1. 1957: Late for Summer Issue; Early for Winter Issue


    As I receive messages from my classmates, if they are too late for one of the Hood Magazine issues, I will post them here in toto, and edit them for the next issue. Therefore, this message from Bert Geehan Horton will go into the Winter issue which will be due sometime in December and delivered sometime in 2014.  Hope that makes sense to everyone. Ciao~  Molly

    ROBERTA GEEHAN HORTON: We recently returned from a grand trip to the Naples, Italy area.  We stayed in beautiful Sorrento and were taken by bus and boat to the hot spots of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Amalfi coast, Capri, and Naples.  The tour company is AHI, or Alumnae Holiday International.  We went with a group from the U. of Missouri where I got my  masters degree, but later we received the same offer from Hood.  We would highly recommend travel with this group. in opposite directions. This weekend we are attending two high school graduations on the same day, June 8, in two different North Carolina towns in opposite directions, Winston-Salem and Greenville.  After a short recovery we will go to our time-share condo in Key Largo where we will join our daughter, Becky, and her family for a week. Have a wonderful summer. Roberta aka “Bert”

  2. 1965: Summer 2013


    With just two years to go, our 50th Reunion Committee has started to  communicate and share ideas. Joslin Cook Ruffle, our reunion gift chair, sent this personal note to classmates: “Please plan a trip back to Hood in June, 2015!” She and Lynn Reagan Johnson celebrated the advent of their seventh decade with a five-day trip to Savannah and Charleston. They focused primarily on the cities’ history and homes and enjoying the local cuisine. Jamie Barr Gartelmann wrote that nothing much was happening in her life, but with three homes and associated activities up and down the East Coast, the Gartelmanns certainly couldn’t have many empty hours to fill. Their two married sons, Jesse and Chris, and five of their grandchildren, age 5 to 12, keep them busy when at home in New Jersey, and there’s still the “farmie” thing, which includes producing some flowers, cutting firewood, mowing, trimming and gardening. “But we do get a winter break in our home near Wilmington, N.C., which we love for the golf and the beach,” Jamie wrote. “Peter’s friend of 60-plus years and his wife visited us there in February, and we picked up right where we left off and laughed for a week. We’ll visit them in New Orleans next year.” Jamie was reporting from Maine, where they were putting in Peter’s sailboat during a stretch of unusually warm late-May days, but they had to return home for the primary election on June 4 for Jamie’s election-supervisor duties. Diana Beers Lobdell reported a similarly satisfying “no-news” life. “I am now Grammy to five grandchildren, who, by the end of 2013 will be ages 8, 6, 5, 3 and 3,” she wrote. “That’s right, a pair of twins at the end!” The Lobdells’ two sons are “great fathers,” with one living in California and the other in Oregon. Florida is home base, but the Lobdells spend summers in Utah with visits to the sons’ families as well as trips to Arizona to see Ralph’s mother and to Oregon to visit his dad. Catherine Byers Meredith had unanticipated triple-bypass surgery at Johns Hopkins on April 26, but by early June she announced that she was fine and did her part of this class news report. Barbara Casey Ruffino and Russ have spent the last four years dividing their lives between Italy and Washington, DC, with occasional stops in Stuart, Fla. Actually, Russ has been in Italy almost full-time, and Barb has traveled back and forth while still working as a management consultant for government contracting firms in D.C. area. Russ, an Episcopal priest,was sent on a three-year assignment to Orvieto, Italy, after retiring as a parish priest in Rhode Island. He was there to set up a mission church, a challenging but ultimately successful effort. They had a small apartment in a 17th century palazzo right in the middle of the medieval part of town. Now Russ is doing a six-month assignment in Milan where Barbara recently spent five weeks. Daughter Jane, a Hood graduate, went to Ireland for her Masters in Archeology in 2001, then stayed for an ABD at University College, Dublin, and hasn’t come home since. She has been a freelance journalist, radio guest journalist and is now a marketing director for a technology company. Son Mike is in the Hollywood Hills writing and composing music for several TV shows. Ramona Elbin attained a unique status in our class when she married Bob Kissner between our sophomore and junior years. The fact that the talented music major from Houston continued to matriculate as a married student was quite remarkable in that long-ago era. Ramona and Bob are celebrating “50 years of wedded bliss” this summer by taking their two sons and one son’s girlfriend to England and then on a river cruise in France. The Kissners moved to Sun City in Georgetown, Tex., 10 years ago and have found it to be a very friendly, active community, conveniently located about 150 miles from their oldest son and two grandchildren. This fall their grandson will be starting Southwestern University in Georgetown. “We’re so happy about that,” Ramona wrote, “but we keep reminding ourselves not to smother him with too much attention.” Though retired, Ramona continues substitute conducting for two choirs, which allows her the pleasures of making music without the drudge work. The first months of 2013 brought a major change to Ann Fulton Warren, who was enjoying the last days of a trip to Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, where daughter Jessie and family are currently living, when she got word that her mother was ill in Florida. The Warrens headed to Jacksonville in time to be with Mrs. Fulton for her final days. Mrs. Fulton died on Feb. 3 from complications of the flu, and Dr. Fulton is now living with the Warrens in Potomac, MD. They’re looking forward to having Jessie’s family for a two-week visit this summer. Joan Joice Taylor has been living in Henderson, Nev., for the past 23 years with her husband, Rufus. Joan is retired after a career in education that led from classroom chemistry teacher, through a professional-development specialist for regional secondary science teachers to teaching future and current science teachers at Univ. of Nev.-Las Vegas. The Taylors enjoy traveling to see their children and grandchildren in Virginia. Luke, the youngest grandchild, was 2 in December, while his mother, the Taylors’ younger child, was just promoted to Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army. A mountain vacation cabin in Idaho, about 20 miles south of West Yellowstone, Mont., allows the Taylors access to snowmobiling and fly fishing in that area. Though Joan hasn’t skied for the past two years, she’s recently had hip and knee replacements, so who knows? Carolyn Oldman Gregory’s life in Albuquerque has undergone some changes: A spotted cocker spaniel rescue named Higgins is now in the household, and Carolyn is working with RiverXchange to connect classrooms across the country to the cause of environmental stewardship. She continues to “play with” her friends at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, direct Youth Ed at the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living and miss her grandkids and son in Australia. Jo Ann Sether Bowes is busier than ever in Loch Haven, Penn. Last year, while she and Ron were in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for 30 days, the local historical society ran out of money and the paid staff resigned. As president, she took over to keep the programs going, which includes managing four properties and doing taxes, grant writing, zoning applications, advertising, program planning, etc. The Bowes’ younger son lives in Gaithersburg, Md., with a second child due in November when the first will be only 16 months old. In addition to the Australia trip last year, Jo Ann took her older son to Botswana and Zambia, but this year, travel will be limited to a few weekend weddings and a convention in Reno. “I hope to add some more countries to my passport in 2014,” she wrote.

