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Nancy Ludwick Warrenfeltz

Jack and Lynn Furtek Eubanks hopped a cruise to Cuba that was absolutely phenomenal! They soaked up so much history …and some culture…that they were on overload. With luck, they will be returning on a slightly different itinerary to enjoy the trip again. Once they returned, Lynn turned around and flew to Vegas for her niece’s wedding…officiated by Elvis! Their eldest granddaughter graduated from college…and youngest from grade school. The Eubanks are looking forward to spending some time with them this summer, the only part they are not looking forward to is the drive up I-81 with all the trucks.

Susan Rivers will be retiring this summer. Her dear mother, Shirley Rivers Dudrow, died in August 2017. She worked at Hood in the Continuing Ed office in the 1980′s. She made many friends among the students and cared for them all. We all send our sympathy and love to Susan.

Deb Huff Nicholson reports that her big news is that she’s written a book. It’s a mystery entitled She Never Knew (by Deb Nicholson) published by Gatekeeper Press. It’s got a 5-star Amazon rating, so she’s happy to say that folks seem to be enjoying it! Book clubs have selected it and she has been making the rounds visiting them as a guest speaker. Remarkably, a local magazine, In the Triangle, has interviewed Deb about the book and the article will be featured in their late summer issue. This little project has turned out to be a huge amount of fun—so much so that she’s started her next book!

Craig and Barbara Woolmington Smith are loving Asheville, NC and loving retirement. They took a two week trip to the Outer Banks of NC in May. Neither Craig nor Barb had been there and they had beautiful weather (all while Asheville was setting record rainfall records). They learned a lot about the 18th and 19th century coastal communities and our maritime history.

Anna Collins Pasqualucci reports that she uncovered silly letters and mementos while she was cleaning out her house, so that her daughter could take ownership. They brought back vivid memories of her best friend and Hood roommate Ann Rhodes Conley, Reading Ann’s notes melted away all the years and it was as if Ann was still speaking to Anna in their dorm room, humorously calling Anna unbecoming, but endearing names. (Ann would have edited this update if she were still with us, just as she used to whittle down Anna’s English papers.) Here’s to you Ann Rhodes! Anna has chosen to live a gypsy life, alternating boarding at her son’s and her daughter’s. She remains engaged in painting folk art—window screen commissions—to be precise. An award from the Maryland State Arts Council Award for Maryland Traditions Folk Arts afforded her an opportunity to train an apprentice this year. They will be presenting at the 2018 National Folk Festival. Art has been a huge 180-turn around from her days in biotech research. She loved both. Life is ever changing and good. Anna wishes happiness and contentment for all.

Neil and Cheryl Kruse Rondorf celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on April 8, 2018. A few weeks later, all their children gathered and surprised them with a beautiful breakfast brunch. They feel so blessed by God! Congratulations Cheryl & Neil!

Please send me your news and I will be sure to include it in our next column. Thanks!

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