1. 1970: Winter 2017



    Karin Ninesling Infuso

    Classmates sent information about children, grandchildren, travel, new commitments and new challenges. Congratulations to Janet Bear Ander who welcomed a “beautiful” new granddaughter to her family in September. Janet also has a 15-month-old grandson.  Jeanne Bryant Wyland sent a short email with “big news” that her son was accepted and is planning to attend Hood. Congratulations to her family, also. Jody Davis Eakin has retired to the Villages in FL where she enjoys many activities including golf and duplicate bridge. At a holiday party, she met four Hood alums and Penny Hain who worked in administration while we were at Hood. Jody’s sister, the Rev. Gail Davis Williford ’68 retired from a church in Houston, TX, and the congregation dedicated a large outdoor labyrinth in her honor. Ellen Farrand Carpenter offered bittersweet news. She recently visited Lallah Pierpont Brilhart and has two grandchildren, a 4-year-old grandson and a granddaughter born just weeks ago. Ellen’s husband died suddenly in August, and she now must decide if she will remain in her longtime MD home or relocate to the waterfront house near St. Petersburg, FL, that she and her husband purchased for their retirement. Ellen’s son lives in Miami, a reason to relocate, but she will take some time to decide. We send our sympathies to Ellen. Elizabeth Houghton Fulmer sent news of travel to Cuba on the ninth cruise ship allowed to dock in Cuba. Betsy will celebrate her 45th wedding anniversary in Australia and New Zealand. She is a student again at U. of Central Florida and Rollins College. Betsy’s daughter and her partner of 14 years had a “joyous family wedding.” Marj Menchey Berkheimer married Phil Berkheimer in September. She and her husband visited friends in Texas and New York and took a behind-the scenes trip to the Tournament of Roses and the Rose Bowl in January 2017, one of the destinations on her husband’s “bucket list.” Marj and I wondered if a member of the Class of 1970 could suggest a better term than “bucket list.” The Rev. Margaret Muncie is still happily living in Greenville, SC. She would like to know if any Hood alums will go to Washington, DC, in January 2017 for the Million Woman March. Donna Newman still works “a little” in nutritional counseling and frequently visits various beaches. She went to her 50th high school reunion in Towson, MD, and was able to visit her sister who lives nearby. In recent months, Karin Ninesling Infuso and family attended a lovely Gramercy Park wedding in NYC, a trip to coastal South Carolina, and a vacation in the North Carolina Mountains. She is enchanted by her darling 17-month-old grandson and sees Ada Karen Blair and her husband every chance she gets. Ellen Sacks, P’09 attended her 50th high school reunion and found it “wonderful and strange.” She was saddened to learn that classmates had passed away. Mary “Sam” Ryan Reeves attended her 50th reunion on Long Island, NY, at the same time. Ellen welcomed Sam and her husband to her home in Brooklyn for “a great visit,” the first time in NY after many visits with Sam in Frederick, MD, and Bethany Beach, DE.  Nancy Schneider Alder also attended her 50th high school reunion. Her grandchildren, now in the fourth to sixth grades, “are growing up so fast.” Nancy enjoys attending their various athletic events and wishes her classmates a healthy 2017. Vickie Smith Diaz will go to Florida after the holidays and stay there until April. Her daughter plans to be married during Mother’s Day weekend at an outdoor ceremony in VA. Vickie loves her role as Mother of the Bride and enjoyed shopping for wedding gowns in NYC. Thank you to the classmates who sent information for this column. Please inform the college if your email address changes, so I can be in touch for the next column deadline. Have a healthy, happy 2017.

