1. 1986: Winter 2017



    Alison Drum Althouse P’12
    804-378-7541  alison.althouse@gmail.com

    Sue Auger Manory wrote, “I had a great time at the reunion last June—catching up with Lynne Davis Anderson and all my other classmates! We had a great time exploring campus and Downtown Frederick. The winery tour and class dinner were so much fun…wish you all could have joined us!” Jane Brophy Martinez says, “Our daughter, Hadden, returned from Burkina Faso, Africa, completing her two-year service in the Peace Corps. She secured a job with InsideNGO in Washington, DC. Now waiting to see where Nate heads for his college adventure. Life is good, and we are so very blessed!” Josie Espino Calix shared, “This year, 2016, has been one of many challenges and many blessings. I lost my husband of 31 years, I have a new granddaughter on the way, and I am now facing breast cancer. I have been blessed with wonderful family and friends who are lifting me up and taking care of me. And above all, I have a Heavenly Father who loves me, knows me by name and is very aware of all of my needs. I am truly thankful for my blessings and my trials. I know that families can be together forever; what comfort these sweet words bring.” Paige Flory wrote to say that she is divorced, lives in Lancaster County, PA, has one adult daughter in Chicago, one son studying chemistry in college in Philadelphia, and a recently adopted a 4-year-old boy that came into her home via foster care. Currently seeking to re-enter professional communications, sales and marketing career after being at home doing foster care. Never too late to put a good Hood education to work! Judi Glaser Shaw said, “My husband, Steve, and I moved to Redondo Beach, CA, in 2013 for his work. We just celebrated our 27th anniversary this summer. Our oldest daughter, Dana, earned her master’s degree at USC film school last year and was married in MD this summer. Our youngest daughter, Megan, is studying for her master’s in Irish literature in Dublin right now. So we are big-time empty nesters! We love to travel and have spent our free time traveling around the west coast and going to Hawaii, which we hadn’t done before moving here. I am self-employed as a healthcare consultant, and have been since 2001, which involves completing and filing a lot of paperwork for nursing facilities. I love it because I can work anywhere and without any specific hours, so it is very convenient. That’s about it!” Chrysti Hogan, who coaches her school’s bowling team, is very proud of the fact that this fall, they beat a rival school for the first time in the 15-year history of the program. Once again the team is headed to the state tournament in January! Go Turkeys (the school mascot)! Christie Nicodemus Bailey, P’16, P’18 says, “My oldest, Katie Bailey ’16, now a Hood alum, graduated in May and for a year she is living in Paris working as an English teacher assistant through the French TAIF program. I was lucky to be able to spend a couple days with her in Paris in September. My second daughter, Samantha Bailey ’18, a junior at Hood, has spent this semester in Florence, Italy. She has been having a great time and looking forward to seeing her friends back on campus in January. I can’t wait to be down there myself when she gets her Hood ring!” As for me, my husband and I love living in MD and being so close to Annapolis. My older son, Drew Althouse ’12, just accepted an athletic trainer position with Madonna University in MI so he’ll be moving north soon. My younger son, Evan, lives in Arlington and works for JD Power as an analyst. Both boys are happy and doing what they love…what more could a mom want for her kids? Note: I apologize for writing such a cut/paste article this time, but my mom died this morning (Dec. 15, 2016)… I’ll do my best to put more of an effort into the next article. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. 1985: Winter 2017



