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I don’t have any class news. (No news is good news, naturally.) But I did discover that the History Department at Hood has a Facebook group. It is low volume, but interesting. Today, in honor of the Battle of Hastings, they posted a link leading to an animated Bayeux tapestry. It is a good choice for a relaxing break, especially for any of you who like history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtGoBZ4D4_E

I am flying to Virginia to see my grandson play football for W & L against Randolph Macon. I will visit my brother and visit with Mary Faith West. I am soooo excited! I will be driving to visit my granddaughter next month who is in residency at the All Childrens Hospital in Tampa!

6/18/2013 Here I am again. Jamie spent several months this winter writing for a show called “Franklin and Bash.” This is their third season on the air, and it begins this Wednesday, June 19th. It is on the TNT channel. Season 3′s first episode is on from 9-10 p.m., and the second episode is on from 10-11 p.m. It is a 2-hour season premier. The following weeks will just be for an hour. The show titled “By the Numbers” is one she wrote herself and will be on the 3rd or 4th week, and then one that she co-wrote titled “Control” will follow three weeks later. The show is about two lawyers–seems that’s becoming a theme for her!!! Heather Locklear is a new cast member and adds some sex. It does have a good following. I have never seen it. Hope you will enjoy it if you get a chance to watch or DVR it. There will not be a test or a check on whether you do or not!!

Sunday [October 20] was a beautiful day here, and as we walked into the chapel there was Bill Sprigg sitting in the aisle in his wheelchair with an aide. He was in great spirits and so very glad to be there. I’m thinking it is the highlight of his year. He is now 93 and looking frail, but his mind was sharp. He kept saying how beautiful the chapel is, and when I told him our class year, he commented that the choir was very good then. We laughed over compulsory chapel during the week and on Sundays, and I reminded him that he had played the entire Orgelbuchlein over a two-year period. He gave all of us a good education in great literature for the organ. Carol and Jim Russel joined me for the concert. Dr Wayne Wold wrote the biography for the program and has been his faithful visitor at the nursing home. He remarked to us that he is only the second college organist at Hood College. His tribute to William Sprigg was playing five selections. Two “signature” pieces: the suite Gothique by Boellmann and the Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. He also chose 3 selections from Sprigg’s first LP: a Purcell, Arne, and Buxtehude and followed with three pieces from his Organ Music for Christmas: the Noell X!! Suisse/D’Aquin, a Brahms Chorale, and Pachelbel’s Von Himmel Hoch. He spoke of and then played one of Bill Sprigg’s compositions from his Sonata for Organ. We were back in college for a few moments as we listened to those crashing chords at great swell held for extra beats at the finish. The single CD of Sprigg’s two records is in print now and available for $15.00. It was a fine concert and a most gracious thing for Wayne to do, and it made Bill so very happy. And us, too.

We are off to Turkey with a Bryn Mawr college group. We will be in Istanbul a week, then travel throughout the country, but not near the Syrian border! I still want to see the world but find the 3rd world doesn’t appeal so much at this age. Still loving living at Broadmead, our retirement community. Many Goucher graduates here, we are in Baltimore!

Just made the deadline! I went on the Hood Trip to Italy, and it was very well run–excellent guides and fun to connect with other Hoodies (Janet Nunn from our little sister class and others.) We toured Southern Italy, including Naples, etc., from Sorrento, which was our base for the week. Am adjusting to widowhood and will be spending 6 months in Delaware and 6 in Washington DC, which is working well. Still work one day a week as well as volunteer with Les Dames d’Escoffier and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics–both provide great opportunities for culinary work and adventures.

I made a trip east in early June to attend the memorial service for my brother-in-law in Westminster, MD and to spend a week with my sister. I still have a studio of four piano students and direct a church handbell choir. My husband, Norm, has a difficult time walking, due to balance problems. He will be taking some physical therapy this month. I’m hoping he will see some improvement, so he continues with the exercises. Whether or not I make it to our 55th class reunion will depend on Norm’s health. Thank goodness, our older daughter lives here and helps out when she can. KUULEI MOBLEY GREEN Dear 59ers: I do not have much to report. I moved. I live in the same retirement community but in a brand new building that just opened on the first of September. I was downsizing a bit. My address is slightly different. It was: 3975 E. Clocktower Lane #236 Meridian, Idaho 83642 It is now: 4115 E. Clocktower Lane #242 Meridian, Idaho 83642 My cell phone number is the same. 208-859-0521 As I said, I do not have much to tell you this time. I still manage the non-denominational worship here where I live. My church finally hired someone, so the three retired priests that kept the church going lost their jobs. I hope all is well with all of you. Wish I lived closer so I could see you. Peace and blessings. Kuulei+ I would love to make reunion. It would be great to see the 59ers again . . . That is a long and expensive trip to Frederick. I’ll be with you all in spirit. Peace, Kuulei+

Not so much news as the exciting first half of our year! We did go on a summer road trip, same as last year, visiting relatives in Missouri, Ohio (Mother’s younger brother and his wife, both 91 and amazing), and North Carolina. Our annual attempt to miss some of the Texas August heat! Another grandchild off to college, a freshman at the University of Colorado and loving it. We’re both well and thankful for that. We’re planning a Granger family reunion for next July at Lake Michigan and we’re looking forward to those 55th reunions at Hood and Navy!