  2. 1968: Winter 2017



    Sharon Burns Walsh

    I had a special request from our Class Giving Co-Chairs Sandra Gerwin Herndon and Charlotte Sizoo Whitenight to include the following in our class column: “Sandy and Charlotte want to thank classmates who contributed to the 2015-2016 Giving Campaign. Our 50th is fast approaching, and they have kept us informed of “nascent” 50th fund-raising plans in recent Giving letters.  Now they’re reminding us of the need to get seriously started.  Our classmates at the 45th liked the idea of an endowed scholarship.  Surprisingly, this requires less money than you’d think–$50,000 minimum at a 4% interest rate will result in an annual scholarship of $2,000.  With Hood’s $48,000 annual tuition and room and board, many students are cobbling together small scholarships so even our modest scholarship will be helpful to a student and will exist as long as Hood exists.  If we raise more than $50,000, we can increase the scholarship amount for a single student or perhaps award more than one scholarship.  Giving Year 2016-2017 contributions go to general operating funds, not to the scholarship. Now we need to set-up a steering committee of 4 to 6 members to address issues such as scholarship name, eligibility and selection criteria. Sandy and Charlotte live in the greater Washington area but volunteers from anywhere in the country are welcome.  Just email Charlotte at charwnt@aol.com. We are a generous class both in terms of our financial support and our long-term, continuing friendships.  Let’s all support our class by contributing to the Class Gift and attending the Reunion.”  Co-chair Sandy Gerwin Herndon also sent a personal update.  She has been caring for and living with her 95 year-old-mother in Bethesda, MD for the past four years.  Her son and his wife design jewelry, and moved into Sandy’s home in Shady Side, MD about a year ago.  Her two daughters live in Maine and Georgia. Sandy is the proud grandmother of six and continues to work part time in a catholic high school as an assistant in their campus ministry office. Note from the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving:  It would be great to identify a few lead gifts from classmates for the establishment of the scholarship.  Additionally it is customary for the 50th reunion class to also give to the Hood Fund during their reunion year.  This fund allows for support of scholarships for all Hood students in addition to the establishment of a scholarship.  (Minimum of $50,000 is needed to endow the scholarship as stated above.)  Contact Charlotte if you are interested in giving a lead gift (minimum of $5000 to the endowed scholarship effort). Donna Nelson Hyde is retired and living in Aliso Viejo, California. She loved teaching both music and 6th grade for 38 years in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District.  She has enjoyed conducting 2 children’s choirs at Irvine Presbyterian Church for 21 years but is planning on this being her last year so that she has more time for traveling. She somehow manages to find time to sing in an adult choir, ring hand bells at her church and volunteer for charity work with her sorority. The last two years she has participated in mission trips helping to refurbish a school in Swaziland and installing a playground with Kids Around the World in Jericho, Israel. She says,” I loved visiting these countries and really getting to know the people and gaining a better understanding of their cultures.” She makes several trips east each year, visiting her mom in PA and other family in VA. She keeps in touch with her roommate, Laurie Kammler Kaye, and has gotten together with Debby Mattas Willis.  She adds, “I’m looking forward to our 50th! This time I won’t be in the middle of a children’s musical.” Lots of news from Gwen Ebersole Lehman who lives about half an hour from me in Ocean Pines, MD.  Gwen retired in June 2015 from Stephen Decatur High School where she became something of a legend for the drama productions she directed and often wrote.  In her honor, former students and colleagues established the Friends of Gwen Lehman Foundation to raise money for scholarships for students interested in theater studies.  Ron and I attended her retirement party, and it was apparent that Gwen was beloved by all who worked with her and were taught by her. Gwen reports that the Foundation was able to award a scholarship this year to a young woman at Sarah Lawrence.  Her husband Don retired this year, and they bought a second home in Landowne, PA so they can spend more time with their two grandsons.  She has begun to paint and even exhibited a couple pieces in Ocean City, MD, is working on a young readers’ book, continues to write plays for the high school, and does volunteer work at the Art League and for county counseling services.  Remember that we need 4 to 6 steering committee volunteers for the Hood scholarship. Say “yes” and you’ll be doing a wonderful service for your class and for future Hood students.