    Sue Povich DelConte

    Hello, Class of 1985! Marsha Evans met up with Deb Crawford-Reynolds at Hood for Homecoming weekend festivities, enjoying a meet-and-greet photo with President Chapdelaine and a walk down memory lane around campus. Marsha and Deb also met up with Krista Stone Steiding for dinner in Downtown Frederick that weekend. Always a fun time when Hood besties can get together! Amie Jamison Sweren added: “Life here is good. The boys have graduated high school, and have just completed their first term at Drexel University. Even though they are at the same school, and their dorms are across the street from each other, they rarely see each other. It’s been quite liberating for them. Over the summer, the four of us did a driving tour in Europe, hitting Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. It’s been quite an adjustment to life being only Scott and me. I have forgotten how to shop and cook for two people—lots of leftovers! Anyway, the bottom line is that we are blessed, we are healthy and we are happy.” Kimberly Kieffer Brown reported…“Nothing! No graduations, no weddings, no retirement…in between major life events right now!” Sounds like the calm before the next wave! I envy you! Margie Murphy Weaver realized a 30-year dream this year and finally lives in historic Downtown Frederick, literally yards from Carroll Creek Linear Park and within a mile of the Hood campus. She sees Hood alumni all over town and is loving life (sounds like I need to split this column with you—seriously!). Margie is picturing Dr. Virginia Lewis spinning in her grave at the current state of politics in our nation and is ever grateful for her teaching…Maggie Rose Montez, P’18, aka Mrs. Rose’s daughter, graduated in ’85. She adds: “the craziest thing is my son, John Montez, born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, is now in the middle of his junior year at Hood. He would only look at east coast colleges, but Hood was his first choice. We would walk the campus when we visited his grandparents at our family home on Elm Street. Mom moved to assisted living in FL and passed away in 2007. My children asked to visit Frederick a few years later, and John proclaimed that Hood was where he was going. And he did just that. Say hello to him at Chrisafulli’s Cheese Shop where he works. A pretty cool legacy!” Margaret Oliver sent in some news: “I do enjoy reading about Hood and lives of the Class of ’85. I went to nursing school in London a couple years after graduation. After working in intensive care nursing for 17 years, I am now working in nursing homes looking after people with dementia. I am living in Warrington Cheshire, England.” My (Sue) mother suffers from dementia and has been living with us for about 10 years now. Margaret, I applaud what you’re doing and know what challenges you face daily! I wonder how many of our class are not firmly planted in the middle of the family sandwich and are also dealing with the issues of aging parents…Andrea Malone Redden’s oldest son was married in October, and the photos show a beaming mother of the groom! Congratulations! Wendy Alling sent a quick update although she felt there was nothing particularly newsworthy: “I’m still in NC (and have been since graduation). A few twists on the career path but am currently a data analyst with Community Care of NC. And officially an empty nester as of September.” I am a few years away from that empty nest and both dread and crave it! My final news comes from Becky May—she and partner Bobbi are now living in Sarasota, FL. Becky is the resident program director at an assisted living community and has already found a chorus to sing with. Becky is an ordained interfaith chaplain (since 2010) and is available for weddings, memorial services and other ceremonies. If you visit the Sarasota area, she’d love to connect! Let me know if you would like to contact Becky—I will send a message along! And finally a little from me: I became a grandma for the second time as our son and beautiful daughter-in-law added a son to their family. Add to the mix a college freshman and high school senior, and you have a busy family! Retirement looms ever closer and to help with the next phase of our lives, my husband has applied to Italy to have his dual nationality recognized. This will help us travel and hopefully split our time between locations once we are ready. As the pressures of parent care and work consume me, I would like to add a plea from help with the column! If you would be able to help split the responsibilities of writing, please let me know. It is wonderful to share news, but I think it is time to get a fresh perspective from another Class of ’85 alum! Please consider sharing the load!

