1970: Winter 2015

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Karin Ninesling Infuso, Class Reporter

Once again, I relied on e-mail messages for this column. Members of the Class of 1970 are busy with new homes, new businesses, volunteer work, and travel.  Nancy Schneider Alder continues to volunteer at her church and local hospital and sees her five grandchildren as often as possible. She looks forward to our reunion in June. Lynne Demers Becker spent several months in the Netherlands with her husband and, upon their return to the US, traveled to Arizona and Florida.  She worked for the University of Houston on a fund-raising initiative, but after the four month commitment, the university asked her to stay on for several more months.  Marj Menchey Bernstein visited her junior year roommate, Molly Stuart ’69, in Colorado.  She also saw Maureen Clancey ’69 in California, and spent time with Ellen Sacks at Sam Ryan’s beach house.  Marj will host a cocktail party at her new home during our reunion in June.  Ada Karen Blair relocated from Maryland to North Carolina in May 2014.  However, her retirement was short-lived; she is finishing the re-decoration of a new home and bought a small store in her town.  Just what she will do with the store is still to be determined.  She and her husband will go to Sarasota, Florida for Major League Baseball spring training.  Melinda Brown Condon and her husband sold their house on Cape Cod and bought a house on a lake in New Hampshire.  She and her husband then sold their home of 37 years in just three weeks and are spending the winter on Pine Island, FL kayaking, swimming, boating, and fishing.  Marianne Clark Cordyack sent me several e-mail addresses of classmates to update my list. Thank you, Marianne.  She keeps in touch with and sees her long-time Hood friends. Ronni George Freiberger is one of those friends.  Ronni, who is looking forward to our reunion in June, and her husband moved to coastal New Hampshire to be closer to their daughter and son-in-law;  their son will be married in 2016.  Ronni, Marianne Cordyack, Dody Corey Crutchley, Marianne Fischer O’Meara, and Lynn Johnson Houze visited Sue Pendall Johnson at Sue’s Florida home.  Marty Hassell retired last year and has enjoyed having time to travel and visit friends.  She went to Alaska last year and visited Linda Allan in Florida.  Linda was a great host and suggested places where Marty could  photograph “stunning wildlife”.  She is looking forward to our reunion in June.  Myra Holsinger traveled to London, Thessaloniki, Greece, and Istanbul with Elaine Hubert. They had a wonderful time visiting friends in Greece, and the trip to Istanbul was a first visit for both of them.  Karin Ninesling Infuso and her family traveled to Italy and Paris, and her daughter Kate fell in love with Venice.  Kate teaches exceptional children in a rural school in North Carolina, enjoys the challenge of her profession, but sees every day the impact of poverty on children’s ability to learn.  Karin’s husband is a member of a civic group that raises funds for the under-funded public schools in NC.  Karin and her husband will travel to Florida for MLB spring training with Kari Blair and her husband.  Karin plans to attend the reunion in June.  Denise Howard Mason is a proud grandmother who sends photos and information about her granddaughter.  Pam Nesbit and her husband are members of Waswagoning Players, a theater group that presents a program called “Standing in a Good Way” to community groups in Wisconsin.  The program weaves song, dance, and personal stories to combat bullying.  Donna Newman spent several weeks scuba diving in Cozumel and plans to visit Key West soon.  She is also doing a lot of contra, ballroom, swing, and tango dancing.  Mary Ryan Reeves still supervises Hood art student teachers.  She and her husband escaped part of the winter with a visit to Boca Raton, FL where she saw Linda Israel Lamm ’69.  Many classmates who sent information for this column mentioned our reunion in June. Please plan to attend. Thank you to the classmates who sent information for the column.

In closing, I am sad to report the passing of Elizabeth Walker and send condolences to her family.

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