  3. 1966: Winter 2017



    Dianne Beebe Barske

    It’s mid-December, the holiday season, and early Christmas cards are providing some of the cheerful news for this column. But I feel drawn to share some very sad news first, news that came to me in early September through two of our classmates, Cheryl Carlson Peyton and Kandy Kiefaber Higinbotham. Esther “Estie” Paist died Sept. 6. She had heart surgery earlier in 2016 and seemed to be doing well. But on that Tuesday, she experienced severe back pain and was flown by helicopter to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital where she died. Estie and I were roommates in grad school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, having driven across country together in her little yellow VW Bug. She had an active mind, a big smile, a calmness and warmth. She was planning an Alaska trip this coming summer. I will miss her so much, but am grateful for a reunion we had in Scottsdale, AZ, two years ago. I am also grateful to “The Terrace House Girls” who decided to honor Estie by purchasing a Hood Blazer Brick in memory of her. News came from four classmates who attended our June Hood 50th reunion, friends I had a chance to visit with, making me wish for more time with each of them. Geneva Butz was one of the ministers, along with the Rev. Alice Coffman McDermott, who spoke at our Sunday service in the Hood Chapel. She wrote that she recently downsized from a three-bedroom apartment to just two large rooms—a living/dining room and an office/bedroom. Geneva adds, “But I do love this new location—on the 12th floor of a high-rise next to the art museum in Philadelphia.” Laurie Wheeler Brown is another friend who returned to campus for the reunion. Laurie wrote, “It was fun to see you in June.” We did laugh a lot. Laurie also mentions a family rafting trip in August down the Green River in Utah, “all 14 of us!” Carole Ann Kemp Lovett and I also got to visit a lot during reunion weekend, often in Coblentz dining hall. She stays in touch with her Hood Big Sister, Kay Starcher Klausewitz ’64, who had just recently sent her pictures of travels to Ireland. Carole Ann’s mother, Eleanor, turned 98 in November and danced at her birthday party with Carole Ann’s husband, Bill—“her favorite son-in-law.” Winter months will be spent at the Villages in Sumter County, FL. She adds, “I look forward to visiting nearby pals Ginny Wheeler Jones, M.A.’88 and Pat Kehoe Tylander.” Speaking of Ginny, on top of organizing our 50th Hood reunion, she has been busy moving to this new Florida location. The house in Germantown, MD, sold after 16.5 months on the market. She and husband Charlie had spent many months moving furnishings between Germantown and Hernando, FL, earning the title of “snow flakes,” according to her! They plan to spend August to December in Annapolis, MD, and January to July in Hernando, FL. Joan Theobald Wentling shared triumphant news. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2015, but I have apparently emerged the winner in that battle.” Such good news. Joan states she is so grateful for the support of former sister-in-law Jeanne Perkins Hofferkamp’67 and Barb Maly Fish ’64. “Our grandchildren continue to be a source of happiness for us. Their ages are 9, 10, 11 and 12, and all live within 10 minutes of us. We are so lucky!” Jane Dearstyne Veeder. “We have been very blessed this year.” She and husband Chuck drove across the continent and back in their travel trailer from mid-August to mid-October. “It was an amazing experience. We visited places in both the U.S. and Canada. We spent a delightful day with Hood classmate Bonnie Scull Hawkes and her husband, Geoff, in Vancouver, BC. It is such a beautiful city!” I stay busy, volunteering, spending time in my little art studio and writing monthly features for an Alaska statewide publication, “Senior Voice.” I’ve been able to travel to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians (think “Deadliest Catch”), St. Paul in the Pribilof Islands of the Bering Sea, Sitka in Southeast Alaska, Fairbanks in the Interior—all to cover stories for this publication. Having a son who works for Alaska Airlines provides a parental benefit, free transportation, traveling standby. We use this benefit often to fly to Portland, OR, where both sons, their wives and all three grandchildren now live. So I, too, am feeling blessed—and the greatest blessings seem to be people—family and friendships. I’m grateful to all Hood friends who found a minute to share their news!

  4. 1963: Winter 2017



    Dottie Snyder Engle

    Dear classmates. Sorry for such brief news, but I have heard from very few of you. Joanne Cissel Doyle says that she and Jim paid their annual visit to their son’s family in Texas. She also informed me that Jo Ann Twilley Plichta, M.A.’86 has moved to West Chester, PA, and that Jo’s husband, Dave, died recently. While we are speaking of deaths, in case you haven’t heard, my dear Ronnie has also left us. He hadn’t been feeling well, but felt well enough to go to a football game at the University of Maryland on Oct. 15 with several friends. He enjoyed lunch and camaraderie but fell over as he passed through security and could not be revived. I am being philosophical because we had frequently talked about what a great life we had; he wanted to go first and quickly. Oddly enough, I was not totally surprised. (He just didn’t want to do all this paperwork.) We had an amazing “Celebration of Life” for him with more than 500 people in attendance. This was going to be his last year of coaching, at least as a head coach. At least that’s what he said! The good news is that the deck has been repainted, and although the host will not be here for the next reunion, the deck is ready for you, so plan on being here!