  3. 1984: Winter 2017



    Susan Flanders Kleinschmidt, M.S.’92

    Ellen-Marie Samsen Knehans, P’18

    Greetings from cold NJ! Hope everyone is managing to stay warm! I heard from several people who would love to share their news with their Hood family. Claudia Nichols Nealley reports in that her son is a senior at Carnegie-Mellon University this year. He just finished his football season playing right tackle, and Claudia and her family enjoyed traveling to every game to see him play. Claudia even got the chance to see CMU play Chicago the weekend of the Cubs World Series parade and shared Chicago with 5 million happy Cubs fans. Claudia’s daughter is attending Frederick High and hopes to play lacrosse in college. Claudia is busy chairing the Frederick Cadets Care 4 Kids Charity event where they supply toiletries and gift cards to 100 needy students at the high school. Joy Kelz Woolley reports in from IL that daughter Sarah just graduated from Navy Helicopter Pilot training in Pensacola, FL, and will be flying the SH-60R out of Hawaii. Joy and Jim are looking forward to visiting her in Hawaii. Paris DuChesne Niesterowicz reports in from MD that she and husband Chris have purchased a horse farm in Finksburg, MD. The farmhouse was built in the 1800s, and part of it is a log cabin. Paris works as an emergency room nurse. Paris and Chris currently have two German shepherds, a horse and a foal on the way. Rachel Baker Beard reports that she has had some health issues this year and is hoping 2017 brings better health. She and her husband celebrated the marriage of their youngest son in May. Barbara Rothermel reports that she was just the second student from the US to be awarded a Ph.D. in museum studies from the University of Leicester, UK. She is currently the director of the Daura Gallery and associate professor of museum studies at Lynchburg College in VA. She was also recently elected vice president of the University Museums and Collections Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-UMAC). Peggy Smith Bacon reports in from Northwest Houston where she has lived for the past 12 years. They are nearly empty nesters! Her youngest daughter is a freshman at the University of North Texas. Peggy’s oldest daughter is a pediatric dietitian at Baylor Scott and White in Waco, TX. Middle daughter is set to graduate in spring 2017 from Sam Houston State University and will be employed as a child counselor or other work related to victim studies. Peggy and husband Graham are looking to relocate to the downtown Houston area to shorten Graham’s daily commute. Peggy and Graham are looking forward to celebrating their30th wedding anniversary in March 2017. Peggy is a member of the Pearl Fincher MFA Guild and has been a member of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas for close to two decades. Mindy Brown reports in from Pittsburgh, PA, that she had the chance to get together with Amy Connor Asman, P’16 and her daughter, Erin. They attended a Pittsburgh Penguins game and spent the weekend sightseeing in Pittsburgh. Ellen-Marie Samsen Knehans, P’18 reports in from California. She had the chance to attend a Hood gathering in Dana Point, CA. She enjoyed meeting President Andrea Chapdelaine as well as seeing Nancy Gillece ’81 and Martha Hearn Shimano ’86. Ellen also brought a prospective student to the Hood gathering. I had the chance this fall to catch up with dear Hood friends at a mini-reunion in Lewes, DE. Thanks to the hospitality of Laurie Draper Carter we were able to stay at her beach-side house in Lewes. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, we really enjoyed reminiscing and catching up on each other’s lives. Jenny Welles Green and I drove in from NJ. Lori Hobbs Stiles ’83 drove down from VA and Pam Platt, Jeanne Thomson Dinterman, Karen Curtis-Craney, M.A.’93 and Karen Reardon all drove down from MD. Traveling the farthest were Lynn Davis and Diana Proia Romeo traveling from FL and WI, respectively. We were also able to catch up with Bonnie Sell Crowther who, along with Laurie resides in DE. Lots of good food, good laughs and wonderful memories were had. I highly recommend Lewes as a vacation destination. Can’t wait to go back when the weather cooperates! I just celebrated 25 years with the same company, Zeus Scientific, currently director of quality assurance, and am busy raising an eighth grader! Time sure does fly! Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2017! Please send news for the next column!

  4. 1983: Winter 2017



    Mary Townley

    It is my pleasure to share news from several Class of 1983 graduates. Ruth Ravitz Smith writes, “I relocated to Wilmington, NC, and am working for New Hanover County as the chief communications officer. It’s nice to have classmate Laura Schauer here too. We are planning to drive up and crash the class of 82’s reunion next May. I was talking to the news director of our local NPR station this week, and she asked me about something I said when I brought one of my female colleagues to be interviewed on her show a few weeks ago. I said I wanted to show off one of our women (versus the man she originally invited). I think that comment startled her. My “upbringing” at Hood taught me to help develop women leaders. It is what I am most passionate about and where I like to dedicate my energy to benefit the future.” Ruth also shared about our classmate, Nancy Hoffman Hennessey, who has now become an Episcopal priest. Nancy now serves as rector at Sherwood Episcopal Church in Cockeysville, MD. Congratulations, Nancy! Finally Ruth shared news of another classmate, Gretchen Smith Coviello. Gretchen launched her own business called Gretchen’s Homemade. Ruth shared that Gretchen “ships homemade jam, cookies, etc. Her pepper jelly is amazing!” Suzanne Williams Johnson writes, “I met my old roommate Sharon Williams DePamphilis ’82 and her husband, Phil, and son Devin at Lehigh U. in the spring, and my daughter, Elizabeth, showed Devin around campus. It was so much fun to catch up! I’ve been staying in contact with Angie Sievers ’82, Ruth Ravitz Smith, Gretchen Smith Coviello, Cindy Stearns Price, and Sarah Hoover Dietrich. We’re hoping to get together again soon!” Mary Linger Posey, M.A.’92 shares a lot of wonderful news. Says Mary, “I am in my fifth year of subbing in Frederick County Public Schools only for special education instructional assistants or pre-K assistants. I don’t sub every day and rarely all day but enough to exercise my talent in working with elementary-aged children. I have 17 schools to go, and then I will have subbed in all of our 40 elementary-level public/charter schools in this county. Our daughter, Sayre, is a first-year ninth grade history teacher in Baltimore City. She is loving every minute of it and was very well prepared for the challenges as she volunteered in the city much of her four years at UMBC. Our daughter, Julianna, is a sophomore at UMBC majoring in mechanical engineering. She is working very hard as this is a tough academic major. Our son, Garrett, is a junior at Middletown High School. He is doing fine and has many interests. He is still a year-round tennis player competing in the junior circuit with USTA and maintains a nice ranking in MD, VA, WV and DC. My husband, Rich, still works for the FAA in DC and plans to continue there for a few more years.” Our family continues to do well. My nonprofit, the Next Move Program (www.thenextmoveprogram.com), is moving forward. We provide internship experiences and education to young adults with special needs who are transitioning out of high school. We have several Richmond businesses serving as host sites for our interns. In addition, we just signed on with Wells Fargo. Our daughter, Emily, is a freshman at Roanoke College in Salem, VA. She is gradually settling in to college life. Recently she was asked to do a TEDx Youth talk here in Richmond regarding her role in our marriage equality case. So proud! You can watch it on YouTube. Take care, everyone! Mary

