1. 1965: Summer 2014


    Catherine Beyer Meredith


    Emily Kilby
    50th reunion, June 5-7, 2015

    In April, Pixie Fell contacted me, Emily Kilby, from Corvallis, Ore., with the distressing news that classmate Marsha Schmidt was hospitalized in New York City with life-threatening complications after surgery. Pixie continued the updates as Marsha showed some signs of improvement, then finally succumbed to acute pulmonary distress on April 14 in the company of family and friends, including Brooklynite Bonnie Bolway Nuzum. Marsha’s New York Times obituary reported that she “graduated from Tenafly High School in 1961 and from Hood College in Frederick, Md., in 1965 after making lifelong friends at both schools. She excelled at languages and earned several graduate-level teaching certificates, which enabled her to teach Spanish and coach non-English speaking visiting diplomats from the United Nations who were new to New York City. She also had a successful career in marketing and held several executive positions at book publisher Doubleday and Company. It was at Doubleday where Marsha met John O’Donnell, whom she married and with whom she spent 10 happy years before his death in 1993. Since his death Marsha split her time between New York City and Oakdale, Long Island, and enjoyed the loyal companionship of college and career friends. She loved to travel to Europe and especially to Mexico where she had enjoyed many happy vacations with John.” Marsha is survived by her father and her brother Paul and his family. Despite their East Coast/West Coast separation, Pixie and Marsha had renewed their close college friendship in recent years and enjoyed travels together and weekly phone conversations. “We shared the same wry sense of humor about the absurdity of life,” Pixie wrote, “and we both thought cats were often more captivating than humans.” Marsha had been planning to attend our 50th reunion with Pixie, Bonnie and Barb Hyde Sands and her absence will be felt next June. Jamie Barr Gartelmann wrote that she and Peter still move around between their three homes, but when at their New Jersey home their five nearby grandchildren and their garden keep them busy. The last few years have included the loss of both sets of parents, with the sadness offset by the good memories. Last November, the Gartelmanns visited with Ann Fulton Warren, husband Tom and Ann’s father in Potomac during travel between New Jersey and North Carolina. Dr. Fulton recalled in great detail a dad and daughter weekend when he and Jamie’s dad were roomies. Jamie wrote that Ann and she “are very excited about our reunion and hope that many of those who we have not seen for a while will make the effort to come. At our last reunion I had such a good time visiting with classmates that I did not even know that well at our last reunion. There are so many interesting life journeys to share with one another.” The big event of the year for Catherine Beyer Meredith and her family was the marriage of her “baby” Caroline (age 37) on May 25 at the family compound in the northern Baltimore suburbs. Both the bride and the day were beautiful. Meg Knox Marik has been living in Yakama, Wash., for the past 18 years following retirement from a 30-plus year career of fund-raising for higher educational institutions around the country. Yakama is in wine country on the “dry” side of the mountains and Meg really likes the weather and the community. “Starting in September 2012,” Meg wrote, “I spent eight months in four different hospitals until the doctors at Oregon Health Sciences Univ. in Portland finally diagnosed what was wrong with me and began treatment. I am now almost fully recovered and will try to attend the class reunion in 2015.” Carolyn Oldman Gregory remains in Albuquerque, N.M., with her pooch Higgins, although she sometimes considers moving to Columbia, S.C., to be close to her ailing mother and her sister. Sympathies to Chris Plankenhorn Tischer, P’86  whose mother died last December after turning 100 in November. My own mentally capable, physically diminished 96-year-old mother became a permanent resident in my little rancher in June. My next-older brother had been her very obedient companion in the 16-room farm house for many years, but he fractured his first vertebra in a fall after Easter and, following rehab and assisted living, he is now in an apartment of his own. Dismantling Mother’s home of 53 years has been hard. I am amazed at how many of us have living parents even as we prepare for our 50th college reunion.

