Bujese has completed the installation of over 90 works of art donated by East End Long Island artists throughout the newly opened Kanas Center for Hospice Care in Quiogue, NY. She is in the 17th year of the Boxart Benefit Auction for EEH, serving as Chairperson.

    Cheryl Cuddeback is a NY Licensed Real Estate Sales Representative focusing on Queens and Long Island in NY. The beauty of this career is she interacts with fellow “Hoodlums” like Carolyn Schoemer, who graduated from Hood in ’72 and is also in real estate. Last summer she chilled with Billie Weiss and Ann Cupia from the graduating class of ’74 on the Jersey shore. Sign up to get her real estate flyers as they are full of great information.

    Laila Grabowsky Bottomly and her husband Kirk just finished hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. What a trip! They hiked the Camino in Spain two years ago and both are so worth it! Their kids are doing well – daughter Jenny splits her time between mothering six kids and being an emergency doctor. Their son Matt is an intellectual property attorney in Orange County and got married in March. Laila lives near Sacramento, California and is glad to be far away from the doings in DC!

    Joan Garner Kaiser emailed me while sitting on the Disney Magic in Stockholm, Sweden!! Joan and her husband John did a re-positioning cruise from Port Canaveral and then a Northern European cruise. So much fun sailing with Mickey, Minnie and friends. Retirement can be a grand thing.

    Thank you to everyone who was able to respond to my request for class news. Sorry I was unable to give everyone more time. My son Matt got a great job at E & J Gallo Winery in Roseville, California. It has been fun for me to learn about the company and all the wines and distilled liquors in their portfolio. Should take me a while to sample everything. I continue to explore more alternatives to solve my chronic pain, but it is a long, difficult process. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Wishing you, your families and friends the best! Debbie Page Rath


  8. Column for December 2017


    When you read this column in December (written in early June), we will be about 6 months away from our 50th class reunion. Sandy Gerwin Herndon and Charlotte Sizoo Whitenight have been working diligently on our behalf to raise funds to endow a scholarship. Please consider making a generous contribution to this class gift to the college. Susan Marano and I are reunion co-chairs and will periodically be sending you information about the schedule of events and other details for the weekend. We hope you’re planning to come and reconnect with the people you knew then and discover shared interests with classmates you may not have known well but will find fascinating now. Just seeing all the changes to the campus is almost worth the trip to Frederick!
    Now for some class news. Mary Kay Noren wrote that she and Don still keep their sailboat on Kent Island in Maryland and were in transit in late May to get it ready for a busy summer and early fall sailing season. They sold their house in Maryland in December 2015 and moved to Dataw Island, SC, just outside Beaufort. They discovered it a few years ago while looking for a marina to spend the winter season. It was love at first sight, and eight months later they moved to a community that surpassed their expectations and changed their lives. They have both become addicted to tennis, and she’s playing about five or six times a week which she says is a constant reminder of her age. Through tennis, boating, and volunteering, they’ve made a lot of great friends. She adds, “We feel so lucky to have made an impulsive decision to move that has brought such a new wonderful life. This leap of faith behavior is a gift of age. You sort of get to the point of saying ‘why not?’ to new adventures. Since most of aging is negative, it is such a plus to learn to follow your heart.” In her email, Susan McGehee Nelson said that she and Bob are still enjoying their work though they are taking a little more time off and as a result, enjoying more balance in their lives. They celebrated her 70th birthday in October 2016 with a week in Asheville where they were joined for a few days by their son and daughter-in-law. In December 2016 she had hip replacement surgery which went extremely well. She stays in regular touch with her roommate Sue Keppler Sweetser and Pam Nicholson Neumann. She plans to be at the 50th reunion and hopes Sue Sweetser will also be there. I had a delightful phone chat with Carolyn Fraley (aka “Fingers”) who definitely plans to attend our 50th reunion in June. She retired in 2013 after a 36-year teaching career which included 14 years in Rome. During that time, she lived for 8 years with a British couple that are now like family members to her. She has traveled extensively with them through Italy, England and Scotland and continues to stay in close touch. Her next trip will be to visit a friend in Ireland. She stays busy volunteering at her church and de-cluttering her house. Carolyn is especially proud to report that she has become a political activist and participated in the People’s Climate Change March last April. We laughed at how late in our lives we both came to political protest. I went to Washington last January with several friends to take part in the Women’s March and found the experience exhilarating and inspiring. Since Ron retired in March 2016, we have been enjoying more travel—a month in England and Scotland in spring 2016, a trip to Germany in fall 2016 and a family trip to Lake Garda and Venice in fall 2017. We try to spend as much time as possible sailing our 32-foot sailboat on the Choptank River and Chesapeake Bay, but the time we love the most is spent with our three grandsons, ages 3, 1, and 6 months. Crossing my fingers to see a gigantic turnout of the Class of ’68 in June!

