1. 1953: Winter 2013


    Sincere condolences to the family of Charlotte Endres Asch. Condolences to Nadya Klotz Giusi on the loss of her husband Valerio. By now you should have received the packet from Hood reminding us that our 60th reunion is coming up in June. Reunion chairperson is Sally Kuhns Giarratana, and she is working hard to make sure this is a memorable occasion for all. Please plan to attend. Once again, Peg Church Smith-Loeb is taking a class at Fordham Univ. in New York and going to the theater. She viewed the exhibit Monet Gardens at Giverny at the Bronx Botanical Gardens, and having visited the actual garden at Giverny she felt they had done a wonderful job of recreation.

    Penny Fradd Vahsen and her youngest son went to Ireland for the Navy-Notre Dame game in September, then on to Rome for a seven-day cruise along the Riviera. The 156 U.S. Naval Academy graduates that she has sponsored over the years gave her an 80th birthday party in June with speeches, good dinner and gifted her with a new Camry. Jane Fruechtemeyer Dillon and Oscar have had medical problems this past year, but Oscar continues to do his research and Jane still enjoys reading as much as she is able. Judy Rank Loposer and Ken are “doing fine for a couple of seniors” and enjoy being with their family in Walla Walla, Wash. Does anyone remember the song Daddy Get your Daughter Out of Debt? Jerry Griffith Macomber was in the midst of co-coordinating the annual Christmas child for her church. The congregation is involved for just 1½ months, but it is a year-round job for Jerry from wrapping, storing and much more. Jerry also does a workshop for quilt squares—they are wonderful gifts made with love. Oppie Keeler Ludwig was awaiting Hurricane Sandy. They had been flooded twice in the past six years, but had no damage from Hurricane Sandy. Nadya Klotz Guisi’s husband Valerio passed away in June. They had been married for 56 years. Nadya recently finished a novel Magic & Pasta that will come out in early 2013. It is a love story that parallels their loves, but is not a memoir. Nadya is writing, teaching and has her family therapy practice—all of this has been a great help to her.

    Janet Peek Clancy survived Hurricane Sandy and the snow that fell after. She has been going to San Francisco for about one month to be with her sister who had an aneurism in her brain, with significant brain damage. She realized that we never stop learning, as she navigated the hills of San Francisco with help from a global positioning system, and handled a dog that would rather run free than walk on a leash. Pam Presbrey Grinnell had been on the East Coast for several months, celebrating her 80th birthday with friends and family. Her grandchildren continue to give her much pleasure—they include one attorney who is a newly graduated magna cum laude. They all have interesting jobs or are in college or college preparatory school. Her first great-granddaughter was born this past May. Congratulations! Bev Rosenberg Sager also had some problems with Hurricane Sandy, but wrote to say she had been to Cuba and it was nothing that she had expected it to be. She spent Thanksgiving in California with her son and his family, and planned to go on a trip to Caicos in February. Katherine Sponsler Patten took a trip on the Elbe River this past June. She hopes to attend reunion in June if her daughter will be able to drive her. It is hard to believe it will be 60 years since graduation, but “I play bridge with women a little older than that,” said Katherine.

    Jan Van Fossan was in the midst of a bad rain storm the day my email arrived and followed up with a note that she had a bad fall that injured her hip and shoulder. She did speak with Betsy McCain McAlpine ’51, who is her big sister, about her reunion. Marilynn (Lynn) Phillips reported that it was a good year. In the summer, her youngest son Chip brought his Chinese wife and three children to visit. With a scientifically oriented 8-year-old granddaughter and 6-year-old twin grandsons, she was busy. She had not seen them for five years. Lynn had her family reunion of sons and families for the first time and it was special. In August, she had to put down her beloved Sheltie, FiFi. “That was heartbreaking. I am lonely now, but my health is excellent. Activities include church groups, Tennessee Rock and Mineral Society, orchids, teas and many social functions. I am painting again, with one for each family for Christmas,” said Lynn. She walks daily on the golf course behind her house and designs and makes jewelry with precious stones but has not completed her courses with Gemological Institute of America. She even made a formal dress in two days to attend a dinner with her grandson Andy. Betty Gerstmyer Allen wrote that her second Windstar cruise was in August to Greece and Turkey. The first was two years ago in the Caribbean on the five-masted sailing ship Wind Surf carrying 300 people. The Windstar is a four-masted sailing ship and carries 140 people; 99 of the individuals had to do the cooking and be the cabin stewards. She got to know all on board and had a fabulous time. “Looking forward to the reunion in 2013,” said Betty.

