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Patricia E. Kidd
Lots of news from Dot Herdle Files:  she directs her church choir and plays keys in the praise service.  She and husband Eben are enjoying travel to see relatives and sights around the US, Europe, and South America.  They both are active in the Austin Disaster Relief Network to deploy to help victims and to train new volunteers.

Dot has enjoyed a heavy travel schedule:

In 2018 went to Costa Rica, Washington (state), Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Rhode Island

In 2019 plan Galapagos, Equador, Holy Land, Egypt

In 2020 plan Germany, Switzerland, etc

ADRN held a preparedness conference at which we volunteered.  We deployed to help victims after Hurricane Harvey, other Texas flooding & fires.  ADRN is being held as a model for inter-church cooperation to do more than any one church (even a mega church) can do alone, and is helping other communities nation wide set up church networks for disaster victim assistance.

Our 3 children are all grown.  One is a commander in the Navy (currently in Virginia), and is the only one married, and has our only grandchild (girl, age 4).  The other two are in Texas: one works in technology, and the other works for the government.  She’s “downsizing” in the animal department and says: our critter count is down from dozens to one each horse, cat, and dog.

Linda Hess Conklin is an artist with an impressive CV of gallery exhibits (lindahessconklin.com).  Pretty nice use of a Hood English degree!  She says:  I’m thinking of possibly relocating to the Eastern Shore since my daughter attended Hopkins and seems to want to stay in Maryland. Any college contacts or info about that would be great.

Please keep that news coming!

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