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Sue Povich DelConte

Hello, Class of 1985! Marsha Evans met up with Deb Crawford-Reynolds at Hood for Homecoming weekend festivities, enjoying a meet-and-greet photo with President Chapdelaine and a walk down memory lane around campus. Marsha and Deb also met up with Krista Stone Steiding for dinner in Downtown Frederick that weekend. Always a fun time when Hood besties can get together! Amie Jamison Sweren added: “Life here is good. The boys have graduated high school, and have just completed their first term at Drexel University. Even though they are at the same school, and their dorms are across the street from each other, they rarely see each other. It’s been quite liberating for them. Over the summer, the four of us did a driving tour in Europe, hitting Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. It’s been quite an adjustment to life being only Scott and me. I have forgotten how to shop and cook for two people—lots of leftovers! Anyway, the bottom line is that we are blessed, we are healthy and we are happy.” Kimberly Kieffer Brown reported…“Nothing! No graduations, no weddings, no retirement…in between major life events right now!” Sounds like the calm before the next wave! I envy you! Margie Murphy Weaver realized a 30-year dream this year and finally lives in historic Downtown Frederick, literally yards from Carroll Creek Linear Park and within a mile of the Hood campus. She sees Hood alumni all over town and is loving life (sounds like I need to split this column with you—seriously!). Margie is picturing Dr. Virginia Lewis spinning in her grave at the current state of politics in our nation and is ever grateful for her teaching…Maggie Rose Montez, P’18, aka Mrs. Rose’s daughter, graduated in ’85. She adds: “the craziest thing is my son, John Montez, born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, is now in the middle of his junior year at Hood. He would only look at east coast colleges, but Hood was his first choice. We would walk the campus when we visited his grandparents at our family home on Elm Street. Mom moved to assisted living in FL and passed away in 2007. My children asked to visit Frederick a few years later, and John proclaimed that Hood was where he was going. And he did just that. Say hello to him at Chrisafulli’s Cheese Shop where he works. A pretty cool legacy!” Margaret Oliver sent in some news: “I do enjoy reading about Hood and lives of the Class of ’85. I went to nursing school in London a couple years after graduation. After working in intensive care nursing for 17 years, I am now working in nursing homes looking after people with dementia. I am living in Warrington Cheshire, England.” My (Sue) mother suffers from dementia and has been living with us for about 10 years now. Margaret, I applaud what you’re doing and know what challenges you face daily! I wonder how many of our class are not firmly planted in the middle of the family sandwich and are also dealing with the issues of aging parents…Andrea Malone Redden’s oldest son was married in October, and the photos show a beaming mother of the groom! Congratulations! Wendy Alling sent a quick update although she felt there was nothing particularly newsworthy: “I’m still in NC (and have been since graduation). A few twists on the career path but am currently a data analyst with Community Care of NC. And officially an empty nester as of September.” I am a few years away from that empty nest and both dread and crave it! My final news comes from Becky May—she and partner Bobbi are now living in Sarasota, FL. Becky is the resident program director at an assisted living community and has already found a chorus to sing with. Becky is an ordained interfaith chaplain (since 2010) and is available for weddings, memorial services and other ceremonies. If you visit the Sarasota area, she’d love to connect! Let me know if you would like to contact Becky—I will send a message along! And finally a little from me: I became a grandma for the second time as our son and beautiful daughter-in-law added a son to their family. Add to the mix a college freshman and high school senior, and you have a busy family! Retirement looms ever closer and to help with the next phase of our lives, my husband has applied to Italy to have his dual nationality recognized. This will help us travel and hopefully split our time between locations once we are ready. As the pressures of parent care and work consume me, I would like to add a plea from help with the column! If you would be able to help split the responsibilities of writing, please let me know. It is wonderful to share news, but I think it is time to get a fresh perspective from another Class of ’85 alum! Please consider sharing the load!

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