    The Essex family had no real problems due to Hurricane Sandy, just the inconvenience of no phone and so forth for four days. Our youngest granddaughter had a Bat Mitzvah in Orlando the weekend before Thanksgiving. We stayed at the Shades of Green hotel for the military and were able to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom one night—it was great fun for the kids and me. My whole family was together for Thanksgiving. It started with a high school football game in the morning and ended with a delicious dinner surrounded by family and friends—a true blessing. I wish you all a happy holiday season. The Truxal Scholarship was awarded to Kathryn Kopasek ’14. She is secretary to the Ionic Society and the Hood College Choir, a member of Alpha Lamba Delta and Phi Alpha Theta, which is the history honor society. Congratulations.

    Class Reporter:

    Johanna Chait Essex
    (516) 487-1883

  2. 1952: Winter 2013


    Carita Ackerly Warner reported, “I remember my two years at Hood with fondness. I taught first grade for 22 years and retired. My husband died and I remarried. I have three children; two are doctors, and a daughter who teaches horticulture skills at the Indiana School for the Blind. I also have two stepdaughters and 11 grand kids. I volunteer in an adult learning center, play tennis and I am planning a three-week trip to Australia with my daughter and her family in January. I try to stay in touch with Anne Philhower Fair and had a lovely visit with Anne Giles Whitman in Florida shortly before she died. I spend summers in Maine with my daughter’s family and in New Hampshire with my brother.” Kay Brown Gauffreau said, “I am enjoying living at a continual care retirement community in RiverWoods in Exeter, N.H. I do not have the responsibilities of owning a house and I am taking part in new activities and meeting new people. I have just joined a tai chi class; I live closer to family and I can spend the holidays with them.”

    Nancy Campbell Barrett reported, “Betsy (daughter) and I joined my siblings for a trip to our hometown in Canonsburg, Pa., and then across the state to Gettysburg and Hershey, Pa., in May. Betsy and I are flying to Reno early in December for a family reunion and gift exchange. We are saying “Bon Voyage” to granddaughter Erica and her new husband Johnny (a medic in the army), who are being shipped to Germany. I plan to write a Christmas letter; I did not do it last year. I think everyone thought I was dead!” Natalie Colbert Bowers wrote, “The turkey carcass is in the soup pot. We had 10, only the West Coast grandson was missing! I hope you hear from Jackie Wakeling, because she attended the Messiah. We missed it, but Jackie stopped in afterward. She is such a good friend.” Marion Decker McCormick reported, “No family here, so I was chosen by a friend to join other “orphans” at a local restaurant for Thanksgiving; should be fun. The family reunion will be in California mid-December. Children from Wyoming and Texas will meet at the oldest daughter’s in Redondo Beach, Calif.”

    Joanne Dickerson Mason said, “Ralph and I are fine and continue to enjoy our 3-year-old great-grandson. Fortunately, he lives close by as does my younger sister. I see Phyllis Salvati Kantra occasionally.” Nan Fahnline Warren said, “We (puppies Angel and Nicky and I) are enjoying life in a retirement home. I have been asked to be treasurer of the residents’ association and I volunteered to chair the Christmas decorating committee.” Anne Gibson Bement reported, “I have lived my life in chapters and have not been good at keeping in touch with past chapters. Even though I have been in San Francisco for 40 years, New York still seems like home. Through marriage, divorce, between marriages and now married to San Francisco lawyer Reed Bement, I have always centered on work. First publishing, then on public television when it began in 1961, and when I moved to San Francisco in 1969 I began to study photography and have combined it with travel. [see her work on AnneBement.com website]. I am probably the oldest grandmother in our class with grandsons ages 5 and 3 years. I do remember having lunch years ago with Francis Pickle Wetmore and I hope that if anyone finds themselves in San Francisco, they will be in touch. We have a condo in Miami Beach, are in New York at least once a year and in Maine in August with the family.”

