1967: Winter 2015

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Patricia Rosner Kearns

The request for news for the online column came while I was away so my apologies to my classmates for the dirth of responses but will try to update as they roll in. Classmates on the Eastern half of the U.S., all the way down to the Florida border, have had their challenges on the weather front. It was almost spring and the weather kept on coming. I’m a Yankee and I love the snow but the older I get the less fun it is. It’s not like I get a snow day from school. The only parts of the U.S. that seemed to escape the extreme cold and snow were those places that make a living off snow. Two of my sons went skiing in Utah and said there was very little snow. I flew over the Rockies on my way to California and noticed a lot of bare spots on the range. But I digress… back to the issue of getting older, most of us are about to or have just hit the big 70. So what? Remember when Hood sent us a survey asking us how it felt to hit 50? Was that really 20 years ago? Where did it go? So, I have to ask: how does it feel to turn 70? Personally, I’m grateful and still waiting to see what I’ll be when I grow up. In reality, for many of us, we are facing retirement (of sorts), taking care of aging parents and making sure the next 20 years are all we can make them be. Debbie Smith Aldrich wrote from Snowmaggedon (Boston), “I just turned the magic 70-years-old in a blizzard. The snow around Boston has been monstrous. A sheet of plywood on my snow piles makes a garage for my car.” Meredith Cook Held wrote from Dallas, “I am still busy working in real estate in a hot market in the Dallas, Texas area. I love what I do and have been involved at the grassroots level keeping the area’s power company from putting 138 kV lines down the middle of Main Street, a developed area in Frisco, Texas, where I live. I got the Realtor Association at the state level (Texas Association of Realtors) involved and we have been awarded significant funds from the Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee to fight the power company’s proposal. Now the National Association of Realtors is watching what’s happening since this could happen elsewhere. It’s been really exciting to see what can happen when many people band together to make a difference. I’ve been given the Strike Force Award by TAR for my efforts. Also, last July my husband and our two daughters took a fabulous vacation to Hawaii. We spent eight days touring the Big Island, going to the Keck Observatory at the top of Mauna Kea, seeing the volcano Kilauea, shopping at the farmer’s market in Hilo and basically just having a great time! One of the best vacations ever!!”

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