1967: Summer 2016

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Patricia Rosner Kearns

Lots of anniversaries, generational achievements, old marriages, new marriages, pursuit of new careers, travels, retirement/nonretirement and acquiring new skills reported by the class of 1967 as we move forward. Thanks to all who responded quickly to my panic email of pending news deadline. My apologies to those who are not on the email list. I actually had letters printed out and envelopes labeled but then the grandkids arrived for 10 days!  Patrosnerkearns. Joh Van Wert Thompson writes: Our first grandchild just graduated from high school and will be attending VA TECH in the fall. One of the highlights of our year was a trip to Cuba in March with Joan Peschel Young and husband Bob.  My husband, Michael, even brought back some Cuban cigars.  We all loved Cuba and found the people very friendly.  Old Havana is beautiful with its lovely squares and architecture.  Even saw lots of those 50′s cars! Love retirement!!!!  Hope to see lots of you at our 50th! Jane Rowell Arnold is still living in New York City and working as Director of Admissions at the Episcopal School. Married to Alex (47 years) Two married sons. Three grandchildren. Not interested in retirement! My biggest news, Cheryl Wray Kirk writes, is that my grandson had his Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony last month. He built a small stage with backdrop and wheelchair ramp for our church day care center as his project. This represents four generations of scouting in my family. My father was an Eagle Scout, I was a Girl Scout for 10 years and earned my 10 year pin, my youngest son Phil became an Eagle Scout, and now my grandson Lucas is an Eagle Scout. It meant so much to me. Attending the ceremony was Margo Emrich Trexler, mother of two Eagle Scouts and of course Hood buddy and family friend. She and her husband Bob drove 4 hours to attend. Judy Lehman Ballinger is enjoying life to the fullest. She writes: Why am I responding to an email before 8am?!!  Life remains way too busy, but the good stuff fills most of it: art, family of 9 grandkids (some requiring visits to Costa Rica and San Francisco), community, friends, 5th year of marriage, etc.  I’m not sure if local & national politics and my feeble attempts to address social issues (support for immigrants and our Islamic center) count in the “good stuff” category, but they do consume a lot of thought. As a member of the Hood Board of Trustees, Cynthia Newby is totally enjoying the Board, especially the opportunity to observe Andrea Chapdelaine‘s first year in office. Cynthia writes that President Chapdelaine is a terrific leader; “we are very lucky, I think, to have her in charge of the key efforts re credentialing, strategic planning, and enrollment. New senior staff – VP for Enrollment Management Bill Brown and new Provost Dr. Debbie Ricker–equally impressive.” Barbara Morgan Herron says it was really great to see and visit with Laurie Seymour Carlson when she came to Annapolis last October (2015). They met up at a Navy football game, and enjoyed cheering the Mids on to a win. The short film that I wrote and produced was finally finished, and I was invited to screen it at the 4th Annual Female Filmmakers Showcase in Baltimore this spring.  Funny thing. I wrote and produced it (which included everything from making costumes, lining up locations and hiring a caterer to trimming the leading man’s hair), but until then hadn’t thought of myself as a filmmaker. Beyond that, I’m trying yet again to learn to play the guitar. Wish me luck! (Keep on strumming, Barb.) Best regards from hot Georgia! Writes Gail Witham Pohl. Today is our 49th anniversary (June 17), so we’re thinking about how Doug and I met at a Shriner Hall mixer.  It had to be moved to Meyren because it was so well attended despite the umpteen inches of snow on the ground.  Good Hood memories! May Mumma Ohman wrote, “Hi Pat… here is a “flash from the past.” In the summer of 1966, I went to Chile as a Hood College Ambassador. It was a remarkable experience that changed the course of my life. (As a result of that time in Chile, I worked as a Pan Am stewardess for several years after graduation… wanting to see more of the world.)  The program was called The Experiment in International Living– and Susan Wadia-Ells talked me into applying and going. (She had gone to Iran the year before with the same program.) The group from 1966 just had a 50th reunion  We managed to get 5 of the 10 original group members together in Rochester, NY– skyed two others.  One of our Chilean families came– five of them! It was an amazing experience.  Something very good– from the Hood we knew 50 years ago– lives on. I hope as many of our classmates who can come, will come– to our 50th Reunion next year! Looking forward to that! Kris Campbell Joyce wrote, “We just returned from a 2 week safari in Tanzania which was wonderful with Thomson Travel which has a supportive role in that country. We were able to learn a lot about the land, animals, and people for my art and teaching and would definitely recommend that travel company.” From your class reporter. Not much from Northern Virginia. Working to help the homeless, taking a nonprofit to the next level – stuff I did 30 years ago! Updating my 100 year old house to get ready for sale –eventually. Trips to see grandkids in Sonoma and north Georgia take up most of my vacation time. A nice Caribbean beach with drinks with umbrellas sounds good right now. But I second Jane Arnold’s comment– retirement? Why? Pat Rosner Kearns

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