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Sara “Sally” Parkhurst Van Why

It was wonderful to hear from so many of you. Amy Hanley Dove reported that things are exciting at her home. Her son graduated from the Univ. of Pittsburgh in April; her daughter just returned from two years in New Zealand and her son’s wedding was in early August. Sue Holaday Converse will have a wedding for her son next May. Her twins are now 22; Rob will be a senior at Bryant Univ. in the fall and Jenn continues to pursue her dance career in NYC. Sue is working in NYC as a senior vice president and chief financial officer for a trade association, Television Bureau of Advertising. She would love to hear from alums in NYC! On a sadder note, Sherry Kemp spent six months in five different hospitals because she nearly lost her leg in 2011. She did lose the use of it; there is a 24” titanium rod in it. She has been learning alternative ways to do things, including trying to boost her upper body strength to compensate. She has people in place to help and plans to continue to run her farm. Her gardening is limited to what she can grow in containers but the art and music have not suffered at all. She will have her annual show in her studio in late fall. She said that she has no regrets and everything to be grateful for. Every new day is a gift, no matter what happens. Ann Jones is still selling real estate. She recently helped her dad celebrate his 90th birthday. She is involved with various clubs and charitable organizations and for fun she plays bridge every week. She took a vacation last year to Tucson and planned to return in the fall. Peggy Weinbeck loves ballroom dancing and has competed in states across the mid-Atlantic. She accomplished her dream of going to the Galapagos Islands and got to see the blue footed booby. In July, she planned to do an intergenerational trip with a granddaughter. They planned to spend five days in Yellowstone with Road Scholar. She is still a public school district administrator. Her three children are scattered across the country, but she is fortunate that her two granddaughters are nearby. She has fun visits with Mary Beth Layfield Law. Lorraine Sharp Kish is enjoying many volunteer opportunities in the community. Most enjoyable is volunteering as a Colonial America historical interpreter at Washington Crossing Historic Park in Pennsylvania. She continues her longtime hobby of exploring her family genealogy. In addition to the Daughters of the American Revolution and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, she has found the time to enjoy membership in colonial themed societies. She hopes her children, grandkids and great-grandkids yet to come will share an interest in preserving family history. Toni Mathias Harvey and her husband Ted continue to be a part of the hospitality industry by meeting guests from far and wide with The Inn at Lost River and Lost River General Store and Café in Lost River, W.Va. Her three children and wonderful 4-year-old grandson live on the West Coast, so there is a lot of cross country commuting. If any other classmates are considering owning and operating a B&B, she would be more than happy to share the insight and knowledge they have gained over the past eight years. Toni Lucia reported that her summer had gotten off to a great start with family and friends. In particular, she and Laura Lee Miller Bowes were able to catch up in NYC in June over a lovely lunch. Marcia Coyle DiBiagio, H’08 and her husband Ray celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in May, but decided to really celebrate next year with a trip to Ireland. Her book—The Roberts Court: The Struggle for the Constitution—came out in paperback in May and seems to be doing well. Both kids are living at home. Her son is working, but not in his field and is looking. He is also in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and spending July in the Mojave Desert (not fun!). Marcia says her daughter whose theme song is Cindi Lauper’s, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, is on the very slow train through the community college. She enjoys having them home. Kathy Nixdorff Wilson has an office a few blocks from Marcia in D.C., and they have been able to get together for lunch. Last November Hood sponsored a reception and book signing for Marcia at Union Station in D.C. Sherry Bronski Waltz, Alicia Parlatore Payne and husband, Kathy Nixdorff Wilson and I were able to attend. I highly recommend Marcia’s book. I recently took my mom to her 65th college reunion. Now there is a goal I think we should all aim for, 2038 – mark it on your calendars.


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