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Mary Townley

Hello Class of 1983

How did 35 years fly by so quickly? It was wonderful catching up with classmates at our 35th reunion the weekend of June 8-10. I was thrilled to reconnect with classmates. In attendance were Ruth Ravitz Smith, Nancy Hoffman Hennessey, Laura Schauer, Katherine Hax, Jill Feaster LaPan, Sally Seward Sewell, Kim Hall, Barb Smith, Marita del Toro-Sabater, Mary Robert Seidel Fish, Carrie Foulkes Silbernagel, Christine Seiler, Ann Kitson, and Mary Townley. We had such fun reconnecting at dinner and even squeezed in a group picture. Contact me at Hoodmlt@aol.com if you would like a copy of the picture. Personally, I would say it was my best reunion ever!
Onto the class news…
Pam Stamey Inskeep writes,” In February 2018, I received a letter from Kathleen Danielle Arbaiza LeComte, my first roommate at Hood College. She is still working at EG&G, where she has been for several years. She is having fun with a new puppy and sounds like she is doing well. I have been reading a lot and leading three book clubs, going to adult coloring classes at the library, and tutoring kids in math in their homes. I am still crocheting, but not as much, due to the hot, humid weather in Delaware. My husband and I have been enjoying some date nights with dinners out and a movie now and then. We still help out my mom with household chores and drive her around – she will be 80 in October 2018. She is fine but has arthritis in her knees and does not walk very much. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on August 8, 2018. Our daughter (my stepdaughter) will be 28 in August. She is teaching an extended learning session for kids in her school in Wilmington, Delaware, who have special needs. Her work as an Educational Diagnostician is important and very rewarding. My family’s goal for this summer is to do a major cleanup/out of all the stuff we have accumulated over the last several years. Wish us luck, because we don’t like to let go of anything.” Kim Hall shares, “My parents, Lawrence and Vera Hall, my brother, Reginald L. Hall and my cousin Sandra Faye Mott were able to come up for the reunion luncheon where my family bonded with fellow class of ’83 alums: Laurie Schauer, Nancy Hoffman Hennessey, Katherine Hax, Christine Seiler and Ruth Ravitz Smith. It was wonderful seeing how we all turned out! I was really honored to receive an Alumnae of the Year Award during this anniversary year—and for the event to be presided over by Nancy Gillece ’81 who was a fellow Coblentz resident and a leader in our big sister class of ’81. I’m sending off my book manuscript, The Sweet Taste of Empire: Sugar, Race and Gender in Early Modern England, to the University of Pennsylvania Press. I’m giving a talk for high school teachers at the Folger Shakespeare Library in late June and I’ll head to London to deliver a keynote address at the Globe Theater for the “Shakespeare and Race” Festival in August.”

Shelley Wagar shares,” A couple of things going on- I have officially changed my name back to Wagar. My daughter was married in September- beautiful and fun. She is teaching 4th grade in the fall and I am going to be a grandmother at Christmas time! I started a new job in October as the Director of the Ulster County Office for Aging and I love it. An excellent move on my part. [I am] trying to schedule time for lunch with Beth Barrett who works across the river from me in Dutchess County and also works for the Dutchess County Office for Aging!”

Finally, I heard from Susan Bridgers who shares, “Glad to hear you had a great time at the Hood reunion class of 1983 there! Hope to connect with you all on the next round, hear your new life stories and gather hellos and hugs from all. I’ve been living in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC since 2015 and am loving the vistas, the people, the activities, and all that there is. My daughter lives just down the road which makes me a satisfied mom as we’re both happy and healthy, appreciating the daily beauty amidst the daily duties. Here’s wishing all the best to the Hoodlums I’ve known!” Until next time, dear friends.

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