  3. 2005: Summer 2013


    Thank you all for your great news submissions. I enjoy learning what is new with you and helping you highlight your milestones with our fellow classmates. This issue we have some moves, a career update, a marriage and a handful of new Hood babies.
    Remember you always can send me your updates via email at lhughan@gmail.com or connect with me through Facebook.
    Jordana Francis Chettiparampil will open her own optometry practice in July, Elite Family Vision in Sugarland, Texas. Jocylyn Berte Dunnavant and her husband welcomed a daughter, Josephine Mae, on June 13, 2013. They also just bought their first apartment in New York this year. Evelyn Holcomb Gosnell is working as the director of equipping ministries at Black Rock Church of the Brethren. She also moved to Westminster, Md. Jessica Holthaus married Matt Badour on April 20, in Gulf Shores, Ala., joined by family and friends. Kristen Heisey Leiter, Jessica Alberici Allen and Heather Mannix were bridesmaids; Danielle Kahler and Mary Greer also were in attendance. The couple spent their honeymoon on the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. They currently reside in Lithia Springs, Ga. Leslie Beck Hughan welcomed a son, Dexter Richard Hughan, on May 27 at 4:41 p.m. He weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and was 21 inches long. Dexter joins Virginia who is 3. Sarah Robinson Rathbun welcomed a second daughter, Lucy Anne, May 1 at 9:45 a.m. Lucy weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. They are so in love. Amanda Hagen Richmond, her husband and daughter Mikayla welcomed Carter Dionte Richmond into their family on March 20. He weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. Patricia Stevenson is buying her first house in Bowie, Md. Joanna Grauel Zeisser welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth Anne, on Feb. 19. She weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces.

