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Anne Wilson Heuisler

To classmates:

Here is the unexpurgated version of the December 2017 class of 1959 news.

If you have a classmate/friend who does not use email, please print out a copy and send it to her and encourage her to mail me her news.


Facebook post 10/12/17

This is the story of late August, Sept, and early Oct:  After all the work on Trillium this summer, there was little time left to sail, but Lassie and I had a glorious sail to Ram Island, back to Sears Island, and tacked back to the harbor. Belfast harbor is a beautiful place to be with sights of all kinds in every direction. Savannah decided at her birthday party that she should come home with me for a visit. We climbed the fire tower at the welcome center, took a walk, and she found her lobster buoy swing right away. The Mountain Ash filled with berries was a beautiful canopy for her. The next weekend brought Eric and Linda to indulge with me in a special evening dinner at Blair Hill Inn. A special treat to ourselves which everyone needs occasionally. The next day the three of us weeded, pruned, and planted a huge chrysanthemum in Ken’s garden at the cemetery. A huge job made simpler by many hands! Linda had to go home, but Eric stayed another day and we played tourist in Rockwood after church at the Log Chapel. Lassie and Wayde came up to celebrate their Sept birthdays at the Moosehead Family Campground. They washed the very high windows in my house and I joined them for a steak dinner over their campfire topped off with birthday cake. I so appreciate the help the kids give me. Belle’s belles, the granddaughters of my grandmother Belle, had their annual reunion in Maine this year. It was so good to share our beautiful region with them and the foliage did develop during their stay after a pale beginning. They left on Oct 5th and by the 7th when I left, the foliage had become full blown. I am on my way to sea again, this time with Capt. Michael Pittinger and Betsy Pittinger to deliver a 49′ sailboat from Deltaville, VA, to Clearwater, FL. This will be a 24/7 schedule around Cape Hatteras down the coast past Cape Fear, through the Keys and back up the Gulf of Mexico to Clearwater. I shall post a site on my page where you can watch our progress if you wish.




The sorting process in a hoarder’s closet is more paperwork than I’ve ever had!  Hopefully I am beginning to see the end of a long procedure in Probate.  I am emptying the house – enough responsibility for one person.  They [the Artletts] have a 2-car garage, a boat shed and a rumpus room with pool table to sort out!  (packed beyond words!)  I just want to get back to Virginia for my 80th birthday in August. My Little Sister, E. Paige Wisotzki ’61, died recently.  I had 6 deaths reported in one week.  Each one feels like a chunk of skin has been cut out of me.  So sorry to hear about our May Queen and my roommate, Starr Culver Weihe.  Good thing we do not know what’s coming!  Impossible to predict! My first trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving and Christmas was overwhelming – after 25 years on the beaches here!  The holiday activities plus the wedding – seeing family and old friends with decorations everywhere, good music, special programs, a variety of food, wonderful company – everything was super.  It was hard to return to Sydney.  Stopped to see Nancy Rogers Huntsinger  and Fritz on my return trip.  They are terrific hosts! Summer was hottest on record here.  Now March has been the wettest month in history and it’s not over yet.  Flooding is continuous in some areas.



10/10/17 Here I am again with some good news!  Alex PACHINO (Bart’s oldest son) is touring with Noah Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’ younger sister) as her lead guitar.  They are the opening act for a two-month tour with Katy Perry!  While they are in the New York area–they played Madison Square Garden last week– they are going to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show tomorrow night (October 10th)  He will accompany Noah (maybe singing with her) when she performs her new single out called “Again”.  It is very exciting for them and all of us! (11/5/2017)  Due to many requests for this information, I am sending this update on The Brave.  Tomorrow night, Monday, November 6th, 10:00 p.m. On NBC, the episode being aired is one that was written by Jamie.  I do hope that you are enjoying the exciting and thrill-packed episodes that have preceded hers.  You know I am always happy to see her name appear, and, so very pleased to know that most of you are watching this show.  Hopefully, it will continue to be a success!

Thanks so much for letting me brag and be her fan club president!



The big events in my family have been the high school graduations of three grandchildren. My grandson is now in the Army at Ft. Sill, OK, and the twin granddaughters are at Western Washington University in Bellingham in the northwestern corner of the state. They are not rooming together, but their dorms are close to each other. The other grandchildren will soon be 12 and 14, now in 8th and 6th grades. I will fly east Nov. 1st to visit a nephew/niece and to attend my matron-of-honor’s 80th birthday celebration in Columbus, OH. I hope to see former neighbors as well. I continue to teach two adult students and to direct the hand-bell choir at my church. Also, I volunteer once a week for the soup kitchen at my church.