    Ruth Jackson Albert’s husband David explained that Ruth was in a nearby nursing home with dementia caused by radiation treatments for a brain tumor. He said, “Ruth was a consummate volunteer and was awarded the Fairfield County Volunteer of the Year Award in 2004. She came home for Thanksgiving with the family. Sometimes she knows us and sometimes not. She would appreciate cards from her classmates. Ruth’s address is 24 Stonebrook Lane, Cos Cob, CT 06807.” Joanne Kates Roos reported, “We are all fine. Hurricane Sandy did not do the damage here in Yorktown, Va., that it did in New York and New Jersey. My biggest update is that grandson Billy Cole, a freshman at William & Mary College in Williamsburg, Va., is doing well. His 8th-grade sister, Hannah is president of her class, first flutist in the middle school band and auditioning again for the District 8 band. She is also a recruit for the Yorktown Fife and Drum Corps.” Peg Lewis Christensen said, “I am recovering slowly from emergency abdominal surgery. I was in the right place at the right time and had excellent care. I was able to attend Liz Geiser’s ’47 memorial service here at Moorings Park Chapel and hope to be well enough to attend the Philharmonic on December 10. I am fortunate to have my brother Ken and his wife Rose nearby.”

    Phyl Loudermill Armstrong reported, “I spent Thanksgiving with daughter Sara, her son C.J., wife Jen and their little girl in Fort Collins, Colo. C.J. is at Colorado State Univ., in agronomy. On the return trip Sara and I spent a day with Natalie and the girlies in Denver. I will have cataract surgery for both eyes this month and I am seeing about repair of knees. Like an older Ford, my chassis needs some adjustments. I touched base with Ann Nygren Greenberg after Hurricane Sandy. It was great to hear that they suffered only several days of inconvenience­­––nothing major. I will sing in a Christmas concert with a set of three choirs at Oklahoma City Community College (and we sing great stuff). A bout with laryngitis is seemingly dropping my voice to tenor.” Madge Merkley Ziegler wrote, “Jack and I are still living in Carlisle, Pa., and celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary this past June. We were surprised by our four children, their spouses and all eight of our grandchildren who came to Carlisle to help us celebrate. It was wonderful to have all of us together at one time as they traveled from California, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Georgia! We are now getting ready to head to South Carolina for the winter.”

    Betsy Newcomer Payette said, “My hobbling around at the reunion ended up as a broken left femur at the end of June. I spent most of the summer recovering and I am now able to walk without a cane and can do about anything I had done before. I still keep in touch with Barbara Reynolds and Carolyn Rusk.” Dody Nygren Wisnom has had several seizures since June that have required hospitalization. She is home now, relishing sitting in the Tucson sunshine and chatting with friends on the telephone. Her daughter-in-law wrote, “Dody continues to get around with the aid of just a cane. She is no longer receiving any care services at home, and she would like to keep it that way.” BJ Quillen Brustad said, “We are at the age where our grandchildren are heading for college. Our three kids will join us for Christmas at our place just outside of Annapolis, Md.” Mary Sihler Sauerteig said, “I was happy to share a Thanksgiving meal at my cousin’s home in Asheville, N.C., with Mary-Lou Leidheiser and I am looking forward to the arrival of son Bob and girlfriend Suzanne from Juneau, Alaska, on Dec. 22. I keep in touch with roommate Dody Nygren Wisnom, Ann Nygren Greenberg and Peg Lewis Christensen.” Lorraine Smarsch reported, “Hurricane Sandy brought down so many beautiful, 50-foot evergreens in our area in Rahway, N.J., but there was no damage to my home. The winds were frightening, indeed. I still frequent the Y twice a week and get to New York City regularly for the opera with a good friend.”