  4. 1986: Summer 2013


    Happy Summer to the HoodLums of 1986!  Hope everyone enjoys all that goes with sunshine and family… and thanks to all who responded to my “all call” via email and FB for news.  And now, here’s our class news:

    Beth Beans Gilbert visited with Celeste Strunk Haghani in London over Thanksgiving. Celeste has three children (Joshua, Mark, and Jessica) and they were celebrating Mark’s Bar Mitzvah.  Beth has a freshman and sophomore at The George School: daughter Alexandra is running Varsity track while son Christopher is playing Varsity baseball.  Beth completes her family with Tyler (7th grade) and Paige (4th grade) while still working at family’s growing automobile business.  She sees Kara Dunn Keiser regularly (Kara has son Will and daughter Ava) and also keeps in touch with Susan Walts Smith via FB.  Susan’s son will be headed to FCSU in the fall.

    Josie Espino Calix popped in to say “My daughter Anna Lisa got married to a wonderful man!”.  Love those happy little messages, Josie!  Kellye Greenwald is now living in Florida, working at Walt Disney World in the Research Department, specifically Field Operations, where she is completely blonde, has a lovely tan, still baking cookies and singing karaoke in her spare time!  Sheila Guth Snyder also posted a quick update: “My oldest daughter Alyssa graduated with her Associate’s degree in x-ray making her the third generation in the profession.  My twins, Stephanie and Andrea graduated from high school and are heading to college.”  Great news, Sheila!

    Chrysti Hogan wants everyone to know that Marriage Equality is gaining ground with 3 more states within 2 weeks!  Exciting!  Jacquie Hollands wrote in to say that she has re-invented herself once again! She has joined the Corporate Responsibility Team at EMD Millipore and is now the Program Manager for Engaging Customers in Recycling Programs. She’s back on the east coast in the Boston area and gets together with Margaret Bushwaller Powers (86), Ann Barry Mitchell (86) and Eleanor Chisholm Landauer (86). She also was recently visited by Melanie Carroll Psaltakis (85)while she was in Boston for Yoga Teacher training.

    Dana Humphreys Acock graduated from the Ohio State University with her MSW and recently completed an internship at Columbus Crime and Trauma Assistance Program.  She’s now trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which is used with great success to help trauma patients.  She credits Hood for preparing her to think analytically and write well.  She’s taking the summer off to be with her boys (Chris, 13 and Matthew, 10) but is headed to Italy for an anniversary trip with hubby, Mitch, in August!  Drink a toast for us while you’re there, Dana! Dagmar Kolarik wrote in to share that she is married with two children (Petra, 33 and Thomas, 21) and two grandchildren (Natalia, 3 and Dominic, 10 months).  Dagmar has been the owner of Dagmar’s Décor in Frederick (fabricating custom home furnishings such as draperies, cushions, and bedding) for 11 years, so please think of her shop when you’re looking.

    By far, the most thorough update came from Mari Padilla-Spina.  Mari continues to do medical malpractice consulting work which provides her the flexibility to spend time with both Alexa (16) and Nicholas (12). Both kids are very active in their respective activities. Husband, Steve, completes our puzzle!  Gina Oliveros recently hosted a Hood girl’s weekend in her beautiful Ft. Lauderdale home.  In addition to Gina and I, Maribel Martinez ’87, Kim Burns ’87, Khateeta Emerson, Nanette Rosario ’86 and Maritza Bido ’86 joined us. It was an incredible weekend that started off with Maritza surprising everyone, followed by treats by the pool to catch up.  A spa day allowed everyone to be pampered while laughing and even eating those cucumbers that were intended to be put on their eyes… so fun!  Mimosas back at Gina’s house, coupled with lots of good food, wine, and girlfriend time, offered everyone a chance to reminisce over crazy, fun, Hood days.  Mari is thankful to Hood College for bringing them all together and for giving her the best friends one can only dream of.   I can totally relate, Mari!

    In related news, the most fun “are-you-kidding-me” post came from Elizabeth Shimer Murphy, when she wrote that her daughter, Ryan, will be attending camp this summer at the Naval Academy – she’s starting her D-1college quest and is considering Navy!  Congrats to Beth’s older daughter, Evan, who has committed to Oregon for lacrosse after she graduates in 2014 (Go Momma Duck!).   Beth’s mother, Judith Washko Shimer ’63 has defied all odds in her fight (YEA!!) with ovarian cancer and is doing great, so everyone’s looking forward to spending summer at the Jersey Shore.  Beth’s youngest daughter, Bryn, hits middle school next year – she also plays lacrosse and takes voice lessons (her angelic soprano was NOT inherited from her mother).  While Cali life is great, Beth thinks she sees a few puppies in her future and sends her love to all.