Fall is teasing us here in central Texas, at least the nights are finally cooler.  We put about 7500 miles on our old but comfortable car between early May and mid-October.  Our granddaughter, Lacey Carter, graduated from the University of Colorado, and after a lovely visit during that exciting time with Don and Karen Nordberg Sanders ’60, we headed to California to spend a week with Bob’s brother and sister-in-law. On the way we visited 3 of Utah’s fabulous national parks, Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion–amazing! While in California we went up to Sequoia N P, adding a fourth wonderful park to our list.  Coming home we came within 60 miles of the Grand Canyon, so made the trip in time for breakfast at the El Tovar, overlooking the canyon itself.  In August we drove to North Carolina to my brother and sister-in-law’s home in the western mountains, right under the direct path of the solar eclipse.  Couldn’t believe it, but rain drove us indoors where we watched it on TV! On our way home, via Columbus, Ohio, and a visit with my 94-year-old aunt, we met Carole Jones Rogers for breakfast before heading across I70 to Columbia, MO, and a weekend with our eldest and his wife.  I said that was the last road trip for both the car and me, but October found us going 1200 miles without ever leaving Texas.  We headed for the border and spent a long weekend at Big Bend NP. We don’t need a border wall there, huge cliffs bordering the Rio Grande, a beautiful place. We’re hanging in there health-wise, see nearby family often, feeling pretty fortunate!



A message from Gail’s children, Greg Painter and Cheryl Cassella, 8/28/2017:


Yesterday [8/27/2017], we lost our mother, grandmother, sibling and friend, Gail Painter. Gail bravely faced her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and blessed all of us with her beautiful smile right up until the end. Gail was filled with wonder of the world around her, and she traveled and explored the world for most of her adult life. She and Roger lived and raised our family in California, Australia, Kwajalein, Minnesota and Washington. Gail worked as a travel agent, opened her own travel business, Global Travel, and attempted to see and explore as much of the world as she could. Her sense of civic pride and duty was an essential part of who Gail was. She was devoted to her church and Rotary and worked tirelessly to give back to the community that she loved. A memorial service in her honor will be held sometime in January 2018 to allow all family members to attend. Information will be shared as we confirm details. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Alzheimer’s Association. We will miss our mom more than we can express. We are so lucky to have been a part of her world. We know she would want all of us to find a way to smile at someone today in her honor.

Love, Greg and Cheryl



10/9/17 I’ve been in PT for several weeks and seeing some progress restoring my back muscles after open back surgery. I have been pronounced in “remission” for my auto-immune disorder, dermatomyositis. Now for the fun news: I am still active with the local symphony. Just sponsored and staged a flash mob of the Carmina Burana (type in for You Tube: Long Bay Symphony, Carmina Burana flash mob Dillards) for our season opening concert & celebrating their 30th year. River cruise on the Rhine and Mozelle rivers, Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland this past August/ Sept. and had a good R&R trip. Active in my church fundraising program and supporting numerous arts orgs. in the area. Still having fun and learning how to get around on a cane.



Getting blood drawn once a week since 2009 to check platelet count.  Feel fine otherwise.  Vision impaired. But getting around to meet my needs.  Doing crossword puzzles and reading on an e-reader so that I can change the font size.  Cataract surgery was a big help.  I’m ageing as gracefully as I can.


I have a new home and a new knee.  In August I moved to Blakehurst, a retirement community in Towson, MD.  I love the ease and serenity of this carefree life.  I had to resign my job at Stevenson University because of a flare-up of my right knee, so I bit the bullet and scheduled replacement surgery.  I found it to be not nearly as bad as I had feared and am perking along in recovery. I met a resident here who is a Hood alumna—Mary Dickinson Cohen ’61.  We’ve had fun reminiscing, especially about the music faculty and classes. I heard from my little sister, Jeanne Duncan Jehl ’61, and we plan to have lunch after Thanksgiving. Gayle Hamilton Blakeslee and I are meeting Mary Louise Trout Haddad and Carol Wick Ericksen at Buckley’s Tavern (Wilmington, DE) on November 18th.

Thanks to all who contribute news. It’s fun to hear what you’re doing.





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