  2. 1963: Summer 2014


    Dorothy Snyder Engle, P’96


    Kathie Anderson Houchens reported that she and Dave had a relaxing trip with good weather to England staying out of cities and visiting places like Stonehenge, the Cotswolds, Lake District and Bath. She said that driving on the left took two of them, one to steer and the other to call out directions. They stayed at B and B’s and met lots of interesting people. Big news is Katie has retired! Lin Chait Solomon, M.A.’84, M.A.’95 said she cannot believe it has been more than a year since our 50th reunion. Lin is enjoying having the time to read, lunch, tutor and volunteer at the school where her daughter teaches. Lin’s taken several trips on the Mississippi and a wonderful enlightening trip to Central Europe. She visits grandchildren in Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut. Sue Oster Robinson and Dave have moved from New Windsor, Md., to a retirement community in Pennsylvania. Dottie Hussennetter Ritz and Bob are enjoying their new home that they built to accommodate six children and 12 grandchildren when they all descend at the same time. They stay busy with golf and keep up with their clan. A trip was in the works for Helen Pinckney Schafer and Bill as they spent several days in London before picking up their Princess Cruise for the sail around the British Isles. Mary-Verdella Wagner Nelson  and Paul have a wonderful one-bedroom condo in the north end of Boston not far from the water. They stay busy with their three grandsons and the rest of their family and loads of friends who visit them there and at the cabin retreat in Maine. Paul plays a big role in the management of their condo building. Sue Colton Gibbons traveled to Germany with her church choir to perform concerts, following the steps of Luther, Bach, Handel, Buxtehude and on into what was East Germany. This brings back memories of Sue’s trip with the Hood Choir doing a month of United Service Organizations shows. More military activities for Pat Taylor Santelli as her oldest grandson is off to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Carolyn Matusiewski Cannava, P’87 said the fire in Alaska that burned over an area twice the size of Manhattan was away from her. She visited daughter Tara Cannava ’87 in Seattle and then to Maryland for a visit with her Hood roommate Kathy Roach Hoff  . Carolyn traded Alaskan king crab legs for Maryland crab cakes and found Maryland colder than Alaska! Courtney Womack Pilgrim   reported that Denny, her husband of 52 years, died peacefully at home under Hospice care on April 30, 2014. He fought Myelodysplastic syndrome, a disease of the bone marrow that resulted from previous chemotherapy. As for me, Dottie Snyder Engle, P’96, I’m always busy. Bobby Campbell Rickman, M.A.’75, P’96, Sally Schaeffer Morse and I attended the alumni luncheon to hear that the class of ’64 had raised $87,000. When Dr. Volpe heard this, he said he did not like uneven numbers, so he pledged $13,000. In May Ron and I took a road trip to visit Dottie Hussennetter Ritz and Bob, and experienced their wonderful home and hospitality for several days. We left and arrived at West Point just in time for the last one hour tour of the day. We then traveled to Boston to visit Mary-Verdella and Paul after a great picnic with their daughter’s family and friends. The next trip was a Collette tour in Italy for daughter Robin’s 40th birthday. Heading south, we toured Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri then on to Florence. We visited the Boboli Gardens, the Ponte Vecchio, Gates of Paradise and had a quick trip to Pisa and another short visit to Verona to see the supposed home of Juliet. We loved Venice for the canals and gondola ride and the trip to Murano Island to the glass factory. Our last overnight in Italy was the beautiful Stresa. While there we took a short trip into Switzerland to Locarno and then it was back to reality. To all of our sisters who are suffering from falls, illnesses and other reasons for pain and sadness, we are holding you to our hearts. If I missed any messages you sent, misspelled anything or reported false information, credit me with literary license. We had a suggestion to, perhaps, have an “in between” reunion. I am up for that. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. 1961: Summer 2014


