1. 1965: Winter 2014


    Once again, the column begins with losses: First is the death of classmate Olga Boriakoff Johnson on August 10, 2013 from complications following a stroke. Olga was one of our most international classmates, a Russian national who came to Hood via Argentina. When last she reported her news, she’d retired from teaching, lived with her husband in Henderson, Nev. and took pride in her two accomplished children. Sandra Smith Hanna wrote from Omaha, “I want to let my Hood friends know that my John died this June just as we were completing our 47th year of marriage. He was 85. Apparently, his body had been shutting down all spring without our truly knowing it until we made a trip to the ER after he had a fall, which didn’t break any bones or bring on any new ailments. He desperately wanted to be at home, and with the help of Hospice that happened after six days of hospitalization. He lived just 10 hours at home, but time enough for all five children to say goodbye. They are taking great care of me this summer, which means it is noisy, exhausting and wonderful in my Nebraska home!  Four of our five now live within twenty minutes of the house, and the fifth still gives me a family stop in Chicago whenever I travel east or west by train.” Our sympathies to you, Sandie, and admiration for having raised such a loving family to support you through the most difficult of times. We co-reporters [Cathie Beyer Meredith and Emily Kilby] wanted to gather news from classmates who’d been absent from these pages for quite some time but had only mixed results. Karen Ayersman Smith was one of the good respondents even though her tenure at Hood was just three semesters our freshman year. “I’ve lived in Harrisonburg, Va., in the heart of the lovely Shenandoah Valley for 41 years,” she wrote. “My husband taught at James Madison University, and I worked in several elementary schools for 30 years. Now retired, we’ve enjoyed many trips abroad as well as in the States. Our son now lives nearby after living in Georgia for 23 years, and it’s wonderful to spend more time with him. We have no grandchildren, but thoroughly enjoy our two grand-dogs.” Mary/Pixie Fell says she doesn’t have much to report from Corvallis, Ore., but a monthlong visit in September with her former in-laws whom she calls her “Italian family” near Lucca, Italy, sounds like a pretty good nothing much to me. She planned the visit so she could attend the fourth and first birthday parties for two new grandnephews (technically her second husband’s). More quality family time will take place at Christmas with a visit in Newbury Park, Cal., with a very close friend and her three children, 15,12 and 9, all of whom “I’ve cuddled, diapered and fed over the years.” Pixie reports that New Yorkers Marcia Schmidt and Bonnie Bolway Nuzum plan to attend the reunion in 2015, as do she and Barbara Hyde Sands, followed by a river cruise in Russia. Everyday retirement in Corvallis, finds Pixie playing bridge and mentoring two newer players, volunteering at a preschool and local animal shelter, leading a book group and spending time with friends and her delightful kitty Bianca. Susan Gibson Bennett, another good soul to respond from her home in Strasburg, Va., after long silence, retired after 30 years of teaching 5th grade. Then she took nursing classes to work in eldercare. More recently she was “slowed down” by complications of multiple joint replacements in both knees. Staph infections set in after the first implants and again after the second, and Sue was finally sent from Virginia to Johns Hopkins Hospital for the third try. She spent eight weeks there and the next 10 months at home in a wheelchair before she was back on her feet. Water aerobics now help her maintain her mobility, and she volunteers at the local library and her church helping at the homeless shelter and food bank. Sue has one grandson and five step-grandchildren. Barbie Hyde Sands and I [E.K] both attended a Hood alum event at Longwood Gardens in early September. Barbie looked marvelous even though she’d only recently retired from full-time work teaching anatomy and physiology at an area community college following an earlier stint in clinical nursing. Her retirement will include additional travels as well as continuing her musical interests and family activities. She also regularly attends basketball games with two other Hood alums when the Blazers play at nearby colleges and roots for the Blue and Gray. Mary Kathryn Kahn Irvine Rusk lives a busy “retired” life in Kirkland, Wash., keeping up her registered dietitian license to work as a health coach for the likes of Microsoft and consult as needed at a psych hospital, five assisted living homes and a childcare center. “But I always make time for my children and seven grandchildren aged 4 to 14,” she writes. Kathy’s son, Robert Irvine, co-authored a book, Fallacies in Education, which was published several years ago and has a second ready for release, title not yet decided. Kathy is also a co-author of a recipe book, Saving With Salmon, that combines her nutritional wisdom with the recipes of chef Fred Becker. Kathy would love to have classmates visit when they’re in the Northwest, as was the case last summer with Nancy King McNamara, whose daughter lives in Seattle. Sandra Jean Kline Devorss, another Northwesterner, left Hood after sophomore year. She attended Katherine Gibbs School in New York, where the hat-and-gloves dress code prepared young ladies for the then-real-world life as big-city secretaries. Sandy Jean went on to work for McCall’s magazine in the city but eventually married a med student, James Devorss. The last years of his med school took them to Burlington, Vt., after which they moved on to Kansas and finally on to settle in Salem, Ore., where James practiced cardiology. He is now retired, enjoying woodturning, and Sandy Jean plays tennis weekly and volunteers with the Assistance League. The Devorss have two married daughters in their early 40s—Cathy, admin for the manager of Nordstrom, and Caroine, a book-publishing agent—son John, 37, a tennis pro. But no grandchildren.

