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Sara “Sally” Zimmerman

From the 25 responses received, I can report that we love and are proud of our children and grandchildren, we travel, read many books, deal with health crises –our own and those of our loved ones. One of us got engaged; others celebrated long marriages. We exercise, some of us play bridge, paint, and work at mastering new technology. This is not easy; after all, we hand wrote English class papers or used manual typewriters! Marjorie Westergaard, my sophomore year roommate, says she’s trying to figure the ins and outs of Facebook. “Gotta keep up with modern times,” she says. Jane Hoskins Bollman, having computer problems says, “I hate getting used to new technology – anyone else feel that way?” Jane reads a lot and recommends The Boys in the Boat. She also teaches art, paints, plays bridge, and exercises at the Y. Lillian Detrick Blood recommends Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard; Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick; and Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Lillian and Janet McDougall met for an enjoyable lunch in NYC. Penny Misirian Mardoian hosted Nancy Turner Heckscher and Ben at her home in Maine this summer. Penny is looking forward to three weeks of touring Australia and New Zealand with a close friend at the end of January. Phoebe Adams Marshall visited her sister (Shirley Adams Beheler, Hood ’56) and her family. Phoebe plays tennis four days a week and sings with a Masterworks Chorale and church choir. Elizabeth Davis Ackerman greets us from Vancouver. She is now in her 55th year of teaching piano, and has 26 students, the most favorite her eight- year-old granddaughter. She reports many winners at state, regional, and national levels. She currently serves as president for the Clark County (WA) National Federation of Music Clubs. This summer she visited a music friend in the San Juan Islands. Betts says, “If anyone wants to come to the Portland area, I would be happy to show them around. From my house I have views of the Cascades, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.” Barbara Arthur Pretzsch traveled to San Diego to attend the Knit and Crochet Show, as she tries to do each year. Congratulations to Barbara for the honor of being asked to be a Junior Reviewer for the Crochet Guild of America Master’s program. Judy Hammond Blatchford reports that she and Park had a wonderful trip to South Africa that featured a foremost export on the lemurs of Madagascar, none other than Patricia Chappie Wright, Hood ’66. Judy and Park also traveled to Peru, Chile, and Easter Island. Regina Schlank Pyle successfully bid on a fabulous seven-day safari in Zulu Nyala, an hour north of Durbin. On her return trip, she spent five days in London catching up with friends. “Life is good and I’m fortunate,” Regina says. Dr. Martha Atkinson Meadows reports that she still teaches part time at Hood. Martha travels – most recently to Provence with the Hood alum tour and says: “Excellent and beautiful. I encourage all to consider the next alum sponsored trip.” Susan Shinnick Hossfeld and Carl traveled to London and Scotland this summer with Jane Hoskins Bollman and Roger who joined them in Scotland. Barbara Kirby Stewart and Paul headed west in May, met Paul’s daughters at Crystal Bridges (the Walmart heiress’ art museum), then on to Monument Valley, Moab, Death Valley Furnace Creek Ranch, San Diego to visit Barbara’s daughters and families, then LA, Utah, and home through the Rockies.
Congratulations to Elizabeth Pauley who recently became engaged to Lou. They met in 1959. Beth says, “Two years ago I read about the death of Lou’s wife in the county paper. I sent him a note. He invited me to breakfast. We have been doing things together since, like fly fishing.” The happy couple traveled to England, France and Switzerland in August. Lynn MacDonough Morrow hosted her daughter’s wedding reception at her farm. Lynn says, “Both the 42 year old bride and the 52 year old groom were making their first trip to the altar after 18 years of knowing each other and three years of dating.”
Betty Appel Bailey and Tom celebrated their 50th anniversary in July and took a coach trip up the California coast. They are simplifying their lives by selling their second home in Palm Desert, CA. They enjoy attending the soccer games and swim meets of their three granddaughters. Marjorie Simmons Carlson reports impressive happenings in the lives of her nine grandkids. Some highlights: Christopher passed the W. Virginia Bar and works at the state’s attorney’s office in Charleston, W. Va.; granddaughter Molly got married; Thomas went to Towson U.; and Hannah will graduate next May from High Point Univ. Sarah Enos Karpowitz’s daughter Jennifer and her husband Steve have three children, and Sarah’s son Jim and wife have two teenagers. Sarah goes to water aerobics regularly and says she is “working on staying healthy and productive as time marches on!” She works part time taking care of clients who need help.
Congratulations to Margo Friedman and Sidney whose daughter Dr. Lisa Miller’s book The Spiritual Child: The New Science of Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving, was published recently by St. Martin’s Press. Lisa has appeared on the Today Show and in early fall was interviewed by Robin Young on NPR. Lisa is Director of the Clinical Psychology Program and Director of the Mind Body Institute at Columbia U.
Jody Merritt Watson is moving and promises more news next time. Marvia Slade Perreault’s daughter Melanie encouraged her parents to move to Salisbury, MD to be near her, and they did so. Then Melanie was offered the position of Provost at Buffalo State University, part of SUNY. Now Melanie would like them to move to Buffalo. Marvia says, “The idea of moving again is not on our bucket list.” Liz Decker Rogers reports that Bill, who has Lewy Body Dementia, was moved to a memory care facility in Alameda, CA closer to home, easier for her. Liz is “recovering from a dog dust up that ended up with several pelvic fractures and a fractured humerus.” She recovered enough to travel to Baja in early October to celebrate her daughter-in-law’s birthday, her son Matt’s 45th, and her own 75th. Liz says it has been a challenging year and adds: “I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will rise to whatever occasions come my way.” Just before submitting this column, I received a PS from Liz: “I had an absolutely great 75th surprise birthday party” (back home in Alameda).
Linda Keyler White reported trying to help her elderly mother have a peaceful ending to her 98 years of life here on earth and that she is very busy making many decisions. Hugs for you, Linda.
Rusty Papst Hougland: Last fall Rusty and Bill traveled to Portugal and Spain. This summer, she had two melanoma surgeries on her left shin. Rusty says: “Now all is well. In spite of that I managed a wonderful trip to Europe with my daughter, Mary. We were celebrating her 50th birthday. I think I broke my all time reading record: I read 15 books in the three months I had to sit with my leg elevated.”
Judi Simonsen Ziobro describes herself as “a content woman, with a life full of love and good things. My joys are my family and friends, music, and trips to our bay house where we eat great seafood, and watch the water and sunsets. This summer we enjoyed a visit from 20 dolphins who toured our creek and played with the raft we were pulling behind our boat. The grandkids were sooooo impressed with the dolphins. Better than anything at Sea World! Life is so good!”
Sunny Griffin recently wrote a chapter of a newly published book, which has become a number one best seller over the last few days. The book title is One Crazy Broccoli—My Body is Smarter than My Disease.
Sara “Sally” Zimmerman Until I find the fountain of youth here in Florida, I am working out at the New Tampa YMCA four days a week, mostly resistance and balance exercises. Post retirement, I continue to be active as a minister, about six times a year writing and giving sermons as guest speaker on Sunday mornings, and I serve my Unitarian Universalist colleagues in Florida as a volunteer Good Officer. (sort of a trouble shooter, mediator role). I start every day by naming 10 things I am grateful for, and every day this week, I have been grateful to all of you.

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