1984; Winter 2018

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Susan Flanders Kleinschmidt, M.S. ’92

Carol Whynot Neill and husband George celebrated 32 years of marriage in August.  Carol is working part-time for the government and George is Director of Sales for a local new home builder.  Their daughter Caitlin and her husband Matt live nearby in Annapolis, and had their first grandchild Carter last year.  Carter is 20 months old and so much fun! Daughter Emily is doing well, they are happy she lives close by.  Son, Spencer is a junior in high school and playing football and baseball.  Carol would love to connect with any friends on Facebook! Maryann Giannotti Massillio’s Danny is in his second year working for ESPN in Bristol, CT as a Production Assistant, where he creates highlights and dialog of sporting events prior to it being shown on ESPN.  Maryann recently visited Chicago, ILL to attend the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo where she was recognized as a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Jennifer Bardliving Reed, Leslie Wilkins-Pruitt ’85 and Mari Padilla Spina ’86 reunited with their Lil’ Sisters in Frederick.  They enjoyed visiting with, Maritza Bido ’86, Luz DeBrosse Ment ’86, Nanette Rosario Sanchez ’86, Gina Oliveros ’86, Kim E. Burns ’87 and Khateeta Emerson.  Through tears of joy and hugs they laughed about the times they shared on Hood’s campus and caught up on their life journeys beyond Hood.  They decided too much time had passed and they hope to get together more often! Jennifer and Leslie were also able to attend the 125th Hood homecoming in September.  Jennifer enjoyed catching up with Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Dr Olivia White and enjoyed meeting President Andrea Chapdelaine.  Jennifer and Leslie both agree that they are one thousand percent happy they selected Hood College for their undergraduate work.  Hood has prepared them for so many life opportunities and challenges. Mindy Brown and Amy Connor Asman reunited to celebrate their “double nickels” birthdays in Pittsburgh.  They attended the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Soul to Soul concert.  Amy Connor Asman’s daughter Emily just started her MBA program at UT-Austin.  Son Connor, works in Bethesda in Marketing for a vitamin company.  Maria Prezioso Beyer still finds herself in Frederick County and reports life is Wonderful in Woodsboro.  She and Donnie are “retired”……which actually means busy!  Together they have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and are expecting their second great grandchild.  Maria and Donnie spend a fair amount of time traveling to visit family and still sees Olga Hopkins Murray.  Maria says her friendship with Olga is an unusual gift and she is grateful they remained close, it is also neat to see their children continuing their friendship! Stephanie Robertson Belella is the Vice Chancellor of the Acquisition Internship School at the Department of Veteran Affairs Acquisition Academy in Frederick.  Her daughter Taylor was married in July, 2017 to Cullan Ganley.  Stephanie became a third time grandmother to Quinn Robert Belella the third son of her son and daughter-in-law Mitchell and Carissa Belella.  Daughter, Payton is a Junior at Hood College and loves every minute.  She is a biology major and recently was awarded a scholarship as part of the Hood Legacy ring and Scholarship program. Rebecca Burdette is a board-certified obesity medicine physician and she just created a new science based plan for wellness called Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right.  She plans to launch the program by the end of the year and would love to speak to anyone regarding healthy eating especially as it relates to women’s health. Terry Rappoldt Stickles started a new job at Spirittrust Lutheran at Utz Terrace as the Volunteer Services coordinator.  She left the world of retail banking after 33 years.  She is looking forward to the job and using a different skill set unfortunately not to full time work as her previous job was part time for the last 25 years. Paris DuChesne Niesterowicz is expecting a new baby!  She is looking forward to her 6 month old Lipizzaner filly Charlotte arriving home.  Paris is also pursuing her Master’s degree in Nursing Management at Stevenson University.  She currently works in the Emergency department at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Carole King Heine reports daughter Kelsey, 27 lives in Baltimore and is a sales rep for Avaya.  Daughter Gretchen, 25 lives in Oklahoma City and is a 5th grade teacher with Teach for America.  Son Kevin, 23 was commissioned as a Marine Officer in June.  Daughter Carly, 21 is a Junior at University of MI and plays on the Women’s Lacrosse team.  Carol and Husband Stephen traveled to Italy to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  Carol has been Director of Tour de Frederick for the past three years and recently joined a new start up Potluck.chat, a video chat platform with many possibilities.  She would love to hear from anyone who is interested in checking it out! Ellen-Marie Samsen Knehans is excited to sing The Messiah with the Hood college choir.  Her son Jonathon is a senior at Hood majoring in Business Administration with a Minor in Economics and Accounting.  Her other son is a Biology teacher at Burroughs HS in Ridgecrest, CA.

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