  2. 1960: Winter 2014


    Well, ’60 Hoodlums are not just sitting and rocking, that’s for sure. Sue Fish Boone went to Rome and Tuscany for a visit and to attend the “truly magical” hilltop wedding in Tuscany of her niece Shanti, daughter of her sister Pam and the retiring ambassador. Ellen Perry Croll, meanwhile attended a Sigma Chi get-together at U. Va, connecting with 62 friends in the process. They also saw Sally Fletcher Murray, Anne Kurka Woods, Gretchen Beckhelm and Maryann Whitehead Scherzo for a 75th birthday celebration. Berta Lou Pocock Dietz reports that she is loving her 33rd year in Anchorage, Alaska, as well as the Big Island of Hawaii where they spend January and February. She keeps in close touch with Jean Crabb (a friend since 7th grade) and Carol Ann Decker Vitek. Gail Meredith Enright is a busy lady mowing 10 acres of grass—hers and those of her two kids who live on either side of her. She also sings in the church choir, is the Parish Registrar, writes the church newsletter and is secretary of the civic association. She reports several noteworthy, music-related, trips recently and in the past, including one in 1991 where she conducted a meeting for Vladmir Putin.

    Mary Ann Brush Gearinger reports that she has been retired for five years and is still reorganizing her life after the death of her husband Charlie in 2008. She exercises at the Senior Recreation Center, volunteers at her old school, and is involved with two different singing groups. Her best pal is Maggie, her Golden Doodle. Barb Taylor Hyde continues to ski, golf and travel whenever she can. She had a wrist-crunching run-in on the slopes last winter with a student skier, but is expecting to be back teaching soon. She travelled to Scotland with Anne Wareham and is just back from two weeks in London and Tunisia. My partner Sally Stott (Hood ’66) and I have dinner with her periodically, since we live around the corner from each other in West Dover, VT, the home of Mt. Snow.

    Pat Crowl Johnson reports that she and her husband are enjoying retirement, visiting family all over the Eastern time zone. Pat had a long lunch with Wanda Koedderich Hilner in Northern Michigan. Lucinda Young Kelly reports that she and her husband gave a party in September for their son Bruce and his delightful Kiwi bride—the newlyweds married in New Zealand and make their home in Auckland. Poppy Herndon McCarty and Bill have been on the go too—to Israel with the Travelling Aggies, to Georgia and to Vancouver. Bill is President of MOAA (Military Officers’ Association of America), while Poppy is very active in community, church and Republican activities. Martha Ruff Meredith has just completed 40 years in the flower business, with her son now joining her. She, meanwhile, is happily in a lovely 55-plus community, where her gardening is limited to one flower bed. Sally Fletcher Murray, as usual, had lots going on. She is up to her eyeballs in Virginia politics, but reports that the event of the year was a glorious reunion in Mauii with kids and grandkids from three states, along with sister Nancy Hood ‘59.

    Pat Russell has a small but interesting psychotheraphy practice, and is happily partnered with a retired psychologist, who has made her a mom and grandmom to her kids. Karen Nordberg Sanders is also busy with grandkids and travel, having moved from Texas to Colorado to be near their youngest son’s family. Husband Don is in his third career as a realtor. Barbi Olsh still lives on a 10+ acre horse farm with partner Susan. Her 75th birthday gift to herself was a black lab pup, Alice, to keep Elsa the GSD company. Her busy life is filled with dog training, acres of gardens, yoga, tai chi, photography, the Mt. Dulcimer and genealogy.

    Judy Hodges Weaver and Husband John, an antique dealer, have had a busy year since Superstorm Sandy, involved in the restoration of homes and caring for friends. Judy also does golf, bridge, book club, gardening and visiting the five grandchildren. Betsy Bennett Wiegand and Frank are “just great,” she says, having travelled to NYC four times this year, as well as to New Orleans, Israel, Niagara-on-the-lake, Montreal and the Hudson River Valley, and Chicago. Anne Kurka Woods reports that she’s doing well, though still adjusting to widowhood. She’s grateful for the mini-reunion with friends mentioned earlier by Ellen Croll.
    Reporter: Barbara Bailey Reinhold

  3. 2012: Winter 2014


    The members of the class of 2012 continue to stay busy and productive as life after Hood College Undergraduate School continues on. Here are some updates on some of the fantastic members of this class. Jessica Henry is on her second year of the Chemistry PhD program at the University of New Hampshire. Sasha Scaun is working at Victor Cullen as a Program Therapist. Graduating this past August from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, with her Master of Social Work (MSW), she is now a Licensed MSW. Leigh Hopkins got engaged and is planning her wedding for August 2014. She currently works as a Loan Servicing Specialist with the Written Customer Contact team for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. She is also working to get her art and photography business off the ground, Owl Eye Studios (www.owleyestudios.com). Lauren Miller, recently engaged to Calen McGrane started a new job as the Program Coordinator with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. Mollie Widdowson passed her LGSW licensing test in May and graduated from the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in July. She is now working for the Washington County Department of Social Services. Monica Chickering is finishing up an international field placement experience in India before completing her MSW program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in May 2014. Kristen Strater is currently attending American University for her Masters in Environmental Public Policy. Doug Raftery has recently accepted a new position with the Frederick Keys and will be the Sponsorship Account Manager and No. 2 radio broadcaster. Briana Becker graduated from the University of Pittsburg with her Masters of Social Work and is now a Licensed Social Worker in the state of PA. Marisa Mitchell-Flack has moved to New York City and acquired a job as Research Technician at Weill Cornell Medical College. Michelle Kuehl just celebrated six months in my new home she purchased in Catonsville, MD and is keeping busy with her job and traveling. Maria Smith is currently taking a year off from law school at the University of DC and is teaching high school English in Avignon, France. Laura Saad is also teaching abroad, currently on her second year in Bucheon, South Korea teaching English to kindergarten and elementary aged students. She keeps a blog about her experiences to update family and friends (http://goings-on-in-bucheon.blogspot.com). Cadance Roddy got engaged to Giff Howland in February 2013. She resides in Gaithersburg, MD along with her son, Sebastian Layser age 12, and is planning a wedding for the spring of 2014. Casey Smith is teaching freshmen Algebra at El Dorado High School outside of Wichita, Kansas. Chris Galo currently lives in Cumberland, MD with Kelsey Parker and their 3-year-old daughter, Juliana, and is working for the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation for the state of MD. Jaimie Shopland became the President of Young Democrats of Frederick County, a political club that engages young people under the age of 36 in politics. She also took on a new job as the Special Assistant to Jen Terrasa, Chair of the Howard County Council, which is an appointed position. Furthermore, she became a board member of Emerge Maryland, an organization that trains Democratic women to run for office. Victoria Gudeman plans to graduate from the Univ. of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work in May 2014. She is completing an internship at the National Institute of Health and is working in the behavioral health unit at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Sadly her husband lost his battle with cancer on November 12, 2012. She is thankful for friends at Hood who have helped through this difficult last year. Aleece Groom plans to graduate from the Univ. of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work in 2016. She is working for Genesis Health Care and will be getting married on May 17, 2014. Always a busy and productive class, the members of 2012 continue to work hard and make Hood College proud.