  5. 1961: Winter 2017



    Marty Kaiser Canner

    Katharine Baum Wolpe

    Nancy Brown Braudrick is living in a condo while her home is being rebuilt. She appreciates the help of her son and daughter-in-law throughout this situation. She celebrated Christmas in Florence, OR, with daughter Janice’s mother-in-law and family. Marty Kaiser Canner had a right hip replacement in mid-October. (The left one was done in 2012.) She has recovered well by God’s mercy. Judy Arenson Friedman lives in Boca Raton, FL, for eight months and in NYC and Lenox, MA, for four months. She enjoys time with her three granddaughters and her significant other, Mort Rudin. Anne Bierstein Grenfell moved into a condo in a 55-plus development. In early November she traveled to Mary Anne Fleetwood’s home in Rehoboth, DE, for a mini-reunion with Ann Friant Scheck, Sue Meeks Freeman and Fleet. They discussed aging, walked on the beach and ate in restaurants. Fleet would like to open her house to all classmates and those from other classes, too, for periodic reunions. Those who are interested in being part of a reunion group should respond directly to Fleet. In June, Shirley Garrett Haley, P’85 moved back to Catonsville to a 50-plus condo nestled on the edge of Patapsco State Park. Life is less cluttered and full of quiet joy. Visitors are always welcome. Jeanne Duncan Jehl ended her consulting relationship with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading in November. She is finding time for more reading, music, travel (she has a trip to the Amazon planned for February) and volunteer work. She is excited about these new opportunities. Hilda Koontz continues to travel the country lecturing about the Civil War. In 2017, she will be presenting to several Midwest and Middle Atlantic groups and to two national conferences focusing on Civil War medicine. Anita Ranoldo Miner enjoyed visiting with classmates at the reunion in June and seeing the beautiful Hood campus. She had the opportunity to visit with some Frederick friends whom she met on a Road Scholar trip to Cuba in March 2016. Later in the summer, Anita and husband Dick went to London to see plays and in November to Mexico to enjoy the sun. Janet Spaulding Nunn, P’06 and husband Jack took a cruise along the coast of Maine in September and were pleasantly surprised to see Sandy Murphy Schmidt and Bob on board. Another treat was meeting President Andrea Chapdelaine when she visited San Diego in November. Ellen “Muff” Wright Peterson is recovering from a knee replacement. She and husband Mal enjoy their five grandchildren and often travel from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Annapolis for movies and shopping. Mable Philipp Pochedly has moved from Torrance, CA, to 3737 Atlantic Avenue, Apt. 702, Long Beach, CA 90807-6411. Dorothy Willis Rainwater visited national parks in Utah last summer and joined a group for a five-day rafting trip on the Green and Yampa Rivers where she experienced “heavy duty rapids.” Dorothy is sorry to lose Hood and Massachusetts General Hospital friend and classmate Deborah Tillson Capra. Debbie passed away July 8, 2016, in Ashfield, MA. We extend our condolences to Debbie’s family. Mary Drewal Regan’s family continues to give her great joy. This past year she flew to California to visit with son Skip and his wife, Marcy, and drove to Ashland, OR, with them to attend plays at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival. She traveled to Switzerland to visit a cousin and then met a friend to explore Munich and Berlin. Her next travel adventure will be a trip to Morocco in March. Sandy Murphy Schmidt and husband Bob loved an eight-day round trip American Cruise Lines river cruise from Portland, ME, to Long Island so much they have signed up for a cruise on the Mississippi River for September 2017. The drive from Maryland to Maine and back was delightful. Apartment living at Charlestown Retirement Community in Baltimore County suits them to a T. They lock and leave at the drop of a hat and have made good friends at Charlestown. Lyn Adams Sprinkle still enjoys living and the activities at Sunrise Senior Living in Richmond, VA. Her children live in Chesterfield, VA, and visit regularly; she looks forward to their holiday parties. Katharine Baum Wolpe attends music and dance concerts, off-Broadway plays, and an Israel-Palestine reading group with her friend, Philip. She enjoys her adopted orange and white Maine coon cat, Pancho, and remains busy escorting frail seniors, singing in her church choir, helping out at the church food pantry and participating in the church’s studies on mass incarceration. She is currently recovering from the November election.