  5. 1979: Winter 2017



    Trina Clickner

    Right after the election, the Class of 1979 was asked for a word or two to sum things up for the year. Here’s how it went. Trina Clickner: Hello out there, Hood classmates! It’s Hood College Class of 1979 news time. Got news? I will sum up my recent mindset in one word—malaise. So, that’s my word. What’s yours? Bess Muir: My word is Maryland. Moved back this past year. Love it here. Bethanne Warrack: My word is milestones. In October, Mark and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in Hawaii. We snorkeled from the beach and found ourselves surrounded by a pod of spinner dolphins. Amazing. In November, I celebrated my 35th anniversary at BMS. Never would have imagined working in one place for so long. Gini Allen Natter: The word from my new home is joy. We have moved into a brand new home on the seventh fairway of a new golf course, five blocks from the ocean. We love our new digs in Atlantic Beach, FL! Janet Wehking Mullen: My one word is consternation. It’s how the election affected me. Please check out my company’s website—iwpr.org—get informed and donate to help us work on issues affecting women. Katt Sherman Hancher: Anxiety. I’d like to go with an entire essay, but I guess that sums it up best, thanks! Malia Harrison Anderson: Exhausted! What’s new! My son’s wedding in Nashville was fabulous in August, and my baby girl just turned 18! My older son is in his 10th year of work! Just getting old and waiting to be a grandma! Martha Pierce: It’s setting a pretty low bar for us to come up with one word… but I’m up for the challenge: trepidation, angst, déjà vu…you pick. Thanks for keeping up with our class! Mary Dale Jones Lancaster: Your word is malaise? Well, that sounds dreary. Could be physical, mental, political (!), emotional—whatever it is, it’s only temporary. Nothing much to report here—I, like many, feel particularly squeezed right now between arranging care of my 85-year-old mother and the younger generation. On one level, I am grateful that I am still of some help and usefulness. However, I do find myself torn in several directions, with less time than I’d like for my own pursuits. So, my word of the moment is “stretched.” I am no doubt not alone in this—it seems pretty common for women of our ilk and age to be stretched pretty thin. Of note, I am, at the ripe age of 60, taking up the piano. We’ll see. I can tell that my left hand really does not like to operate independently of my right—is there enough plasticity in my brain to make it all work? We’ll see what the year brings! Ruth Sikora Seel, P’14: Life is good! I am still working as a high school family and consumer science teacher and plan on going for another six years. Of course we will see how that all goes! Our oldest daughter lives just north of Houston, TX, in the Woodlands and is a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful, fun children. We enjoy grandparenting, but wish they were closer! We have one child local, and our Hood grad lives in Portland, OR. I am fortunate to still have both my parents, who are living independently in their home! This summer we had a great weekend with Sally Schrecengost Convery ’80 and Cathy Suber Kohl ’80 in Virginia Beach. We met a woman on the beach whose mom was a Hood grad—it’s a small Hood world!