  4. 2002: Winter 2014


    Greeting Class of 2002 and Happy New Year!

    Watching the Class of 2002 Facebook page it seemed this fall was full of great things for many classmates. It was a pleasure seeing people use to page as a resource for speeches, travel and even fundraising for our alma mater! This fall was an eventful one for my family and I as we relocated from San Diego to London.  We’re still getting acclimated to our new neighborhood and slightly cooler weather, but loving every moment of life here so far.  If anyone is thinking of taking a European vacation be sure to look me up I’d be happy to play London tour guide! Despite our crazy move and having spotty internet access and no computer for two months I managed to get an email sent out to all of you and happily received some first time updates from a few classmates. Kim Hart lives in Baltimore City and received her MBA from Loyola University in 2008. She works in Corporate Branding & Communications for McCormick & Company.  Last year she opened McCormick World of Flavors in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the Company’s first flagship retail store and continues to oversee the store from all aspects. She takes a break from all that “business” by staying active in artistic endeavors by performing in local productions, singing for special events, and dancing whenever and wherever she can find the time!  Congratulations are in order for Holly Barker Haynes who married her husband Brian on August 16 in Beaufort, SC.  The two are living in Cartersville, GA and Holly where Holly works for Redbox. Nuptials are also ahead for Maggie Laabs who got engaged in September and will be wed in March of 2014. I have no doubt many of her Hoodlettes will be in attendance! Finally, Debbi Berry Householder and her husband recently became homeowners when they bought their first house in Pasadena, MD. I hope everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season with friends and family and that 2014 brings you more of the same!

  5. 1981: Winter 2014


    Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone.

    Linda Procter wrote about an amazing weekend with Hood friends. They rented a home in Rehoboth at the end of October.  Everyone pitched in and shared favorite food and drink recipes. From the class of 1981, Linda, Marcy Goldberg Taylor and Judy Reamer Egan. And from the class of 1980, Hope Reid, Anita Chase Bartgis, Melissa Warner, and Valerie Cerrone Nelson. They all had a great time catching up and just spending time together.

    Corrine Durdock stays connected to Hood through her granddaughter, Rebecca Rieser, a sophomore who plays on the Hood volleyball team. She was able to cheer Rebecca on when Hood played Muhlenburg in Allentown, PA. She is still promoting the sale of the two children’s historical soft-cover books that she authored.

    Maria Garvey Tara says she is happy to announce she now has her professional teaching license.  She teaches Spanish and runs the library at a private school in Parker, CO.  Maria’s daughter Kate is a senior in high school and her son Will is a sophomore. Her family spent two weeks in Ireland this summer.

    Tracy Fox Zogran runs her own company, Food, Nutrition & Policy Consultants, LLC (www.foodnutritionpolicy.com) working with others to promote nutrition and physical activity policies and programs.  She worked with the First Lady’s Let’s Move effort and has gone to a number of fun events at the White House and elementary schools around the area. Her son, Wesley is teaching English in Moscow and daughter Jody is a Nursing student at Seattle University.  Tracy and her husband Don are beginning to transition their lives to Culver Indiana where Don is heading up the summer school program at Culver Academies. Tracy will be commuting for a while but with the magic of technology, will continue consulting.

    Maureen McDonnell-Weschler and her husband Leonard traveled to Australia, New Zealand and many US states. Her youngest son, Christopher met up with them in Branson, Missouri. She had a wonderful visit with her oldest son Leonard, a first lieutenant in the Army, when he came home from overseas for his first visit in three years.

    Karen Samboy and her husband own a ranch in the Sierra foothills of Ca. She has been teaching at Ponderosa HS for more than 20 years. Her son, Dan, is in the MA program at USC. Her daughter, Christie has her BS and works at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.

    Rebecca Levine Koose continues to love her job as Administrative Director in the Domestic Program at the McArthur Foundation.  She celebrated her 31st anniversary in September of her first date with her husband Mark. Her son Isaac is in pre-med studies. She has a new rescue dog, a border collie named Minnie.

    Ken Kerr wrote that he and his wife Helen (Rozsics class of ’82) went to Greece and Amsterdam. He is the English Department Chair at Frederick Community College. Classmates who remember his band, The Eyes,” may be interested to know that he is playing a few times a month with a classic rock band called, The Nightcrawlers. His website is mynightcrawlers.com.

    Mary Calhoun spent a few weekends with Laura Schauer and had a visit over the summer from Eve Erwin Deitch. Mary is happy to announce that Mr. Calhoun, who will celebrate his 104th Birthday in January, is thriving and continues to amaze and entertain everyone who meets him.

