1. 1962: Summer 2013

    The following is a compilation of almost everything you sent to me:
    Beth Davis Pauley: Follow-up on the sink hole. Tedd came from Arnold, MD to fill the hole with rocks and to redirect the water run-off from the house.  There must be something about the water run-off from the house because another hole is developing between the rocks and the house.  Tedd is supposed to come back and check it out.  One month later he has not yet returned.  I’m hopeful. I just returned from a week in Paducah, KY where I attended the AQS Quilt Show. Doris Dalziel Kimball:
    I don’t have much news except to say that George and I also celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year by taking our little family of 10 to Puerto Rico for sun, rainforest and a wee bit of culture.  Over the Christmas holidays we discovered a condo for sale on one of our lovely lakes and decided it was time for another move.  This time we mean to stay!  I do not have another move in me.  It is all on one level, has lake views from every window and an outdoor pool.  We can walk the 2 mile trail around the lake and also walk to downtown restaurants, band shell, library and galleries.  As always, the welcome mat is out for any classmates visiting our beautiful state of Wisconsin. Marjorie Simmons Carlson: Bill and I just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary at a luncheon with over 100 guests.  On a scale of 1-10 it was an “11”!  Will send you a copy of our program this weekend. (regrets-none of my Hood friends were able to attend). Lillian Detrick Blood: It hardly seems like a year has passed since our 50th reunion and yet I just celebrated my 50th reunion from Cornell School of Nursing.  An exciting gathering in NYC with nearly half the class attending the celebration.  At the end of May Dave & I will celebrate our 50 anniversary. My those years pass quickly. The children are planning a party to mark the occasion. We continue to enjoy good health. Dave and I are still working, although not as many hours as before. Our children & grandchildren continue to give us much pleasure as they mature and grow. Please note new email address lil@lillianblood.com. Phoebe Adams Marshall: I guess the biggest news is that Al and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary on July 13th.  I keep busy playing tennis as much as possible and singing in a Master Works Chorale (just had our spring concert yesterday afternoon).  I’m also on the vestry at church, sing in the choir there, and am VP of the Anglican Church Women. Joy and Bill Demas and their cat Charlie stopped by here for a brief visit on their way to Florida in February.  We had a great time catching up. Joy Engle Demas: Visited with Phobe Adams Marshall and Al in early March on way to our house in Tarpon Springs, FL. Wonderful hosts who welcomed Charlie the Cat as well. He showed his appreciation of their hospitality by refusing to come out from under the guest room bed when it was time to leave. After a visit to their son Scott and wife at PAX base in Southern Maryland, Caroline Fischer Giles and Brian arrived at our Rockville home in May on Greek Easter – in time to eat dessert! Two day visit was too short. I am loving being retired, but need to face getting rid of so many things languishing in the basement, garage and attic. (I’ll keep Bill.) We are taking a trip to Quebec with friends in September and a riverboat cruise in France next March with same friends. I’m looking forward to another visit to Giverny, Monet’s home, but think we probably will continue to make most trips on our own as long as possible as we prefer to stop and explore when and where we want.
    Joy Engle Demas and Bill, one fully, one semi-retired, visited Phoebe Adams Marshall and Al in Aiken, SC on the way to their house in Tarpon Springs, FL in March and had a too short visit in May from Caroline Fisher Giles and Brian at their Rockville home. The Demi are headed for Quebec with friends for a week in September and to France for a riverboat cruise with same friends next March. Jane Hoskins Bollman: Jane Hoskins Bollman, Susan Shinnick Hossfeld, and Susan Rugemer Kurtz enjoyed a week-end in Philadelphia with Judy Hammond Blatchford and Nancy Turner Heckscher and various husbands in April.  We visited the Barnes Museum and then Nancy, garden expert extraordinaire, guided us through the gardens of Chanticleer.  A great time was had by all! Nancy Turner Heckscher: Two weeks ago Susan Shinnick Hossfeld and Carl, Susan Rugemer Kurtz, Jane Hoskins Bollman and Roger came to visit Judy Hammond Blatchford and Parker, and Nancy Turner Heckscher and Ben and we went to the new Barnes Museum in Phila., out for dinner and in the morning Chantecleer Arborteum in Wayne, Pa. All are healthy and the weather was bright sun! Susan Shinnick Hossfeld:
    In April, Carl, Susan Kurtz and I visited Nancy and Ben  Heckscher and Judy and Parker Blatchford in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.  Jane and Roger Bollman drove from Easton to join everyone for a wonderful weekend, which included fabulous meals, a visit to the spectacular new Barnes Museum and the delightful Chanticleer Gardens. Judy Hammond Blatchford: I really don’t have any news. Happily all is well with our family and we continue to add to our travel destinations, coming up this fall an expedition around Newfoundland and one down the eastern coast of South America and up into the Chilean fjords. Barbara Reeves McGee: Hello all – My e-mail address is now lrmagoo27@gmail.com. If you wish to stay in touch, please remove lrmagoo@pcu.net from your address book and replace it with lrmagoo27@gmail.com. Barb Kirby Stewart: My news is somewhat sad.  My mother passed away Feb. 2.  She was 7 months shy of her 100th birthday.  Her health really began to deteriorate after Christmas.  Fortunately, she died very quickly in the hospital.  We are having her committal service in June after Jan and Steve (Morrison) return. Otherwise, we are all doing fine.  We are in the midst of a small house expansion that is just large enough to be very disruptive. I hope it will only be a few more weeks. We are going to San Diego at the end of May for my oldest grandson’s graduation. It is just so hard to believe he is so old.  I still remember vividly the day he was born. I have been very busy due to over volunteering. I am trying to cut back some after this summer.  It is time to travel again. Obligations really cut into your free time. Bobbi Arthur Pretzsch: We’ve had several changes in our busy lives this year.  Our summer and fall was spent in Florida hosting at Alexander Springs Rec Area in the Ocala National Forest.  It was a beautiful campground and day use area.  We then spent 3 months living in the 5th wheel in Pass Christian, MS near daughter and her family.  While I helped with the grandchildren after school, Bob worked on their newest renovation activity in Gulfport.  They now have 5 properties either for rent or sale. It is a condo a block from the Gulf of Mexico.  As our 3 months in our campground came to an end we decided to move into the condo with furniture that our daughter had for sale.  It is lovely to sit out on the porch, listen to the gulls and watch the kite surfers in the water.  Bob suggested that I stay the summer and help Lyn with her kids while he took our hosting position in Kentucky for the summer, alone.  I do like the condo, so much more space.  So with little hesitation I agreed and Lyn was delighted.  So he will leave mid-May to work in Kentucky.  Also to add to the activity for Bob, our old office in Cynthiana is being renovated to house the Kentucky Attorney’s offices.  We have also leased our Cynthiana apartment for the time being.   So he will be only an hour or so away from Cynthiana to see how that is going. In March, I drove to Tybee Island, GA to spend a delightful, although chilly, week with Linda Martin McManus, Gail Wood Fortin and Marvia Slade Perreault.  We have rarely missed an opportunity to get together once a year since our 40th reunion. I am planning a road trip to Indianapolis in July to another crochet conference with stops at Holly Bay, where Bob will be working.  On the way home will stop in Cynthiana to see if there is anything else to bring back to Mississippi.   We think we will lease this furnished condo next year while we travel again in the 5th wheel, hopefully out west. BTW, all those tests I mentioned last newsletter were negative.  All tests were relatively normal and I haven’t had any more memory lapses, thank goodness.
    Bob and I are living in Gulfport, MS in a condo which Bob has helped renovate this past winter.   I will be here for the summer while Bob hosts at a campground in KY.  In March I drove to Tybee Island, GA to spend a delightful, although chilly, week with Linda Martin McManus, Gail Wood Fortin and Marvia Slade Perreault. “Sally” Zimmerman: During my recent sabbatical from ministerial duties at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, I traveled around the world for eight weeks, heading always west.  I flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong, and then to Cambodia and Thailand.  In Thailand, I stayed a week with Sunny Griffin and her husband Steven Eiche in their lovely spacious home in Mai Rim (near Chiang Mai).  It was a real treat to reconnect with Sunny after 50 years and to learn about raw foods from her at her weekly presentation at The Spa Resort of Chiang Mai. Sunny and Steven welcome Hoodlums to visit and to consider renting their home in Mai Rim during the months of July – October.  Contact Sunny at sunnygriffen@gmail.com for details. Debbie Patterson Clark: Welcomed: Grandchild #2 the end of July, 2012, a boy, Corbin Tyler Figarola. Lost: My housemate of 16 years, David, on October 13th. In the process of reconstructing life. Looking Forward:  Going on Tour with my chorus,The Chorus of Westerly, next summer (2014) to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Been in Touch by phone with Carol Eaton Mendelsohn and Gale Demerest Bumpus. Penny Misirian Mardoian: All is the same here.  Art just celebrated his 86th and we are spending the summer (until Oct. 10) in Maine. I will be taking a Viking River cruise from St.Petersburg to Moscow in August. Linda (Lynn) MacDonough Morrow: New Zealand was wonderful for 3 weeks of hiking, wildlife viewing, experiencing spectacular scenery, etc. with my daughter Melanie between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  George and I had 2 weeks in Nicaragua on a mission/tourist trip in Jan/Feb.  It took me 6 weeks to recover from all that travel. If you have news to share with our class before my next “call for news” you can send it to me by email and I can post it here for all to see online. LMorrow@psu.edu
  2. 2011: Summer 2013