  6. 1977: Winter 2017



    Elizabeth Anderson Comer

    Not surprisingly, news from the Class of 1977 contained several mentions of the recent election. Ann Kowitski Barber wrote, “I volunteered for a few months for Hillary. It was exciting to be part of it, and am disappointed she didn’t break the glass ceiling. Hopefully, we’ll see a woman president in our country during our lifetime! Meanwhile, I keep working and look forward to some time in FL in February! My daughter, Elizabeth, was married Sept. 4 to Bryan DellaGrotte and had a lovely ceremony at our church followed by a reception at the Bedford Village Inn surrounded by family and many friends. They live three miles away and for now have two cats named after Boston Bruin legends! ‎Bryan works for the DOC in MA and Elizabeth is now a lead physical therapist for Lawrence General Hospital.” Kas Kluth Rohm and husband Greg will be celebrating their 39th anniversary in two months, and where did the time go? “We’ve just moved to our fourth fixer-upper after renovating a 1941 house in Towson, MD. This may be the last construction project…or not! Greg is still travelling regularly for work, and Kas finally has a short, eight-minute commute to work in the superintendent’s office for the public school system.” Kathy Weslock says she is thankful for Facebook…“Class of 1977 is quite active and always good to catch up on events, children, grandchildren (perish the thought), pets and just life. I will miss the political banter that went back and forth amongst these very smart Hood women, but I am sure we will have plenty of fodder for the next four years. Speaking of which, while I am not back in NYC, I am in Westport, CT, which is close enough to get me into the city every once in a while. Both of my children, now grown men, live there and while they never have time for mom, I can pop in for a coffee or just have to make a pit stop on my way to PA! I still have the farm in PA and a home in Silicon Valley. I work way too much for Frontier Communications to get to either, but at least I’m at the beach here, which is good fun!” Kathy also wrote, “I have a friend whose mother was in Class of 1950. I was looking at her yearbook just last weekend, and struck by, while many things have changed, the tradition and history are still so relevant. What also struck me was that their wishes and hopes for the future were very similar to ours. Do you think the Class of 1950 could have ever envisioned a woman as president? Bet not. So, think how far we’ve come after all.” Martha Homnack Armenti and husband Bob returned to the Cape for the fall “shoulder season,” their favorite time of year there. “The air is fresh, the landscape beautiful and we enjoy our friends here and indoor and outdoor activities we can do together with them.” They will return to Baltimore in December. Terri Pyle Reed writes, “We’ve had several exciting things happen this year. Our daughter (and only “child”), Emily, graduated cum laude from Wilmington University’s College of Technology, with a B.S. in information systems management; she turned 25 that same week in May. This fall, she started a full-time position in her field working for Tera Technology Group, here in DE. Donald and I are so proud of her achievements after a rather rocky start, and thrilled that she is still local. I have recently ‘retired’ from teaching toddlers at the University of Delaware, but continue to ‘teach’ guests while providing garden tours at Winterthur Museum and Country Estate (a 175-room home filled with American decorative arts, situated in a 60-acre naturalistic garden located on a 1,000-acre estate in the Brandywine Valley). I’m still blessed to have my octogenarian parents living independently, about 11 miles away in Maryland, and together we worship in the historic Methodist chapel that my maternal great-grandmother attended in the late 1800s. Donald and I celebrated 33 years of marriage, and we enjoy ‘trailer’ camping and car shows (with our 1940 Chevy) when we’re not busy with our volunteer fire company. I enjoy the connection that I continue to have through Facebook with so many Hood friends. I’m looking forward to 2017, our class reunion and Emily’s wedding in October!” Denise Swan Isacson sent an update from…“Tokyo-Narita where we’re 14 hours ahead…making me totally discombobulated! Anyway, we’re on Hilton Head, SC, these days. Hurricane Matthew pounded the island, taking down a gazillion trees. Lots of damage to homes, but our condo was lucky. The recovery and rebuilding period will take time, but everyone is staying positive! Before the storm, my three best friends from junior year abroad in Strasbourg (1975-76) came to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We had fun making new memories to add to the old. Just completed 38 years with Delta; husband Orjan is retired and goes between Hilton Head and Sweden; Liv, 24, is in Greensboro, NC, at the Fresh Market Shoppes headquarters. Her older sister, Jonina, 37, and family are in Stockholm so we try to see them a couple times a year…especially since Iris, 21 months, is growing like a weed! Hope to see fellow classmates at our reunion in June 2017.” I’m (Elizabeth Anderson Comer) busy managing EAC/Archaeology, Inc. and researching the slave cemetery at Catoctin Furnace. The Reich Laboratory of Medical and Population Genetics at Harvard University has just agreed to complete genome/nucleotide data for 10 to 12 of our individuals…very exciting! I’ll see you all June 9 and 10 at our reunion!