    Katharine Baum Wolpe

    Marty Kaiser Canner

    Kathie Baum Wolpe is active with the Village Independent Democrats and St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in NYC and enjoys her two-year relationship with Philip, an adjunct world literature professor. Highlight of the spring was the Washington, D.C., wedding of niece Judy Umberger and Ryu Suzuki in May. Sally Bennett Edwards still plays tennis indoors in the winter and outdoors in the spring, summer and fall. She works part time at the weekly local newspaper, line dances once a week and plays bridge. In April 2014 she went to Nashville to watch the Univ. of Connecticut compete in the Women’s Final Four Basketball Tournament. She spent much of the summer at her house on Cape Cod. Nancy Brown Braudrick was busy in the summer celebrating the birthdays of her daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grandson and three granddaughters, all of whom were born in June, July or August. Her son was born in December. Nancy has a new telephone number, 541-373-1527. Suzanne Brown Wellcome and husband Page have traveled to Cambodia, India, Paris, London and Ireland. They planned a trip to Kenya and Tanzania in September. Suzanne does consulting and usually works from three to six months every year. Vivi Bruckel Harvey teaches English to international visitors at Ohio State. She spends every winter in Guatemala teaching English. In October she will lead a group of 19 women to Peru. Ann Coleman Alexander taught public school music 25 years, retiring in 2006. Her husband Gene died in 2010 from cancer. She is now employed by Messiah Lutheran Church in Sykesville, Md., as director of music. Her sons Brian and David and daughter Conni Ann live close by. Her son Jeff lives in San Francisco. We extend our condolences to Ann on the death of her husband. Kit Compton Long wrote that the good news is there is no big news with her. She and husband John enjoy their garden, their town (San Luis Obispo) and the California weather. Ann Corderman Helton said she does not have interesting news right now, but that life is good. Jan Dobbs Pedersen creates watercolor paintings and makes cards from them. She and husband Tom live at Seabrook, a retirement community. She and Tom travel with the Road Scholar group. Mary Anne (Fleet) Fleetwood still lives in Rehoboth, Del. She is writing a book on animals. She invites any classmates who visit Rehoboth to call her so they can get together. Susan Kaehrle planned to visit Christine (Tina) Steere Lamb in Maine in July. Tina’s husband Chuck died earlier this year. We extend our condolences to Tina who was in our class for freshman and sophomore years. Hilda Koontz is doing a series of lectures on Civil War history for regional historical societies. She and Spencer are busy with Civil War re-enactments and she planned to visit her son, daughter and four grandchildren in Iowa and Minnesota this summer. Sandy Murphy Schmidt and husband Bob live at the Charlestown retirement community in Catonsville, Md. They love their independent living apartment on 105 landscaped acres. The chapel’s acoustics are great for concerts. Anita Ranoldo Miner and husband Dick live in a condo in Salt Lake City. She volunteers her time with the Coalition of Religious Communities. As a deacon at her church she handles pastoral care issues. She and Dick will be going to Salamanca, Spain, in September. Brenda Sheaffer Hillard fulfilled a dream this May when she attended a crewel embroidery class taught by the Royal School of Needlework out of Hampton Court Palace in England. Janet Spaulding Nunn, P’06 and husband Jack took a cruise across the Atlantic to Africa. They visited 19 countries. Janet reported that at the recent Hood Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees accepted Dr. Volpe’s resignation with regret. Dorothy Willis Rainwater and husband Roger planned to go to Croatia in June to join an archaeological dig of a Roman villa with some Peace Corps friends. Bev Yarroll Sweetman was semi-retired three years ago when she turned Body Ease, her physical therapy practice, over to another therapist. She will continue to teach and help family and friends with physical therapy. As for the Canners, Paul and I, Marty Kaiser Canner, are still living in the same house in Catonsville, Md., we have lived in for the last 48 years. We hoped to visit our daughter Rebecca and her adopted daughter Kate in Montana in late July. Kathie Baum Wolpe is co-reporter for our class news. We hope to alternate writing the columns.

  4. 1960: Summer 2014


    Barbara Bailey Reinhold


    Karen Nordberg Sanders
    55th reunion, June 5-7, 2015

    Best wishes to all my classmates! We are not getting any younger, but we are doing the best we can—right? We were all sad to learn of the March death of Betsy Bennett Wiegand after a short battle with esophageal cancer. Some of you probably attended her funeral. On a lighter note, Gretchen Beckhelm has “delightful memories” from Hood’s cruise through the waterways of Holland and Belgium where she visited with Judy Hodges Weaver ’60 and her little sister Courtney Gurley Sieck ’62. Paul and Marcia Newson White left stormy Massachusetts and spent January to March doing fun activities and visiting Marcia’s brother in Florida. Marcia enjoys Yoga. The Whites spent Easter with their daughter Kristin’s family. In May, Don and I, Karen Nordberg Sanders, enjoyed a visit with John and Maryann Whitehead Scherzo, touring the Seattle area with expert guides! The guys also played golf, while Maryann and I toured museums and much more. I love the Chihuly Glass Museum! The Scherzos had recently returned from a trip to Italy with their daughters. Patti “Cookie” Cook Bingemer and Chuck had a fun trip to Hawaii. Cookie sings in her church choir and also plays the bells. She belongs to a book club and a bridge group. She is also in touch with classmate Mary Jane Sunday Whelan who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and hopefully has been admitted to her choice of an assisted living, First Colonial Inn, after being in rehab following several falls. Sunny’s son Dan looks after her. Ann Sampson Adams and Tom sold their Florida home and bought a villa in Del Webb at Lake Oconee (south of Atlanta), to be close to Ann’s daughter who recently underwent a mastectomy. Ann enjoys the indoor pool and other activities. Tom plays tennis and pickleball. Avery Burns, who lives in the D.C. area, said, “Politics and congress are driving me crazy. I have never seen a more ineffectual do-nothing bunch of people!” Avery enjoyed her family in Michigan over New Year’s. Luckily, she made it out on the last plane to leave Detroit for 10 days! Pam Skells Ladley wrote from her home on the Olympic Peninsula, where she and Art have lived since 1978. Pam stays busy with local community activities, their church and family. When Pam wrote in late March they were about to leave on a 20-day ship and land excursion via the Azores, Lisbon, Gibraltar and Spain. Sounds fun! In October, they hope to see Marty Evans Marcello and Tom Marcello on their way to or from Art’s 60th U.S. Coast Guard Academy reunion. Marty and Tom live in New Hampshire. Helen Price Ballantine, P’83 wrote that she, husband Bob and their daughter Carolyn Ballantine True ’83, M.A.’12 attended the memorial service “of our dear friend and classmate Betsy Wiegand. The service was absolutely beautiful, with lovely tributes by family and friends, among them our Hood President Ron Volpe. My family and Bet’s shared a long history and she will be sorely missed, not only by us, but all who knew her.” Helen is glad their brutal winter has gone! Speaking of President Volpe, I am sure I am not alone in being disappointed by his recent resignation. He has done so much for Hood and he will be hard to replace. Don and I are not as busy as we once were after having spent a little over three years in Golden, Colo., in a 55-plus neighborhood near our youngest son’s family. We looked forward to a trip over the July 4thweekend to visit Don’s three siblings, where we will also see our three children, nine grandchildren and four great-grands! Where has the time gone? We sing in our church choir, a larger Lutheran Chorale (which tours Colorado in August), and Don plays trombone in a community band and subs in a dance band. Having been a travel agent since 1991, Don heads up a cruise each year. In October we fly to Barcelona and then head back to Florida on our first trans-oceanic cruise. Like some of you classmates, we are active in neighborhood activities: luncheons, dinners, picnics, book club and much more. As a nonswimmer, I have exercised in the water for 25 years. Water Zumba is my current favorite! Thanks to each of you who responded to my plea for information. Our doors are open to those who would like to visit the mountains. Our current home is the smallest we have had, but it does have a guest room! Have a great summer!