    The class of 2011 continues to strive for greatness professionally and personally. As the time from Hood grows greater so do the accomplishments of the class. Ashley Brown is a lead paralegal for the Law Offices of William B. Parkhurt, P.C. in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was married on May 18 to Curtis Mahnken. Rahnuma Choudhury is currecntly working as a Research Technician at the Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research.  Emily Cucchi was promoted recently at the DPR Group, Inc. to Assistant Account Executive. Emily got engaged this past year and a summer 2014 wedding is planned! Justin Everett is now a police officer with the Maryland Authority Police and assigned to the BWI/TM Airport Detachment.  Dylan Kelleher is now a business development manager for a health IT firm in Frederick, Maryland. After a strenuous capstone project on Greenway Medical Technologies, Dylan completed his MBA from Hood College. Dana Martindell graduated from the Seton Hall University Accelerated Nursing Program and obtained her BSN in December. In January Dana passed the NCLEX and is now working for the Meridian Healthcare System in New Jersey as a registered nurse. Monique Sledd is finishing up her service as an AmeriCorps *VISTA Coordinator in Hood College’s Career Center and Office of Service Learning in August. Monique will be attending The University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology masters of Arts program in forensic psychology in the fall. Kristina Straub was recently promoted to Senior Accountant at The Carlyle Group. Kristina also received her MBA from The University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

  3. 1957: Summer 2013

    I decided to post your messages for the Hood Magazine as you wrote them to me, in their entirety, so you can see them in real time before I have to edit them down to 750 words for my column. This way the news won’t be six months old when you read it in the Summer issue of the Hood Magazine which you will receive in the Fall.  This is something new Hood set up for alumni and I think it is great.  I’ll keep posting; you keep reading.
    As noted in the last Hood Magazine, Sue Truby Peterson reiterated the fun time she had with Carol Harkness Kilrea while their husbands enjoyed a successful mule deer and antelope hunting trip. Carl had his “two heads” (animals’) mounted; our place will soon look like a zoo.” She wrote that the Mass. General/Hood Nursing graduates will be celebrating their 55th reunion in September 2013; the class includes diploma grads, too..  Sue occasionally sees Stevie Amstutz in the supermarket.

