1. 2002: Summer 2015


    Megan Mills

    Hello Class of 2002! I hope that wherever you are, the warm summer weather is brightening your days! Some big changes are ahead for my family as we are in the process of making a big move from London to Hawaii. But it looks like I’m not alone and a few more of us have change to celebrate! Congrats to Melissa Carter who has rejoined the Hood community as an adjunct professor of chemistry, teaching Chem 100. What an honor to be back on campus in a whole new capacity! Wedding bells will be ringing once again this summer as Kim Hart will marry Brandon Davis June 27, 2015 in Baltimore. I’m sure it will be a gorgeous day with a few 2002 Hoodlums in attendance!  Lindsay Eyzaguirre and her husband Antonio Paterniti welcomed their baby boy Ethan-Sebastian on December 1, 2014. In addition to her new role as mother, Lindsay is working as a molecular epidemiologist at the Institute of Human Virology of the Univ. of Maryland Baltimore. Maggie Laabs Piccone and her husband welcomed their son Vincent Gary Piccone on September 28, 2014 (12 weeks early). He came home from the NICU on December 20 (1 day before his due date) and is doing great! As always, it’s a pleasure getting to share your news, if any of you find yourselves in Oahu, please be sure to get in touch!


  2. 1995: Summer 2015


    Jacki Resop Amato

    Hello Hoodlums! It is our 20th reunion year! Time flies when you’re having fun. How has it been 20 years already? Seems like just yesterday we were staying up late writing papers and ordering pizza, eating lunch in Coblentz with our roommate, and hanging out in downtown Frederick. I hope the years have been well to you and your families! Rose Kavata Muli, who only attended Hood for a short time and eventually graduated from Bowie State, suffered a severe stroke in the Spring which took her life at the age of 42. She was living in Allentown, Pa. Her father was a GYN/OB in Nairobi. She leaves her husband Matthew Lamb, whom she married in 2005, and two children, ages 8 and 10. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. Please feel free to email me anytime with news or find me on Facebook! Thanks!

  3. 2003: Summer 2015


    Leah Giambarresi MacDonald ’03, M.S.’10, C’05

    Hi everyone! 2003 doesn’t have too much news to report this time, but what we do have is pretty exciting! First of all, Mary Northrup Smerk, M.S.’07 wrote that her children’s clothing business, Lovin’ Ewe, is booming! It was voted Best Children’s Boutique according to Fort Worth, Texas magazine’s readers. You can see her items at lovineweboutique.com–I’ve ordered a few things for various babies (some Hood babies included, of course!) and her stuff is fantastic! Stephanie Bulka Smith and her husband Kevin Smith ’05 bought a house in Rockville last year. She’s excited to re-enter civilian life, too, after finishing her Naval career in October 2014. She’s currently working as a family medicine physician with a medical practice in Frederick. I’m full of news about myself as well! Matthew MacDonald and I were married in September 2014. The wedding was at the Hood chapel and we got some wonderful pictures on campus, as well as some curious looks from students. We currently live in Leesburg, Va., although I still work in Frederick. Speaking of work, I was also promoted in January 2015–an exciting few months for me! That’s it for this season–everyone, keep those updates coming! Also, I started a Facebook group for us, called Hood College Class of 2003, so come join in there if you haven’t yet!

  4. 2001: Summer 2015


    Heidel Goldenman

    Holly Kirkpatrick

    Hello 2001ers! It seems so long since we all shared news, but life is never at a standstill for our class. HUGE hats off to Heather Brigham Dellerman who had a busy 2014. Heather’s family welcomed baby number 3, Layla Arabella, on Jan. 9, 2014 and her husband was selected as a Major in the U.S. Army. In February 2014, Heather received her Ph.D. in public health with a specialization in epidemiology from Walden Univ., and in July 2014 she was the recipient of the Carol Ann Watson Award for outstanding volunteer service to military members and their families. Wow! Me (Heidi), hubby and big sis Rémi are enjoying our newest addition, Andrew, who arrived in November. Thank goodness he’s a champion sleeper to counteract his sister’s energy! Penny McLaughlin Purtell, husband Colin, and 5-year-old big brother Jacob welcomed their second as well when daughter Hailey Ann was born on January 6, 2015. Congrats to Katie McGowan, husband and 5-year-old big sister, Genevieve, who are also living up a second round of pattering feet, Simon Alexander Elliott born July 8, 2014. Wedding bells rang last year for Carolina Guevara married to Aguedo Cruz Jr. in a private ceremony on August 15, 2014 in Towson, Maryland. Niki McElroy and husband Toren Grant also tied the knot on at The Westin at National Harbor, Maryland on November 1, 2014. Sister Tammy McElroy McNish 05 was matron of honor and Mandy Stevenson McHugh ’02 was a bridesmaid. Hoodlums in attendance included Gina Long Dillman ’02, M.S.’07 and husband Mike Dillman ’02, M.S.’06, Tiffany Still Grant ’05, M.A.’07, C’08 and Lisa Zaleski-Larsen. Lisa also reported that she joined a dermatology practice part-time at the Dermatology Center for Skin Diseases in Coronado, Calif. Congratulations to all; keep the news coming!


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