  7. 1976: Winter 2017



    Nancy Ludwick Warrenfeltz

    Chip and Kathy Anderson Jewell celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary Aug. 7, 2016, with a wonderful dinner and wine tasting at the Antrim Inn in Taneytown, MD. The next Friday, they took off on a 23-day road trip to Yellowstone National Park, Bismarck, ND, Roosevelt National Park, and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Historic Site in MT. A highlight was a day spent on the Beartooth Highway with amazing views, scary switchbacks and a picnic by a lake. They enjoyed baseball in Minneapolis and Kansas City and took in presidential museums in Independence, MO, and Springfield, IL. Weaving their way back through WY, NE, MO, IL and IN, the journey put 5,670 miles on their car. Anne Fairweather Harper’s life in Santa Ana, CA, continues to treat her family well. This past year she was spoiled with great travel adventures. A week in NYC in February, a week in Austin, TX, in April, a week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in June, a week at the beach in La Jolla, CA, in August and two weeks cruising the Mediterranean with her mother and sister in October! Anne is thrilled to say that youngest daughter Emily is seven years out on her bone marrow transplant. Despite some significant medical issues, she maintains a very positive attitude and is beginning to enjoy the life of a typical young woman in her mid-20s. Oldest daughter Courtney completed her master’s degree at UC Irvine and is teaching high school English at Orange County School of the Arts. She loves it. With her theater background, she fits right in with many of her students in the acting and performance conservatories. Jim and Anne celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary in July. Anne is looking forward to NYC for a week in February and hoping to catch “Hamilton” while there. The Rev. Carol A. Fleming, P’07, P’09 is alive and well and still living in Kingston, PA, as pastor of Church of Christ Uniting. They welcomed their third grandchild this summer, Brooks Nicholas Beavers—whose mother is Charis Loomer Beavers ’07, M.S.’13. Brooks joins her cousins, Raegan, 2, and Isabella, 2, whose father is Garrett Loomer ’09. Life is full and good! Diana Hilgartner Boyd says that the reunion last summer was the best! She loved reconnecting with so many of our classmates. Dave and Diana spent Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs with oldest son AJ. He’s working at Peterson AFB and loves Colorado. The Boyds’ daughter, Kirsten, is transitioning from church musician to public school music teacher in Fairfax County, VA, where Diana started her teaching career. Son Will is in Jackson, MS, finishing up his MBA and trying to decide if he should return to the Navy as an active reserve officer, or find work in the civilian world. The Boyds are happy in Champaign, IL. If any of you are passing through, they’d love to host you or better yet, give you a ride in Dave’s home-built Pietenpol Camper airplane! Maggie Lindsay Doyle also says the reunion was wonderful. She had not been to one in at least 25 years. It was wonderful to see so many people and catch up. Life is so fast paced. It was wonderful to take a weekend and reflect and reconnect. The campus looks amazing. Michele Smith Guyette writes that for now, life is good. She’s in her 23rd year of teaching American Sign Language at La Follette High School in Madison, WI. She also teaches ASL at the University of Wisconsin, Madison during the summers. On the side, she interprets, including quite a few musical performances at the Overture Center in Madison and a fair amount of religious interpreting. She and husband Paul have a daughter, Madeline, who is a junior at Scripps College in Clairmont, CA. Madeline took after her mother and wanted to go to a woman’s college…and did so in sunny California! Paul and Michele will be visiting her in Denmark over Christmas, where she is just finishing up a semester abroad. Michele loves Wisconsin…in the spring, summer and fall (notice that she didn’t mention winter!). The Madison area has been a welcoming, interesting, positive experience-filled and lovely place to call home. Barbara Woolmington-Smith writes that she and Craig closed their business in CA, sold their home of 28 years in July and moved to Asheville, NC. Before finally settling down, they spent several months traveling the Western U.S. They spent three weeks on the Olympic Peninsula, WA, exploring the entire Olympic National Park, took a cruise in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, went up to Banff and Jasper in Canada, then back into the US to visit the Grand Tetons, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon. It was a wonderful way to top off 40 years of hard work as a self-employed couple. Barb would definitely recommend that anyone visiting the national parks go during the off season and purchase a national park passport book. Stamp your book at the park’s visitor center for a permanent reminder of your visit. Of course, they took loads of photographs! The Smiths have a guest room available in Asheville. Larry and I renewed our passports and traveled to St. Lucia in October with our Naval Academy friends. It was such a fantastic trip at BodyHoliday resort! Thanks for the updates!