  6. 1958: Winter 2017



    Marilyn Garis Kellow

    Cynthia Williams Bohaker relates the sad news that husband Dick had not been well much of this year and passed away in September. They were married 57 years but met in high school, so were together for a long time. Her three daughters have been great support. Sue lives in Sparta, NJ. Linda is teaching at a local college in Kyoto, Japan. Diane lives in Phoenix where the family will be gathering for Christmas and New Year. Cynthia still works for a local accountant during tax season. Susanne Smith Evans’ two sons and families were with her for Christmas. She says all is calm and hope it stays that way. Sue Brown Melech and husband Bob moved across the street in Rochester, NY. They will be spending four months in St. Petersburg, FL, this year, staying at the Hollander Hotel, a small boutique hotel originally built in the 1930s with many of the original architectural and design features preserved. Kind of like living at “Cheers”—everyone knows your name and is very friendly. They take advantage of the local library for reading material, travel to Tampa for the Yankees spring training games, enjoy long walks, fitness classes and generally eat more than necessary. They would love to meet with other Hoodlums in Florida anytime January through April. Jeb Bennett Moran had a fabulous trip to London in August, courtesy of Don, to celebrate her 80th birthday. Son Mike took the family to St. Thomas for Christmas so they could celebrate for the second time. She gets together with Carol Horwath Klecka for lunch almost every month. Also sees Carol Huelsen Warrington sometimes, whenever she and husband Bob “winter” in Florida. Jeb feels so blessed to be healthy and pretty active, mostly with volunteer and church activities. Lots of travel is still at the top of her “bucket list.” Sara Lea Callaway Redmon says the past several months have been a roller coaster ride. Carl was in a serious car accident. He suffered six broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade and head injury. All is healing nicely but slowly. They are looking forward to spring and some nice trips in their motorhome. Diana Hagenbarth Russo is going to be a happy 80 year old, which started with spending Christmas in Paris with family. She and husband Fred have been married 45 years, and are both well and happy. Life is good for them, Florida in the winter and the North Carolina mountains in the summer. Marthanne Stephens Smith continues to keep busy with classes at the local community college, Curves four to five times a week and biking. She and husband Duff are “getting a vicarious thrill” out of following their 6’10” grandson, Warner, in his study for a year with Johns Hopkins in Nanjing, China! Little Chinese girls follow him around and everyone says: “you are so tall!” Penny Hunt Solum had an extraordinary 80th birthday celebration this summer with time in the south of France and in London with family, plus a fantastic birding adventure to a tented camp in the Darien forest of Panama. She saw many good birds and was very fortunate to see a very rare and elusive bird, the massive and handsome Harpy Eagle! It was a day’s trek to do so with both a long river ride in a dugout canoe plus a forest walk! Awesome! Anne “Ricky” Merrick Vosti is fully involved with caregiving and nursing as Ken’s health declines. She highly recommends a book titled “Meditations for Caregivers” by Barry Jacobs and Julia Mayer. Her 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild are all over the U.S. but continue to “pop in” whenever they are close by. Her family is very supportive. Jo Olmstead Witherington was busy with a Women’s Ensemble Concert in November and a big Christmas Concert in December plus other volunteer singing events. She has been busy learning to play Mahjong and has a couple of trips planned for 2017. During 2016, I experienced two surgeries, the first in June to repair a tendon which was about to rupture in my right wrist and another in November to remove a benign cyst in my throat. Had physical therapy through October for the wrist. Really minor inconveniences as I reach my 80th onDec. 20. Everything seems fine as the holidays approach. As I submit this news, the temperature is to plunge to -12 tonight! Hope you all had a merry Christmas. Have a healthy 2017…Maggie Garis Kellow.


  7. 1956: Winter 2017



    Muriel Chait Durbin, P’81

    I’m sorry to begin this column on a sad note and report the passing of Judith Kreider LeRoy who passed away in October and Mary Lu Urban Walker who passed away in December. Our condolences to both families. Barbara Bundens North writes, “I continue to enjoy my life here in Fargo. Earlier this month, I had surgery to insert a pacemaker. Life is good. We are experiencing our usual subzero temperatures a month early this year instead of the 10 days in January, so who knows. Have a good holiday season, and best wishes to all for 2017.” So nice to hear from Judy Berry Brooke: “Frank and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary this summer with a family get-together at our lake house. All grandchildren and children were the hosts. Great celebration. We have been living in Jacksonville, FL, for the past 16 years. We are one mile from two children and their families. It was fun watching grandchildren grow up. Oldest grand, Emily, belongs to our oldest child, Berry, graduated from North Carolina State U. She also earned her master’s in accounting from there. Now has her CPA and is CFO and practice administrator for Orthopedic Specialists of North Carolina. She lives in Raleigh, NC, and just became engaged. Son Tom has two sons. Ralston graduated from U. of Virginia last May and is an investment banking analyst. He lives in Jacksonville Beach. Arch is in his second year at Southern Methodist U. He is there on a full four-year academic scholarship. Daughter Francy has two children. Will plans to graduate from the U. of Florida at the end of April. He has a double major in engineering and finance. Brooke is a junior at Florida State U. majoring in merchandising and finance. We are proud grandparents. Hope all is well with you and yours.” Rebecca Eppers Byrd, P’84 writes, “In May, I had minor eye surgery to remove a Salzman nodule. I attended grandson’s (Matthew) graduation from U. of MD. June was a busy month—I had fun at the 60th Hood reunion. Biggest event was 10-year renovation of my apartment. Major task was packing and storing everything from walls and breakables from furniture. Clean and fresh looking because of new paint and carpet. Denise’s family has been here three times this year, including Thanksgiving. Mackenzie loves “Grandma’s” pool, so much time is spent there. All the family (except Matt) was at Daphne’s for Thanksgiving Day. Carla’s family had not been up in over a year. So good to see all of them. Six grands range in age 7 to 22 years (triplets are now 15).” Carole Oswald Carter, P’80, P’85 reports: “Small town living is very busy but not earth shaking. Kind of reminds me of the good community feeling we had when we were at Hood.” Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger, P’81, G’08 enjoyed attending Handel’s Messiah on campus in November. She likes taking advantage of the many opportunities Hood offers to the Frederick community. “Then I was taken to Manhattan for a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat in Brooklyn. On Friday, the crowds of people gathered at the new Oculus outside the 9/11 museum to view the huge transportation underground space just built for the ease of crowds in the city. It was all white with artist renderings and very impressive. As I traveled with my 4-year-old granddaughter, I was not able to keep up. Being a country girl, more or less, I could not help but find her life awesomely different from mine. She has such confidence among the sidewalks and pathways of the big city moving quickly with great energy.” Joellen Libbey Nelson writes that her sons are all doing well. “My life is rich with all the love of my family. These days I belong to the Coronado Woman’s Club, read a lot, help at the shelter and do crafts for yard sales at Christmas.” I really enjoyed hearing from everyone, please email or write to me with your news. As for me, it has been a busy fall with my family taking part in two Susan Komen three-day walks—in Philadelphia and San Diego, crewing and/or walking 60 miles in the three days. I’m so proud of them raising funds for this cause. This was son Jon’s15th walk. Best to everyone for a healthy 2017. Muriel Chait Durbin


