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Nancy Ludwick Warrenfeltz

Kathy Anderson Jewell’s husband, Chip, retired on December 31, 2017 from Frederick County Government.  He is now president of their local fire department and writes for several publications.  They both enjoy “grandparent care” days with their 5 grandkids – which certainly keeps them young.  Chip and Kathy traveled to Switzerland in September 2018 and were on a “Switzerland by Rail” tour put together by Trains Magazine.  They had great weather, great traveling companions, and great views from the top of the Swiss Alps. David and Linda Fox-Jarvis are doing well in Virginia Beach.  David has retired for the second time as of last December.  He retired from the Navy after 20 years in 1993 and then retired from BAE systems after 24 years. Linda continues working hard, full-time in real estate.  Their daughter, Stephanie, joined Linda about 10 years ago as her partner in real estate and 3 years ago they purchased a RE/MAX franchise – RE/MAX Coast & Country.  Linda had the best year ever in 2018 and loves working with her daughter.  Linda & David welcomed their first grandchild into the world in January 2018.  Carter Wynne is truly the center of their world.  Their son Brian is married and lives in Fairfax Virginia. He is in management with Amazon Web Services.  Linda and David feel very blessed. Jane Olsen travelled with friends to South America, specifically Chile and Argentina.  They toured the Chilean coast on an adventure cruise, the highlight of which was seeing Magellanic penguins nest building on a small island in the Chilean fjords while sitting in a zodiac in the middle of a driving snow storm.  Jane highly recommends Chile.  The people are very friendly and the scenery is spectacular. Lynn Furtek Eubanks writes: 2018 was a year of ups and downs. She lost her brother Robert in July. (Bob was married to Emily Gibbs Furtek ’75). Then Lynn spent an incredible week with the kid and the granddaughters … first time in years! Then had an incredible trip to Egypt in early December followed by an extended Christmas celebration in NJ with all four children and five of their six grandchildren! Michele Smith Guyette: For Michele, it was the first full year of being retired from teaching. The vast majority of her working days were spent as an hourly sign language interpreter. She now works for several different interpreting agencies, Madison school district and UW Madison and LOVES it! She feels like she’s “a student in the classroom of life.” She’s constantly learning, experiencing and meeting new and interesting people. She enjoys gardening, learning how to keep bees, walking with her neighbor, biking (on an E-bike…the only way to keep up with husband Paul) and going on an occasional camping trip with Paul and friends. She’s also been getting acquainted with the Bible. Michele now knows what retired people mean when they say they are busier than when they worked full time. She occasionally finds a spare minute … but then forgets where she put it. Paul’s year included flying to Claremont, CA with Michele in May for their daughter Madeline’s graduation, then driving back to Wisconsin in her car, visiting friends and stopping in antique shops on the way. In August, Paul was drafted into “Madeline’s Movers” and flew to California to help settle her into her apartment. Torie Hoveman Seeger writes of many changes this past year. Husband Geoff had major surgery for which they were not prepared, but has come out of it beautifully and they feel very fortunate!  Their son Ben finished 10 years with the Army National Guard Reserves and is working at a major medical research company as a mechanic.  He loves everything about the job.  His three daughters (grandkids 11, 7, and 3 years) are doing very well.  They were able to take the oldest on vacation this year and she learned a lot about Grandma and Grandpa.  She admitted to her grandfather at the end of the trip that she didn’t think she was “the hiker you and Grandma are.” A real compliment to us coming from a healthy 11-year old! Last but not least, Torie retired.  January 18th was her last day of work. She will be finding all sorts of things to keep busy and will keep us posted once she’s had a chance to experience some of them. Susan Rivers retired from Maryland Department of Natural Resources on August 1, 2018 and is still getting used to being retired.

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