    Desiree Maio wrote about her amazing travel experiences in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She went to graduate school in Virginia Beach and remarried in 1995. She has three daughters with her husband Joe. Elizabeth (15), Hannah (14) and Faith (9). Hannah has Autism and Desiree is thankful for taking some special education classes back at Hood helping her to navigate through Hannah’s education. She would love to hear from Brenda Ryan Ghiltelman ’83, Linda Underhill ‘82 and Melissa Horn ’81.

    Linda Spar Rupy is still getting used to living in Indiana, PA. She loves “coming home” to Baltimore with their season tickets to the Ravens. Linda is an online media and Internet consultant.  Linda spent a month in Europe traveling to Budapest and linking up with the American Coaster Enthusiasts’ Central Europe Tour (riding roller coasters there and in Vienna, and throughout Southern Germany). Her favorite ride was Blue Fire in Europapark. She then headed up to Stockholm, London, and Wales for a week. Their son Jason is an engineer in Chandler, AZ. and will be heading there for Thanksgiving this year.

  6. 1978: Winter 2014


    Hood College

    Class of 1978

    News – November 2013

    Tanya Hall Fuhrmeister

    The only new thing going on for me right now is I have a new granddaughter born the beginning of October after four grandsons, and another granddaughter due in mid-February.  Getting ready for the holidays and looking for baby gifts for little girls, as well as the big brothers.  I also helped to coordinate my company’s move to a newer (and smaller) location in September, and we are just finishing up the post-move issues with furniture and HVAC.  I am really looking forward to going back to something resembling normal!  On a personal front, my husband Roy and I will be celebrating our 36th anniversary in December, and starting to make retirement plans.  Hope all is going well with everyone else!

    Gwen D. Cargill

    Had a great time attending our 35th reunion with my Hood roomie, Linda Kirkpatrick Meaghan ’78. Hope to see more Shriner classmates at the 40th! Also attended the Hood get together at Longwood Gardens in PA this fall. It was beautiful and brought back wonderful family memories of visits there with my parents.  When I am not busy teaching for Baltimore County, I enjoy building scale miniatures. Recently I displayed some of my work at the Historical Society of Baltimore County for an event held by area miniature clubs and the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.

    Jo-Ann Bourguignon

    I had the chance to volunteer in October as a Delegate of Hood at the Inauguration Procession for the new Smith College President, Kathy McCartney.  It was a great celebration of area ‘sisterhood’ – the platform party dignitaries included past 3 Presidents of Smith, the President of Mt. Holyoke, and the President of Harvard – all women; and coincidentally each was the first girl in their family to attend college.

    Martina Crum Martin

    Greetings from Northern California! I joined my husband, Hal, here on a permanent basis this June. I stayed behind in Scottsdale, AZ until our youngest, Bryan, graduated from high school.

    2013 has been a whirlwind year for us. To celebrate (3) graduations in May: law school, college and high school and a 30th wedding anniversary, the six of us spent two weeks touring Ireland in August.

    Ireland is a beautiful country! We were fortunate to have sunny days with little rain during our stay. We visited the cities of Dublin, Waterford, Killarney and Upper Newcastle along the shores of the Ring of Kerry, the south coast of Cobh to view the final boarding of the Titanic. Then we ferried across the River Shannon along the Clare Coast to the Cliffs of Moher. Had lots of fun watching a border collie round up the sheep during a tour of the Irish countryside which included stops at Connemara, Cong – where John Wayne starred in the film “The Quiet Man,” Clonbur, & Galway to name a few. Our 18-year-old loved stops at the Guinness Brewery & Kilbeggan Distillery. Throw in a crazy bank holiday parade, summer festivals, a polo match and rugby game, along with an “official” Irish coffee made by the 2013 title holder (A woman I’ll have you know!) and we had the makings of a memorable family trip.

    Tracey Attlee

    She is busy with her wedding photography business both in VA and NJ. Her husband, Todd Smith, is also busy photographing numerous architectural assignments of redeveloped buildings in DC and VA. Tracey is becoming quite the rose gardener. I think she said she now has 25 rose bushes in her garden. I am taking her tips on how to cultivate the ones I inherited here.

    Ginny Slocum

    Ginny is also doing well. Her youngest sister recently sold her home here in Northern CA. Don’t know if I will be able to meet with Ginny over the holidays or not. She remains active with her translating business and Toast Masters International. She lives in Paris, France.

    Settling into life here. We can see downtown Sacramento from our home in El Dorado Hills. Kept our Scottsdale, AZ home for retirement.

    Recently agreed to Chair our 40th High School Reunion Committee in Cumberland, MD next year. All you Graduates of 1974 – can you believe 40 years ago we were just 18 and starting our college adventure at Hood College? Time flies…

    Sally Hoague

    I am currently in my 36 year of teaching special education at Walkersville High School.  I have taught at the same school since fall of 1978.   My spouse/other half is a Tec Ed teacher at Monocacy Middle School. Our daughter Abby graduated from WHS last spring and is attending Frederick Community College full time and volunteers at Monocacy Middle in the music dept.

    Patricia Zigler-Wachter

    My son, Thomas Allen, is a graduate of the University of MD, College Park, and is now a Specialist in the US Army (EOD’s).  He is currently stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

    My daughter, Kirsten Lea, a graduate of UNC Wilmington, came home this summer to have her wedding in downtown Frederick.  She married Cpl Randy Teal, US Marine.  They live in Wilmington, NC where he is stationed at Camp Lejeune and she is employed by Reed Jewelers. My husband, Allen, passed away in February from pancreatic cancer, one year after his diagnosis.  Fortunately, Thomas was able to get leave to come home for the wedding and walk his sister down the aisle. It was a beautiful moment. I continue to teach secondary Special Education in Frederick County Public Schools.  My dog, Kota, is my constant companion when I’m not working!