    News updates:

    Betsy Paul Crawford wrote, “Richard and I have been married 56 years (miracle, right?). We have two sons, seven grandkids and one great (only 4-months-old) and we’re thrilled! We live in Gwynedd Valley, Pa., for five months and Vero Beach, Fla., the other seven. We have two Christian radio stations that we are still actively running. He does the managerial stuff and I keep the books. I did not think I would still be working at age 76, but it keeps me out of getting into too much trouble. My sister Nancy Paul Stimson ’57 visited a few weeks ago and we attended her granddaughter’s bridal shower. I also recently attended my granddaughter’s wedding in Pittsburgh. So, life goes on and we are thankful for everything!”

    Gretchen Beckhelm reported, “In July after a delightful stay with John and Maryann Whitehead Scherzo in Seattle, I cruised the inside passage of Alaska on the 40-passenger Alaskan Dream.  It was a “dream” vacation.  In September I rented a condo in Leland, Michigan for two weeks and visited with family and friends there. Now I intend to plant my feet on home turf for a while.”


  5. 1958: Summer 2014


    Marilyn Garis Kellow


    Susanne Smith Evans enjoys a higher energy level after major open-heart surgery more than a year ago. “Being a bionic woman isn’t all bad,” she said. She was about to depart with friends on their boat for a cruise to Maine and said salt air and sailing is the best medicine. Sue Brown Melech and Bob have moved to 69 Cascade Drive ,Apt. 404, Rochester NY 14614. They hope to spend February, March and April in St. Petersburg, Fla. They had a great trip to Tanzania in February. Both enjoy good health except for Sue’s increasing loss of hearing from Meniere’s disease, but she manages just fine. Anne Walton Merriken and husband had trips planned in August to Atlanta to visit their son, daughter-in-law and 20-month-old granddaughter and New York to visit her sister Jane Walton Godfrey. They will visit her brother and his wife Karen Faller Walton ’65. Jeb Bennett Moran is busy traveling and having fun with friend Don. Sara Lea Callaway Redmon wrote, “Our lives are the same! We enjoy fairly good health and continue to be active. Carl services area nursing homes with a mobile dental group and rides his Harley.” Sara Lea has retired from 15 years as a volunteer in a second grade class, but continues scrapbooking, gardening, book club and bridge. Elly Baumgart Ritchie, P’89  spent six weeks remodeling her kitchen. She was preparing for the family gathering at the Jersey Shore and to spend a couple days with Joan Enterline. Penny Adams Rogers is in Hawaii and traveling less for the State Department. Her 25-plus years was enough, but she still loves consular work. Grandchildren, family and friends are the memories they are concentrating on; number one priority is loved ones and government service takes a second seat. Amelia Lauck Rothermel had a long three-plus months of health care. A severe bruise on her left leg led to a deep hematoma that became infected and led to emergency surgery, 13 weeks on a wound vac machine and skin grafting; she is now waiting to heal. “The good news is I have my leg!” said Amelia. Her husband Jim has been a godsend during this difficult time. Gail Shaffer is president of the local historical society and works six days a week as a volunteer. They operate a museum, restored a Victorian house and sponsor walking tours. In July, she planned to run a house and tent tour. The community has more than 100 tents where people live from May to September. In February she had a reunion in Florida with Ginny Lew Horger Grogan and Tookie Voorhees Quodomine. Marthanne Stephens Smith attended grandson Patrick’s high school graduation in Vermont. He will attend the Univ. of Hartford. Two other grandchildren: Allie will be a senior at Elon Univ. in North Carolina and brother Warner will be a sophomore at Johns Hopkins Univ. Grandson Andrew is an eighth grader. Marthanne takes courses at a community college. Nancy Anderson Stearns said,  “All is fine in Quiggleville. Same location and status quo other than a little older and grayer. I’m traveling and seeing the world; Tanzania was the latest. I enjoy being a great-grandmother without the direct care and feeding, just the cuddling and rocking part.” Mary Keener Warfield and husband Ed moved into Fairhaven, a senior community in Sykesville, Md. They enjoy good health; Ed is still an active Episcopal Priest at their church in Baltimore and Mary continues to be the parish/faith community nurse for the congregation. Their 15 grandchildren’s softball games keep them moving. Carole Moore White and Fritz moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Three daughters and families are there; they are happy with the involvement of family and blessed to be together. Jo Olmstead Witherington fits in traveling between singing concerts. She recently had a gospel tour. In August she will sing in a Mozart concert before leaving for Norway. In September her chorus will be performing The Music Man. “After being in hospice care for more than 13 months, my, Marilyn Garis Kellow, husband Dick slowly started having periods of unresponsiveness in early December and quietly passed away Jan. 7, 2014. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 48 and fought courageously for almost 32 years; the last 18 in Cedar Community Health Care Center. It is truly a blessing that he is at last at peace. Our family gathered during the holiday season and we celebrated his 80th birthday on December 23. Thank you for the cards and kind expressions of condolence.”