    Kay Spear Feldmann said, “I am expecting a visit from Sally Herman Lunt at Christmas time. My fractured wrist has mended and I continue to set off security at airports with all of my metal parts. My two oldest grands––Ben Miller received his doctorate in history and his sister Rachel passed the New York State bar exam. All are well and we have much to be thankful for.” Jane Taggart Whittaker wrote, “Before Hurricane Sandy hit, I went first to family in Princeton, N.J., and then to my daughter’s in Colorado. I had four feet of water in my lower level but my living area on the second level was not damaged. Daughter Susan, who lives next door, had significant damage and is rebuilding. Both our homes are directly on the oceanfront in Brigantine, N.J.” Betsy Oehrle ’54 planned to be stateside for Christmas and her 80th birthday in December, visited before heading to Pittsburgh, Pa. Jackie Wakeling said, “Jack and I attended the 65th concert of Messiah at Hood with the U.S. Naval Academy choir again. It was a wonderful production with a combined group of 200 voices.” Marguerite Weber Trachtman said, “I was involved in a state race for the Legislature. It was fun and challenging; however, we did not win. I continue with my wonderful book group, and still enjoy life in West Lafayette, Ind. Thank heavens my family is near. They are my constant joy. We will gather for Thanksgiving, some of us will play football in the morning, and then on to Christmas.”

    Connie Woodall Fisher wrote, “1) We are percolating just fine. 2) Our family was enlarged in September with the birth of great-grandson Tucker Sherman. Luckily for us, he and his parents live about 30 minutes away, so we get to watch him grow. Great fun!” Your class reporter requested information before Thanksgiving, hence the many references to the holiday and Hurricane Sandy. I am well after a bout with bronchitis and I am heading to Chicagoland for Christmas and New Year’s with my four Rude children and seven grands. Please keep in touch! Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser

    Class Reporter:

    Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser
    (828) 693-0630

  3. 1951: Winter 2013


    Many thanks to those who responded to my request for news, and my apologies for not contacting all of you. Surely, we all like to read news from our classmates, so please help by calling or writing to me at any time. If you have an email address, but did not hear from me, it means that we do not have it, so please send it on. Walt and I have just returned from a three-week trip to Pittsburgh, New England and New Jersey visiting family and friends and enjoying the Christmas shows in Myrtle Beach, S.C., before returning home to Hilton Head. In September, we enjoyed our visit with Mary Lou Henry Deisroth and Tony on our way home from the summer in New England. Our thanks to Betsy who asked me to insert the following: “Betsy McCain McAlpine sends her sincere appreciation to our new reporter. The world goes too fast for someone who doesn’t have email. A reporter needs to keep up-to-date quickly. I have enjoyed my contacts. Best wishes to all.”

    Barbara Allen Prall and John have been living in a retirement home in New Hope, Pa., for 20 years and are fortunate to have their two boys living nearby. When the boys were in the service, Barb and John traveled far and wide to visit. Barb has been teaching Bible classes for 53 years, sings in a chorus and plays bridge to keep busy. She still keeps in touch with Mariam Roberts in Atlanta. Our sympathy to Mary Lou Hoffman Huff whose husband Jerry died in May “after 55½ wonderful years.” She is keeping active with the Highland Hospital Foundation Board, the Patient Family Advisory Council and is staying in good health by working with a personal trainer. Pat Knobloch Jones wrote, “After traveling to Europe a few times with my family, we decided to sail the Columbia and Snake Rivers to see what Lewis and Clark saw many years ago––a beautiful trip on a paddleboat. I still go to the office every day. We are in the golf course business.” Her youngest granddaughter was just married and two great-grandchildren were just added to the family.

    Weezie Mistlebauer Harris and Marshall made a trip from their home in Pasadena, Calif., to Chicago to visit her sister. Back home she is busy doing volunteer work for the Children’s Hospital and painting while Marshall volunteers for Huntington Hospital and plays golf. Gaye Racz Miko’s daughter Melinda Miko Keck ’76 reported that her mother has sold her condo and moved to Maris Grove retirement community in Glen Mills, Pa., where she is near another daughter, Leslie Miko ’77. Daughter Jennifer lives in Port Orange, Fla., and still works for Merck Pharmaceuticals. Daughter Melinda lives in Kent, Conn., where she is the pastor of The First Congregational Church. Again, our thanks to Betsy for all she has done––and is doing––for our class in the past 61 years.