    Lori Rehrer Himes-Garonski

    I was so glad to attend our class Reunion in June. I ordered a replacement class ring and I love wearing it again.  I had a great time catching up with everyone. It was refreshing to see everyone who came and reading about others who could not attend.  The Frederick area is so beautiful and has grown so much since 1978.  I remarried in 2009, and I now reside in the Philadelphia suburbs. My husband Matt came with 2 beautiful step daughters, Jacqueline and her daughter Yonna, (13) and Lisa and her husband Joshua and our 18 month old grandson, Roman.  My daughter Hannah is also married and my son Jeremiah is in a serious relationship. I am very fortunate that none of them live more than 30 minutes from our home.

    I have had several careers since I graduated and have gone back to school for several more designations. I was a Home Ec teacher, I was a Realtor and worked for my father’s Coldwell Banker franchise until he retired and moved to Florida in the late 1990′s.  Seventeen years ago, I started a temp job as a data entry clerk at Vanguard.  Soon after, I was hired and I will be working there until I retire. It’s the type of company where you feel like family.  I am now a Software tester and I love it. It’s a challenge every day. What a change from Home Ec to IT.  Yes, I still love to sew and finally have a bedroom I can call my sewing room.  My husband Matt works at Colonial School District by day and works on cars evenings and Saturdays. We recently purchased one house and are still downsizing our ‘stuff’. We met at a Singles dance and try to go out dancing every weekend. We also love to cruise and always find wonderful places to visit. My parents are retired and live in Florida. We travel to see them every Christmas. My best friend of 31 years lives in Alabama and we often travel to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Who would have ever thought when we graduated we could email, text or chat on Facebook.

    Anne Reed

    Sorry I missed the reunion. Work with the Diocese of Southern Ohio (Episcopal) is keeping me busy here in Cincinnati! I do get to travel a good bit over most of the southern part of Ohio, and would welcome the chance to have coffee/tea or lunch with former classmates. This summer our family crossed a few things off of our ‘bucket list’ by travelling through South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona on our way to LA to deposit our son at graduate school (USC).  I’ve been keeping in touch with Janell Stockdale Pentz, Marcy Mayer Miller, Martha VandenBosche Goodlett, and Michele Payer Wood.

    Chris Condeelis

    Chris lives in Alexandria, VA, with husband Peter Turner and Rottweiler’s Dexter and Romi.  Over the last 17 years she has led the quality improvement programs for the American Health Care Association which represents nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Chris also works as a volunteer for Ten Thousand Villages and other nonprofit groups.

    Betsy (Cochrane) Mayo

    Betsy is a married, working mother. She enjoys being a partner in a communications company. Outside of work, Betsy gives back through philanthropic, work focusing on women’s education as past state president of PEO, NYS Chapter, Board member of Seatuck Environmental  Association, Conservation committee co-chair of South Side Garden Club/GCA; Presides over St Peter’s Church Altar Guild.

    Susan Schantz Paddock

    Susan has been married for 35 years, 2 children. Through the 80’s we lived in San Diego, Germany and Fort Worth. Twenty years ago we moved to Virginia Beach and I started working in the public library system, obtaining Master’s in Library and Information Science, and am the manager of a busy public library that is a sub-regional library for the blind and physically disabled.

    Ryan Dorsey Revel

    Teaching high school science, living near Bethany Beach, loving life as a grandmother, wishing I could spend more time with Hood friends, youngest daughter just started college at UD, look me up if you are in southern DE!

    Kelly Walfred Miller

    Spent a warm September day with Ann Kowitski Barber ’77 at the National Harbor, Washington, D.C.  Ann was in town visiting her daughter, Elizabeth, who is finishing her doctorate in P.T.   Ann is busy with her law practice and has boundless energy, including planning a trip to Africa!

    Ed and I are official empty-nesters.  Christian just started his 12th year of teaching in Baltimore County; Luke started his sophomore year at Stevenson University majoring in Education/Pre-Law; and Kaelly attends school in Massachusetts and is studying to be a Physician Assistant.

    Sorry I missed Reunion.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the pics everyone posted on Facebook!

    Beverly Andresen

    Bev is teaching second grade this year and is very busy a lot of new requirements for reports and testing with the new teacher evaluation system added to the day to day job requirements.

    Husband Bob is working in Eldorado, Arkansas and comes home once a month.

    Matthew, their son, is working as a financial analyst for UPS in Mahwah, NJ. Daughter Elizabeth is a

    senior at Gettysburg College. Last semester she studied in Copenhagen. She also had an awesome internship at St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ, this past summer where she did autism research and worked with autistic preschoolers. The research project is to determine if autism can be diagnosed before birth with the hope for a cure or earlier intervention. She absolutely loved the internship and she is thinking about graduate school in developmental psychology. Her majors are psychology and music.

  7. 1977: Winter 2014


    Ann Kowitski Barber sends news from New Hampshire: My big sis, Beth Sheppard Kline’s daughter,  Kirsten married Tarcisio Ferreria on August 23rd on Cape Cod and I had the honor of officiating! It was a perfect day in every way! Who could have predicted that 40 years ago? After, I spent the week on the Cape and had a great week with my sister, Carol. Two weeks later, I spent 3 days at National Harbor on the Potomac.  Had 2 great days in DC sightseeing and spent the third with Kelly Walfred Miller. We had a great day of catching up on everything!  I had gone down to accompany Elizabeth on her drive home after her 10 weeks at GWU Hospital where she did a rotation for her DPT program. She loved DC life and had a great experience at the hospital. Graduation will be May 2014.