  6. 1953: Summer 2014


    Johanna Chait Essex

    Sincere condolences to Robert Thompson on the passing of Nan Eaton Thompson; to the family of Joan Reidell Nelson and to Beth McKim Powell on the loss of her husband, Hunt. Beth said they have had some rough weather with trees down, but she is doing fine. Mary Jane Baldwin Scherer’s grandson was married this May and her granddaughter graduated from Kansas State and plans to go on to pursue a medical degree in physical therapy and kinesiology. Prior to the wonderful celebrations, Mary Jane and a friend cruised the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Switzerland. Margaret Church Smith-Loeb continues to attend Fordham Univ. in the 60-plus program at the College. She is enrolled in a course on modern American movies. Her daughter lives in New York and they share a wonderful Mother’s Day tradition of planting window boxes together—helping to beautify NYC. Jane Fruechtemeyer Dillon has had some medical problems and “would relish the opportunity to run the stairs to the third floor of Ad.” Her good news was the arrival of a great-granddaughter. Wonderful news from Nadya Klotz Giusi; her book, Magic & Pasta, a Love Story, is available in both paperback and on Kindle. She has also put Hood in her will to help with future endowments. To see what Nadya is doing, she can be reached at www.nadyagiusi.com. Elesa Konigsberg McFadden has moved into a retirement home. She no longer drives, but her “thoughts and prayers are with the class of ’53.” I had a long phone conversation with Sally Kuhns Giarratana—she feels fine and her surgery was successful. She is able to walk without any aid. Mary Louise Matthews “is still hangin’ in there” in beautiful North Carolina. Jerry Griffith Macomber has been designing blocks for quilts that her church sewing team makes for patients in the cancer center. She has scleroderma, but “life is good, very good.” Bim Mayer Werle and Jerry celebrated their 30th anniversary visiting Quebec City. Her twin grandsons are graduating high school and plan to attend Connecticut College. On Labor Day weekend they will be in Charlotte, Va., for the wedding of one of their grandsons—the first grandchild to marry. Beth McKim Powell is doing well and enjoying her family activities. Corky Pattison Casey, P’82 is in Cincinnati, but is looking forward to being back in Connecticut this summer. Janet Peek Clancy is busy with family functions, trips to New York, weddings, birthdays and, of course, lots of tennis with time allotted for bridge—sounds like a very busy life. Judy Rank Loposer’s son Pete who is diabetic now lives with her daughter in Walla Walla, Wash., and they are able to help when needed. Bev Rosenberg Sager helped celebrate Sheila Seigal Asher’s 60th anniversary in June in Charleston, S.C., and planned to go to California for a visit with her children. She takes aerobics and classes at a community college. Kay Sponsler Patten is taking life easy with day trips to see shows and eating out—sounds like fun. June is always a busy month for us—lots of birthdays and celebrations, and this year was no different. We were present to see our grandson Kyle graduate from Cortland State Univ., magna cum laude. Hal and I, Johanna Chait Essex, celebrated our 60th anniversary with a family trip to Yankee Stadium (the Yankees lost) and then a BBQ at my daughter Jess’ home—our children and grandchildren were there as well as my two sisters. Our gift was an album made up of letters and photos from friends and family, letters from local politicians and a signed photo from President Obama with a note signed by him and Michelle.

