1975: Winter 2017

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Rhea Bel-Jon Calkins and Steven still love life in the mountains of Mexico.  She is now one of the cat advocates at the local shelter and is enjoying finishing their home and urban garden.  For Rhea, it was quite a Hood year.  In March, Margery Berringer-Schuran ‘74 and Billie Ellen Weise ’74 came down to visit Steven and Rhea in San Miguel for a week of soaking in the town, talking, laughing, and walking.  In August she was so thrilled when Cheryl Cuddeback and Pat Kidd ’74 joined them in New York for a great event celebrating her father’s life.  Cheryl being the Queen of Queens knew just the place for them to meet, even if only for a short time.

Biggest news from Ann Wiggins Ely is they have a new granddaughter: Mom is their youngest daughter– Jennifer.  Madelyn Parker Ely was born November 2, 2016, 5 lbs. 15 oz., and 18.5 inches.  Mom and child are doing very well.  They are smitten and very in love with their third granddaughter.

Dory Barrows Smith retired from teaching high school – FACS Child Development.  She will miss the amazing students that she got to work with, but not grading papers on nights and weekends.  She plans to sub at the high school part-time and travel with her husband, Steve, on his monthly business trips.  She hopes to have more time for reading books strictly for pleasure.  They are planning vacations to Cape Cod, Norwood NY and New Orleans.

Anna Kluth Vonlinderberg is alive and enjoying life in Fenwick, Delaware.  They enjoyed doing some major sections of the Great Loop with their son and his family on their boat this year, where they experienced the rust belt first hand as they traveled from the C and D Canal to Cleveland, then rejoined to head south from Chicago to St. Petersburg.   She’s leaning back and enjoying holiday festivities this month just like the rest of us.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  I remain busy working for the same consulting firm marketing and designing retirement programs to be administered by our staff.  Still struggling with nerve pain caused by my spinal cord injury; trying different treatments throughout the year in search of relief.  I would be interested in any treatment options you may recommend. Wishing you, your families and friends the best!  Debbie Page Rath

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