    Denise Swan Isacson sent a quick update:  The Isacsons can be found outside Savannah in Richmond Hill, GA:  Denise just completed 35 years at Delta; Örjan continues to work at Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute; Liv is a senior at Campbell University just south of Raleigh, NC.  Not sure where we’ll be once she graduates – might be time for a change!

    Greg and Kas (Kluth) Rohm are celebrating our older daughter’s first wedding anniversary (where does the time go!). Other daughter is civil engineer up in NYC where her “rents” love to visit and see the sights.  In between Greg’s multiple business trips during the week, they’re enjoying spending time in Fenwick Island on the weekends where the land is level and perfect for bike riding.   Kas is still working for the school system in Baltimore County for a few more years…then who knows!

    Wendy Gahm says her family has had some busy times! Daughter Natalie (class of ’07) continues to pursue her degree in Entomology at OSU, working hard as always! Son Joshua came home in August to marry his bride Megan and drive back to Tucson and enjoy life together! Daughter Stephanie made me a grandma on October 15th, giving birth to Lily Angela Gardner! My hubby Steve, and I are enjoying our Food Truck business’s second year, and I continue working hourly with CCPS! Fun times! Hope everyone else is doing well!

    The Comer family is spread out again!  Margaret is pursuing a Masters Degree at Jesus College, Cambridge, Jacob is tutoring the SAT and interning at Living Classrooms, Anne is singing and acting her way through high school at the Baltimore School for the Arts.  I visited Hood last Sunday and it looks wonderful…lots of activity and amazing students!  The class of 1977 is also amazing and I know you have lots of exciting news to share….send it over anytime!  My email is ecomer@eacarchaeology.com

  8. 1959: Winter 2014


    I don’t have any class news. (No news is good news, naturally.) But I did discover that the History Department at Hood has a Facebook group. It is low volume, but interesting. Today, in honor of the Battle of Hastings, they posted a link leading to an animated Bayeux tapestry. It is a good choice for a relaxing break, especially for any of you who like history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtGoBZ4D4_E

    I am flying to Virginia to see my grandson play football for W & L against Randolph Macon. I will visit my brother and visit with Mary Faith West. I am soooo excited! I will be driving to visit my granddaughter next month who is in residency at the All Childrens Hospital in Tampa!

    6/18/2013 Here I am again. Jamie spent several months this winter writing for a show called “Franklin and Bash.” This is their third season on the air, and it begins this Wednesday, June 19th. It is on the TNT channel. Season 3′s first episode is on from 9-10 p.m., and the second episode is on from 10-11 p.m. It is a 2-hour season premier. The following weeks will just be for an hour. The show titled “By the Numbers” is one she wrote herself and will be on the 3rd or 4th week, and then one that she co-wrote titled “Control” will follow three weeks later. The show is about two lawyers–seems that’s becoming a theme for her!!! Heather Locklear is a new cast member and adds some sex. It does have a good following. I have never seen it. Hope you will enjoy it if you get a chance to watch or DVR it. There will not be a test or a check on whether you do or not!!

    Sunday [October 20] was a beautiful day here, and as we walked into the chapel there was Bill Sprigg sitting in the aisle in his wheelchair with an aide. He was in great spirits and so very glad to be there. I’m thinking it is the highlight of his year. He is now 93 and looking frail, but his mind was sharp. He kept saying how beautiful the chapel is, and when I told him our class year, he commented that the choir was very good then. We laughed over compulsory chapel during the week and on Sundays, and I reminded him that he had played the entire Orgelbuchlein over a two-year period. He gave all of us a good education in great literature for the organ. Carol and Jim Russel joined me for the concert. Dr Wayne Wold wrote the biography for the program and has been his faithful visitor at the nursing home. He remarked to us that he is only the second college organist at Hood College. His tribute to William Sprigg was playing five selections. Two “signature” pieces: the suite Gothique by Boellmann and the Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. He also chose 3 selections from Sprigg’s first LP: a Purcell, Arne, and Buxtehude and followed with three pieces from his Organ Music for Christmas: the Noell X!! Suisse/D’Aquin, a Brahms Chorale, and Pachelbel’s Von Himmel Hoch. He spoke of and then played one of Bill Sprigg’s compositions from his Sonata for Organ. We were back in college for a few moments as we listened to those crashing chords at great swell held for extra beats at the finish. The single CD of Sprigg’s two records is in print now and available for $15.00. It was a fine concert and a most gracious thing for Wayne to do, and it made Bill so very happy. And us, too.

    We are off to Turkey with a Bryn Mawr college group. We will be in Istanbul a week, then travel throughout the country, but not near the Syrian border! I still want to see the world but find the 3rd world doesn’t appeal so much at this age. Still loving living at Broadmead, our retirement community. Many Goucher graduates here, we are in Baltimore!

    Just made the deadline! I went on the Hood Trip to Italy, and it was very well run–excellent guides and fun to connect with other Hoodies (Janet Nunn from our little sister class and others.) We toured Southern Italy, including Naples, etc., from Sorrento, which was our base for the week. Am adjusting to widowhood and will be spending 6 months in Delaware and 6 in Washington DC, which is working well. Still work one day a week as well as volunteer with Les Dames d’Escoffier and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics–both provide great opportunities for culinary work and adventures.