  7. 1952: Summer 2014


    Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser

    Evelyn Bischoff Mitchell was summering in Massachusetts, visiting Maine son, fighting brain cancer.  She recommended the “cruise” on the Cape Cod Canal. Nancy Campbell Barrett said, “I am in charge of my siblings’ annual get-together and thinking of a fall tour of Boston.” Natalie Colbert Bowers and Martin moved to a Frederick retirement community. She is preparing her house for sale and raved about the Brodbeck Hall renovations. Marion Decker McCormick volunteers for the Montgomery Area Historical Society and daughter Paula visited from Wyoming. Daughter Lynn is moving her office from LA to D.C. The family plans to invade son Brett’s Texas home to celebrate Thankmas in mid-December. Dee Dreller Sosin returned from India with a lust for adventure travel. “I was captivated with the religions, temples, food, costume and history. While I can still manage a tough trip, I signed up to see Egypt this October,” said Dee. Lois EldridgeFunsch wrote, “Bill and I took a short trip to the Eastern shore. My Boston family came for Mother’s Day and we went to Longwood Gardens. They took me around in a wheelchair; another excursion to Charleston, S.C., to visit other son and family.” Claire Enany Trimpey was widowed in 2009 and moved to an assisted living community in Wilmington, N.C., near two of her daughters. She enjoys bridge and art classes. Nan Fahnline Warren wrote, “I am just here and loving my pups, Angel and Nicky. They keep me going–four walks a day.” Anne Gibson Bement said, “Reed and I visited our daughter’s family in Minnesota, went to Miami Beach and will summer for two weeks in Maine. After my last Haiku piece, my inspiration left me. Now I am busy with book club, luncheons and movies.” Yvonne Von Hepburn Virtue wrote, “I am in great health and keep busy. The only problem is being widowed. I moved closer to my son to an Erickson independent living community in a Denver suburb. We have wonderful theaters. Pat Sabin Sprague ’54 drives here to attend theater and concerts with me when weather permits.” Joanne Kates Roos said, “My left hip replacement is a year old and I am doing great! Linda’s son Billy will be a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. His sister Hannah was inducted into the Tri-Honor Music Society. She is taking riding lessons on her own horse Luna, who has captured our hearts.” In June Peg Lewis Christensen lunched in Long Island with Ann Nygren Greenberg. Doris Lindblade Burn is a resident at Van Dyk Manor in Montclair, N.J. Severe arthritis in her legs keep her wheelchair bound but her spirit is unbounded. “My happy news is I have twin great nieces!” Madge Merkley Ziegler returned to Carlisle on June 20 after seven months on Daufuskie Island, S.C.  “Jack and I are able to ambulate to restaurants. Three grandsons graduated high school this year.” Cynthia Reinsmith Olson said, “I spent only freshman year at Hood. To my parent’s dismay, in 1949 I married Jack Forrest, but he died in his mid-50s. Our two children lived independently so I found a job that developed into being an executive meeting planner with Ciba-Geigy Corp., now Novartis, which I loved. Retired at 65, I became reacquainted with Lee Olson; we married in 2000 and traveled extensively. Of late, we stay pretty close to home.” Carolyn Rusk reported, “On June 14, my family’s home, deeded to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, was consecrated to its new role as temporary shelter for refugee families. The first, a Congolese family–the father a pastor, wife and three children–are to arrive in August.” Kay Spear Feldmann wrote, “My grandson Norman finally gave his girl a ring and set a wedding date. His father will be 60 in August.” Jane Taggart Whittaker, P’78 relishes summer when her six kids and their families visit her at the Brigantine beach. Connie Woodall Fisher wrote, “I am making a plug for regular exercise–both mental and physical. I work with a trainer, do yoga and walk. For the brain, try lumosity (lumosity.com). I am quite sure my Parkinson’s would have advanced farther and faster if it were not for exercise.” Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey, P’79 was thrilled that her children are honoring her with a campus fountain located between Alumnae Hall and Hodson Science and Technology Center. Our sympathy to the families of Mercedes Gery Smith, Barbara Hamilton Meyer and Carolyn Leiner Bage. Mary Sihler Sauerteig and I are enjoying summer concerts at Brevard Music Center.

