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Mary McMunigal Burland


Mindy Laighton Wilcox

We are deeply saddened to report that Rev. Carolyn Perry Dukenski passed away on March 6, 2014, from a stroke. Carolyn was an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Connecticut where her gift for pastoral care will be sorely missed. Our sincere condolences to her husband Ron and sons Jay and Stephen. If you would like to read her obituary and see a current picture of Carolyn, please email me at mlwilcox3@gmail.com. Edith Purdie reported that she continues to live at a fast pace doing proposal consulting and a little traveling. May 2013 was a whirlwind of graduations—her niece Alice graduated from high school, her youngest daughter Patty earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s College in Maryland, and her oldest daughter Jenny earned a master’s degree from the Univ. of Maryland. Betsy Cooper Pizzolato said she is lucky to have a cousin with a beautiful home in Puerto Vallarta where she and Tom visited to escape the January cold. They have taken a couple of tours to Canada and to the Pacific Northwest. Daughter Jane visited them in San Francisco at the end of the Pacific Northwest tour. Daughter Karen is engaged and Betsy and Tom visited Karen’s future in-laws in Wyoming where Betsy rode ATVs and shot shotguns, both out of character for her! Tom will retire from the Univ. of Delaware at the end of the year after 38 years of teaching. Alice Paul McGinnis continues to enjoy retirement with a lot of traveling and volunteer work. She recently purchased a rebuilt Steinway grand piano and really enjoys practicing on it. Allyson Washburn has lived in San Francisco for 30 years and loves the rich cultural life, the restaurants and the liberal politics. She is currently a psychology/gerontology professor at National Univ. teaching all her classes online. Her son Ben and his wife Christy are both physical therapists and live across the bay with daughters Raya and Olivia. Her daughter Alyssa and husband Ray live in Oakland where Alyssa is a defense attorney and Ray teaches eighth grade history. They are expecting Allyson’s third granddaughter.  Allyson is able to see all of them frequently. Mary McMunigal Burland said that after a horrible winter in Philadelphia she is especially enjoying summer. She and Bill have been to Kiawah, S.C. They spent the fourth of July on Cushing Island, Maine, a private island in Casco Bay where there are no stores, no cars and no golf carts.  It is a beautiful place where you can do absolutely nothing and enjoy it. They are planning another trip to Kiawah in September and a river cruise to France, Germany and Switzerland next year. I, Mindy Laighton Wilcox, and my husband Bill went on a Hood sponsored river cruise in Holland and Belgium in April. There were nine other Hood graduates on the trip including Wilma Diehl Robley ’74. Her sister Chris Diehl ’69 was in our big sister class. It was a great trip and fun to get to know all the other alumni from all different decades. Mary and I were disappointed not to have heard from more of you this time. I know many of our classmates look forward to hearing what everyone has been up to when the Hood Magazine arrives so even if you have never sent news before please drop us a line to check in. You do not need to write volumes, just tell us what is going on with you now. We would love to know.

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