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Anne Hambrick-Stowe Rankin

I want to start with a shout-out to Amy Countryman Stavely who was our class reporter since we graduated 17 (gasp!) years ago! Thank you! And, for now, I am happy to take this over; if you have updates, feel free to email or text them to me for future class notes! Speaking of Amy, in February, she returned to work as the financial secretary/office manager at Nichols-Bethel UMC in Odenton, MD. While it has been rewarding for her to be back at work outside the home, it has been a real adjustment. She is also serving as vice regent for the Anne Arundel Chapter, NSDAR in Crownsville, MD. She and her husband are actively working to preserve the c. 1753 historic farmhouse/tavern that they own. She says it has been an eye-opening experience learning about everything involved in historic preservation! Marissa Deener, M.S.’05 married Major Scott Brocious on June 4, 2016, at which point she became an instant mom to his three sons: Isaac, Noah and Luke. Marissa is beginning year 18 of teaching for Washington County Public Schools, MD. Jessica Palazzi lives with partner Tony and their two children in North Bethesda, MD. Son Henry turned 6 around thanksgiving, and daughter Molly turned 3 in the fall. Both are happy (but sometimes naughty!) kids that keep them on their toes! Jessica is still employed by Booz Allen Hamilton where she is now an intelligence analyst. This will be Jessica’s 18th year with the firm. She and her family love to travel and most recently have been spending long summers in Taiwan and Japan where the children get the chance to spend time with their paternal grandparents, who live in Taipei. Heather Howell married Timothy Wescott on Aug. 13, 2016, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Parrott, VA. Angela Foshee ’00 was maid of honor. Heather and Tim currently reside in Seattle, WA, with beloved dog Stitch. Congratulations, Heather! Congratulations are also in order to Kelly Poltrok-Germain who had her first son, Noah Ryan, on July 22, 2014, and recently had her second son, Owen Kelly, on Nov. 22, 2016. She and husband Ryan live in Dumont, NJ, outside on NYC. Megan Reehee will be Owen’s godmother when he is christened in 2017. In spring 2015, Marissa Vigneault accepted a tenure-track position as assistant professor of art history at Utah State University. She is now living with husband Bill and daughter Harper in lovely Logan, UT, surrounded by amazing national parks and the best winter skiing! Sounds like she’s living in prime vacationland! Helen Libby enjoyed being back on campus this past summer, and has been busy publishing a book chapter in “Injury Models of the Central Nervous System.” She guided a blind triathlete at the World Championship, Australia, and the Japan International Triathlon Union races and at U.S. Olympic Paratriathlon Development Camp. She is also scheduled to guide a blind runner at a Houston marathon in January 2017. Whew! As for me—husband Chris and I were married in 2014, live in Lancaster County, PA, have 3 kids (Zachary Ruslan, 9, Rachel Sunshine, 7, and Andrew Malachi, 11 months), and stay busy with running the older two to sports practices and games, music and dance lessons, cuddling with the younger one, as well as with church activities and with my work as a parish administrator. If you didn’t receive an email from me for this magazine asking for your news, please email or text me so I can get your updated contact info; I look forward to receiving your latest updates to include in the next magazine!


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