  8. 1951: Summer 2014


    Eleanore Jackson Knott


    With thanks to the few of you who sent me news by email, I am asking again that some others add to our future columns. You may send news to me at 75 Oyster Reef Dr., Hilton Head, SC 29926, email or phone. I am sad to report the passing of Joan Genovese Bebry and Marnie Harsh Corderman in March; our condolences to both families. Cathy Strachan Upp wrote, “I was so pleased to have Tink Smith Garrity visit me this year. She was visiting her daughter and family in Phoenix and they drove down to Tucson so Tink and I could reminisce about our days at Hood. It was such a pleasure to see her. I keep in touch with Lou and Sally Weaver Langie, P’83 and John and Barbara Allen Prall. My family keeps busy with their activities and work. Oldest daughter has moved to Phoenix. My middle daughter is an environmental engineer who lives here but works in Los Alamos, N.M., and my youngest daughter is a pastor. She and family live in Houston. I keep busy with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) classes at the Univ. of Arizona, reading seed coach for first graders, volunteering at the local hospital and giving time to my church. I am now the great-grandmother of a beautiful little girl.” Tink added, “I had a great visit with Cathy Upp in her lovely Tucson home overlooking the city. Cathy looked as stylish as ever and we hope to get together in the future as two of my kids live in Phoenix. In June I met with Ann Cummings den Tex and Phoebe Brown Ford in Rhode Island. We had such fun talking about our Rayford days, half of our group is not with us anymore. I still enjoy living in Scituate, Mass., on the sea, 26 miles from Boston, though I miss my four who are all scattered, but allow me nice places to visit.” Mary Lou Hoffman “continues to be occupied with fitness and the stock market and frequent meetings and events at Highland Hospital and the UR Medical Center.” I, Eleanore Knott, am traveling to New England for the summer, which allows us to see more of our children and grandchildren and escape the southern heat, but it allowed too little time for me to contact you all.

  9. 1948: Summer 2014


    Marjorie Blakeney Filmyer


    I wish I did not have to begin this column on a sad note, but it may help Ann Barnum Connellee to know that our prayers and thoughts are with her. Ann’s youngest daughter Lynne, age 59, died in May of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Ann’s final thought was that our children should outlive us. Shirley Benson Rice reported two happy occasions. Her grandson Brooke graduated from high school as an honors student and his mother was voted “Best Teacher of the Year” for their Virginia county. Bette Blome Winyall and Milton drive 45 minutes from their retirement community, Charlestown, to attend the church in their former community. Milt, who is recovering from heart surgery, is active in the chess club while Bette enjoys The Little Theater Company both as an actor and director. Pat Callender Hewit has 10 great-grandchildren. After selling her homes in New Jersey and Florida, she has enjoyed independent living in Lakewood, N.J. During our cold winter, both Anne Chaney Mesmer and her husband Ted fell while on the way to a medical appointment. The accident resulted in weeks of hospitalization and Anne still is not fully recovered. In July, Corinne “Corky” Edwards Shulman’s clan gathered for their annual family reunion in Hawaii. Great-granddaughter Maile and her fiancé will be the honored guests at a gathering with Corky in New York in September. Corky is planning a trip to Vermont to visit her son. Nancy Eggleston Fraser lives close enough to the Big Apple to enjoy trips to Manhattan to visit the art galleries and museums. She and Howard visit their children in Colorado and New Hampshire. During the winter season, cross-country skiing has now replaced down-hill for Nancy. In June, Connie Glann Battle enjoyed a two-week safari to Kenya with her three children. In July, they and their partners and children planned on joining Connie in South Carolina. Jaynie Gillis de Constant is still in remission and “hippety-hopping” on her walker while enjoying her two grandchildren and their friends. The young ones know where she keeps the cookie jar! Marcia Gurwitt Wofsey and Bob have enjoyed their senior residence in Ryebrook, N.Y., for more than two years. Their grandchildren are in graduate school at nearby Columbia, Princeton and London, while Marsha and Bob’s travel is limited to nearby restaurants and day trips to NYC. Jackallen “Jackie” Handy Arthur thinks of our class so often. She is retired and does a great deal of volunteering with the Salvation Army. She continues to be involved with the Episcopal Church while annually attending the church’s General Convention since 1986. Barbara Heiss Jackson has lived in Sarasota, Fla., for 36 years and recently moved to an independent retirement community. She is very active enjoying the variety of activities her community offers. Elaine Henderson Cortelyou continues to volunteer at the local food bank. Her home overlooking the Cohansey River in New Jersey is the perfect location to bird watch. She is now an expert. Katherine “Katsy” Maguire Rafferty and John are traveling less due to his ongoing physical problems. They have given up their get-away home in the Colorado mountains. Nancy O’Neill Carignan commented on our front position in the Hood alumnae news. I responded with the phrase “time passes quickly when you are having fun!” Sunny Ruby Hocutt and she chat from time to time. Betty Paterson Reims is recovering from broken femurs but the future looks brighter. One of her grandsons was married in June and the youngest great-granddaughter joined in the festivities. Louise “Tootie” Renninger Rittenhouse, P’74, G’07  has experienced two bouts of melanoma but is now on the mend. Her goal is to live to match her grandmother’s age of 99 years.  Louise has five grown grandchildren and wishes that one of them would get married! This spring, Dorothy “Slush” Schlesinger Seeber sold her New Jersey home and moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., to be near her son. Due to the harsh winter, there were delays in construction and her new home will not be ready until August. Dorothy said the move has been difficult and that starting over in your senior years is not easy. In the fall, Marjorie “Midge” Blakeney Filmyer traveled with her oldest son to visit her youngest son in San Francisco. In the spring, her daughter and granddaughter accompanied her to the Chicago area to visit her brother. While living in Philadelphia, she enjoys her season tickets to the theater. Her bi-weekly sessions with her exercise trainer are exhausting but valuable in maintaining good health.