    Sylvia Davison Rost sent a note from Waterbury, Vermont in her Christmas card. Their oldest son, Winston and wife, Tammy, live down the road with Hazel, 3, and Samuel, 1, lots of chickens, five goats and two cats.  Son, Andy and wife, Rae, with Elliot, 11, and twin girls, Anna and Samantha, 7, are near; and their daughter, Jenny, teaches 6th grade in New Hampshire, but lives in VT.  It’s wonderful to have family so close.

    Alice Riddle Metry: We are getting ready to leave FL for Michigan.  Want to remind any and all that we will be back here in 2014, and are in the Naples/Bonita Springs phone book.  We will be back unless something unforeseen occurs. And, our Michigan phone number is 3`13-882-8709, for any in the Detroit area.   We are usually here for 6 to 8 weeks in Oct. & Nov.
    Ann Fortenbaugh Eicholtz: I really didn’t think I had any news to report,but then I remembered that I live near Gettysburg!  We are all anticipating a very active summer with many Civil War enactors and tourists for the 150th anniversary.  I wanted to offer our home for “cooling off” breaks when you have had enough of the heat and the crowds. You can reach us at 717 359 0280.  There are no available rooms in Gettysburg.  We would love to hear from any of you, so don’t hesitate to call.  I played bridge recently with our Dean Nancy Cohen (Locher).  She looks great and had just returned from a trip to Thailand.  I am planning to have lunch the end of April with Gayle Hamilton Blakeslee.  I,too, wanted to encourage all classmates to contribute to the Hood Fund.  A high percentage of givers (whatever the amount) makes our class look good!
    Dorothy Hofstadter Lewis called in her news in December, too late for that winter column, but reported that she lost electric during H. Sandy.  She plays bridge and Mah Jongg and is active with her congregation, helping to name the synagogue and working on the celebration.  Her son, Steven, plays clarinet in the Big Apple concert band and marched in the inaugural parade for President Obama.  Her daughter, Susan, was recently engaged and will be married in October; both children are involved in computer work.  Dot participates in the Temple Library reading program – a 10-week program for children to read books on Jewish culture and they then tell “listeners” what they learned.

    Roberta Geehan Horton: Thanks for your call.  Sorry for the delay in responding.  We’ve been out of town doing some birding on the Outer Banks of N C.  This year we decided to go in early December hoping it would be warmer than January.  It was splendid, and we saw lots of migratory waterfowl in the refuges on Body Island and Pea Island and some inland lakes.  Highway 12 made National News being hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and we were afraid it would prevent us from getting to Pea Island because of the sand piled up on the road.  Luckily that part had just been cleared.  This fall I lost two family members: my Mother, age 104, died in Sept. and  my  brother, Mike, died in Nov. of  Alzheimer’s.  Memorial services were held in the Phoenix AZ area for Mother and in Houston,TX for Mike.  A tough time for us.  A favorite part of my life is reading.  Members of my book club submit books and we “check them out” of our library.  It’s a great way to be introduced to new authors. I also enjoy knitting  and crafts, especially making jewelry with glass beads or paper beads.  One of my favorite beads is made by covering wood beads with colorful origami paper.  Three of our kids live in NC so we see them regularly.  One lives in Atlanta.  Two grandkids are in college and two more go next year [six to go...].

    Sue Winter Smith: Our big news from the Pacific NW is that we sold our house where we lived for 52 years and raised our four kids and moved into a senior retirement apartment. It’s a lot smaller than our house so we had to be judicious in picking what we brought. Our children were great and took the stuff that meant the most that we couldn’t take. We have 2 patios and are container gardening. It’s a lot easier than our big yard. We have a trip planned to the upper Amazon in May as our last hurrah in the travel world. We figured we needed to go while we could still walk around. We are still relatively well (except for the aches and inconveniences of old age). The kids are well. Our oldest granddaughter started college this year at Western WA University and loves it. We may be limited in space, but we still would love to have company.