    Class Reporter:

    Eleanore Jackson Knott
    (843) 681-8580

  4. 1950: Winter 2013


    The Dunn family continues to celebrate together. Polly Harvey Dunn spent Thanksgiving with Mike’s family. His niece hosted all 39 of them, including Kitty Smith Dunn ’47 and Dottie Crosland Dunn ’46. Christmas was spent at Pol’s daughter’s home in Boston. Isabelle Poladian Merl has six grandchildren and all are doing well. The oldest is in graduate school, the youngest is just starting high school. Izzy still walks two to three miles a day and swims whenever possible. Marilyn Peecook Hill keeps busy with activities at both church and the retirement community where she lives. A highlight of the past year was a trip to New York City with her church choir. They sang the Mozart Requiem in Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center, and daughter Karen was also part of the choir––plus they had a chance to enjoy many fun activities while there.

    Charlotte Ranck Liggett sold her home and is temporarily living with her daughter Diane. A new home for her is being built at her oldest daughter Connie’s place. After February her address will be: 906 W.H. Troup Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837. She will surely be busy helping with the four dogs and many horses on the property. Hope Sutliffe Wilkinson had a pleasant surprise recently. At the annual church bazaar last November, a woman walked in wearing a Hood sweatshirt! Hope said you do not hear much about Hood in Indianapolis, so it was quite unusual. It turned out to be Lynn Marzulli White ’81, who had recently moved to the area with her husband. As for the Wilkinson family, Hope said everyone is healthy and employed, and the grandchildren are busy with school. Betty LePatourel Powell is doing well; she can still drive at night (unlike some of us)! One granddaughter graduated last year from Susquehanna Univ., in Pennsylvania and graduated magna cum laude––they are understandably proud of her achievements. Their grandson is a sophomore at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., and Betty and Lew went to see him play varsity soccer last fall. The Powells still enjoy traveling; last year they cruised around the South China Sea, visiting seven countries, and have planned a trip to cruise up the coast of Brazil to the Amazon, and on to Manaus.

    One of the busiest members of our class is Grace Underwood Harkness. Four of their five children live nearby, and all helped her and Jack celebrate their 60th anniversary. In addition, Woodie is active in church, the League of Women Voters and plays piano for homeless meals at a downtown church. One of their grandsons is teaching in Korea, where Woodie grew up; she hopes to visit him there. Despite these and many other activities, she has agreed to become our new class reporter! I know she will enjoy hearing from you as much as I have, and I am very grateful we will still have class news in each issue of Hood Magazine. This is my final column as class reporter, and I thank all of you for your letters and kind words. Ed and I are doing reasonably well, with the usual few stumbles along the way due to age. I am still playing a lot of bridge, and hope it will keep my mind reasonably sharp.

    Class Reporter:

    Jean Righter Bolle
    (303) 777-7617

  5. 1949: Winter 2013


    We are sorry to learn about the passing of Marsha Brockman Marcellus and her husband James M. Marcellus on Aug. 20, 2012. Anne Howell Allen has been at Seabury Retirement Community near Hartford, Conn., for two years. She participates in exercises at the pool and in a short story class through the adult learning program of the Univ. of Connecticut. Evelyn Yeide Aurand still walks, although somewhat compromised in that area. Evelyn writes for a monthly literary journal, sings in the choir and serves in a hospice program. Tina Hodgson Baker had good news to report—the birth of her first great-grandchild. Fran Graham Baker said, “No news. Let’s have lunch!” Jane Brennen Bartro is now living in Naples, Fla., permanently. She has seven children, lots of grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She golfs and does water aerobics.

    Peg Smith Bourland attended the Messiah at Hood. She was preparing for the family’s semi-annual reunion, taking place between Christmas and New Year’s. Libby Lower Brightbill and her husband celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary, and added a fourth great-grandchild. Shirley Waters Christensen is still living in her original house, doing a little work inside and out. She enjoys walking in their beautiful park and feels lucky to be surrounded by three children and four grandchildren. Jean Heer Clark recovered from bronchitis just in time for a trip to the Inca Empire. In case of problems from the extreme altitude, two daughters and her daughter-in-law promised to take care of her. She has become assistant Girl Scout leader for a Cadet Troop, which includes three of her granddaughters, harking back to her former scouting career. Doris Magee Dann moved to Lawrenceville, Ga., to live with her daughter, and is enjoying all the great-grandchildren living in the area. Doris has reconnected with a childhood friend and Hood alum, Mary-Lou Leidheiser ’52. On July 15, 2012, Joan Hays Dessloch married John Lathrop! John is a fellow resident at Laurelmead. Joan was widowed in 1983 and said, “Life with a partner is a gift that amazes me daily.” Nancy Slingland Field spent several days in Chicago recently, attending her grandson’s wedding. She reported that her problems as a result of Hurricane Sandy were minor compared to others in New Jersey.