  10. 1947: Summer 2014


    Catharine Smith Dunn


    Madeline Aldrin Crowell has moved from Oklahoma to Croydon, Pa., to be with her daughter who teaches there. Maddy has the class record for number of family members! She had five children, but lost a little girl many years ago. She now has 10 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. One grandson is in Italy with the U.S. Army and the others are in Oklahoma. Since living in Pennsylvania, Maddy has been able to see Joan Stanton Fitting who lives in New Hope, Pa. Jo and her husband are still in their own home living a quiet life. A close second in numbers to Maddy’s large family is Mel Weir Peter. She is still living in Ohio, but spends some winter months in Naples, Fla., where she gets to see Elizabeth Jones Hesse. Mel has four children, 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Louray Forney Huang, P’83 is living with her daughter in Maryland and enjoys workouts, luncheons and church. Her son Stuart bought a condo in Hawaii and hiked to the base camp of Mount Everest. Another son and wife went to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. Three children now live in Hawaii. She reported that Phyllis Tibbitts Lind celebrated her 90th birthday with a party given by her sons. Lois Trimble Copeland reported her husband’s death three years ago. She has moved into a retirement center and enjoys the no cooking, no housework aspects of that lifestyle. Her two daughters live in New Hampshire and Phoenixville, Pa., one son lives in Florida and one is in Sayre, Pa. Lois does not drive anymore due to macular degeneration. Shirley Diedrich Ball lives in Cumberland, Md. She taught high school after graduating from Hood, had three daughters and lived in California, Virginia, Texas and finally West Virginia. Mary Lib Reeder Tiller is suffering from sciatica, but still gardens from a chair. Her son Richard lives in North Carolina with his wife, two daughters and a son. He has just authored a book, “Tough Conversations With the Heart of Jesus,” which I just bought from Amazon for my Kindle Fire reader! Phyllis Peak Sullivan and Sully spent February in Florida and came home to a granddaughter’s graduation from James Madison Univ.; a grandson’s baseball game for the state championship (they lost) and a week at the beach with the whole family! Sully still sees the retinologist for macular degeneration and can still read and drive during the day. They became great-grandparents to a little girl in February for the first time. Marty Knouse Schaeffer continues volunteer work in the library at the center where she lives. She read a report in the Baltimore’s Sun paper some time ago about the closing of the Cozy Restaurant in Frederick. She said it had a questionable reputation, so maybe it does not ring a bell. Renie Quynn Collmus, G’05 still meets for a monthly lunch with Hood ’47 friends. Her eyes are about the same; no more shots in one eye, but one shot in her other eye every five weeks. She has a grandson in the U.S. Navy who is currently in Italy and will eventually be on his way to Hawaii. He plans to go to Dubai for several months first. His brother is at the Pentagon, while a granddaughter is teaching in Nicaragua for three years. Another grandson is teaching at a high school in Damascus, Md. As for your correspondent, Kitty Smith Dunn, I am a member of the “macular” club, but I am still driving, singing with the Lehigh Choral Union and looking forward to singing at Carnegie Hall in November. I have given up other volunteer jobs in favor of babysitting my 5-month-old great-grandson, Orion Christopher. I look forward to our annual family week at Avalon, N.J. In May, I went to Charlottesville, Va., for my grandson’s graduation. He is now studying for the bar exam and has a job with a law firm in Washington, D.C.  His brother is going to Colombia in August for a two-year stint with the Peace Corps. I would still be happy to give the reporter job to anyone. It is really fun to catch up with classmates.

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