  8. 1974: Winter 2017



    Joyce Manbeck MacKellar, M.S.’00

    Patricia Kidd

    First of all, we all send our heartfelt thanks to Sally Johnson Leland for doing a great job as our class reporter. Pat Kidd will be covering news for the summer issue and I, Joyce Manbeck MacKellar, will be responsible for winter issue news. Keep us informed! Elizabeth Guertler Godfrey, M.A.’80 has written a memoir of her father’s rash adventures, her parents’ intense romance and how their secrets affected her life. It is entitled “The Pigeon And The Seagull, My Passionate, Imperfect Parents” and is available on Amazon. Patti Loser Godwin and husband Joe recently enjoyed a vacation in Greece. Since retiring and relocating, Patti can often be found enjoying the beauty of nature as she hikes and kayaks in Northern California and Oregon. Vicki Raeburn Benton writes that she and husband Leigh took a seven-day cruise along the Rhine from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam this past August. They then spent three days in London before heading home. The UniWorld Castles Along the Rhine tour was fantastic! “The ship had only 100 passengers and to say we were spoiled beyond our wildest imaginings by the 40-plus crew would be an understatement! The accommodations were great, the food was superb and the tours of the castles and vineyards—wow! If anyone ever wants to do the Rhine…book on UniWorld. It has it all over the others! Leigh is up for reelection in November, so this was our last trip for a while. He is already gearing up for the campaign. I continue to proctor medical exams at Touro College. I love it!” Vicki’s son, Chris, has left his COO position at Beachside and is now working/partnered with Top Tier Sports Medicine. They recently opened an office in Melbourne, so he is there when not on tour with the LPGA. His wife, Jess, and the kids are doing well, too. Jess does contract OT work from home and the kids, Cam, 12, and Jace, 10, enjoy baseball, soccer and golf. Vicki’s other son, PJ, is still a crime scene investigator/detective for the New Windsor Police Department. When he’s not working or on call, he coaches the travel ice hockey team for son Ryan, 9. PJ’s oldest, Marty, 11, is also an avid hockey player and on the Pee Wee travel team. Needless to say, there are times when PJ is going one place with Ryan while wife Lisa is heading to a different state with Marty! Lisa continues to run her jewelry business (Lisa Wicker Designs LLC) and loves every minute of it. Nancy Kemp Cline recently served as a docent for one of the homes on the Frederick Holiday House Tour. Her garden club decorated one of the homes for the tour. Always a great way to kick off the holidays! On a very personal note, I was very unexpectedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2014. After three surgeries, months of hospital stays and chemo, I have just finished treatment for my first reoccurrence. In September, I had the opportunity to attend Camp Mak-A-Dream in MT. They offer, free of charge, retreats for various cancer patients, but two retreats are strictly for women with ovarian cancer. It was a fabulous experience, and I got to zip line, something that I have been wanting to do. Because of my health issues, I retired from Frederick County Public Schools as a reading intervention teacher at Middletown Elementary and from Frederick Community College as an adult ESOL teacher. Since then, I have opened an eBay business that has far exceeded my expectations. I am so appreciative of each day, the wonderful support of my husband, Butch Nieves, my daughter, Shannon, and son, Brock, as well as many friends. Beth Guertler Godfrey has always been one of my biggest supporters throughout this journey. I am blessed!