  8. 1954: Winter 2017



    Jean Baker Leister Weikert

    A surprise phone call and conversation from Jean Bannerman in Belleville, Ontario, disclosed she has had shingles, which affected her vision. She reminisced about growing up in Canada and participated in a geologic survey following “Agnes.” She’s had both hips done surgically several years ago. After graduating from Hood, she lived in Canada and Virginia. She nearly married. She has endured Guillain-Barré syndrome, resulting in her being in George Washington U. Hospital four and a half months; she had to learn to re-use every muscle in her body. She taught history, political science, ancient and English history at U. of Colorado; was involved with social studies. She obtained a master’s degree in sociology as well as in history while at Oxford. Our classmate retired in 1988 and learned her mother became blind. Her address includes living in her grandparents’ home consisting of two cottages that are constructed in a horseshoe formation. Having the opportunity to scan The “Williamsonian,” a newsletter of Williamson College of the Trades in Media, PA, I noticed an article of the passing of a classmate’s husband. My husband Mark attended Williamson from 1950 to 1953. As we are downsizing and clearing files, the spring 2001 edition showed a picture and article concerning Anne Funk Maxwell’s husband Howard Maxwell. Max passed away peacefully at home in March 2001 after a long illness. Anne preceded Max in death in 1988. Max was described as a committed educator and had served as president of Williamson College from 1985 to 1987. A good friend of Williamson all his life, they appreciated his loyalty and efforts as their President. A graduate of Gettysburg College in 1952, he served as a Navy officer during the Korean War. After receiving his MAT from Harvard U., he taught in Newtown, MA, Public Schools and then became director of alumni relations of Gettysburg College (concurrent with our classmate Anne Funk’s serving as Hood’s alumni officer—that mutual opportunity enabled their meeting). Max continued his educational career at U. of Michigan; earned his doctorate from SUNY Albany; was dean of students at Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY; VP of Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities for State of NY. Then Williamson president before serving as president of Girard College, Philadelphia, a school he attended from age 7. Charlotte Rees Miura passed away unexpectedly Sept. 2, 2016 in Madison, WI. Married to Dr. Akira Miura, a professor of Japanese at the University of Wisconsin. Their family consists of son Asa and daughter Hana. Asa and his wife have two children—Kin, 11, and Risa, 7. Our deepest sympathy to the Miura family. It was so thoughtfully kind of daughter Hana to call me to inform me of her mother’s passing. Charlotte earned a bachelor’s degree from Hood as a history major and a master’s in education from Columbia University. Joan Wagner Tolbert endured several years of experiencing multiple myeloma. Mark and I were able to attend her funeral Oct. 8, 2016 at Middle Springs Presbyterian Church, Shippensburg, PA. We had the privilege of sharing sorrow with that family. Joan and her deceased husband’s granddaughter, Hannah, attends Hood College as a sophomore and gratefully wears her grandmother’s Hood Ring, which Joan was able to give to her. Rod was influential at Shippensburg University where he taught and later was invited to help establish Shippensburg’s graduate program in education after serving as school superintendent in a nearby school district. Rod preceded Joan in death by several years. Having endured bone cancer, Mark and I felt blessed in having Joan and Rod’s presence at our wedding Sept. 29, 2012. Betty Remsberg DeColigny faithfully keeps in touch while continuing to care for husband Warren. Their daughters and granddaughters keep them inspired. Granddaughter Erin Thomas graduated from Frostburg University with a degree in psychology, is an honor student and is now studying for a master’s degree in sociology from Salisbury University. The second granddaughter of Warren and Betty’s triplets, Kelli Thomas was married Sept. 17. Completing the triad, Cindy Armentrout and Christopher Ray married July 11, 2015. Warren and Betty are lighthouse fans and have toured extensively in the U.S. to continue their travel focus on them. Recent cruises they have celebrated included one from Baltimore Harbor to the Caribbean plus a bus trip to New England; Mystic Harbor, CT; Boston, MA; and Southern Maine. Dr. Betsy D. Oehrle reported, “Audley Gardens had a wonderful month of November in the U.S. seeing old friends—first Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser ’52 flew from Chicago to Pittsburgh. We had three very special days together. Then I went to see dear Jane Taggart Whittaker ’52, P’78 in New Jersey on my way back to South Africa. We had a joyous time in Princeton, NJ, with Sally, her youngest. Even drove down the street where I saw Albert Einstein in 1955. It was so good to be home, but for the results of the election. I pray that all will be better than we expect, and if not, that we can make it better. Greetings to all with love and joy. Betsy.” Your class correspondent is moving from 2220 Ritner Highway Carlisle, PA, to 13 Fulton Dr., Cross Keys Village, The Brethren Home Community, New Oxford, PA, 17350-9382. New telephone is 717-624-3960. Mark and I feel blessed to fully experience the rest of our lives in this peaceful retirement community.