    I made a trip east in early June to attend the memorial service for my brother-in-law in Westminster, MD and to spend a week with my sister. I still have a studio of four piano students and direct a church handbell choir. My husband, Norm, has a difficult time walking, due to balance problems. He will be taking some physical therapy this month. I’m hoping he will see some improvement, so he continues with the exercises. Whether or not I make it to our 55th class reunion will depend on Norm’s health. Thank goodness, our older daughter lives here and helps out when she can. KUULEI MOBLEY GREEN Dear 59ers: I do not have much to report. I moved. I live in the same retirement community but in a brand new building that just opened on the first of September. I was downsizing a bit. My address is slightly different. It was: 3975 E. Clocktower Lane #236 Meridian, Idaho 83642 It is now: 4115 E. Clocktower Lane #242 Meridian, Idaho 83642 My cell phone number is the same. 208-859-0521 As I said, I do not have much to tell you this time. I still manage the non-denominational worship here where I live. My church finally hired someone, so the three retired priests that kept the church going lost their jobs. I hope all is well with all of you. Wish I lived closer so I could see you. Peace and blessings. Kuulei+ I would love to make reunion. It would be great to see the 59ers again . . . That is a long and expensive trip to Frederick. I’ll be with you all in spirit. Peace, Kuulei+

    Not so much news as the exciting first half of our year! We did go on a summer road trip, same as last year, visiting relatives in Missouri, Ohio (Mother’s younger brother and his wife, both 91 and amazing), and North Carolina. Our annual attempt to miss some of the Texas August heat! Another grandchild off to college, a freshman at the University of Colorado and loving it. We’re both well and thankful for that. We’re planning a Granger family reunion for next July at Lake Michigan and we’re looking forward to those 55th reunions at Hood and Navy!

    Marcia Bird Werntz: Wanted to be sure that you had received the news of our classmate, my roommate, Jackie Patton Smith’s death on August 26th. She died at home surrounded by her loving family after a long battle with cancer. She continued through the years to be the bright, bubbly person that she was while at Hood…..always fun to be with.

    I was sorry to miss the Sprigg event. It’s amazing that he is still an on-going concern. I am just back from a Russian Tour, St. Petersburg to Moscow, and a great travel experience. I now know why Catherine and Peter were Great!!. Anyway, I am home for a while before a cruise in the Caribbean to Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico for the Mayan ruins. My brother is coming for a visit the end of Oct., and we will attend a Masquerade Ball for our local hospice group. Ray is living in Sarasota Fl., and I visit him and attend the many fundraising events in Sarasota, and now he will attend one of my charity events. I will have him here for several days, and he will follow my weekly schedule as a volunteer. And so, he will feed the homeless at our mission, screen for artifacts at my “dig” @ Brookgreen Gardens, and answer phones for the Symphony for information and ticket orders. My next “big trip” will be next fall for a river cruise from Budapest to the Black Sea and everything in between. I’m happy to “get around” as well as I do and will continue to work on my WISH LIST! I am hoping to attend reunion next spring. I hope everyone is well and happy and please call if you are nearby and arrange a visit. Joanne Peper Milnor

    Colin Firth’s “Darcy” is on Ovation Channel, as a 75th anniversary re-airing of Orson’s War of the Worlds is on XM Radio-Classics! Such is life at Roland Park Place. (Good thing—I’m not keen on world series combatants.) My best to all for a calm, contented 2014.

    Have been in Florida two years, and am settled in my new condo, and love it – particularly not having to take care of a large outside area and pool. The new address is 4903 Midtown Lane, Unit 3321, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418, and is very close to restaurants, the mall, shopping, activities, and my Temple. Have gotten very involved with Temple membership, Social Action, and Caring Community, and getting to know new people.

    8/6/13 Carolynne Veazey Lathrop’s sister, Nancy Nobles, found me on FaceBook & sent me a message saying that Carolynne had had a fall & wanted her classmates to know about it. She was visiting her son in Lexington, MA, & while the family had all gone swimming, she was puttering around, watering plants in the backyard. She fell on the steps, incurring a gaping wound & a compound fracture in her leg just above the ankle. She dragged herself inside the house to a land-line phone & dialed 911. The EMTs came promptly & took her to an orthopedic hospital, where she stayed for 6 days. She is now in an orthopedic rehab & has been told that her leg will need months to heal. She is still in pain. 10/16 from Carolynne: My news: I’ve just spent a month in an assisted living facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts (after 2 months in an orthopedic nursing center in Lexington), and I will be leaving this weekend. I thought I would be flitting about without assistance by now, but I am still limping with the aid of a walker. Apparently when you are 75 you don’t heal as quickly as when you are 24: who knew? I’m hoping to get back to work again at the University of Dubuque in about 10 days or so. Thank you to all of you who sent me cards and notes. While some of you are facebook friends, others I had not heard from since graduation. I was very moved to get cards from as far away as Australia. Thank you so much! It definitely raised my spirits. Carolynne Lathrop

    Leif and I just returned from a trip to Spain and Portugal and will spend March in Stuart, Fla., before going to the Masters. I won the Superseniors ((70 and up) net golf tournament, so still enjoy my golf. Am loving my new mini IPad. Hope you are well. Carol

    I have the 3 dogs and 1 cat to get me up in the morning and keep me going during the day. They are my love. I have spent this past year trying to settle my brother, Andy’s, estate and it has been quite a challenge. Being on the west coast and him on the east didn’t help any either. The 3 dogs were my greatest concern, but I finally found homes for each of them. Nothing else is happening around here. Doing a lot of reading and some social things but haven’t done any traveling in several years. Miss my trips to Oregon and the Shakespeare festival but maybe in the next year or two.

    I am teaching two sections of a required literature class at Stevenson University this semester. The students, mostly sophomores, are delightful. I sure am NOT Dr. Briney!!, but I have a lot of fun. We’re reading Antigone and Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People—both timely and timeless. Carole Jones Rogers breezed through in August on her way to the Shore. Slim pickings for movies these days, but cable channel series like Homeland, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Justified have me enthralled. Still read about 60 books a year—this was a good year, and I was overjoyed when the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to one of my favorites, Alice Munro!

