1979 Class News- Fall 2015

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Trina Clickner

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Becky Warner Gardiner is happy about living in beautiful Cary, North Carolina for 21 years and being happily married to John for 34, the birth of her first grandchild in April, a wonderful little girl, and that the family is doing well with everyone in good health, employed and enjoying loving relationships. Becky will strive to maintain her health so she can enjoy watching the children and grandchild continue to prosper. Her wish is that she and John will continue to travel and take a river boat cruise next. Becky plans to back off of tennis a bit and learn to play golf so she can see more of John on weekends!

Bess Muir is still in love with traveling! In May, she went with her dad on a Rhine and Mosel river trip, visiting four countries along the way and meeting many wonderful folks! God gave Bess a new granddaughter this past year! Now Kole and his wife have two little ones AND Erin has a little one, too! Bess now knows that, yes, grandkids really ARE more fun! :-) Bess sends her best to all!

Jackie Totten took a pistol shooting class with Susan Gearey and nine other friends (most all from Napa Valley) at Gunsite Academy in Paulson, Arizona. This 3-day class was taught by ex-military and law enforcement individuals and was focused on handgun safety and marksmanship. Most participants had never held a gun before much less shot one. They discovered they can shoot straight (what a relief) and were amused by wearing holsters, magazine holders, and hats to keep the sun out of their eyes in order to see the targets. Both Susan and Jackie have wanted to learn how to shoot for some time and having the opportunity to attend the premier school in the U.S to learn the craft was a treat. It is one more experience shared since meeting at Hood on the first day of class, Psych 101, 40 years ago.

Margaret (Peggy) Van Schaick is happy to be in her 50′s (seriously, it’s been great!), that Hood friends are lifelong friends, and that it’s Fall. Peggy loves singing in a community choir and is striving for a healthier lifestyle and hopes to be spending less time at work!

Sandy Cochran Murphy is building a new home and has sold current one. She and husband Mike will rent for 18 months to two years as building ANYTHING is never easy or quick in California! Her new mailing address will be: 15918 Wilkes Lane, San Diego, CA 92127 and her e-mail address is Scmsandiego19@gmail.com. Sandy had fun at Marianne Hastoglis Gravely’s son’s wedding and just loves that family! Marianne and Sandy are close – they lived together in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia for the first couple years after Hood graduation. Two of her three daughters are in San Diego: Mary Elizabeth is teaching 3rd grade at a Catholic elementary school, Kelly, the youngest, is a junior at Pt. Loma Nazareth University in San Diego, and Sandy’s middle daughter, Leah, is working for Life Teen International, a Catholic youth ministry, in Phoenix, Arizona. Leah works in the media department and Sandy is just happy everyone is living in the same time zone! Sandy reminds us that “Life is good. God is awesome.”

Trina Clickner is semi-retired (there – she said it) and is spending her time in Dunedin Florida (paradise), Rochester, New York (old homestead), and Anacortes, Washington (Aunt at Lighthouse Memory Care) with her two basset hounds, fiddle, and MacBook Pro. She is helping families navigate the “old folks at home” challenge and thinks she may have one more entrepreneurial endeavor left in her, possibly related to helping families with aging parents. Trina rents her Florida bungalow so if you’re looking for a getaway in paradise, check it out on AIRBNB or contact her at trinaclickner@gmail.com. Trina is looking for connections in the Seattle/Anacortes WA area for her upcoming visit. This past spring, Trina spent time with her Hood big sister, Megen Mack Opsahl ‘77, who lives in Kirkland, Washington with her husband Mike.

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