  9. 1953: Winter 2017



    Johanna Chait Essex
    516-487-1883 johalessex@gmail.com

    Sincere condolences to Judy Rank Loposer on the passing of husband Ken this past June. Mary Jane Baldwin Scherer proudly announced the birth of her third great-grandchild—Emma Lou. Mary Jane had ankle surgery in March, and this led to her move into a retirement home, and it is working well. Thanksgiving was spent with daughter Leslie and family. Margy Brown Barati wrote that they have given up their Florida home, sold the Pittsburgh home and are getting used to apartment living. They have good neighbors who are friendly and willing to share their own fascinating lives. Nancy Brown Kohlheyer and John were in Belgium this year as they commemorated March 22 [22/3 as they refer to that date]. One of her former students had been injured in the bombing and was told it will take a year before he can walk again. The metro stop bombed was across the street from the entrance to the European Commission. She and John also had a chance to visit the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. Traveling farther south to Virginia gave them a chance to have dinner with Buffie. I received a lovely note from Hooley Chidester Ball’s daughter Laurie Bunch. Hooley has Alzheimer’s and now lives in an assisted living facility. Her health is good, and she does know her daughters and enjoys their visits, but her memory is very poor. She does enjoy reading the Hood Magazine and anything that is sent from Hood. Shirley Dana Few’s big news was the announcement of her oldest granddaughter’s engagement. She will be married Easter weekend 2017. Her other grandchildren are either still in college or out on their own. This past Thanksgiving saw everyone come home, and they had a chance to play catch up. Penny Fradd Vahsen, P’77 attended four weddings this past summer—Boston, San Antonio, St. Thomas and Portugal—she combined a two-week river cruise with the trip to Portugal, going on to Bruges and Basel. Sounds wonderful. Jerry Griffith Macomber celebrated her 86th birthday in Seattle—with her three daughters—they saw “Man of Lamancha,” spent time in St. James Cathedral enjoying the quiet time, and her daughters drove, while Jerry was the willing backseat passenger, enjoying the freedom from responsibilities, along with her oxygen cannula. Pat Lloyd Fordham and daughter Leslie, along with their five dogs and two cats, are just fine. She and Leslie keep active walking or biking the Colorado River trail that is close. Leslie has a black belt in taekwando and may be seen practicing on their back patio. They had Thanksgiving dinner with friends and two of the dogs. Bim Mayer Werle had a good summer—18 months post knee replacement she was able to garden, and even walk slowly, and in mid-summer she had her cataracts removed. Jerry had his hip replaced in November—life is good. The highlight of the summer was a family gathering for a grandson’s graduation and the birth of their first great-grandchild. Barbara Morris Harrison wrote of the passing of husband Mike and son Michael. Son Peter owns a restaurant in Circleville. Barbara doesn’t drive anymore, but friends do stop in to visit. Judy Rank Loposer’s husband passed away this past June, but her family is close by and is a great deal of help. Judy continues work at her church and in the community of Walla Walla. Bev Rosenberg Sager spent Thanksgiving with her children in San Diego, and then on to another visit to Paris with her daughter. She will spend February in the Turks and Caicos. Sheila Seigal Asher is now living in Florida permanently, as her husband is limited in his activities, and Florida offers more for him than Kiawah Island. Their two grandchildren are high school seniors, and they are all waiting to know where they will go to college. Margaret Church Smith-Loeb visited Canada this past summer and enjoyed the Shaw Festival. She still takes courses at Fordham U., and thinks of NYC as the City for Seniors. Katherine Sponsler Patten took her last cruise this past May, and went up the New England coast as far as Halifax. She and her little sister from Hood, Chucky Reed Hall, are in constant email touch—they have known each other since Chucky was 14 and Kathryn was 16. Brief note from Alice Ungethuem—She spent August and September in Cape Cod and is now back home. Now it is back to garden club meetings and arranging tours of historic gardens. I received a sad note from Bill Cody, a friend of Jane Van Fossan. Jane had passed away peacefully in November, and a nice service for her was held. Hal and I are fine—we are both fully “retired” (whatever that means) but manage to keep busy—our Tauck trip this year was to northern New Mexico—we visited Las Alamos, and this tied in with several of our ship reunion trips—Hal was delighted—saw pueblos, a wonderful old church called the “Lourdes of the United States” and visited with a sculptor whose works were beyond belief. It was a good chance to visit with my sisters as well. Take care and be well—Jo