    Please send news for the next time; deadline probably will be mid-May.

    ANNE WILSON HEUISLER 6102 BUCKINGHAM MANOR DRIVE BALTIMORE, MD 21210 410 377 5026; aheuisler@comcast.net

  9. 1987: Winter 2014


    Greetings to the Class of 1987!  Thanks again to everyone who answered my last minute email for class news!  Note that you can find the news on the Hood website.  You can also add comments and updates at any time.  Pretty great.  Also, if you have pictures that you like to include with your updates, please send them as well and I can add them to the blog.

    Jennifer Stoll DeGross wrote with an update for a few of our classmates.  It looks like Molly Reeder and her husband, Doug Chamberlain, moved back to the DC area and are living in Bethesda.  Their twin boys just turned 6 years old.  Jennifer and Molly just joined a few other alum at a birthday lunch for Kit Berriman Snodgrass ’86 and Faye Phillips.  Faye and her husband James live on Capitol Hill with their two kids, Grace, 14 and Jim, 16.  Jennifer and husband, Trey, still live in Arlington with their son John-Pierce, 17.  They recently went to the Notre Dame vs. Navy football game during a trip to South Bend, Indiana.

    Anna Leventis just celebrated the two year anniversary of her restaurant, SoBo Café, in the Federal Hill area of Baltimore.  She is loving the career change!  Laura Zaccardi recently made a surprise visit.

    Andrew Brandler retired from his position as Program Manager for the Radiologic Technology program at St. John’s River State College in St. Augustine, Florida to start Select Coffee Service, a coffee service that provides gourmet coffee beverages to businesses.  He also teaches as an adjunct professor for the college so he stays very busy.  Please check out Andrew’s website at imageselectenjoy.com or selectcoffeeservicejax.com. His wife, Patricia ’98, is also involved with the business.

    Carolyn Shaw and Nancy Neff Dunn with three other friends enjoyed a two week vacation in Rome and Sorrento during September.

    Tara Cannava has a new job as a Director of Operations for Hall Health Center at the University of Washington.   This is UW’s student health center and provides care and education to UW students, faculty and staff.  She wrote that it’s a fun change to be in the middle of a big college campus, as most of her other work time has been spend in a hospital setting.  Her children Nick and Natalie are 10 and enjoying a busy fall with basketball and lots of homework!  She recently spent a long weekend with her Hood roommate, Susan Brunner Briddell ‘86 at her home on Whidbey Island.

    On a personal note, I just finished working on season 2 of a TV series for BYUtv called “Granite Flats.”  It’s a one-hour family drama filmed here in Utah and can be found on most cable networks or online at byutv.org.  I’m looking forward to a little break between episodes to catch up on things around the house and return to some writing.

    Condolences to the family and friends of Stephanie Carlson Murray ’88.  I will always remember Stephanie’s smiling face during our years at Hood.  Thoughts and prayers for Stephanie’s daughter, Courtney.

    I hope everyone has a great holiday season!  Feel free to add comments to our blog at hood.edu or send me an email.


    Marcie Kendall Gibboney ’87

  10. 2005: Winter 2014


    Wow, what a year 2013 was for the class of 2005. Quite a few classmates welcomed new babies last year. Many member of our class started new jobs. Some earned master’s degrees and some were married. The trend of big life changes continues for 2014.

    • Danielle Allen went to Japan last summer and climbed Mt. Fuji! She did the two-day climb, starting on Aug. 28, slept in a hut and finished the climb to watch the sunrise from the summit on Aug. 29. Danielle also, changed jobs in January 2013; she is now a management analyst for Strategy and Future Requirements, which is a Department of the Navy job for the Naval District in DC.

      Danielle Allen climbed Mt. Fuji in August.

      Danielle Allen climbed Mt. Fuji in August.

    • Tracey Carter received a promotion over the summer and is now the web content editor for Frederick County Public Libraries. She also graduated from Florida State University on Dec. 13, with a master’s in library and information sciences and a certificate in leadership and management.
    • Ashley Cook Monn welcomed a daughter, McKenzie Blythe Monn, on Oct. 16. She was 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 21 inches long. McKenzie joins big brothers Jared, 7 and Tyler, 4, and big sister Kylie, 2.
    • Kelsey Gage Staggers returned to Shamin Hotels in Richmond, Va., where she is the regional director of operations, managing a portfolio of mid to upper scale select service hotels.
    • In August, Danielle Kahler earned a master’s degree in historic preservation from the University of Georgia. After graduation, Danielle moved to Richmond, Va., where she is the manager of a Things Remembered. She also is a part time tour guide at Agecroft Hall, a Tudor manor house that was moved from England in 1926.
    • In May 2013, Heather Mannix earned a master’s degree in global environmental policy from the School of International Studies at American University in Washington D.C.
    • Rainey Sokol Chase, moved to Bath, Maine in the fall and she began a new career with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, growing its new antiaging skin care company across the country. Rainey’s email is raineychase@gmail.com and her website is raineychase.myrandf.com. If you are interested in hearing about what she does or Rodan + Fields, she would be happy to connect with you.
    • Together with her husband, Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour welcomed a son, William Alfred Balfour V, on Jan. 24, 2013, in Portland, Maine.

      William "Liam" Alfred Balfour V

      William “Liam” Alfred Balfour V

    Congratulations, Danielle, Tracey, Kelsey, Danielle and Rainey on your new jobs. Congratulations, Tracey, Danielle and Heather on your master’s degrees. Congratulations, Ashley and Jennifer on your newest family members. And if I could give awards, Danielle Allen, you would absolutely win for coolest news and possibly first in our class to climb a mountain.

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