    Pauliene Toms Flanagan was recuperating following surgeries that required radiation treatments. She said she really enjoyed the summer musical programs at Hood and said they were very good. We hope you are “very good” also! Dorothy Holiday Gerlach attended Hood for only a year but treasures the memory of her wonderful roommate, Ruth Mayer. Lee Miller Gunther-Mohr said that she has not kept in touch with other ’49ers, but she does enjoy reading the class notes! She is living in a retirement community near Princeton. Louella Sauble Harner is still gardening, doing her lawn and shoveling snow, as necessary. Her family is growing by leaps and bounds, with six great-grandchildren and three more next year, including another set of twins. Jean Waples Kidd received a pacemaker in April, but is still going strong. Jean still paints in oil, does water aerobics and plays bridge. She planned to be in Tennessee for Christmas with her middle son. Iris Soble Levy sent me her “Card for 2012.” It was a beautiful and meaningful poem, written by her. The poem referred to the devastating weather, climate change and hopes for a better year ahead. Sorry I do not have space to share it all. Anne Hutton Long and Fred are “alright,” but because Fred is blind, their lifestyle has changed. She said the Library for the Blind has been a godsend. Anne keeps herself busy with church and Mobile Meals.

    Martha Kirkpatrick Marsh was looking forward to being with her daughter and family near Philadelphia for Christmas, and will get together with Eleanor Knapp Wilson while there. Jane Kremer Martin got together, by phone, with Dottie Holliday Gerlach. The two were classmates in junior high, high school and then Hood! They will always be good friends as well as schoolmates. Barbara Davies Mulholland, now living at a senior residence in her hometown of Easton, Pa., is happy and has lots to do. If there are other Hoodlums living near the Easton Home, please get in touch with Barb. Carl Wellborn reported that his mother, Milly Lou Hittinger Pierce, is in a nursing home suffering from Parkinson’s disease. We are saddened by the news. Jacqueline Beckh Price and her two sisters held a huge family reunion in Richmond, Va. They came from all over the country and Canada, children and grandchildren, plus a new Chinese bride! Thanksgiving was spent in Duck, N.C. Doris Eckenberg Schulze wrote of her fond memories during her two years at Hood. One memory in particular was a night spent at the observatory as the guest of Professor Allen looking at the northern lights, Saturn and its rings and the moon! Rita Cleland Stephens was planning a two-week trip to Beef Island, off Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, in January. 

    Ann Englehart Storey and Dick are well and keeping busy visiting family in Baltimore, Annapolis, Md., and Albany, N.Y., as well as with grandchildren on various campuses around the country. They remain active in their church and community. Rose Marie Courogen Vasiliou was busy planning the Christmas dinner at church as well as a homecoming celebration for her grandson, a captain in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Kathryn Conley Webb’s news is that her oldest granddaughter is engaged. The wedding is scheduled for next fall. Shirley Fortuin Weber is still busy and loving life in Wellfleet, Mass. She is active with Audubon, library and UU Fellowship. Paul has first stage Alzheimer’s disease and goes to Gathering Place three days a week, giving her time for her other activities. They have three children in the area as well as their first great-granddaughter. Jane Kulla Boorstein was saddened by the death last spring of her former roommate, Sue Sprague Davis. Jane’s project in Ethiopia, partnered with The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, is now expanding to five additional countries. The goal of the partnership is to educate the people to appreciate the value of family planning and the use of contraceptives. Now confident that the program will continue to expand, Jane has retired from the board after 25 years of service. Jane Shuttleworth Bunting reported that she is still playing a lot of bridge, but unfortunately had to put away her golf clubs. She is enjoying her first great-grandchild, mostly by YouTube as she lives in Florida.