  10. 1952: Winter 2017



    Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser

    Several 52-ers have moved to assisted living: Nancy Campbell Barrett (in Reno), Ruth Matthews Alger (in Easton, MD) and Betsy Dowling Barclay (still Townson, MD). Betsy: “I needed more help as I am on oxygen 24/7 and use a rollator most of the time. I hope to get to reunion Saturday just for the day.” Dixie Baird Nace: “Busy on six committees, including resident council and continue making/selling my pressed flower note cards. Will enter the Philadelphia Flower Show in March. Connecticut son Rich with family and Texas son with family all connect with me three to four times a year. A friend and I enjoyed Hood trips in 2014, 2015 and 2016.” Betsy Cannen Martin fell and dislocated her shoulder but is recovering. Natalie Colbert Bowers lost her dear husband Martin to complications from Parkinson’s. It was sudden; the two of them had just bought pansies for their garden the week before. Dee Dreller Sosin: “I am disposing of my collections to move into an active retirement community in March. Jody Weddle’s daughter and granddaughter will visit. Jody just lost Dick to COPD after 64 years of love, children, grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.” Anne Gibson Bement: “I just found a copy of Touchstone 1952. Nice to see those lovely young faces. No foreign travel anymore, but occasional getaways to our Miami Beach place. Our daughter’s family comes for Christmas.” Ginny Green McDermott is retired, well and active. One son lives in Short Hills, NJ; the other son, an hour away. Her last two grandchildren are in college. Gene Mauk reports that wife Janet Hall Mauk resides now in a permanent retirement home following her stroke three years ago. Gene visits every day. Their four children, five grandchildren and two great-grands all live in southern California, so they can visit. Sally Herman Lunt, M.A. from Simmons College, Ph.D. from Harvard University, and a law degree completed in her mid-60s, died in August. A feminist, psychotherapist, activist and best “posture picture” storyteller ever. Emma Jones Hann: “Went to Orlando with three of my four children and their spouses to accept a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for Bill from the Armed Services Blood Program.” Joanne Kates Roos: “Daughter Donna is doing well after two major back surgeries to straighten her spine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Grandson Billy Cole has a job with Price Waterhouse in Washington, DC. Sister Hannah is mentoring with a veterinarian this semester. I hope to be at our 65th.” Jody Kellogg Weddle said Dick died on her birthday and that somehow it was fitting since both of them were starting anew, but in different worlds. She feels blessed to have so many family near. Joan Kniffin Orozco: “I have two great-grandchildren, six wonderful grandchildren and my two kids…am very lucky! Time just flies too fast.” Mary Murrie Hardy: “Had a busy summer visiting family. Loved every minute at all three places. Planning trip to Florida this winter—health permitting. Need a new knee, but not quite ready yet.” Betsy Newcomer Payette enjoyed visiting the Amish area of Pennsylvania recently and went to her granddaughter’s college graduation. Ann Nygren Greenberg is still an advocate for snail mail and reading Trollope. Daughter Nancy lives nearby; son Arthur with her and Jerry. “He’s a big help.” Anne regrets not being able to travel to twin sister Dody Nygren Wisnom in Tucson. Dody, at home with husband Sam, is no longer active, but responds brightly to phone calls and relishes memories of Hood days. Franne Pickle Wetmore heads to her Florida condo for the winter. She’ll spend Christmas with her sister and family in New Smyrna, FL. She is hopeful she can drive with another, younger Hoodlum, Class of ’62, to reunion in 2017. Carolyn Rusk is delighted that the Congolese family who lived two years in her former home, donated to an organization that sponsors refugees, is now on its own with its own home. A new refugee family will be placed there soon. Kay Spear Feldmann: “Just celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with my blended family. I am sharing the house with my younger son, and it’s really nice to have someone here. Still driving and getting around to do my thing.” Jane Taggart Whittaker, P’78 spent a delightful month in Boulder, CO, with daughter Margie. Daughter Susan joined them, and all three had lunch with my daughter, Kathleen Rude, visiting in Boulder. Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser, bundled up happily in Illinois, visited Betsy Oehrle ’54, in from Durban, South Africa, at her brother’s Pittsburgh home in mid-November.

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