  9. 1972: Winter 2017



    Cynthia Clifford

    Carol Schlosnagle Bradford is enjoying a busy retirement, volunteering for an organization that supports foreign diplomats who work in embassies in Washington, DC, including taking them on tours of local sites, arranging speakers and organizing events. After 12 years living and working in Asia, she especially enjoys the interactions with international groups. Virginia “Gini” Procino Hartmann—bless her—drafted a report for me on our August mini-reunion. I flew to Burlington, NC, to visit my aunt and cousins, and then visited Kathy Stewart in Harrisburg, PA. Kathy had found a great venue, and she and I met up with Gini, Barbara Cox Bisset and Barrie Parsons Tilghman in a lovely seafood restaurant in Wilmington, DE (Jane Chaisson Blake almost made it). As is always the case when we Hood classmates get together, it was wonderful to pick up right where we last left off. We spent most of our time together laughing and all had a terrific time. Check out this video of Barrie and her sister Ellen demonstrating how to make Maryland Beaten Biscuits: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcsrT6NfCAg. Later that day, Gini drove me to Watchung, NJ, where I was delighted to spend time with her and Tom in their beautiful new home, which I had last seen when it was under construction. Soon thereafter, Gini and Tom made a 120-mile pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She writes, “I wish I could convey the simplicity and peace of walking all day toward a goal, eating simple meals, washing our clothes in a laundry sink, and sleeping in bunk beds in the various pilgrim hotels. Tom and I talk about The Way all the time and get a dreamy look in our eyes.” Kathy is a frequent visitor to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, as she attempts to keep up with the burgeoning family of niece Claire, who recently gave birth to a baby girl. Ellie joins big sister Jane, who just turned two. Kathy reports a newfound hobby of constant shopping for little girls’ fashions. She enjoyed the nation’s largest recreational vehicle show in Hershey, PA, last fall; admiring Kathy and Larry Belikoff’s life on the road, she’s considering a smaller unit geared toward older, physically challenged travelers. She’s going old school for the holidays, preparing lemon marmalade and Springerle cookies for family and friends. Following the recent election, Kathy says she can now be reached at the Home for the Terminally Catatonic, where she can be found with a distant gaze and tears in her eyes (hehe). Janice Williams Martin writes that she and Al recently took the Market Fest AHI Tour of Germany and then to Paris, and fully enjoyed sailing on the Rhine and Moselle rivers. They are enjoying retirement, especially summer visits to their lake cottage in Connecticut and visits with their sons. Allison Zack (Jeffrey Hagerich) and Mike enjoyed a tour to Sicily; then took a two-week National Geographic Adventure Tour to China, which included hiking parts of the Great Wall; they were able to visit their daughters and their families—one in Singapore and the other in Camarillo, CA. Can we believe that it’s been 45 years? A reminder to save the date for our reunion: Friday-Sunday, June 9-11, 2017. Thanks to Linda Cumber Gifkins, our Facebook page announces that the Hampton Inn and Suites Ft. Detrick is offering a special rate of $119. Jane Esselen Blocker reports that Linda, Chrisse Butler Hassett, M.A.’75, and others from the Memorial crew are bringing their significant others…and I hope you’re all planning to do so as well. I’ll be celebrating the holidays with my sister, Debi, her husband, Dave, my nephew, Rowan, and his fiancee, Hallie. My best wishes to you all for great health and happiness in the New Year!


  10. 1971: Winter 2017



    Mary McMunigal Burland

    Mindy Laighton Wilcox

    Debbie Walton Sheaffer wrote that, after many years of teaching remedial reading, she decided to return to the classroom. She was offered a kindergarten position and found her favorite grade! Debbie retired in 2012. She and husband Ray have been married for 45 years. Son Scott lives outside of Ocean City, MD, and loves being at the beach. Son Chris and his daughters, Alexa, 16, and Caylee, 13, live with Debbie and Ray. Five years ago, Chris’s wife died of cancer, and he and the girls had a really rough time. Debbie and Ray were happy they wanted to move in with them and that she finally gets to help raise girls! They take turns driving the girls to dance, helping with homework and helping to parent. They camp with the family as often as they can. She said they wouldn’t trade it for the world and life is still fun! Diane Miller Jackson reports she is still “blissfully happy” in retirement. She and Drew moved from PA to a home they built in ME and are getting to know more people as they settle in. They marvel at their view of the mountains of Acadia National Park and the lobster boats passing by. She says they are still quite active and that Santa brought them snow shoes this Christmas. Daughter Jennie and her husband will spend Christmas with them. Alice Paul McGinnis wrote to say son Drew and his wife, Kris, had their third son last April, born at home. Also last spring, Alice and Richard traveled to Scandinavia visiting Norway, Sweden and Iceland. They spent a month in ME last summer, and in the fall took a 7,000-mile road trip out west which included stops in CO, ID, WY and Glacier National Park. In October they attended the wedding of Steve Dukenski, son of the late Carolyn Perry Dukenski. Serendipitously, the daughter of Nan Loader Calabretta was also there as she is married to one of Steve’s best friends. I, Mary McMunigal Burland, have had an exciting, busy year. In May, Bill and I took a Viking River cruise from Amsterdam to Basel with friends we had met on a previous river cruise followed by a week at the hotel our friends own in a ski resort in the Austrian Alps. Our biggest event was the wedding of our son, Brendan, and his wife, Kristina, in Philadelphia at the end of August. It was hot and humid as Philly tends to be in August, but everything was lovely. Once again, I must close with a request for email addresses so that Mindy and I can contact you. Without your news, there is no column!


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