    Syd and I, Ann Eberhart King (your reporter), continue to enjoy our life here in Baltimore in our pleasant apartment at Elkridge Estates. We have “gardening rights” here and have developed rather large shade gardens. We deliver Meals on Wheels once a week and find it very rewarding, even when we are delivering on Christmas Day or another holiday. I have been doing it for more than 25 years and Syd joined me when he retired in 1989. We are sorry to learn about the passing of Marsha Brockman Marcellus and her husband James M. Marcellus on Aug. 20, 2012. I have many greetings and well-wishes to pass along from your ’49er classmates. Thanks to all of you who have sent your news along. Have a good year, all!

    Class Reporter:

    Ann Eberhart King
    (410) 377-5104

  6. 1948: Winter 2013


    Dear ’48ers, the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. I, Benchie Benchoff Page, will be sending some mail to those who were kind enough to send me their news; that will be taken care of. The group of 25 will receive news in that respect. I will make sure those who wrote me will hear the news from me.

    Class Reporter:

    Elizabeth Benchoff Page
    (540) 459-2213

  7. 1947: Winter 2013


    Are we showing our age? Responses to my request for news were sadly lacking and I discovered when I tried to phone some classmates, there was no answer to the number listed. Fortunately, I did hear from some classmates, so I pass on their news. The saddest item is the death of Elizabeth Geiser, who was living in Florida. At reunion time, President Volpe told me that he had been in touch with her and she was not doing well. As far as I know, she had taught at the Univ. of Denver as recently as summer 2011. I was so surprised and pleased to hear from Caroline Seiler Murray, who called me on the spur of the moment. I learned she is living in the Philadelphia area, having served as president of the Women’s Board of the Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. She and her husband had two sons and lived in Connecticut for a while. Now there are five granddaughters, and one grandson who carries the name of his grandfather, William Bruce Murray. Caroline left Hood and worked for the Philadelphia Electric Company, helping in the production of the first cooking show. Did you all know that when ice cream is viewed in a show, it is not really ice cream; it is mashed potatoes! It was wonderful to talk with her, especially since she called me out of the blue! She wished everyone good health and a happy new year.

    Louray Forney Huang was the first to respond this time and shared the news that she broke her pelvis! Pain management, a walker and a lot of time on her iPad; playing scrabble long distance with her son in Hawaii help in her recuperation! Audrey Callaway Asbury reported a cataract operation on one eye, and another to be done soon. She and her husband are living “quietly and enjoyably!” I am sorry to report that two classmates have lost their husbands recently. We send our sympathy to both Lorraine Ihlefeldt Bulba and Mary Gordon Dunham. Many of us know the pain that lingers after that happens. Poor health is also a hard thing to deal with. I was sorry to learn that Elizabeth Haller Guthrie is wheel-chair bound and Mary K. Schumb Lau is having memory problems. Mary Lou Hauser Boll, on the other hand, is doing well, having moved with her husband a few years ago into a senior center not far from their previous home. They have two grandsons and three granddaughters. One daughter lives in Germany, near Black Forest, and has taught in many schools there. Another daughter lives in Connecticut, and Mary Lou and husband have a place in the Poconos––so they do get around! Phyllis Peak Sullivan keeps busy going to see grandchildren in a variety of sporting events. They have a family get-together every summer, now needing seven bedrooms! She and husband Sully spend some time in Florida every winter. Sully and I check up on our mutual condition of macular degeneration. I think he is doing better than I! Your reporter is still able to drive, read (with large print or a magnifying glass) and sing, ring bells and do other volunteer work. I am hoping for a longer report next time.