    Dixanne Sturr posted that she just visited Hood with her daughter, who might be a Blazer in the Fall of 2014.   Gemmi Teleki and son, Arpad, are doing well in Austria.  We send our deepest condolences to Gemmi and her sister Ibi Teleki Sofillas ‘87 on the death of their father this year.  Arpad turns 8 in June and Gemmi enjoys teaching her 2nd graders English, using popular shows like Glee to get them excited!  Another FB post came from Elvy Vieira, saying “My oldest daughter Mariana graduated with BS in Biology from Montclair State University! Yay!”

    As for me, I am now the event coordinator for a local winery and write both a personal blog (www.beatitudesofmylife.wordpress.com) and a work/wine-related blog (www.fromthebottomofawinebottle.wordpress.com).  I’m still shooting sporting events for my photography business (www.alisportshots.com) and love following the escapades of my husband and boys.   My older son, Drew Althouse ’12, started his Masters of Athletic Training at Shenandoah University and is expecting to complete his program in the spring of 2015 while my younger son, Evan, will be a fourth year at UVA, majoring in math.  It’s a crazy life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Hope to continue to hear from you all whenever you have a moment!  Feel free to email me (alison86@verizon.net) or send me a Facebook message anytime.  With this new platform, I can add and change things at will, so we can have some fun keeping up with one another throughout the year.  So excited to hear from more of you, more often!

  5. 1989: Summer 2013


    Hi Everyone-

    It seems like this year is flying by as we head into the summer filled with graduations and exciting plans.  Over the past few months, I’ve had an opportunity to catch up with a couple of Hood classmates. In March, we met up with Ambreen Yamin Aziz ’89 and her kids for a quick visit at Downtown Disney at Disneyland in CA. The day was filled with lots of jokes, laughter and a few eye rolls from the kids as we talked about our days at Hood.

    Over Spring Break, my daughter and I traveled to Florida and had a great time hanging out with my Hood roommate Donna Parenti Dietrich ’88 and her beautiful daughter Laine. Although we hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years, it was if hardly any time had passed and the bonds are stronger than ever.  We went to the beach, took in the sights in Ft. Lauderdale and just had a wonderful time catching up.

    Congratulations to Lisa Buss Evans ’90 and her daughter Maya who will be heading off to the University of South Carolina this fall.  I met Lisa our very first day of Hood, so I’m feeling very sentimental about Maya starting college as it seems like just yesterday that we were at Hood.  Well, maybe not yesterday but definitely not that long ago.

    Visiting with these dear friends the past few months, reminds me that the bonds that we form at Hood are strong and life long.  If you have any news that you would like to share with the class, please email me at hoodnews1989@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook. Have a wonderful summer!

  6. 1999: Summer 2013



    IMG_8722Hi all, its been a fun six months since we last “spoke” and my how its flown.  My oldest, Alexander, is just finishing 4th grade and my youngest, Ellie, is about to turn 1 year old on July 8th!  When I’m not running all over creation with the kids, I’m working on my cake business and volunteering at church.  We have a busy summer ahead of us full of summer camp, birthday parties and day trips … I hope everyone’s summer is equally as exciting.  And now the news from our classmates …

    Kelli Jessum Rokita ’99 is still teaching 1st grade and living in Gilbertsville, PA.  She and John continue to keep busy with the roller coaster ride of having 3 yr old twins (Kiley & Tommy)!

    Pamala Washington ’99 recently married Emilee Frost in a inspirational seaside wedding in York Harbor Maine, April 14, 2012.  In attendance were, Holly Rebert Ray ’00, Kenya Ray ’99, Cheron Jones ’00, Danika Hernadez Stubbs ’99 and Angela Watson ’99 (in spirit).  Pamala & Emile currently reside with their 2 teenage sons, Porter (16) and Justin (15) in Saco Maine and says she can’t believe her babies are all grown up!  She currently manages the Maine Adult Drug Treatment Court and is continuing to take graduate classes toward her Masters In Public Policy.

    Allison Bell Barrett ’99 just recently got married to Sean Barrett in Middletown, MD on April 27 2013. Patricia Vauls played viola during our ceremony. And the following Hoodlums were in attendence: Jennifer LaMonica Jackson ’02 , Tele Tarpeh ’02, Betty Gebreselassie, Stephanie Gordy Clark  ’98, and Jessica Palazzi ’99. They went to Ireland for their honeymoon and had a wonderful time. They currently reside in Arlington, VA with their cat, Tobago.

