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Our 40th Reunion is just around the corner. I, Sally Leland, look forward to visiting the campus, taking in a stroll of the downtown area, and Doug and I plan to tow the teardrop camper for a visit to Gambrill State Park, one of our favorite places to hang when in the Metro area. Vicki Raeburn Benton stole a few minutes from her never ending schedule of preps for husband’s Leigh re-election campaign to the Orange County, New York legislature. Fundraisers, envelope stuffing and label pasting are a part of Vicki’s day, like cleaning out the cat food dish, vacuuming, and meal preps are for me (Sally Leland)! Mind you, she does all this after tutoring those needing assistance with Math, managing the Hudson Valley SPCA thrift/consignment store two or three days a week and that is in addition to running the household. Long story short, Leigh won his fifth term to the New York Legislature. Nicely done, you two!  Vicki and Leigh Benton will head to Florida after the election to catch up with the “grands” ages 7 and 6 who are lacrosse and baseball players. The New York “grands” ages 8 and 6 are avid ice hockey players, one a goalie and one a forward.  The downside to ice hockey…yes, a cold rink! It should be a full house for Christmas at the Benton household. Kathy Poloni Triwahjudi and Patty Lynam Yeatman met for lunch during the summer while Kathy’s son Anthony attended a science camp at Stevenson Univ. near Baltimore. Patty still works for Johns Hopkins. Kathy has retired from teaching (special education, traditional, and reading specialist) freeing up time to ferry Anthony to band, CCD, ice hockey and be available for homework review. Kathy and Patty hope to connect with Pam Callis Diers during summer 2014 when Anthony is attending band camp in Vermont. Patty’s son lives in St. Albans so it would be an ideal time. They are wondering what Nancy Hoffman is up to these days!  Nancy, let us all hear from you! Louise Hicks Smith wrote that she decided to learn in January 2013 how to play the harp. Lessons were scuttled in May when a kitchen project took precedence, followed by a deck restoration that took her into July and August. A stack of needlepoint projects beckoned, but a four-day ancestral gathering of 17 Worthington family members descended upon Chillicothe, Ohio in June won out. Tours of the governor’s mansion and replicas of Indian mounds from the Hopewell Culture of 3500 BC were scheduled along with a Native American Indian play entitled, Tecumseh.  Lengthy Robert’s Rules of Order style meetings, which lasted two to three hours, lectures by the Ross County Historical Society coupled with meals and games of Texas Holdem Yahtzee rounded out the days. There is a book in the works, and Louise will be helping with illustrations and heraldry. Some of British contingent are urging her to attend the next meeting in Manchester, England 2015. Louise’s son Brian and his wife have moved to Brisbane, Australia for a two or three year stint while Brian runs a satellite office for his uncle’s company. What an opportunity for them and for Louise to visit! Louise golfs, gardens, stitches and continues to work. Daughter, Courtney is near for frequent lunches when taking time out from her painted shoe business on Etsy and EBay. I would enjoy hearing from others. Perhaps the following:  Nancy Kemp Cline, Judy Whitehead Butler, Christine Sullivan Hampton, Joan Meisenhelder Graff, Lashley Micas Wolf, Lucia Homick, Donna Davidson Hauver, Sue Mulvey and Allen Maples would consider an update of what has transpired in their lives. No pressure, mind you! Best wishes to all. Hope to see you at the 40th!

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