    New address:3710 Providence Point Was SE #120; Issaquah, WA 98028
    New telephone: 425-677-8284
    Tommie Thomas Yinger:  Nothing exciting going on in my life right now.  As with the other nursing students back in that antiquated 5 yr. program, I’m gearing up for my 55th nursing class reunion at Hopkins in Sept.  And I guess like a lot of others, our 60th reunion with high school classmates this June.
    Sarah Bulin Hanson:  My youngest grandchild graduates from high school this year; she’ll be going to Elon in North Carolina. It seems just a few weeks ago that I was visiting her middle school classroom! We can’t hold on to them forever!!
    As to Hood News, the new Hood College book from Arcadia Publishing is a wonderful collection of pictures and information from the beginning of the college to 2012. It’s available in the bookstore and, of course, from Amazon.
    The Annual Fund received 13 recent gifts from our class totaling $2480. For the year, so far, we are 36 donors with a total of $10,000. The fiscal year ends June 30. Thanks to the 36 and a reminder to the rest.
    Molly Smith Sperandio: “I drove to Great Lakes, IL in March to see my grandson, Kyle, graduate from Navy Boot Camp.  What an experience that was, and how proud I was to see him march in with his class and carrying the Texas flag.  I was lucky in my timing driving north, arriving between two storms – one having left huge mounds of snow in IL but was then hitting the northeast and before the storm from Colorado hit.  I had to scrape ice from the car windows and that’s as close as I want to be to snow anymore.  From there I drove to PA to visit with my sisters, which is always a fun time. I left PA a little early with snow flurries in the wind and came back to sunny Florida with a smile on my face. I have two grandchildren graduating from high school this June, and I’m lucky that they are five days apart, so that I can see my granddaughter, Zoe, graduate in FL on the 3rd and fly out to CA to see my grandson, Ryan, graduate on the 7th.”
    Nancy Paul Stimson: Guess I better answer, so you don’t think I died!  Been a wonderful busy winter..escaped the February blizzard by going to Florida, Key West, Vero Beach and Jacksonville…then came and went to the French Alps for a week…beautiful, cold, Bob skied and I hiked on my new knees.  38,000 meters..hardest part was breathing…came home, went back to Florida so my granddaughter could get a tan for her junior prom, successful. Did take a few days to go to Maine and see the Winslow Homer studio..super…now recovering from hammer toe surgery…guess it is good to slow down for awhile. One more week and,the stitches will be out. Happy summer to all.
    Elsie Lyon Hinkhouse shared “Our travels and adventures, including 7 continents, continues in Idaho.  Oh what a difference from living our entire lives on the east coast, up to 2 years ago.  The Northwest is an adventure while life in Boise is full of culture advents. We are exploring spectacular Idaho: Hells Canyon, 2000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon, gorgeous lake communities such as Coeur d’ A-lene, Pend Oriella, McCall and Lake Payette, Saw Tooth Mountains, and old gold and silver mining towns.  Best of all is being close to our daughter Amy, Rich and grand kids Elsie and Jack.  So far I haven’t found any Hoodlums in the area.”
    Sylvia Blackburn Felcyn wrote “Keith and I now have our 4th grandson, born May 17th.  We have been told this is our final grandchild.  Our son George and wife Maggie have a 2 1/2 year old and 2 week old boy, and our daughter Lindsay and husband Glenn have a 6 and an 8 year old boy.  Needless-to-say, we feel blessed.  We are still in our same house of 38 years and both still play tennis and are generally active in various organizations.  Our next big travel event is to Argentina for the baptism of our new grandson.  (Maggie is from Argentina). “

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