  9. Class of 1969 news – Summer 2017


    Class of ’69 News 2017

    My “roomie” Cindy Kannapel Weiss was the first to respond to my plea for news. She recently discovered her near neighbor in Lansdowne, PA – Gwen Ebersole Lehman ’68 – small world! Cindy has nicely recovered from back surgery but anticipates a knee replacement in the fall. A little R&R in Cape Cod and Cape May over the summer should do wonders. Her three grandchildren live not far away. Carolyn Cantagalli Dumaresq stays busy with dog training and showing in agility her three Boarder Collies. In addition she teaches Doctoral students Quantitative Research (Statistics) for Immuculata University and volunteers with Rotary exchange students and rescue dogs. She stays in touch with Connie Meek who competes worldwide in skiing and running. In retirement Carol Wyman Harris now creates handmade greeting cards and other crafts which she sells at area craft fairs. Attracting birds, bees and butterflies to her garden is a passion of hers. Jill Stanley and her husband have been Indiana Hoosiers for a year now. They’ve gained a granddaughter AND a great-granddaughter and continue to dance and make new friends. Marty Silcox Hankins has officially retired from teaching! She continues to help Ken with his pottery business and volunteers with the Carroll County Master Garden program. A 46th anniversary trip is planned to Smith Island, then off to Nova Scotia in September. Susie Holtzmann Richardson writes: “Susie Lawrence, Linda Richards McKnight and I are grateful to share the joy of later in life relationships with very special men and to support each other through the aging and death of our parents.” Esther Kofod shared roommate Joanne Fodor’s glowing review of Esther’s book The Libyan: “Libya should salute Esther for writing such a heartrending tale of their country. She makes the madness and cruelty of Libya palpable and hence gives a real voice to the decimated beauty of the land and her peoples. Through the details she chooses to express and the character of her personhood she has made me aware of the true Libyan.” In addition to running a horse boarding business, Karla Leum Stoner and Bill manage a farm in south Frederick County at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. They love river cruises and so far have taken two in the US and two in Europe. Sadly Sarah Jane Snyder Raffety reports battling IPF, diagnosed in 2014, but she keeps a positive attitude and looks forward to welcoming a new grandson in November, and to visiting with Sharon McDonald Sayles later this year. Thanks to retirement, Joanane Ingoldsby Peters is again transitioning from winter hobbies – snowshoeing, genealogy and quilting, to her summer favorites – travel, golf and gardening. A trip to Ireland is planned for September. Linda Israel Lamm and Doug enjoyed a week of art and architecture in Havana, Cuba with Sam (Mary) Ryan Reeves ’70 in February. They’ll head to North Carolina this summer and to London in the fall. May 23rd marked the culmination of lots of work on the part of Margaret Dunkle. The portrait of civil rights hero Harriet Elizabeth Brown was unveiled at the Calvert County, MD courthouse. Margaret spearheaded the event. Virginia (Penney) Weatherby Brown writes: “Libby Marckwardt Oliver and I just returned from a 9-day cruise to Bermuda and the Caribbean to celebrate our 70th birthdays and 52 years of friendship.” Also taking a recent Bermuda cruise were Carole Downing Staton and Roy. Prior to that they went to El Paso, TX to visit son Andrew before his next deployment. They’ll welcome a new granddaughter in Binghamton, NY in June, then set sail on an Alaskan cruise in July. Dave and I Sayre Roney Steere are doing a good bit of traveling ourselves. In November we took a quick “family anniversary” cruise to Cozumel. We packed up the Tesla again in January and drove to Flagstaff, AZ where our girls and “grandgirls” joined us for a week at a resort. Snow abounded while at Grand Canyon but the weather was ideal in Sedona. This spring we drove up the east coast to Cape Cod and on the return trip “hit” the Poconos, Atlantic City and Washington, DC. Next up Seattle, home to both our daughters. But this time we’re flying!

  10. 2013: Summer 2017


    Hey, Class of 2013! Well, this year’s graduating class had red dinks. I’ll let that sink in for a minute…

    Thankfully we have started enrollment for the class of…2039(?)! Elizabeth Garner Drummond and husband Scott welcomed a healthy baby girl, Isabel, on January 26; Megan Turcios and her husband Carlos welcomed their second child, Christian, on April 27; and Mikea Bowie Hawkins and her husband will be welcoming their first child in October. Casey Dunn welcomed baby girl, Reagan, on March 22nd and Amanda Blakeslee Darling and her husband welcomed a son, William Darling IV, on April 15.

    Emalie Stroup was married in March; Gregory Eyler and Meghan Mannas ‘14 were married in May; and Jess Manuel is marrying Brandon Wilt in September. Breton Stailey got engaged to Cole Siler in February and is planning an April 2018 wedding; Darcey Heflin got engaged over the holiday season and is getting married in Fall 2018 in Mexico; and Christine (Teany) Meehan is engaged to Nathan Miller and looking forward to an October 2018 wedding.

    Billy Lewis is HCM Support Analyst with Payroll Network Inc.; Meme Brown is certified as an assisted living manager and plan to start her own assisted living facility in the next two years; and Spencer Knoll has joined the office of Senator Chris Van Hollen as a Legislative Correspondent. Kris Fair is running for City Alderman; Nowreen Chowdhury is working for a multinational contract research organization as a Clinical Research Associate; and Trevor Shell is an Commercial Energy Consultant with Luminous Solar in New Jersey. Russel Holz works as a Full Stack JavaScript Engineer in Silicon Valley for a company called Dokkio; Dominick Baretta Fair is the  Chief Technology Officer of SADOS, LLC in downtown Frederick; and Alexander Smith is a lead sales consultant for Best Buy Mobile and is almost finished an MA in interdisciplinary studies in human behavior at Hood. Carly Oeller is working as a program support assistant for the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine in Rockville, MD. She is also attending graduate school at Hood, pursuing a certificate in the Organizational Management Program. Heidi Gunzelman started work at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia as a research specialist in the Betts Laboratory and I, Elaheh Eghbal, continue to enjoy working at Zerion and living in Bethesda.

    MJ Swicegood graduated with her MBA from Hood College; Brett Shelley is pursuing a PhD from Virginia Tech in Translational Plant Sciences; and Kate Adams Anthony graduated with her masters in teaching and learning elementary education. Steven Davis will begin a PhD in French Studies at Brown University this fall; and Christine (Teany) Meehan will be starting Penn State’s MBA program Spring 2018.

    Continue to rock on, Class of 2013. Cheers!


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