1977: Winter 2017

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Elizabeth Anderson Comer

Not surprisingly, news from the Class of 1977 contained several mentions of the recent election. Ann Kowitski Barber wrote, “I volunteered for a few months for Hillary. It was exciting to be part of it, and am disappointed she didn’t break the glass ceiling. Hopefully, we’ll see a woman president in our country during our lifetime! Meanwhile, I keep working and look forward to some time in FL in February! My daughter, Elizabeth, was married Sept. 4 to Bryan DellaGrotte and had a lovely ceremony at our church followed by a reception at the Bedford Village Inn surrounded by family and many friends. They live three miles away and for now have two cats named after Boston Bruin legends! ‎Bryan works for the DOC in MA and Elizabeth is now a lead physical therapist for Lawrence General Hospital.” Kas Kluth Rohm and husband Greg will be celebrating their 39th anniversary in two months, and where did the time go? “We’ve just moved to our fourth fixer-upper after renovating a 1941 house in Towson, MD. This may be the last construction project…or not! Greg is still travelling regularly for work, and Kas finally has a short, eight-minute commute to work in the superintendent’s office for the public school system.” Kathy Weslock says she is thankful for Facebook…“Class of 1977 is quite active and always good to catch up on events, children, grandchildren (perish the thought), pets and just life. I will miss the political banter that went back and forth amongst these very smart Hood women, but I am sure we will have plenty of fodder for the next four years. Speaking of which, while I am not back in NYC, I am in Westport, CT, which is close enough to get me into the city every once in a while. Both of my children, now grown men, live there and while they never have time for mom, I can pop in for a coffee or just have to make a pit stop on my way to PA! I still have the farm in PA and a home in Silicon Valley. I work way too much for Frontier Communications to get to either, but at least I’m at the beach here, which is good fun!” Kathy also wrote, “I have a friend whose mother was in Class of 1950. I was looking at her yearbook just last weekend, and struck by, while many things have changed, the tradition and history are still so relevant. What also struck me was that their wishes and hopes for the future were very similar to ours. Do you think the Class of 1950 could have ever envisioned a woman as president? Bet not. So, think how far we’ve come after all.” Martha Homnack Armenti and husband Bob returned to the Cape for the fall “shoulder season,” their favorite time of year there. “The air is fresh, the landscape beautiful and we enjoy our friends here and indoor and outdoor activities we can do together with them.” They will return to Baltimore in December. Terri Pyle Reed writes, “We’ve had several exciting things happen this year. Our daughter (and only “child”), Emily, graduated cum laude from Wilmington University’s College of Technology, with a B.S. in information systems management; she turned 25 that same week in May. This fall, she started a full-time position in her field working for Tera Technology Group, here in DE. Donald and I are so proud of her achievements after a rather rocky start, and thrilled that she is still local. I have recently ‘retired’ from teaching toddlers at the University of Delaware, but continue to ‘teach’ guests while providing garden tours at Winterthur Museum and Country Estate (a 175-room home filled with American decorative arts, situated in a 60-acre naturalistic garden located on a 1,000-acre estate in the Brandywine Valley). I’m still blessed to have my octogenarian parents living independently, about 11 miles away in Maryland, and together we worship in the historic Methodist chapel that my maternal great-grandmother attended in the late 1800s. Donald and I celebrated 33 years of marriage, and we enjoy ‘trailer’ camping and car shows (with our 1940 Chevy) when we’re not busy with our volunteer fire company. I enjoy the connection that I continue to have through Facebook with so many Hood friends. I’m looking forward to 2017, our class reunion and Emily’s wedding in October!” Denise Swan Isacson sent an update from…“Tokyo-Narita where we’re 14 hours ahead…making me totally discombobulated! Anyway, we’re on Hilton Head, SC, these days. Hurricane Matthew pounded the island, taking down a gazillion trees. Lots of damage to homes, but our condo was lucky. The recovery and rebuilding period will take time, but everyone is staying positive! Before the storm, my three best friends from junior year abroad in Strasbourg (1975-76) came to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We had fun making new memories to add to the old. Just completed 38 years with Delta; husband Orjan is retired and goes between Hilton Head and Sweden; Liv, 24, is in Greensboro, NC, at the Fresh Market Shoppes headquarters. Her older sister, Jonina, 37, and family are in Stockholm so we try to see them a couple times a year…especially since Iris, 21 months, is growing like a weed! Hope to see fellow classmates at our reunion in June 2017.” I’m (Elizabeth Anderson Comer) busy managing EAC/Archaeology, Inc. and researching the slave cemetery at Catoctin Furnace. The Reich Laboratory of Medical and Population Genetics at Harvard University has just agreed to complete genome/nucleotide data for 10 to 12 of our individuals…very exciting! I’ll see you all June 9 and 10 at our reunion!

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