    Class Reporter:

    Catharine Smith Dunn
    (610) 691-5653

  8. 1946: Winter 2013


    Aleece Mathews Stanton has moved into an apartment at Homewood Retirement Center in Frederick. She reported that there are at least 12 Hood alumni there, including Evelyn Stup Orndoroff who is in assisted living. Aleece also reported that son of Dottie Phair Freed has opened her home as a museum displaying her memorabilia. This sounds like a reason to visit Frederick! Nancy Meminger Barry also lives in a retirement home in Carlisle, Pa., and is now a great-grandmother. Nancy, who was preparing to spend Christmas with her daughter in California, found the retirement community a “good place” when her husband died three years ago. Another retirement home resident is Dorothy Humes Eldred, who has lived at Wake Robin in Shelburne, Vt., for 17 years. She enjoys a view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks as well as the occasional trip to Manchester. Dotty enjoys needlepoint and keeping up with the new books coming out by volunteering in the library at Wake Robin. An exception to the retirement home trend is Mary Umbarger Corddry who said, “I am still active enough to live alone in my home on two acres in what remains of open farmland in my native Harford County, Md.” Mary continues her strong interest in outdoor activity and the theater, ballet and symphony. Mary commented, “I feel that I have been three different people in three different lives. The beginning; the middle, married and working life; and the end. The last one has so far been good.” Betty Winebrenner Clem is “the last one in the family” but enjoys her condo at the beach and traveling, especially Caribbean cruising. A cruise was her Christmas holiday plan so that her 16-year-old granddaughter could accompany her without missing school. I, Jane Seymour Wilson, am one of the retirement home dwellers. All the activities here at Ashby Ponds are resident-generated. I am involved in gardening, both outdoors and windowsill. I help with a library entirely stocked with donated books, DVDs, magazines and other media, and a weekly and quarterly publication. Family and friends are nearby, giving me an excuse to visit the real world.

    Class Reporter:

    Jane Seymour Wilson H’71
    (703) 724-1467

  9. 1944: Winter 2013


    Gladys Reinert Aungst is busy taking care of her husband and the whole family is there to help. Marilyn Barnett is still living in New Orleans. She gave up tennis in 1982. She has two cats to keep her company. Betty Lee Daubenspeck Carl lives in Florida. She still drives and plays golf and bridge. Nancy Ogden and her husband live in a wonderful retirement place in New Jersey. Her family is close by. Gertrude Flagg Dalzell is in her own home and is busy repairing it; she lives in North Carolina. Anne Schwab Dulabahn is in Ohio and still in her own home. Peg Traver Emery is living in Florida and very glad that they sold their home in New Jersey. Anne Wikel Hausman is in Pennsylvania and has had too many falls. She is getting physical therapy and is constantly moving from one section to another.

    Mildred Geiple Hufnagel lives in Pennsylvania in her own home. She is still driving and her son lives with her. Annabelle Sunderland Kepler is in Hagerstown, Md., and she still drives. Beverly Langhorne Kirill lives in Jacksonville, Fla., across the street from her daughter. Her son-in-law is a doctor, so she is well looked after. Janet Sultner Lambert is in Tennessee. She is confined to her bed; she is able to stand but is unable to sit. Betty Black Newport is still in her own home. She is considering giving up driving. Marilyn Fowler Orth lives in her own home in Jacksonville, Fla. Her son stops by daily to see her as he is close by. Ethel Libbey Page’s daughter informed me that Ethel died on Nov. 15, 2012. Mildred Easterbrook Patiz is still in her home. She has someone come in to see to her needs. It seems like most of us are using a walker these days. Phyllis Carts Searle is still in her own home. She is no longer driving and has a vision problem.

    Beulah Munshower Sommer does a lot of traveling. More power to you. Phyllis Fine Soza is also not driving due to a vision problem. Mary Lou Chorley Touart is living in a retirement center and is in charge of their paper there. She has five granddaughters nearby. I, Jean Wheatley Hilchuk, am on a walker due to poor surgery. I have had four hip replacements and one knee replaced twice. However, I still drive. I have been in the pool 133 times. Right now, we are waiting for them to fix the heater to the pool. I have played bridge 182 times this year. Certainly glad I moved one mile from my home seven years ago to this great retirement center. I talked with Janet Coblentz Cover and she informed me that three of our classmates are residing at Homewood in Crumland Farms. They are Ginny Gambrill Hendrickson, Erma Stull and Janet. She is still involved in activities dealing with Hood College. She is thinking about giving up driving. Mary Caulkins Johnson and husband are living in a retirement center in California. Barbara Gill Jesser is in Florida and still drives and plays golf.

    Class Reporter:

    V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk
    (407) 767-6863

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