    Word comes from Margaret Farmer ’99 that Erin Lenzing ’99 married Ricky Petrone, of Walpole on November 16, 2010. The wedding took place at the outpatient rehab facility where they first met, and was attended by Margaret Farmer ’99, Becky Roman-Annacone ’99, and Heather Liska ’99. The two look froward to moving in together when Ricky finishes his sentence. Margaret also notes that she recently returned from a medical volunteer trip in Zanzibar where she assisted in inoculating the local people. Margaret is very happy to be back and Yellow Fever free. She can be reached at nbjmmf@hotmail.com.

    If you have news you want to pass along, feel free to email it to me at amy@stavely,org or find me on Facebook.  You can send news any time it comes up!  Until next time …

    Amy Stavely

  7. 1977: Summer 2013


    This online news application is great!  Just send me an email with your news, and I will post it to the site so we can keep in touch!

    I recently saw Martha Homnack Armenti and her husband, Bob, at the Maryland Historical Society.  Their son, David, is the Student Research Center Coordinator and was working with the Baltimore School for the Arts on a series of Civil War scenes entitled Torn Asunder: Civil War Midstream.  Our daughter, Anne, was one of the performers.

    Martha sent some news: “Last fall, my husband and I were thrilled to participate in Hood’s second annual Blue and Grey tennis tournament, a benefit to support the Hood tennis team.  It was a very special honor to play on the beautiful new courts. The morning and afternoon were full of competitive tennis, and I had the pleasure of reconnecting with and playing against Dr. Len Latkovski, who is as smart and interesting a player as he is a professor.  He invited us to Hood for an October showing of a documentary on life in Russia after the dismantling of the Soviet Union.  While it was disturbing to hear the testimony of witnesses and victims, it was inspiring to see strong examples of bravery and heroism.

    My husband and I continue to enjoy our teaching careers and, this June, I will again score AP Literature exams in Louisville, KY. Over the years, it has been rewarding to see some of my high school students go on to attend Hood.  In fact, last fall, I stopped in to visit one of my very special students, Jordan Robinson, ’15, who is majoring in English and living in my freshman dorm, Shriner!

    This spring, Bob and I joined Sharon Thorpe Kourtz and her husband, Paul, in Washington, D.C., for dinner and the musical Hello Dolly at Ford’s Theater.  For several years now, Bob and I have subscribed with Rachel Quynn Knudson ’78, and her husband, Scott, to the Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center.  I am delighted to be able to enjoy these rich, lifelong friendships with Hood classmates. Any Hood friend traveling to the Maryland/D.C. region–please don’t hesitate to contact me: (marmenti55@hotmail.com)!”

    Ann Barber wrote to say: “Elizabeth has started her final year working on her doctorate in Physical Therapy. She’s assigned to GW Hospital to do a clinical at the end of the summer. I’m looking forward to visiting her and spending some time in D.C.! We spent a nice, but cold, week together in Myrtle Beach over her spring break. Otherwise, I am working and every day is busy.”

    Wendy Gahm shared this news: “I retired from teaching in July 2012 to start a new career with my hubby – we are beginning our second year in business! “Back to the Garden” is our 24-foot-long mobile kitchen, and we have been having a blast cooking at various locations and events! Check out our website (it’s about to be revised, but will be fully revised by July) www.backtothegardenfoodtruck.com, and see what you think of our healthy and delicious food offerings! Other news – my son Josh is in Arizona in the Air Force, studying meteorology, and is engaged to a wonderful girl; my daughter Natalie is in Oklahoma with her wonderful guy, pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in entomology; and daughter Stephanie and her hubby are going to give me a granddaughter this coming fall! Other than all of that, we like to hang around the house with our four St. Bernards! Hope everyone else is enjoying themselves!”

    In May, I met Doug in Dunhuang, China, to see the Mogao Caves.  They are an amazing treasure!  The Comer family celebrated Jacob’s graduation from Brown University over Memorial Day weekend.  Margaret is tutoring for C2, an SAT prep center, and will enter Cambridge University (Jesus College) in the fall for her master’s degree.  Anne will travel to Spain this summer with Rustic Pathways.  My mother’s book, Catoctin Furnace: Portrait of an Ironmaking Village, was published this spring by History Press.  She graduated from Hood also, and I am so proud of all her accomplishments.   I just wish she were alive to enjoy the success.

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