Marcia Bird Werntz: Wanted to be sure that you had received the news of our classmate, my roommate, Jackie Patton Smith’s death on August 26th. She died at home surrounded by her loving family after a long battle with cancer. She continued through the years to be the bright, bubbly person that she was while at Hood…..always fun to be with.

I was sorry to miss the Sprigg event. It’s amazing that he is still an on-going concern. I am just back from a Russian Tour, St. Petersburg to Moscow, and a great travel experience. I now know why Catherine and Peter were Great!!. Anyway, I am home for a while before a cruise in the Caribbean to Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico for the Mayan ruins. My brother is coming for a visit the end of Oct., and we will attend a Masquerade Ball for our local hospice group. Ray is living in Sarasota Fl., and I visit him and attend the many fundraising events in Sarasota, and now he will attend one of my charity events. I will have him here for several days, and he will follow my weekly schedule as a volunteer. And so, he will feed the homeless at our mission, screen for artifacts at my “dig” @ Brookgreen Gardens, and answer phones for the Symphony for information and ticket orders. My next “big trip” will be next fall for a river cruise from Budapest to the Black Sea and everything in between. I’m happy to “get around” as well as I do and will continue to work on my WISH LIST! I am hoping to attend reunion next spring. I hope everyone is well and happy and please call if you are nearby and arrange a visit. Joanne Peper Milnor

Colin Firth’s “Darcy” is on Ovation Channel, as a 75th anniversary re-airing of Orson’s War of the Worlds is on XM Radio-Classics! Such is life at Roland Park Place. (Good thing—I’m not keen on world series combatants.) My best to all for a calm, contented 2014.

Have been in Florida two years, and am settled in my new condo, and love it – particularly not having to take care of a large outside area and pool. The new address is 4903 Midtown Lane, Unit 3321, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418, and is very close to restaurants, the mall, shopping, activities, and my Temple. Have gotten very involved with Temple membership, Social Action, and Caring Community, and getting to know new people.

8/6/13 Carolynne Veazey Lathrop’s sister, Nancy Nobles, found me on FaceBook & sent me a message saying that Carolynne had had a fall & wanted her classmates to know about it. She was visiting her son in Lexington, MA, & while the family had all gone swimming, she was puttering around, watering plants in the backyard. She fell on the steps, incurring a gaping wound & a compound fracture in her leg just above the ankle. She dragged herself inside the house to a land-line phone & dialed 911. The EMTs came promptly & took her to an orthopedic hospital, where she stayed for 6 days. She is now in an orthopedic rehab & has been told that her leg will need months to heal. She is still in pain. 10/16 from Carolynne: My news: I’ve just spent a month in an assisted living facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts (after 2 months in an orthopedic nursing center in Lexington), and I will be leaving this weekend. I thought I would be flitting about without assistance by now, but I am still limping with the aid of a walker. Apparently when you are 75 you don’t heal as quickly as when you are 24: who knew? I’m hoping to get back to work again at the University of Dubuque in about 10 days or so. Thank you to all of you who sent me cards and notes. While some of you are facebook friends, others I had not heard from since graduation. I was very moved to get cards from as far away as Australia. Thank you so much! It definitely raised my spirits. Carolynne Lathrop

Leif and I just returned from a trip to Spain and Portugal and will spend March in Stuart, Fla., before going to the Masters. I won the Superseniors ((70 and up) net golf tournament, so still enjoy my golf. Am loving my new mini IPad. Hope you are well. Carol

I have the 3 dogs and 1 cat to get me up in the morning and keep me going during the day. They are my love. I have spent this past year trying to settle my brother, Andy’s, estate and it has been quite a challenge. Being on the west coast and him on the east didn’t help any either. The 3 dogs were my greatest concern, but I finally found homes for each of them. Nothing else is happening around here. Doing a lot of reading and some social things but haven’t done any traveling in several years. Miss my trips to Oregon and the Shakespeare festival but maybe in the next year or two.

I am teaching two sections of a required literature class at Stevenson University this semester. The students, mostly sophomores, are delightful. I sure am NOT Dr. Briney!!, but I have a lot of fun. We’re reading Antigone and Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People—both timely and timeless. Carole Jones Rogers breezed through in August on her way to the Shore. Slim pickings for movies these days, but cable channel series like Homeland, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Justified have me enthralled. Still read about 60 books a year—this was a good year, and I was overjoyed when the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to one of my favorites, Alice Munro!

Please send news for the next time; deadline probably will be mid-May.

ANNE WILSON HEUISLER 6102 BUCKINGHAM MANOR DRIVE BALTIMORE, MD 21210 410 377 5026; aheuisler@comcast.net

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